Vesuvianite: Support Stone for the Lunar Eclipse

We are currently in a powerful window of time, punctuated by eclipses and positioning each of us to step into a brand new personal reality.  The solar eclipse and the spring equinox on March 20th could have instigated a major clearing process, causing certain chapters to end so that new ones can begin. On the horizon is a total lunar eclipse, happening the day before Easter on April 4th. Lunar eclipses are known to cause big shake-ups that produce startling realizations, major change, endings, and new beginnings. Since they coincide with the full moon, emotions are heightened and what is hidden in the subconscious comes up to be healed. The April 4th full moon is in Libra, which highlights cooperation, harmony, and balance in relationships.  Some of our most important relationships might be tested at this time. Any issues that surface can cause either healing or an end to the relationship.  This time period of eclipses encourages each of us to really tune into our inner knowing and to get crystal clear about any changes we need to make.  Vesuvianite is the perfect stone to support us through it all.

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Vesuvianite, also known as Idocrase, exudes a powerful yet smooth energy that feels like the loving and healing touch of the Divine Feminine. It can be yellow, yellow-green, pink, purple, red, brown, grey, or white; but it is most commonly seen in yellow-green and pinkish-purple. Vesuvianite helps you to tune in and to access your higher self. It assists you in hearing the inner voice of your heart and soul that is guiding you to your true mission.  Meditation with Vesuvianite can show you what your greatest potential and calling is in this lifetime, and it can also reveal what is standing in your way in terms of subconscious thought patterns and beliefs, old emotions, or life circumstances that are blocking you. Vesuvianite increases clairsentience, or the ability to feel energy, so you might be able to actually feel where these blockages are residing in your body.  Once you get a sense of where the blockages are, you can place Vesuvianite over these areas to dissolve them on an energetic level, once and for all.  The next step might require action on your part, such as doing work to heal or release a relationship, job, or role that is not aligned with your highest path.  Vesuvianite helps you find the inner courage and strength needed to make necessary changes in your life.  The eclipse time period will perfectly support this kind of transformative work.

Vesuvianite’s energy goes beyond clearing.  It feels like a warm, glowing ball of honey that expands out in all directions–healing, smoothing, and aligning all energy in its path. It is a versatile stone that can be consciously worked with over any chakra to bring it into a higher level of health and functioning.  It is an ideal stone for healers, because it has the ability to adjust to the needs of the situation or the specific energy center.  For example, it can infuse more energy into chakras that are depleted, and it can absorb negative energy wherever it is placed. It can amplify positive energy, activate or upgrade chakras, and deliver higher dimensional waves of joy into the heart and into the emotions.


Vesuvianite can also help you to connect with and unify aspects of your energy so that you come into greater wholeness. Sometimes when you go through life and encounter difficulty, you create sub-personalities that hold discordant energies.  One theory is that part of your soul essence is assigned to each sub-personality, and that is part of the mechanism of soul fragmentation. Sometimes you push these into the background as a coping mechanism so that your psyche and conscious mind is not overwhelmed. As you move forward on your spiritual path, there comes a time when you must connect with these wounded aspects of yourself to heal them and to reintegrate them.  In fact, the lunar eclipse might bring these to the surface for you. Vesuvianite can help you to create a loving and safe inner space for soul retrieval work.  It can lend you the courage and assistance to locate these parts of yourself and to face them with love from your higher self perspective.  The warm honey energy of Vesuvianite can act as healing glue to mend and ease the integration.


The next few weeks is the perfect time to do deep personal healing work with Vesuvianite.  No matter where you are in your unfolding process, Vesuvianite can encourage you to gracefully move to the next level.  It is a stone that you will never outgrow–one that will perpetually expand your glow.




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