Mother Mary: “You Are All My Beloved Children!”

“Greetings, My Beloved Children!  I am Mother Mary and I stand before you and I greet you all with hugs and infinite Love, for you are all, in a sense, my children.  I see you as such bright, shining Ones, and I thank you that you have come not just to this Gathering, but to the World, for you, Beloved Ones, are the answers!  You bring the Love, and that is what is needed!!!


“Now I know that I am symbol of Love the World over, not the only one, but I am recognized.  And it is Truth that a mother’s Love is recognized to be among the Highest in all of Humanity.And yet there was a Love that was recognized to be even higher.And that is the Love that Sananda brought when he came in the human body of my son, Yeshua.


“Now we were prepared and we did all that we could, this family, for we are all Kumaras and we knew that we had mission and purpose together, just as you do, Beloved Ones, just as you do!We all prepared for the events that Yeshua would be participating in, his ministry.And we took Him many places, that He might prepare with the great Master Teachers.  And what was this?  He was preparing by learning applications of Love.  So, in a sense, he grew into His manhood as a student, just as you were students when you were children.  And He taught that which He learned, and that which He already knew.


“And it is the same as you, Beloved Ones, teaching Love, and as your Mother, I join with you in that!  And it is now that I will tell you this:I and our family all occupied human bodies, and even though we were close, and even though we had more, shall we say, recognition of our mission and our connections and, yes, of our Divine natures, there was a part of each and every one of us which felt the Humanity, the humanness of human feelings.


“And so even though we were prepared for what is generally believed to be the ending of Yeshua’s life in his human body -even though we prepared and we supported His last hours, in order to help Him to lift up and out of the human agony of His wounds, even though we stood at the cross and supported Him with our Love – I will share with you that as His birth mother, it was a part of me that suffered, a part of me that felt the pain that a mother feels when her child is so hurt.


“It was momentary and we went on to continue our missions and Yeshua was with us for many years.  Or I shall say that He was upon the Earth for many more years after that.  And, of course, as we made our own Ascensions, we rejoiced that we had planted so many seeds in so many places upon the Earth!


“And now, here we are, back with you, back with all who have come to participate in this grand Ascension!  And it is that I ask you to join with me now and to see all of Humanity as children – to be forgiven, whatever they may have done that has caused anyone any pain or hurt, to be understood, to be nurtured, to be thanked for being here.  No matter what the physical age might be, to see them all as children as Ashtar has suggested.*  Most of all, to open your Hearts and pour forth the great Love that is there, so that all, regardless of the age of their bodies, may come that much sooner in Earth time into the knowing of our Oneness, into the knowing of our innocence, into the knowing that we are all the perfect children of Mother/Father God.  Because that, Beloved Children, Beloved Family of Mine in the Oneness of the Universe, that is how we were all created – you, I and all here gathered from the Realms of Heaven and Earth!!!


“I love you all, infinitely and eternally, for where there is no time, this is the way it has always been and always shall be in every moment, for there is only the Now!  So join with me in this moment and let us rejoice and let us Love together.Thank you, my Beloved Children!And so it is.Namaste!”


Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 14, 2015.

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