“I Offer Excalibur to Shine Forth Your Truth!”


“Greetings to all of you here gathered!  I am Michael – Archangel, holder of the Sword Excalibur, the Sword of Truth.  I bring it to you, to this Gathering and to everyone here present.  And I invite you to use it!!!  I share it freely and it is for you to discern what is your Truth.  Because when you don’t know for sure what your Truth is, it is very difficult to make decisions for yourselves.  And that is what is for each and every one of you to do!


“You have already made the decision to be here.  You have already made the decision to be Lightworkers, as you call them -to hold the LoveLight, to bring it in even more, to empower yourselves and, in so doing, the entirety of Planet Earth and beyond.  And you are magnificent, and we are honored beyond all words to be here with you!  


“But we do understand that you have all had challenges on your paths, and indeed, are resolving the last of them right now!  And if you have any, any doubts about which way to go, what to do, or what something is really all about, then I would offer you Excalibur.  You have simply to take it and wave it, and let the Blue Light of Truth shine on whatever it is you are wanting to see more clearly.


“Now there is a part of you which always sees clearly – that part of you Ashtar was speaking of,* that part of you which is already well established in not just one, but several of the Higher Dimensions!  When you wave Excalibur, that is a way of moving your perspective into that Higher Dimensionality.  When you call for Truth, where is Truth to be found?  Well, it is found in your Hearts, and, yes, it is sometimes able to be seen with your physical senses, with your brains.  But if you are not sure exactly what your Truth is, then it is very wise to call upon that part of you that sees it all, knows it all, and has already been guiding you – perhaps as what you might consider to be a silent partner, but nevertheless a partner!  And so it is to open up!  There are many advantages to establishing your connections, or Communions, with that part of you, and simply to know your Truth is a very important one of those reasons!!!


“Now, your Truths, while in general – we can say there are general Truths that are, as your Declaration says, ‘self-evident.’ These are where you are connected with, and in Communion with – or on the same wavelength with others who see the Truth of what has been happening upon Planet Earth, and who see the Truth that the only real Lifestyle that you all deserve is a peaceful one, a loving one, and so on.  You know that there are those who disagree even with these fundamentals.  And as you get more detailed in your questions or in looking at various situations, you know that your Truth might be quite different from your neighbor’s.


“I am inspired to remind you of a picture that Ashtar has been very fond of giving, and that is that if you consider the elephant -the elephant is a very large animal.  And your perspective is quite different if you are sitting up high on the back of the elephant than if you are on the ground, behind the elephant’s leg, or in front of the elephant’s front legs looking up at the elephant’s trunk and mouth!  Now that is a simple picture and a somewhat joyful one.


“I have no wish, Beloved Ones, to dwell upon all of the darkness that all of this bringing out of the Truth is revealing.  It is there.And what is there for you to do except to shine the Light of Compassion upon it, to forgive all involved and to be grateful that it is coming out, because this will show the Truth to many, many more!  And the consensus already is there in the readings of the consciousness – the consensus is coming more into the 3D consciousness that these changes must take place!!!


“So what of our Mission together?  It is, as you can see, to know your own Truths, so that to your own selves you are empowered to be true!  No one is asking you to be martyrs!!!  You do not need to do that this time around – you’ve done so, all of you.  There is not one in this Gathering who has not lived – and in some cases left – as a martyr, a martyr to Truth, a martyr telling the Truth even though it was not popular.  Many, many millions of beings, you yourselves included, have had their lives taken away – their living in their human bodies – or they have endured horrendous pain for speaking up and telling the Truth. That is not what is happening now!!!  That is not your role.  You are not here to be martyrs or victims of cruelty or fear-based controls.  It is to know your Truth and shine it forth from your Hearts.  If you have an opportunity to step onto the podium and tell your Truths, it is up to you and your own discernment, your own Heart and your Higher self-wisdom to determine whether to accept that invitation.


“You heard this one speak about her reluctantacceptance when she was invited.**  The Truth of it is that she knew in some part of her that that was her contract, and her Higher Self guided her well in accepting the invitation to speak, and to speak the Truth of Ashtar, St. Germain, Sananda and, yes, I, Archangel Michael and all the others.  And it is her Truth as well.  And it is for each of you who are listening to discern for yourselves the Truth of what I say!  And if any of you are seeing it differently, that is absolutely perfect and divine for you!


“I invite you simply to discern, to take the Higher Dimensional perspective – to view and listen to everything from that perspective – and if it does not resonate with you, that is entirely in divine order.  But I will say this – in this Gathering, we are on the same wavelength!  We are Hearts coming together in Oneness, in Love.  We are here to re-energize, to empower ourselves and each other with the Truths of our own Divinity and of our Mission, which is divine and sacred.  And it is to go forth, shining forth the Truths that we know. 

“And if you have a different way of expressing it than the one next to you in our circle, that is wondrous indeed – there are many ways to express Truth, many ways to experience it!  And simply by so doing, you are empowering others not in attendance here. And I will go so far as to say you are empowering the entirety of Planet Earth – and we have more to do in that, while we are still gathered here!!!


“Truth really does engender Freedom – High Truth, so High that it is of the Light and expands even more in the Light!!!  It does not shrink, it does not run to hide.  It expands and it is powerful! And this is what is coming forth more and more on Planet Earth.  And as this occurs, and after you enter into the Golden Age, you will move beyond.  Yes, you will see the crystal cities, perhaps travel on a space ship, receive a replicator, move from a point where you don’t need anything in the way of dollars or any kind of money, because you will be able to manifest and create whatever it is without it, and so on!   And all of these are Truths!!!


“These are Truths that are already there – capabilities already created, already there within you.  It is simply that they have yet to shine forth for all of the World to see, and experience, and utilize, and most of all to be Joy-full with!  So you, Beloved Ones, are the Leaders!!!  And every time that you take Excalibur and wave it, you can be sure that that energy is going out beyond you as an individual, so that it reaches the totality of all living beings on Planet Earth – below, on and above – and beyond!


“And so it is that we thank you for coming, for sharing in this Gathering of Love, this Gathering that shines so bright with the Truth – the Truth of your own Hearts, the Truth of the LoveLight from which we are all made, and the Truth of our own Divine Selves.  I thank you, Beloved Family, for this opportunity to be in such closeness with you!  I overflow with Love for you, and I invite you to just pause for a moment and bring this LoveLight, this Blue Light of Truth, this Light of Me into your Hearts even more, even more.  Let it shine in your entire beings and let the Universe know that we have joined together in the Light of Truth, in the Light of Love!!!  And so it is.Namaste!”

*  The transcript of Ashtar’s Message will be published next week. 

** Susan spoke at the beginning of the call about how Ashtar On The Road began:  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/n=RYHyA/j5v9T

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 26,

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