Animals Are Mighty Masters, Showing You the Way Home

Mother’s Mini-Message #6: Animals Are Mighty Masters, Showing You the Way Home

Mother’s Mini-Message #6

Many Animals Are Respected As Powerful and Steadfast Lightworkers!

Beautiful day sweet children!

It is me, your Mother.  How long I have waited to be able to speak with you in this close and familiar way.  Thank you for you deep and diligent inner-work – your efforts to raise up and shine like the jewels you truly are.  It allows us to be close in every way.

Today my Mini-Message will not be “mini” because of its length but as a tribute to the stature of some of the mightiest mini-Masters on Earth.  I will use as many words as needed to explain the courage and triumph of these great ones who live among you and who serve with devotion, constancy and pure love.  They have been forging the way for and with you to transcend the thick blanket of destructive programming that has covered Earth.

Today I will be naming names – that is, I will be using specific examples of some of the Masters from this esteemed group of Lightworkers – the Ascending animals – because they are the brave leaders who live among you, showing the way.  Yet, I want you to know that I could be speaking about any one of the millions of pint-sized Masters you all come in contact with every day.  Have I piqued your interest?

BamBam, the Energy Super-Scrubber

Let’s begin with little BamBam.   BamBam is a cat who lives on the New York farm with Kathryn, Christine and Jade.  She has been with Christine since she was tiny.  She and her sister Pebbles are a lot like you; they have Missions, contracts and special gifts, just as each of you do.  BamBam knows her best ability.  As she calls it, she is an “Energy Super-Scrubber.”  This means she knows how to transmute and clean energy in her environment.

BamBam takes her job very seriously, and she works diligently around the clock to keep the home clear of energetic toxins, dark thoughtforms and entities.  She works with her own team of Angels and Guides to maintain a pristine environment for her family and for all who visit the Temple of Light.

Christine, Pebbles and BamBam have always practiced their family Mission, which is to emanate Love, together.  All three sit on the bed or sometimes just join in their minds and their hearts, and they send out waves of love and healing to the world and to the Unified Crystalline Grid of Light.  Pebbles and BamBam have always called this special family effort “Trinity Time.”  Like all of you, BamBam also has her own personal lessons and Mission.

Before incarnating, BamBam chose two important Missions.  Firstly, she asked and so was assigned to be a helper, healer, supporter and Super-Scrubber for our dear Christine.  BamBam knew that Christine was to have a challenging Mission, and she wanted very much to come to love and assist Christine.  Little BamBam knew that Christine, like so many of you Lightworkers, was taking on a Mission that would help with the Ascension of Planet Earth.  BamBam wanted to help too!  All of your pets consciously chose to be with you, to love and support you as well.

“Primal” Is Not Natural, It’s a Program Whose Time Is Up!

BamBam’s other Mission is very important to Earth.  She is on a team of animals from across the planet who are working hard to help heal and end the Primal Programming.
Just like the animals, your true nature is peaceful, joyful, relaxed and loving.  Our beloved Masters and channels have explained to you that any other emotion including fear, anger, impatience, confusion, jealousy, selfishness, depression and sadness is NOT your true nature but something you are doing, experiencing and expressing separate from your true nature, like a suit of clothing that overlays who you really are.  These ill-disposed emotions and qualities are the result of the negative programming you have all taken on while living in the old Earth Matrix.  Your job now is to see how you have been saturated with this programming and extricate yourself from it.

The animals and other Kingdoms of Earth are in the same position as you.  The true nature of animals – all animals – is peaceful, joyful, generous and loving.  The main dark program that animals harbor is the Primal Program, which contains beliefs and behaviors such as: It is natural for animals to hunt, eat each other, be aggressive, defend their territory, and so on.  There are human and animal Lightworkers across the globe helping animals transition to higher dimensional living as Father and I flood Earth with our Light for your Ascension.

It may seem impossible to you that a predator who has fed itself and its young by killing and eating other animals could possibly survive any other way, but I tell you, the animals of Inner Earth and many other higher dimensional planets do just that.  They enjoy a vegetarian diet just as their human counterparts do.  You remember our promise, do you not, that there is a Paradise coming to Earth.  The lion will truly lie down with the lamb.

Our devoted BamBam is helping to end the Primal Programming for all felines.  She works very hard, and her colossal efforts are endearing to us.  When BamBam is outside and she feels overcome with the urge to hunt, she interrupts the program by interrupting herself.  She will force herself to come indoors for a while, or she will sit under a big tree, where she receives waves of helpful, calming energy from the tree.  Sometimes she will call out to the family, who then encourage and praise her.  BamBam is conscious and diligent in her efforts to carry out her Mission and heal this programming, and she is willing to reach out for help if necessary.

Please realize that you have been programmed to believe that primal behavior is natural and immutable.  Father and I tell you now that this is not true.

Angel, the Wonder Dog Overcomes the Program “All Attention Is Love”

We all know and love Meg, Kathryn’s co-host and our darling daughter who is forging the way by unsnarling herself from some of the most heinous programming of the old Matrix.  She is also caring for Angel, the wonder dog, on her farm in Atlanta while Jade and her family do their work up North.  Meg and Angel joined forces to identify and leave behind an insidious program that defines attention – all attention – as good.  Within the Matrix, even torture or hatred, followed by admiration, becomes equal to love.

For Meg this meant that whether she was treated poorly or not didn’t matter. For little Angel, frenetic, aggressive and threatening behavior was the norm.  She would bark relentlessly, until her hyper behavior was annoying and grating to those around her.  All Angel cared about was getting attention, although she was never actually HAPPY demanding attention in negative ways. This is a draining and obnoxious program that we have all experienced at one time or another in ourselves and others.

Once Meg had taken a long look at this programming within herself, examining it closely to see where it had come from and how she had engaged in it, she came to Father and me for support in ending it.  We asked her to make a long list of the things she has called Love.  She wrote a whopper list, which we will share with you at a later time, and she came to the conclusion that Love is not attention.  Love is LOVE.  Bravo!

Truth is what unravels programming, so with this truth in their hearts, Meg and Angel began to work to help Angel overcome this programming for herself, and so she could lead the way for the Animal Kingdom.  Meg began to celebrate and adore Angel for her big heart and crackerjack personality.

Angel became aware of her demanding ways and worked hard to change them.  With Meg’s attentive care and warm love, Angel made conscious choice after choice to change.  Now, Angel is a calm pleasure who interacts with respect and awareness.  We beam praise to our little Angel for her tremendous accomplishment in fulfilling her agreement with us and overcoming this intense programming.

Animals Communicate…  Are You Listening?

Father and I would like to make you all aware that it is now easier than ever to communicate with animals.  Everyone has the capacity to do it.  We also send a special blessing this day to all of the animal communicators who work on behalf of our treasured animals.  Meg, Kathryn, Christine and others in the family have an animal communicator who we simply adore.  She is a Master in her own right, and her service is impeccable.  If you ask your Higher Self and guide team, they will help you to communicate with your animals better and to connect with one of the many talented animal communicators who can open doors for you.

Pebbles, the Sonic Wave Healer

Pebbles is an elegant and mature cat who is also consciously working to undo dark programming for herself and for the Animal Kingdom.  Her special gift, and a large part of her Mission, is to sit calmly, connect with higher dimensional energies and emit them in waves into the environment around her.  As she knows, her job title is, “Sonic Wave Healer,” and she is excellent at it.  She often works consciously with the cetaceans for training and coordinates as a liaison with them to anchor and emit their uplifting emanations to help Earth and all life upon her.

Through her team of guides and Angels, Pebbles routinely receives assignments from us.  Recently, her Higher Self agreed to take on the challenge of overcoming the dark program, “I didn’t mean to do it (therefore I am not responsible for what I did).”  Miss Pebbles went outside and caught a snake.  Christine immediately intervened.

Christine scooped Pebbles into her arms and began reminding her that we never hurt other living beings.  Pebbles replied, “I didn’t mean to hurt it.”  Christine explained to Pebbles that her declared intentions did not match the results of her actions.  Christine looked deeply into Pebbles eyes, and Pebbles understood.  She asked Christine if she had made that little thing leave her body?  Christine said that she had not, but that Pebbles must think deeply about why she would hurt another being.

Pebbles quarantined herself to the scarf basket for two days to think deeply.  Of course Christine covered her in kisses and encouragement during this time.  Pebbles re-joined the center of the family once she had finished working through her task.  She overcame the shame by acknowledging her mistake.  This made it possible for her to make a decision about her own character and how she would behave in the future.

As we cheer and beam for your accomplishments, we also feel deep love and admiration for these Masters as they come through their assignments, challenges and Missions.  Did you know that the animals around you were working so diligently to do their part to learn and to raise Earth into higher dimensions?

Pound for Pound, the Mightiest Kumara of Them All, Dr. Che

Che is Kathryn’s little dog.  He is a mighty mighty Master, who has recently really come into his own.  When the family asked why Che had been making such leaps and bounds in his abilities, we explained to them through their beloved communicator that Che had needed two things to expand his talents.  First, he needed safety.  In the past, as part of his preparation, Che had been exposed to other programmed animals who were unpredictable and aggressive.  This had temporarily made him a bit anxious and unable to focus on his deeper qualities.  Second, Che, like all young Masters, needed loving encouragement so he could stretch his wings and fly – and oh, has he ever done that!

In Che’s home family members are currently going through an arduous physical healing process.  Working closely with Sananda and with the warm praise and overflowing appreciation of his family, Che has become a remarkable healer.  We all call him Dr. Che.  Every day, he scans the family and their various conditions.  He organizes his day to ensure he fits everyone in for the healing they need.  Then, he will go from family member to member offering long sessions of healing in which he curls his body next to theirs and emits frequencies that repair and smooth weary systems and painful conditions.

Che is tireless in his service.  Some days, he spends up to 16 hours healing the neediest.  He is quite a Master, for he remains in perfect harmony and balance as he allows Sananda, Archangel Michael, Father and I to come through and give healing.  Che works closely with the Arcturians and the Galactic Federation medical teams.
Che has been given the title “Doctor” by us because this mighty little snuggler now embodies all a true doctor is meant to be.

I have taken great care to bring you these stories today.  I verify the validity of all these colossal Masters have accomplished and are still consciously attempting.   Sometimes they get a little frustrated or feel limited by the programming and the evolving nature of the bodies they are in.  That is when their family reminds them that they are much more than just their body or their temporary primal nature – they are mighty Masters of Love here to help Earth and all her Kingdoms Ascend.

Let these Masters be an inspiring example for all.  How they are going after their programming in order to transcend is exactly how you can and must go after yours.  It is the way to freedom.  Love is the way.

I am your Mother.

Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May

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