Ashtar on Beaming and Seeing the Divine Child in Everyone!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference  

June 9, 2015


“Greetings, Beloved Ones, Beloved Family!  Yes!  That is us and We Are One! And we have this Grand Mission that we are in the midst of together.  You in your human uniforms and we in our Light forms, but we are so close as to be in Oneness together, shining our Lights together, illuminating not only the dark places of Planet Earth 3D, but also shining bright as beacons to the Higher levels, the Higher Realms, the places where you already are in part, and where you are modifying your bodies so as to come too!


“Now we shall be with you in this closeness, and we are accomplishing even more.  And that is because you are with us, and because you have invited us in, and because you have given us your permission.  Indeed, you have joined with us in being the Radiant Beings of LoveLight!


“I have called you ‘Beamers’ many times – and suggested no reference, of course, to that which you call ‘Beamer,’ which is a vehicle of yours – but simply I have called upon you to be the Beamers of the Light.  And you are!  And you have risen magnificently to this.  And it is that you are shining so bright that we are not only seeing your brilliance, but we are able to do even more in this whole area of preparation for the next step which, of course, you know is the Golden Age!


“Now I have an invitation for you, and that is that you have the day of the Solstice coming up.  And this shall be before our next Gathering, so I simply invite all of you, all of you who are here present, all of you who have yet to join – and when you listen to the recordings or read the transcripts, you are with us as a part of our Oneness – and so I invite all of you to come forth on that day with your most sacred of mantras and meditations of Light, of Love, because that is the day of profoundopportunities!!! Whether you live in the northern or southern part of the World makes no difference.  Let the Light shine forth!


“This is the Light, among other things, of Transformation.  And it is bringing with it even more awakening.  You have been asked to share our messages with those whom you did not think of sharing with before, because we know – and we thank those of you who are already doing so – if you could find just one more person, just think of how many overall we can speak to in our written messages!  And who knows?  Even more might join in and listen to our calls, live or recorded!  This is about us coming together. This is about Reunion Time!This is about all of Humanity – well, we shall say all of Humanity that chooses to join in together – to be in the Oneness, to be in the Peace and to be in the upliftment of all of Planet Earth!!!


“Now there are many technological advances, as you call them, already present upon Planet Earth.  Dr. Keshe is among the foremost innovators.  We shall call him a scientist, but he is a spiritualscientist and therein is a distinction!  We are not choosing to separate – we are simply wanting you to know that Dr. Keshe is with us as a Beamer of Light, as a Grand Being.Yes, he’s walking around in a human body right now, but he’s way more than that, because he understands Who He Really Is, just as you understand Who You Really Are – or at least you are listening to me telling you – you are way more than your human bodies!!!You are Divine Lights, sacred, sacred LoveLights!  And Dr. Keshe knows that about himself.  And, furthermore, he knows that about all of us, whether we are walking in humanity’s uniforms or not!


“So Dr. Keshe has presented a plan, and it is worth your reading it and understanding it.And the plan is simply a plan for Peace on Earth.*  That sounds very simple, does it not?  And, yes, Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!  That is entirely valid!  And if you do nothing else to observe the Solstice, sing that, or say that mantra.  But Dr. Keshe has a plan that utilizes technology in a most spiritual endeavor, and that is to silence the guns.[It is] well worth your reading because it brings in technologies from Higher Dimensionality!  


“In order to accomplish your ascendance into Higher Dimensionality as a kind of a transformational rollup – in other words, you get to take your bodies with you, if you choose to!!!  And if you choose to do so, understand that what you’re doing is that you are going to reunite with that part of you that’s already there, and has always been there!


“Now, you’ve heard the Voice tell about the experience that her son, and indeed her entire family, is sharing in even now, with the news getting out.**  I have no desire to alarm you.I am only going to tell you that this phenomenon is becoming more and more known and more and more, shall we say, numerous for people.  And in some cases it is a modification.  It is not that the people actually die their bodies.  They are going to the Light in their dreams and meditations and experiencing first hand their concept of Heaven, as this young man did.


“And so we are telling you, that the reason for that is because you are connecting more and more with that part of you, your Heavenly Self, we shall say – the more exacting term is your Higher Dimensional Self.  And you are getting more and more connected, and that is, communications are going ­­­­­both ways!  You put something forth in the Universe, you are beaming your LoveLight out, and guess what?  You’re starting to get LoveLight back in the form of actual visions and pictures and communications!  Where do you suppose that’s coming from but from that part of you that you are endeavoring to connect in with?  So it’s all coming together and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


“And so it is that you, Beamers to all of Humanity and the Universe beyond – to the whole of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, below, on and above Planet Earth and out from there – are making these connections, these communications, these experiences that are so real, that they become a part of you! You are really accessing your destinations.Why?  So that you’re getting the full experience of what it is that you’re doing when you prepare for Ascension!


“But as we have said many times, there is an intermediate step.It is called the Golden Age, and you’re hearing more and more of the really exciting news about how close that is!  And when you focus upon the World being safe enough for the Announcements, what you’re really focusing on is that the World has come up enough in its own upliftment of its consciousness, that it can support the Golden Age!!!


“And the best way to support it is by being a Beamer, and when you focus upon beaming those who are already Lights of Love, you are exponentially increasing the beams or waves of LoveLight going out from everyone!  And when you focus upon those who are wearing the dark hats at this moment, you are exponentially increasing the LoveLight beams going out from everyone who is beaming,  and you are shining that Light upon those who are trying to stay hidden.  And that Light is shining more and more!!!


“Look at your news media headlines.  It is called exposé after exposé, and we have no desire to focus upon the sensationalism of it, but rather simply to point out that which you already know, which is the Truth is coming out because it cannot hide in the dark anymore.  Been there, done that for 13,000 years!!!  It’s time to free yourselves from the dark and come to the Light.And it’s time for your neighbors to free themselves, and so on, and so on around the World.


“There is a delightful picture – you have seen it.  It has been used many times by the Ashtar On The Road Company, the Company of LightWorkers.  And it is a picture of the World with children holding hands, circling the World – the World, of course, of Planet Earth, although it could depict any planet where there are life forms in existence living at this moment in all dimensions.  What if the children were orbs of light forming a circle of Light Beings?Is that not beautiful?!!!


“When you move up into the Golden Age, there are stages of that.There’s a beginning stage and there’s an end stage when you’re ready for your Ascension, and that’s not necessarily the same point of readiness that your neighbor will reach, but it is there for you!  When you are complete with the Golden Age experience, and you have yourself all transformed, you can make your Ascension from there.


“As you proceed through the Golden Age, consider this.  You are that Light Being, that orb, if you want to see it that way – we call it spheres of Light.  You are a SHPERE of Light, shining bright and your physical being, as you connect more and more with that Light, becomes more and more of the child!  Why?  Because you see the World and everyone, every resident of the World, through the eyes of the child.  What are the eyes of the child?They are innocent!  They have let go of whatever unhappy memories they may have had.  They are Joy-full!  They are ready to burst into song and to dance and to sing and to join hands with each other!  They see no evil.There is no evil in their World.


“Now, we know, we know, at this moment in time you’re saying, ‘Ashtar, you know perfectly well that there are children who are seeing evil, victims of evil, and so on and so on.  But that will end, you see.  There will be no more of that in the Golden Age.So all of Humanity, no matter what your physical age, can be as light, as free, as Joy-full as children at play, engaging, indulging in whatever you have passion so to do.  What is going to be the rule, the law there, is the Golden Rule with its corollary:Treat others the way you yourself wish to be treated, and treat yourself absolutely as well as you would treat any other human, animal, plant or mineral – any other member of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!!!  You see?


“I shall suggest – yes, we have responsibilities to each other and to ourselves, every one of us – I shall suggest that you start taking that Higher, Lighter perspective of yourselves, that you look into the mirror and you see the old wise soul in your eyes.  Look deeper and you see the child, the child of Love, the child of Joy, the child who is Love and knows that he or she is a Divine, Precious, Sacred Being when they first come into their identity as a human.  You knew it!  You have known that in all of your past lives as a human on Planet Earth – and elsewhere.


“So I’m simply suggesting that that’s a memory that you revive, and as the Golden Age proceeds, you will have plenty of supportive energies and thoughts, words and deeds of your brothers and sisters to support your letting go and releasing of whatever memories you may have of a more cruel World, because it will not exist anymore.  And those are memories well worth letting go of!

“So take the perspective that I’m suggesting, and let your Hearts be free.  Dance and sing a bit if you so choose to do!  And let us join together in our Hearts to prepare for the coming Solstice and to experience it in the togetherness of our Oneness, and to bring even more LoveLight forth onto Planet Earth – all of its inhabitants!!!


“I have stated many times that it will help to include the ones wearing the dark hats if you picture them as children. Put them in a dark cowboy hat, for instance, and see them as lovable, precious little children.  Don’t you just want to hug them and assure them that the World is a safe place for them because you are making it so?  Include that thought, if you so desire, when you send them the Light of Love.  Let them know that they are loved no matter what they have done, that you send them your Compassion, your Forgiveness and your Gratitude for making it very clear that the Golden Age is the only acceptable and appropriate destinationfor Planet Earth because their time, as you measure it, is passed.  And the World is ready to change!!!


“Take these energies coming in, these energies from the sun, and light up the World with it because that, Beloved Family, is why you’re here.  And that is why we have the empowerment to be here with you.  These are momentously exciting times and together we are bringing forth all, all that you promised yourselves so to do in the very beginning!!!  So we stand together, joined in our Mission, in our Service and most of all, in our Love for each other and indeed for all on Planet Earth and beyond!And so it is.  Salut!”


**Susan’s son had had a near death experience the previous Sunday.

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, June 9, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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