Mother’s Mini-Message # 18 Up the Ascension Ladder, with Gabriel

There is much to talk about as you evolve and grow in your ability to work with us more closely every day.  We are delighted that the radio show with our Arcturian Team Leader last week was a wonderful success.  Thousands of people have contacted their Arcturian healing teams, and the teams are ecstatic about beginning this new adventure with so many of you.  It is their dream come true to be able to connect directly with you and to get your permission to work more deeply with you as you progress toward your Ascension.   (

High Frequencies Are Designed to Activate Dark Programs

There is another development in the area of healing that you may have noticed in recent days.  The pressure from the deliberately irritating energies being sent by the dark ones has at times increased, then dropped away, then increased again.  This alternating pattern is designed to be even more disorienting and upsetting, and it is being directed at our Lightworkers with greater intensity, in an effort to throw you off your Ascension path.

Do not fret, Beloved Ones, it is a futile attempt to derail our Great Plan.  It will not succeed, but we understand it does present you with a challenge and an opportunity.  When you hold fast to your laughter, your good will and loving attachments to those around you, you single-handedly create a wake behind you that will draw others along with you.  Each of you are now contributing a valuable part to the energetic uplifting of the vibration on Earth – more than you can possibly know.  We are truly approaching the tipping point, and every moment, every thought, every action counts.

You will find that the increased intensity of the rising energies coming from us and flowing around and through all the Earth is also increasing the speed at which you experience time, space and life itself.  All emotions, all encounters with other beings are intensified beyond what you have experienced ever before.  Hold steady, breathe deeply, and remember to do your centering and balancing exercises to keep yourself moving forward with Mother Terra.  It is a waltz of a new kind – a dance with destiny, you might say.

Keep your movements fluid, your heart open, and your weight balanced comfortably on your two feet.  Terra delights in feeling your high energies, and she will return waves of love to fill your heart and your body if you address her lovingly.  Send her a burst of love from your heart, down through your legs and feet.  Follow it down toward the heart of Terra, then wait to feel her reply.  You will be tickled and restored when you feel her ripples of laughter and acknowledgement.  I guarantee you will be steadied and renewed with comfortable energy to help you move forward with a spring in your step.

Hossein and Gabriel Dissolve The Lucifer Program

All of you who are dedicated Lightworkers are being moved off your familiar ground, encouraged to reach higher and break free of all old programming.  You will be affected by this week’s opening that was created by our beloved Hossein, whose intensive work in the Temple of Light has freed Gabriel at last to breathe freely, and to join with his incarnation to free humanity in a very specific and historic way.

As many of you know, Gabriel was our beloved Archangel who accomplished the amazing feat of walking among the dark ones on Planet Earth for thousands of years in the guise of Lucifer, who was thought to be the leader of the dark forces.  During this long and arduous mission, our Gabriel, the Higher Self of his incarnated soul who is now Hossein, held fast to his connection to Us, working as what you would call a double agent for God.  Our contract with him was ironclad.  We agreed before he began that we would under no circumstances allow him to fall into darkness.  We always kept our close hold on his lifeline, but the assignment he managed was a monumentally difficult one.

Gabriel, as no other, witnessed every form of programming, every version of dark cruelty and manipulation known to humankind, and as such, he documented and recorded the entire human experiment that was the journey into lower and lower dimensional energies.  I will not dwell on the torments he witnessed and felt in his own soul, nor the great challenges his incarnations were faced with.  I will only say to you that today, we breathe a great sigh of relief, because this week, his mission has come full circle with the return to the Light of his beloved Hossein.

Let me explain.  Some Lightworkers carry the keys to the healing of the entire human race.  Gabriel has lived through and can therefore represent humankind in healing the entire Master-Slave program – one of the darkest and most pervasive elements in the 3-dimensional suffering on surface Earth.  Here we refer to the psychological, emotional and spiritual elements as well as the physical expression of it.

Since Gabriel returned to us just a few years ago, he has worked to purge all remnants of the master template.  Hossein, in his contract for this lifetime, agreed to carry the slave psyche, in order to experience and then completely heal all feelings of inferiority, subjugation, humiliation and degradation – the psychological opposite of the domineering master.  His punishing childhood in a large, relatively poor Iranian family set the stage for chronic feelings of oppression and stifled pain.

I am gratified and relieved to see this difficult and intransigent pattern brought into the Light and unraveled, down to the most subtle shadows of self-deprecation, subservience and passivity.  This process was accomplished in ongoing sessions with Kathryn, Christine and the others in the Temple of Light, with the direct participation of Gabriel and Hossein together.  As their energies melded, there was a monumental shift in the dichotomy that once defined the extremes – master and slave, both locked in darkness, intertwined, by definition.  Without a dark master there can be no slave, and vice versa.

The most powerfully freeing revelations came when Hossein uncovered the truth that the slave mentality can be as toxic and prideful as that of the master, and as destructive to life and Love.  They are now balanced and aligned as the great Master of Light, our beloved Archangel Gabriel.

I offer you this story, and the brilliant example it represents, as a model for all of you.  Each one of you has a similar project, a symbolic as well as literal healing from Earth-bound programmed suffering to be completed in these dramatic last days of Earth’s sojourn in lower dimensions.  I ask you to look within, Dearest Ones, to discover the patterns you carry, and to purge the destructive ideas and behaviors you have carried forward from childhood, as a culmination of past lives.  Each of you who have come here to heal as surrogates for others and for yourselves carry a key to the healing of the whole race.

Do not think you are alone in this glorious endeavor.  Call on your Galactic teams – the White Brotherhood and your Arcturian healing teams.  They are prepared to help with all physical and psychological wounds.  You will be surprised how intertwined those injuries are within the human makeup.  Forge ahead, Dear Children.  You are on the verge of immense breakthroughs, each of you.

We are attentive to your feelings and your needs, and we wish to provide the most skillful and Loving mentors and advisors anyone could need.

I AM Mother. Together with Father, we are your Source/Creator.  We love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 30, 2015

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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