Surface Earth Teeters on Incredible Reality-Changing Attainments

Surface Earth Teeters on Incredible Reality-Changing Attainments

By Sananda

Beloved friends, you are already feeling the Earth moving under your feet, and the atmosphere changing all around you, aren’t you?  It is such an exciting time to be alive.  The surprises ahead are going to astonish you.  Yes, we have promised you a New Golden Age, and we meant it, even as we passed through the last desperate days of the cabal attempting to destroy everything and everyone who tried to cross them.


We are aware of the intense high frequencies that bore into your brain like a siren, and the gruesome media fascination with every violent act they can find to promote as if it were World War Three.  They are disappointed that peace is breaking out around the world; that is obvious isn’t it?  We are not smug or arrogant about any of this…it has been such a long and difficult journey for everyone.  We feel relief, as you do, to see this darkness lift finally, after so many eons of pain and struggle.


History is Being Written in Your Time

Our Kathryn has led the drumbeat that has been heard across the Multiverse:  “Enough!” she has said, with every new revelation of cruelty and abominable, deliberate evil.  She has awakened the sleeping giant in many of us with her pleas and demands, over and over, to Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven to put a stop NOW to the ongoing brutality of war, poverty and slavery of all kinds.


Yes, Planet Earth has been submersed in a sea of blood – the bloodshed of generations, across all parts of the globe.  No family has been untouched by the inevitable shadow of war, in the streets, on the battlefields stretching across continents, throughout every era.  The long-held belief that darkness (meaning evil) is inevitable, that wars will always “happen,” and that humankind will always turn to violence to solve its disagreements has been a pervasive belief.  It was taught at every dinner table, in every history classroom and of course it has been a theme in religious teachings of all kinds.


I am Sananda, and I tell you none of this is true.  It has been permitted to run its course in this corner of the galaxy, because, as we have told you, free will required that humankind on Planet Earth must be allowed to play out the project they began thousands of years ago.  But I tell you now, it was never supposed to be this bad. The suffering and pain was not ever expected to be so prolonged and so traumatic to every single one who incarnated here. 


You all – every Lightworker who has incarnated here in this time has come with great hope to put an end to the horrors, at great personal cost, and often at great danger to yourselves.  In these closing days of the darkest period on Earth, we honor the valiant whistleblowers, the outspoken teachers, the brave truth-tellers of all kinds who have stepped forward to expose the dark truths of these times, and there have been many, many of you.


The greatest triumphs of all have been the moments of truth-telling that carried with them the underlying sense of hope, the fire of certainty that Light and Love would once again rise to triumph, and the promise of a New Earth that would at last come to be.  There are some among you who have been steadfast in your faith, and you will be honored throughout the Universe in eons to come.  You have carried the banner of Light and the unquenchable belief in goodness in the face of darkness.  I humbly bow to my beloved Twin Flame Kathryn, who has lived many lifetimes on the front lines, raising the flag in the face of immeasurable odds.  Our beloved Christine has done no less.


Proclaim Your Love Story Too

My brother Michael has given you a love story in our first edition to inspire you and touch your hearts.  It is time for all of us to come forward to proclaim our admiration and love for our twins who have come to this most difficult lifetime (the record will show it to be unmatched in its overall punishing challenges for all of you) while we have remained as guardians to sustain and support you from the higher dimensions.  Of course we have worked tirelessly to fulfill every possible dispensation, to help you at every turn along the way, but it now feels to us that we have had the easiest part, although we didn’t intend it that way.


You see, both Michael and I, and many others, here in the higher realms have seen their twins – the love of our lives – close to death in recent months.  We are so near to you, so completely involved in your daily lives, that your happiness, your trials and your suffering are the same to us as if we held you in our arms, because we do.


Throughout this time of healing and prolonged pain caused at the hands of the scheming and relentless dark ones, we stood by as our Twin Flames carried on with their Mission to bring Light, new understandings and great Love. We honor them now, as we honor you, our brave Lightworkers who have made enormous strides to lift yourselves, against great odds, as you bring in the New Earth.  In the last days of this final phase of Dark Earth, as it will be seen by coming generations, we prepare our joyful ceremonies to celebrate you, the soon-to-be-sung heroes of this historic closing act. 


You see, we have the advantage of knowing and seeing the flow of timelines, allowing us to feel assured that the outcome will indeed be a brilliant one, far beyond all expectation of those of you now on Surface Earth.  We have walked among you for many, many lifetimes, often unrecognized as those you know as your Masters and Archangels now, and so we know both sides of the Veil more intimately than you imagine.


Mother and Father Proclaim:  Enough!

The drama of darkness on Planet Earth is done.  I have been allowed to bring this final pronouncement to you, as a messenger from Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven.  They have indeed declared that Earth has seen “enough.”  

At this time, the proclamations will resound not only across our beloved Terra, but also across the great Multiverse.  The kind of unmitigated evil you have seen on Earth will never again be permitted to emerge, fester and gain the upper hand as it has here – not anywhere in the Multiverse, in any dimension, across any planet or star system.  The unfolding of this great shift will be celebrated forevermore. 


You must understand, all those who have involved themselves in evil cannot be removed from Earth in a week.  It would not create Paradise to have millions of children orphaned and organizations everywhere with no one at the helm.  Many of the people you know would not “make the cut,” but change has already begun, and will continue until Light pervades in every corner of the globe.


You, beloved Ones, will be the scribes and the witnesses to the most glorious events ever to transpire in this Universe, and we will be right here with you every breath of the way.


I am your brother, Sananda.  Namaste.

Channeled by Kathryn, New York, 20 July 2015



Lightworkers Given Helpful Hints on Distributing Freedom Funds

By Saint Germain

Hello Family of Light, our steady and vigilant team on the ground.  I am honored and excited to come to you today.  We here in the higher realms are thankful for your continuing efforts.  Be assured that important progress is being achieved.  Every time there seems to be a delay in the process of releasing your Freedom/Prosperity Funds, we coordinate a surge of forward movement behind the scenes.

The Revaluation of Currencies in Iraq (the RV) has of course become the hole in the dyke.  Once their RV funds are flowing, there will be no stopping the deluge of Prosperity that follows.  Yet, that is not the only hole in the dyke.  We remain working side by side with the ancient families and many courageous Lightworkers to prepare beneficial scenarios on all sides of this endeavor and to permanently close off every avenue of foul play.

How can you help?  Remain in peaceful anticipation of the assured Prosperity our Mother and Father God have pledged to you.

As you gift, donate, use and invest your Freedom/Prosperity Funds, I, Saint Germain, ask you to please pass along the news of why these stupendous changes are occurring.  I have guided our channel to write the following points to assist you all in spreading the brilliant news of what these monies are for, and what is happening now on Earth.  Please give an informative letter such as this to all who benefit through you from the coming Freedom/Prosperity Funds.

Continue your essential work, steadfast Lightworkers!  We are by your side, shoring up your every effort for the success of the Light and the Freedom of All.

I am your Saint Germain coming to you with Blessings and Love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note from Channel:  An excellent resource for our Lightwork, including the RV/GCR, Prosperity/Freedom Funds, etc. is Steve Beckow & team’s Golden Age of Gaia site.  Saint Germain is now endorsing this site as a rich storehouse of tremendously helpful and uplifting channeled information on the coming Prosperity for Earth.  The site has an excellent section on the  The Reval and many other supporting articles can be found by typing key words into the site’s search window.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please give the following information when you give/donate/invest/use Prosperity Funds. ~ St. Germain

1.  This financial gift/donation/investment is given to you through me from our Mother and Father God and the Company of Heaven.  At this time, Earth is changing, and they wanted you to understand that and to be a part of the Goodness that is now dawning.  The world may look chaotic and more dangerous than ever, yet the truth is that Earth and all upon her are in the throes of a tremendous healing.  Things are not what they seem to be.  Funds like these are being distributed throughout all of Earth.  It is the beginning of the reform of our corrupt world financial system into a brand new way of operating that ensures transparency, fairness, Prosperity and Freedom for ALL.

The funds are called, “The Prosperity Funds,” and they are distributed in the name of Saint Germain, the higher dimensional Ascended Master who has been charged by our Mother and Father God to carry this out.  Whether you are able to fully understand or believe this information at this time or not is okay.  What is important to remember is that no matter how the journey appears, this story ends in joy, peace, prosperity and glory for you and for all – forevermore!

2.  In every area – financial, governmental, social – the entire world system is under quiet reform for the better.  In the coming months, we will get to see and to experience many exciting changes.  These changes are possible because of our participation in bringing them about, and because our Mother and Father God have directed the Company of Heaven to help Earth and all upon her to heal and rise.

The kinds of changes that are on the near horizon include:

  • NESARA – new fair governances, abolition of fiat currencies and criminal taxation systems and much more!
  • GESARA – the global version of NESARA, instituting world peace
  • The release of free energy and advanced healing technologies – they are already here!
  • Toxin cleanup of our soil, air, water and food – to extend the efforts already begun
  • The Announcements – that we indeed have a Galactic, Ascended and Inner Earth family, all who are benevolent and engaged in friendly direct contact with us
  • Mentorship Program – a member from your own personal higher team will lovingly assist you in understanding the changes that are unfolding and reveal to you the true history and standing of Earth
  • Landings – once we are ready, we will joyfully welcome our Galactic family and the final stage of Earth quarantine will thus be lifted
  • Healing Chambers –  we will be restored to our fully healed bodies and able to raise surface Earth to the 5th dimension, carrying out the divine plan for the New Golden Age

Please note that it is understandable if you feel doubt or denial of this information.  Irrelevant of your current awareness, you are here at this time to help with this magnificent transition.  All the support you may need is already in place for you.  Any internet or media story, no matter how “legitimate” it seems, which brings confusion or disavowal of any of these grand and true events is designed to strike fear in your heart and to delay the inevitable emergence of the New Golden Age.


3.  I am a representative of our Mother and Father God, our Ascended Family and the Galactic Federation of Light, and I came to Earth in this life in order to raise myself up through a challenging set of experiences – the same reason you and all others came here during this monumental time.  In this way, we would eventually remember our true identity, purpose and connection to God.  We would together raise Earth from the darkness, destruction and evil she and all upon her have barely endured for millennia.

I personally heard about the RV/GCR project (RV = the Revaluation of Currencies; GCR = the Global Currency Reset, already agreed upon and now set in motion by 205 countries and their governments worldwide) in the following way _____________________________________.  I then experienced a series of events showing me how to follow through on this venture.  I did so using my intuition and by studying this event and opportunity.  These events are real, currently unfolding, and they usher in the tremendous Prosperity that is now beginning to sweep Earth.

4.  Planet Earth has become a slave planet, where the surface population has largely believed we are separated from direct and loving contact with our Mother and Father God, the Company of Heaven and our benevolent Inner Earth and Galactic family.  That is all changing now.  The Prosperity Funds you are receiving are part of a series of projects that will end our collective slavery by first putting an end to the diabolical debt-slavery system we now endure.  These funds are the beginning of the overt, apparent and unstoppable movement of restoration and Freedom to all on the planet.

Please use your funds for Goodness’ sake.  Do not use your funds in any way that causes harm to yourself or to others.  Do not use your funds for anything illegal, dangerous or damaging.  Use your financial gift to eliminate debt, fulfill your dreams big and small, and to uplift yourself and others.

Please refrain from blindly splurging on an imbalanced or thoughtless acquisition of material things in a way that supports the false glamour, environmental degradation and over-indulgence of the waning old matrix system.  Please enjoy your gift in a way that spreads joy, kindness, delight and freedom to yourself and to others.


5.  Please give a minimum of 25% of your gift to others.   You may give in any way you like – as long as it causes true liberation and joy for others.  As needed, get professional financial guidance so that your giving is appropriate to the legal and taxation requirements.

I am not a financial expert nor adviser, so I encourage you to get independent, professional assistance in all legal and financial matters.  The systems are in the process of changing, yet it is wise and advisable to follow the laws of the system currently in place during the transition.  We will let you clearly know when it is possible to make changes.


6.  You have a large team of Guides, family members, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters (Saints), and a Galactic Federation of Light (medical and other) Healing Team with you during every single moment of your life on Earth.  They are eagerly awaiting direct contact with you, when you can perceive and feel them as they see and love you.  Mother and Father God are real and always there for you.  They are calling you close, and they also await the moment you consciously and fully return to a warm and wondrous relationship with them.

This “superfantastic” experience of the release of the long-awaited Prosperity Funds begins the jubilee of everlasting Freedom on Earth by abolishing the debt-slavery that has served to keep humanity imprisoned.  Blessings to you as we go through the historic days ahead.

Channeled by Christine, New York, 20 July 2015

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