Subtle Influences ~ The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.

This day is a magic time. You have changed so much on your planet; you have shifted so much energy that you are seeing it happen right in front of your eyes. It is magical and we applaud all the humans and also the Family of E for the incredible work you have done over many lifetimes. You are here to help people re-member their power. Well done, humans.

The Six Parental Races

There is still much work to do. Although there is a great deal that we wish to share with you, you have now started to uncover your own history. It was not that long ago, dear ones, that you sent your first space probe to Mars. You will discover different forms of life on Mars that will help you understand a bit more about the six parental races that began with Earth. Now they did not create Earth—let us make that very clear–you did. You are the spirits, dear ones, there from the very beginning nurturing this beautiful, hot ball of magma floating in space the third rock from the sun. You were not in physical bodies, which  would not exist on the planet then. However,  you were in light bodies and you nurtured Earth. Many of you have done this with several other planets that have evolved throughout the universe that now have life. This is a beautiful story because when you start to understand what some of this is about, you will be looking at your own history on planet Earth. Ever since we mentioned there were six parental races, you have wanted to know who they are. Everyone has their own ideas about the original races, yet it is very difficult for us to give you those names. When we give you a name such as Sirius, Pleiades, or any of the other ones which you have labeled, understand that these are human names which are placed upon these stars. The interesting part is that there is a rhythm that connects them all. Some believe that these names and stories have been made up. Neither is the case, for it is simply an interpretation or another way to read the same story. Now you are starting to uncover the rest of the story and beginning to understand the process, which is very exciting.

Before the Formation of Planet Earth

Now we take you back to a time about eight years ago. At that time we were telling you very clearly that there would be more planets discovered in your solar system, so to watch for that as a trigger. Well, you did but decided they would not be planets. You went even further and decided to reclassify Pluto, one of your smallest planets.  These planets showed up, all of them, in Sirius. Sirius is the best, for it provided the opportunity for you to find some very magical pieces. Let us share with you part of the energy that goes back before the formation of planet Earth.

Basically, you have all this debris or matter that forms around energy and is floating in space. The moment you have energy in any form, it attracts matter to create a material expression of that energy and that is exactly what took place. As all of this debris started floating in space, many of you were the ones helping to form these planets and saying, “Oh, it would be nice if you had another circular part right here?” Of course, the biggest challenge was the planet that was to form between Mars and Jupiter never took shape.  Every time this debris would come close, the massive strength of Jupiter would pull it apart again. This left a debris trail which is very magical, but there is much more to it than that. Dear ones, we will share this information in increments. First, let us explain the basic concept of what took place. During the formation of your solar system, which you were very much a part of, magic happened.

You wanted so much to re-create an energy very similar to that which you had left at Home. When Jupiter kept pulling this piece apart and instead of congealing into a beautiful planet, it literally was distributed in a wide, huge circle of debris which you now call the inner belt of asteroids. When the planet did not form, the energy went further out to what you are now calling the Kuiper belt. This is especially interesting, because you did not even know the Kuiper belt was there until recently. These discoveries are quite telling in showing what took place; the essence and the heart of that planet went to Pluto.

The Dwarf Planet Called Ceres

Now you have seen Pluto as the very small being it is. However, in the beginning it was forming to take the essence of this sister planet, which was trying to form inside between Mars and Jupiter. Now the energy was trying to form and congeal around Pluto but it was simply too difficult to change that energy. But you had seen miracles before, so you went to shape this energy and it worked for a time. It absolutely worked, dear ones, and you will find that evidence eventually. You are not on target to find it right away, but it will be there to show you some of these changes in this incredible energy that happened. So, what took place with Pluto? The Pluto you see today is not the same Pluto that tried to carry all this energy. It was in the wrong place to have nurturing environment; the magnetic pull, as well as radiation from the sun, caused it to separate.

A New Planet Forming Between Mars and Jupiter

What you see today is perfectly round, but it has gone through quite a bit to come back into that. It is Ceres, the heart of this planet; it carries the same energy that it would have if it been a planet in your solar system. This would have been your closest neighbor where life could have formed, but it did not. Now the heart of that energy has made its way back into the inner belt, and is traveling to connect many of the pieces of its original purpose. Will a planet form now between Jupiter and Mars? It may take some time, but that is already in motion although it probably will not happen during your lifetime. It takes a long time to form a planet ; you are seeing major changes that will shift every part of your humanity. These changes in your perceptions come from the simple vibrational rise. When you raise something up there are fewer restrictions in your line of sight, and you are witnessing this massively on your planet. It is wondrous for you to re-evaluate all of your previous positions and many of your belief systems (BS) are vanishing. You are opening up to new possibilities, which is as it should be, for now we have awakened the mind and heart of god—all of you.

You understand what is taking place, but what you may not understand is the excitement that is all around you. Yes, many of you have been in survival mode. For some it has been quite difficult to ground your energy in a positive way or to find your place in the new world. Even the things that you were successful with in the third dimension either do not seem to work now or they work differently. That is part of the evolution that all of you are going through. If you can re-member the big picture, the larger overall feeling, you will understand there is very little that you need to do. You are on target to find the path of least resistance in each of your lives, dear ones. As the collective raises in vibration you suddenly shift, and things five years ago that could not even be talked about are now appearing in front of all of you for re-investigation. Very well done and we tell you, the heart of Ceres is coming back.

The Heart of Ceres

Now this is beginning to have an effect on many humans. Why? Because quite simply, you have discovered it. You are focusing on a new miracle, a piece that has been floating around very close to your own third rock from the sun for a very long time. Now you will find the influences of it which are huge, much more than what you would think of. Even in your astrology, dear ones, you consider the larger planets as having a greater pull but that is not necessarily so. What is taking place is that you will notice the subtle energies become more important than the large energies. You have always measured things by how strong or big they are, but now you will start to measure things by the effect they have. It is very possible that you will find a new rhythm for yourself, as you start to discover the importance of all of the subtle energies on planet Earth. You have learned to measure magnetism, which is a very important tool on your planet in many different areas. However, you have only managed to measure it in one of the many areas in which it is used. You do not know how to measure the magnetism and the slight magnetic variations of your heart. which actually create much of the world around you. You still have not completely connected your science and your spirituality, although every day these things are starting to move in a different way.

Pushes Against the Wave of Change

Here you are seeing things from a larger perspective every day. All we ask  is that you be willing to let go of that which no longer serves you. Much of what you carry with you, dear ones, is out of habit. Are you ready to shift your life even more than you have? All of you have taken a step or two forward to claim your place as a conscious creator on this beautiful planet. The evolution is now taking place right in front of everyone’s eyes, for the magic is here. Now, do you have your setbacks, your push against the wave? Yes, of course, you do. You see it in ISIS and in many places where the fear comes up. Now that is the question. How can you watch that, and how can you address this without the fear? It is very simple, dear ones. There is only one thing to be afraid of in your history, and that is death. Humans are usually afraid of death until they do the inner work that alleviates some of their greatest fears. Other times,  perhaps they have actually stepped out of their body, experienced it and then returned. They carry no fear of death from that point forward. Death is the number one fear, because it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown. When people start using fear intentionally to get what they want, the effect is a backlash which is still gaining speed on this planet. You are seeing many people join these groups out of the hope of freedom. At some point you will see the freedom which they experience once they join the groups. However, all of this will go away in time. It is not a new war that must be fought, instead it is an incorporation of all the energies. What can you love about those who behead other people? As long as you view them as the “bad guys” you are missing the boat, because all humans are connected. Find that part of you which is them; address it, feel it, and love it. Then let it go and you will start feeling changes in the collective vibration.

You are seeing it now with your own government. Consider the recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court. The court is not bound to make decisions which the public or the collective vibration agrees with. In their previous decisions very few have been with the collective vibration of humanity, but that will start changing as well.  A harmony is starting to take place on planet Earth and you are responsible for much of this, dear ones. If we could show you some of the previous lifetimes that you have had on planet Earth, even as  light bodies  when you have nurtured planet Earth. You would be very proud of your history, for you have not only nurtured Earth but the whole of humanity and we hope you own it. We know there are many of you who are wondering what you are doing here. “Where exactly did I sign this contract? I want to see the small print.” Well, dear ones, you did it and almost all of you are where you wanted to be. Now does it mean that you are happy and content where you are? No, that is not the nature of humans, dear ones, you know that. The grass is always greener so search for it. Enjoy what you have in this moment but do not judge yourself, which is the main piece.

Discovering New Planets and Pyramids

You are conscious creators. You have the creation ability of god within each and every one of you. Now, why is it that you cannot make things happen immediately? Well, that was a collective decision to hide this power from yourselves until you could harmonize. But that is starting now and the planets lead the way with this as well. Many of you will start to see this in your astrology, if you can interpret it. Watch the stars, dear ones, for you will discover much. Something very interesting and not too distant in the future, probably five or six years from now, you will start discovering planets close by that you have not seen before.

Well, of course! Imagine this as a discovery. Ahh, but have you ever considered that maybe the planet just suddenly appeared? You have more to ponder than you could possibly imagine. And when you hear these beautiful stories of the pyramids, do you every wonder what they were exactly? They are generators and get ready, because you still have not discovered 50% of the pyramids on your own planet. They are power transformers designed to bring the energy from the Earth and to use it in one of several forms. It is originally how your own ionosphere was formed, so that you could breathe and survive on planet Earth. Many of these pieces will start to be uncovered now. Not only will you discover these in space, but you will find more of them on your planet. Many of them are there re-awakening, just as you are.

The Other “Yous”

It is the greatest time for all of you to be here, dear ones, and so exciting for us to watch as you uncover the next piece, as you turn that next page and start into it. You are magical, but above all please re-member: you are never alone. Even though some of you have a great deal of difficulty harmonizing, that is what will bring you all back together to the next level. You are in the third wave of harmony, which means, “How can I see the other yous?” Every person is connected to you in some way and you have that magic within. Well, open your eyes, dear ones, they are all around you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we get to address you in this way and bring you these updates from our perspective of your incredible vision. Keep up this great work, dear ones. Know that you are advancing Earth and all of humanity more than you can imagine. Celebrate those times when you come together, when you are able to make those connections with the other yous. It is a time for the awakening of conscious creators on planet Earth.

Espavo, dear ones.

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