Visual Centering by Kathryn Mays

The technique I call Visual Centering was first developed in the 1950’s by Amos Gunsberg, M.A. He observed that people who have experienced difficulties in childhood show the effects of trauma in the way they focus their eyes. The tracks of childhood tears are registered along the optic nerve, creating blockages which affect visual processing in unique ways.

Depending on the age and severity of the difficulties the child faces in his or her family, culture, and school relationships, the child will develop strategies for literally limiting the capacity to see what is happening around him. The possibilities are limitless for the creative child, who may learn to unfocus in order to daydream, or put one eye out of commission by using it less (often the right eye), by using one eye at a time, and so on. These strategies literally change the way we see the 3-dimensional world, as well as interfering with our capacity for combining vision with other senses in an immediate, spontaneous way.

The reluctance to “see” the emotional truths around us which originates in childhood but lingers into adulthood, interferes with our connection to our bodies, and especially our hearts, the source of emotional intelligence. This leaves us to rely on thought without feeling, ideas without grounding in emotional truth: half-human, Head People.Gunsberg saw that permanent change in psychotherapy requires change in the brain channels we use to register the emotional impact of life experiences, and that those changes can be accomplished by reworking the channels in the visual cortex – along the optic nerve. He understood that by changing the way we use our eyes, we literally change the way we see the world.

I studied with Gunsberg for 30 years, until his death in 2001. As far as I know, I am the only person who learned to teach this method, and I sincerely wish to pass on the knowledge. I have expanded on the original concepts to take into account new brain research as well as the spiritual connections which follow naturally when one practices the brain centering techniques.

The transition from head to heart is a natural expansion when we center ourselves in the calm, balanced place which athletes call being “in the Zone.” Maslow called it “peak performance.” This is the goal of the Visual Centering work – to reach and maintain our optimal center of balance where body intelligence, memory, reflexes, sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, creativity and intuition all come together in the center of our brain to allow for our highest level of functioning, not just for special occasions, but all the time.Many people find that by using the brain-focusing techniques they are able to eliminate anxiety and depression from their lives. Relationships become easier and more loving for everyone, compassion and forgiveness become more natural and fulfilling, and they are able to develop a deeper connection to their creative powers.

As issues of self-esteem fade, most people reevaluate their habitual preoccupation with work and material success. As generations of Western people have turned away from deep spiritual and community connections toward material gain and personal power, waves of depression, anxiety, addiction, alienation and loneliness have swept across the land. Prescription drug sales increase exponentially every year, and yet no one seems to be happy or fulfilled. In spite of unprecedented abundance, people feel a profound sense of lack. I believe it is the connection to ourselves we are missing – the peace of mind which comes from being deeply anchored in the strength of our inner selves, the world around us, the ones we love, to nature, and to the comfort and soul nourishment which comes from connection with a spiritual power beyond ourselves.

By learning to breathe present-day air, focusing in the center of our brain, and open our channels to become a conduit for the Light which flows down through our brain, heart and body, we can anchor ourselves in our powerful adult strengths, in a heightened electromagnetic connection to the Universal Energy flow which is our birthright as humans.

The technique of Visual Centering requires practice and determination, as you rework well-worn pathways which have come to feel like who you are, creating a new updated and upgraded self-identity. I have developed a system of 20 exercises for learning the basic principles which lead to real change. I am currently working on a series of video sessions which will illustrate how the focusing work is done. I will post the videos here and on Youtube as they are made over the next weeks and months.

A Channeled Message Describing What Visual Centering is From the Perspective of Spirit, Received from Yahweh on 10/15/12

“I want to tell you what Visual Centering looks like from our perspective. We have a bird’s eye view, after all, and we can see the changes in your brain as they happen.

In the brain, there is a Center of Operations which the scientists are unaware of. This is true because it is not visible to the eye, although it could be detected by a scanning machine which detects energy flow and dynamic brain activity. In the Center of Operations, which is located just above and behind the corpus collosum, is the place from which the human brain can most easily contact Spirit, and in which all the functions of intelligence can be accessed. For an individual who has practiced mindfulness, it is a center of awareness and greatest intelligence.

This is true because there is a synergistic effect in the brain when all the faculties are used simultaneously. It raises the level of functioning to a higher plane than the mere practice of “thinking”. Thinking, as you are used to experiencing it, is using the brain as if it were a computer. It is known as a beta state, in which the brain operates in its most mechanical state, fed mostly by the lower brain stem activity which has been initiated by thoughts or ideas originating in the limbic system of the brain – mainly the hypothalamus and the amygdala. This is a chain reaction, so to speak, which begins with an idea or memory which may or may not be sparked by outside events. The idea activates remembered emotion from previous events, usually going back to the well-worn nerve channels which were laid down in early childhood.

Those channels become more familiar, more well-worn as the individual experiences similar events over and over again, which is likely to happen in the environment of a child, who is subject to the repeated actions of a few people, the close family. Thus, the child’s primary feeling tone is a result of his interactions with his mother and father, or other close caretakers. His memory of this feeling tone and “energy bath” – the emotional tone his lives in – eventually becomes his primary feeling tone, before he has any say about the kinds of experiences he would choose. Thus, each of you is programmed, in your “thinking” brain, to be a product of your childhoods. In your brain you are your parents; in your heart, you are yourself.

This truth is of course completely contrary to the belief held by many of you, that you are not really affected by your childhood, and are able to think “rationally” without being influenced by your emotions. You are beginning to discover that this is an impossibility – an oxymoron, you might say. You have been handicapped by the belief that your brain is the primary mechanism available to you for intelligent thought.

There have recently been reports by people who have died and been brought back to life – some well documented by attending neurologists and other medical people, who can testify to the fact that no brain activity whatsoever was present for some time, and yet the person is able to describe events and emotional reactions to the things they experienced consciously during the time they were “dead.” Some diehard scientific types have continued to insist that these richly individual and profoundly meaningful experiences were simply a result of random brain activity resulting from lack of oxygen. This makes no sense, of course, in light of the fact that many of these people showed flat-line brain activity while they were happily traveling with us in the Spirit world. It is this phenomenon, the presence of conscious soul activity which allows humans to carry with them memories from other lifetimes, and to receive information from the Universal consciousness web, as people who are “psychic” do most easily.

This ability to see and hear and feel in an expansive way, processing information from other dimensions, is available to all of you, and has been a more highly developed ability in earlier civilizations. It is an unfortunate loss that you think it a rarity or even an oddity when someone has access to anything beyond your five senses. In fact, it is something you all do during sleep. When you dream, the portals open to receive messages from your own “unconscious” mind, and from your guides and angels who communicate with you every day, usually beneath your conscious awareness.

Now, I am telling you all this so that you can have a bigger picture of what Kathryn is referring to when she speaks of “Optimal Functioning”. She is describing the ability to use all these powers of intelligence as a matter of everyday functioning in a waking state. These abilities have been developed by only a few people in your era, mainly those who have practiced meditation for many years or who were highly developed souls before their entrance into this lifetime. These people have been able to maintain a soul connection to their higher dimensional self – that part of you who remains connected to the great grid of consciousness which is available to all living consciousnesses, whatever their physical state might be at the moment.

We want you to be aware now that you do not have to be a guru or spend years in meditation to learn the discipline of using all your faculties. It is possible for every individual who is willing to set aside the feedback-loop intellectual style which has passed for “thinking” in your culture. It prevents real learning because it encourages a kind of memorization and regurgitation of ideas, as many educators have begun to realize.

Genuine intelligence is open-ended, without judgment or rigid opinions. Many of you might be familiar with the sense of wonder you experienced as children. That is true learning: the ability to be completely aware, completely open and processing on all your channels without preconceived ideas or prejudices which color and distort any conclusions you might come to. You will recall that the state of wonder is accompanied by a kind of inner peace and acceptance that feels like unconditional love – the love of all you see around you. Many of you are still able to feel these feelings in relation to nature, or when you see a newborn infant, or when you communicate with your pets. In those moments, you are experiencing the natural contact with all of us in the Spirit world who send you unconditional love at all times. The difficulty is that you are rarely open to receiving it because of your hectic and distracting lives.

As a way of helping you to return to your highest self, to regain your freedom to receive and process expansively, we have helped Kathryn and her teacher, Amos, to develop this practice by which you can restore yourselves to the brilliant and creative individuals you are capable of being. It is completely consistent with many other practices which encourage mindfulness, calm and balance, and it offers the additional tools which allow for actively taking command of the way you use your brain and manage your emotions on a moment to moment basis in your daily life.

We have asked Kathryn to make video demonstrations to show how she teaches this technique, which she has been teaching to individuals for many years. It is now time for the larger population to have access to these tools for elevating your abilities. Unfortunately, without the “scientific proof” of its effectiveness, people have generally not appreciated the unique power of this method, or taken seriously the potential it offers for real and permanent change. Of course, it has been as difficult until now to show “proof” as it is to detect the presence of a soul using an x-ray machine. Perhaps there are now researchers in your Universities who would like to document this remarkable process using their more sophisticated brain scanning machinery.

Now, back to the brain exercises and why they work. As you can see from this discussion, the center of operations in the brain is the portal to beyond, the source of contact with higher dimensions which many of you have been blocked from accessing because of glitches and blockages in your processing which were laid down in childhood. So, the process must include some clearing away of old habits of using limiting strategies to subdue and oppress your natural intelligence, your God-given Light, as you might call it. This is the more difficult part, and the reason we insisted on making Kathryn’s book a manual for transition. It is the accompanying tool by which you can accomplish this difficult task in the least amount of time and effort. This does not mean it is easy, but it is possible for anyone who is willing to work as consistently at the process as you would at your exercise regimen or your cooking classes. These tools we have given you will make it possible for you to change your lives for the better in a way that was previously thought impossible.

Begin with the breathing exercises in Kathryn’s book, which help you to become familiar with the conscious workings of your body and your brain. Practice at least twice a day, early and late, to take command, first of your breathing, then of your other bodily processes which have been so neglected and ignored. Find a good yoga teacher who will help to identify difficulties with breathing, posture and energy flow. Watch your blood pressure stabilize, your digestion normalize, and your cholesterol and seratonin reach optimal levels. Next begin to work with your eyes. Notice how you have learned to block incoming information in order to distort your Vision and to inject child feeling tones into all your processing. If possible, organize groups to invite Kathryn to teach you the process, and learn it well so that you can teach it to others.

We wish for this technique to be familiar and available to all who wish to evolve to a higher level as quickly as possible. But be aware: it is not a simple technique which can be applied to everyone in the same way. It requires individual work and a creative approach. Do not ask to have it explained to you in a minute so that you can go home and apply it, like a salve to your wounds. (This is why I have not explained it in full to you here.) Listen carefully to any information you can receive. Do not try to simplify it, or compare it to other less complex methods. There is no other practice which is currently taught which is the same, although this knowledge has an ancient history.

It is unfortunate that Kathryn is one person, and the only one who currently teaches this, but she has offered to work with as many students as we send her, and she will now add the advantages of the internet, television and other media devices to reach as many people as possible. She is not interested in accruing fame or fortune, so she will do this in the most cost-effective way to reach as many people as possible. She has been alone in this work because of the pervasive sense of Darkness which has overtaken many of you for the past 30 years or so, and the reluctance on the part of many to take charge of your own emotional growth if it required sustained effort on your parts. The tendency has been to turn to quick self-help fixes or drugs to feel better rather than work tirelessly to improve yourselves. This is changing, and it is now time for you to turn your energies toward genuinely elevating yourselves from the inside out.

We will work with all of you. You will feel our presences as you practice these techniques to wake yourselves up and begin experiencing the mature abilities which will allow you to feel peace of mind, fulfillment in your lives, and the constant flow of unconditional love which we are beaming on you every minute of every day. I, Yahweh, and your Mother who is your feminine God-source, have been a part of your lives since the moment you were born. We have watched over you, with the help of our legions of angels, Ascended Masters, Saints and ancestors. We will help you now, if you call on us daily to assist you.

We have been standing by, waiting for you to awaken. We do not intervene or interfere. That is our contract with you, to maintain your free will during your trip to Planet Earth, but we can offer you our unending support and comfort, and we can help you to direct your energies in ways that will fulfill your greatest dreams.

We do not bestow blessings, as many people request. Rather, we work with you, directing our energies to synchronize with yours in your efforts to elevate yourselves and to express love and compassion to those around you. We do not support destructive or negative action or thought – in fact we hardly notice it. Instead, we align with Light, wherever we find it. So, shine your lights, Dear ones, and we will joyfully join with you in whatever brilliant efforts for the greater good you might devise. The Earth’s intensified energy at this time make it even easier for us to support you and lift you up, but we can’t do it for you, we can only play a supporting role in your growth, which will be sufficient for you to move at the fastest possible rate.

Let us begin!


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