Your Highly Sensitive Nature

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It is easy for us to see you now, as you have come into a much fuller expression of the truth of your being. We tease you in saying this for we always have been aware of you, but you are lit up now in ways that are quite different from your expression earlier in this lifestream. Do you feel this? Do you claim the conscious creation of this?

We want you to consider today how much you claim what you know and who you are and live at your leading edge with confidence and self-appreciation. We want to invite you to consider your reference points throughout life and see how they have evolved; how your sense of self, in fact, has opened up and dramatically changed.

You are much more active in creating your lives and your state of consciousness than you think. Although you know this conceptually, the awareness of this slips away from you still, and you find yourself reacting to life and feeling that life is happening to you. We see this in the way you feel fear and anxiety. We see this in the way you feel criticized or blamed. We see this most dramatically in the ways in which you still think you are fragile or overly sensitive. Today we want to highlight this dynamic and see if we might help you to lighten up your load in terms of how you feel and think about yourself as an embodied human.

To be human is a dream! You wanted it, you chose it, you are here. Any other idea is incorrect. You are here of your free will, and you have come here to be you.

You as you are, are perfectly capable of being here and thriving. You are not too sensitive, and you are not fragile.

All those who tell you that you are, are misinformed — be they spiritual teachers or guides, or simply people in your life. They may believe this strongly, and yet we tell you now, they are misinformed.

You meant to come here and be highly perceptive and to be able to translate vibration and operate with clarity. That is the function of your sensitivities; they are faculties of perception.

As you begin to treat them as such, you will learn to use them differently and stop thinking of yourself as so fragile and in need of protection.

Do you not see that believing you are weak, fragile and in need of protection is a way of avoiding what you came here to be? As your Divine Self, there is no sense of inadequacy or need for some other being to protect you. To believe that your sensitivity is limiting diminishes alignment with your wholeness. To believe your sensitivity makes you fragile or weakens your capacity, diminishes your alignment and the light of your presence.

Today we are speaking directly and pointedly to any who may be feeling that they are highly sensitive and also feeling that this makes them fragile, or in need of withdrawing from life to protect themselves. In this way, we aim to help you reconsider how you think of yourself and this sensitivity, and how you relate to your highly perceptive nature.

Human beings are capable of perceiving and handling very strong energies. Highly sensitive people who believe that their sensitivity is a problem often become uncomfortable with intensity. In effect, interpreting intensity as a threat, as something to be concerned about.

From a neutral standpoint, the degree of intensity is simply a measure of how much energy is being perceived. If you are highly perceptive you will be might be more aware of the intensity, noticing and being able to distinguish energy quite distinctly.

All humans have immense capacities for perception, the same as you. However, how any of you allocate that capacity is also important. Your human body only has so much capacity in your nervous system to process and perceive stimulus. For example, when you are digesting a particularly large meal, your nervous system is very busy and you will tend to perceive less any other stimulus. Conversely, if you are experiencing very strong emotions, you may notice you have no appetite. Digestion requires substantial of nerve capacity and so if you are feeling strongly you may not have an appetite. As you can imagine, sometimes human beings eat to not feel things. Yes, this truly does work.

For those of open to expansive capacity for perception sometimes you feel worried when you experience intense stimulus. We want to clarify this here and now and say: you are far greater than what you’re perceiving, and not a threat.

As you allow yourself to consider that what you feel about being immensely sensitive, we also want you to reflect on the way your mean-making about this may have led you to withdraw and avoid aspects of life. If you have felt this way and thought perhaps you were not up to some experiences, we want you to open up that idea once more for reconsideration.

Now we will say first and foremost that we want to encourage you to choose enriching experience in life. Experience that foster alignment with all that you are. But we want to step beyond this and say more: you are capable of creating your emotional state and your consciousness regardless of conditions or circumstances. That’s how powerful you really are.

No one, beloveds, has the ability to alter that. You have not lost that ability simply because you may not be using it or feeling confident about using it. Self-doubt is something most humans feel some of the time and it is not going to change your capacity. It may change how you use it or the decisions you make in the moment, but it does not remove your capacity. Your capacity still exists even if you have not exercised it for quite some time.

The shift on your planet is calling you forth to share your gifts. For many of you this will mean stepping forth into visibility in ways that are far beyond what you’ve grown comfortable with.

Even beyond sharing your gifts, the leading edge of life on Earth is calling out for transparent self expression and presence. For blended beings to live fully as the Divine Light you each genuinely are.

This will require courage and a more accurate relationship with the dynamics of your perception — what you may have regarded as having an extremely sensitive nature.

Living fully requires you to rethink your sense of being highly sensitive and begin to see this as a strength rather then something that makes you vulnerable. You are entirely capable of becoming more used to varying intensities and also to having expanded perceptions in ways that benefit you and feel empowering. None of this need limit your movement in the world, in fact, it can support you in participating more skilfully and having more fun.

If you begin to think of your sensitivity as perceptual ability, what might that mean?

What might it mean to realize that you are capable of picking up lots of information and energy and perceiving it, and that is the neutral way of understanding your sensitive nature?

If you feel offended by the energy you encounter. If you feel bothered by the energy you encounter, that does not mean you are highly sensitive, rather that you are still conditionally creating your mood. When you feel overly sensitive to other people’s ways of being or expressing it means that you are still paying attention to them as if they have the ability to define you or tell you who you are. When you feel irritated or threatened by other people, this is not the same as being highly sensitive. Unless you are truly in danger, to take in other people’s energy and allow it to shape your state of being is simply being less sovereign then is useful. We encourage you to realize this. Once you begin to see that your sensitivity is not a problem, you can focus on becoming more sovereign and develop your gifts of perceptual openness.

As you allow yourself to distinguish high sensitivity from your current degree of sovereignty you will start to liberate your psychic senses which is the intended purpose of your sensitivity gifts. You have these capacities so you might intuitively live life with expanded perceptions and awareness. As you grow in your capacity to be sovereign; to reference yourself for identity and meaning and to create your own sense of autonomy in life, you will discover immense capacity opening up for you.

Life on the leading edge needs those of you with highly sensitive perceptions to step forth and express yourselves fully. You have the potential to be highly informed and act in alignment with vaster fields of focus. Developing this bridging capacity is part of your role. To be free to share your gifts and be who you are, paves the way for others to do the same. It is easier to do this when you separate out creating your mood by paying attention to others from your immense capacity to perceive that is the gift of your sensitive nature.

We hope that you take these invitations to shed limiting ideas of who you are and what you can do, quite to heart. For we see you, opening up vast vistas of knowing if you dare to release the old limiting ideas of having a problem because you’re highly sensitive.

As you commit to being free and sovereign and allowing others the same, in fact honoring this aspect of your free will domain, you will support and liberate your multidimensional knowing.

The potential for embodiment to open up more fully for many of you is available. Thus we share this transmission today, knowing that you will be met by it, perfectly for where you are now. Take from this transmission any energy and any guidance, validation or support which will further your development in this life.

We are the Arcturians

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