Past Lives & Present Relationships Written by John Van Auken

This life is so present, so all-encompassing that it is difficult to consider past lives and their relevance in our lives today. But from Edgar Cayce’s perspective we are actually living the sum of our incarnations. Our circumstances and relationships today are deeply affected by our past, our soul’s past.


Therefore, with this in mind, let’s explore the forces at work from past lives and karma.


His reading numbered 5753-1 is one of his key discourses on reincarnation. He opens

this reading by stating that each soul comes into existence by the force of motivation, a

first cause brings it live and drives it to seek its destiny.


Here is what he said is our souls’ destiny: “The first cause was that the created would be the companion for the Creator.” Our Creator, God, our heavenly Father/Mother, conceived us all to become its eternal, immortal companions. And Cayce stated that our life or lives are opportunities for our soul to “show itself to be not only worthy of, but companionable to, the Creator.”


And since we are talking about the Creator of the entire universe and all that is in it, we don’t want to become dull companions. We are to be up and growing, learning, and experiencing life!


We’ve been given the gift of free will to use as we see fit in the pursuit of our companionability. Of course not all of us will become the same because individualness is what makes the Garden or the Heavens interesting. Each of us was conceived with our own special light, perspective, and vibration.


Cayce stated in this same reading that “every form of life that man sees in a material world is an essence or manifestation of the Creator; not the Creator, but a manifestation of a first cause-and in its own sphere, its own consciousness of its activity in that plane or sphere.” He said that our soul “in this material world passes through the attributes that the consciousness finds coinciding with the law that would govern an entrance into a manifestation.”


This means that what we will be, are, and have been experiencing are the essences, the manifestations, the attributes of the forces influenced by the law of destiny as well as the law of karma.


Here’s more on this:


“A soul, the offspring of a Creator, entering into a consciousness that became a manifestation in any plane or sphere of activity- given that free-will for its use of those abilities, qualities, conditions in its experience-demonstrates, manifests, shows forth, that it reflects in its activity towards that first cause.” Our perspective on our destiny is revealed by how we use our free will, by the choices we make.


He adds, “even in a material world, all forces, all activities, are a manifestation” of the initial motivation for our existence and how we have been doing in addressing that initial motivation is seen in our choices, in our use of free will-whether we are alive here on earth or dead to this world and living in other dimensions. Think of your passed-on loved ones-they, their souls, are still active and motivated by their destiny of companionship with their Creator.


Cayce explained that there is no death “because an atom, a matter, a form, is changed does not mean that the essence, the source or the spirit of it has changed; only in its form of manifestation, and NOT in its relation with the First Cause.”


Our deepest longing, deep in our souls is this according to Cayce: “As the entity moves from sphere to sphere, it seeks its way to the home, to the face of the Creator, the Father, the first cause.” (EC 136-8)


Now being three dimensional beings we immediately think that this can only occur somewhere beyond this world, but that’s not true! All life is one life. All space is one space. We can experience this right here, right now. Our hOMe is within our consciousness, just a shift in awareness and we are hOMe with our heavenly Father / Mother, with the infinite mind of our Creator. And the sounding of the famous chant OM (aauummm) awakens this within us.




Karma is the law designed to help us become aware of the effects of our use of free will in thought, speech, and action. Karma is a tool for learning and growing, not a punishment. Of the many life readings given by Cayce, 18 people were told that this incarnation may be their last. There was no longer any compelling karmic pull necessitating another incarnation.


My friends and I knew some of these 18 people, and they were not perfect. In fact, they had many human weaknesses. Their freedom from the wheel of karma and reincarnation must have occurred in their hearts and minds, because there is no outward reason to release them from the cycle of incarnations.


“It is not all for a soul to have knowledge concerning law [but it is more] what does the entity DO ABOUT the knowledge that is gained! The power that comes with making the will one WITH the law of love, of karma, of cause and effect, of every influence [are] one WITH Creation!” (342-2) √

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