Understanding our Role of Love to Humanity ~ Lord Adama

Greetings and Love to Everyone from The Telosian Command Center,

I AM Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos very happy to connect with each of you in this moment.

The changes are happening so very quickly presently. Since the 1st Super Moon there are emotions that are unsettled within many individuals upon the planet. As a Sensitive, you can probably feel these energies very deeply.

I want to talk a little bit about how each of us is affected by others within and around the Universe. We know that thought is transferred very easily, but what is happening presently is that it is being felt very quickly.

When a person has a thought of someone else, the energies are so highly attuned within the Universe at this time that it comes back to that person they are thinking about. I am sure many of you have felt this happening within yourself. In this time of the great changes it is occurring so quickly that it can circumvent any energies that the person being thought about in their lives.

Interesting concept, correct?

Think about it. If you were to talk to that particular person, how would they react to your comments? It is something that you are happy about or is it something that is from a lower energy space?

This can cause elements to occur within a particular person’s life that they are doing everything they can to make their life better. But yet there seems to be an energetic blockage to their own energy and movement of their life.

This may be happening to you or to someone else. It can also happen to organizations, groups of people that are trying to gather people together but others are not happy about that energetic exchange.

It is important in this time that Your Word Be Impeccable to Others. This can boomerang right back into your own pathway and light.

If a situation occurs with another person, have a conversation together from your Higher Essence. Gather together and speak from your Higher Self, bring in the energies first, and then you can speak from your Higher Mind not your Lower Mind. This allows a circle of light to be connected to each of you. You will understand the process and will receive love through the connection. This will negate any lower emotions from taking you over.

Using your phones or computers to communicate crucial issues is not a good idea. It is a one-sided conversation and the other side can be offended. This causes a psychic argument between both of you and can be very disastrous to your energy fields.

This is also true of how you think about the people you are working with either in a career environment or within a mentoring arena. If there are issues that you have it will be felt by the nucleus of the group energy and affect that organization tremendously.

We are coming into a time of extreme power with the super moons, the eclipses, the equinox, and then moving into the Harvest Time with 11:11 quickly following. The power of these energies is unmatched by anything you and we have experienced previously.

I want you to consider how you want to feel in a completely different life. Bring in all of the variables of what you would like to have in your life, the thoughts, the feelings, and the way you are living, how you are interacting with others with deep appreciation and Love.

This is what needs to occur every moment of your life from this point forward. When you have a moment of aggression or frustration, that goes out into the Universe and this Earth feels it greatly. When you specifically are having issues with people in your life, it will affect them.

When you pay for something, do you do it in joy or is it obligation? Think about when you help someone in need. This should be a moment of assisting this person. This is true when you go to the store, when you pay for college, or a course, or when you pay for a service. It is important to have a moment of gratitude that you can receive this service and then pay for it. This energy will go to the other party with Love. This is something that is very important as it will effect the greater whole.

Every one on this Earth needs to come to this conclusion that what they are doing contributes to the whole nucleus of the Earth.

When you do your chores, how do you feel about it? Are you having regret in doing it or are you happy to see it changing. We must find joy in every act, every though, every feeling that is occurring within your world.

If you are not then the transition into the 5th dimension is going to be quite challenging.

We want your transition to go smoothly so that our worlds can be together. When the lower emotions become fully intact, then it causes the whole process to be strewn with doubt and frustration. Then the movement cannot happen.

Every person needs to do their part in this transition. It starts first with each of you individually. You have to be retrained to express your feelings and emotions in a completely different manner. I know it is not easy. That is why we are here to help.

The transitions that are happening presently are beautiful but they can be even more magical within each moment.

Think about what you are doing, what emotion is emanating out of your consciousness? If it is of a lower nature, utilize your I AM presence within your breath to change it. If it is of a higher nature, embellish it, give yourself gratitude for having an attitude change as it is going to help the Greater Whole to step more fully into Oneness.

Be grateful of the teachings you receive, honor them by offering your gratitude in many different ways. Don’t take things for granted as this will boomerang right back at you. Look to your elders as the teachers to help you become the True You.

I know you all have reverence for my energies coming forward not only in the teachings but the essence I represent. I want you to bring this essence into yourself so you can fully accept your Divinity of Light. Take time to realize that we are all learning together and growing with one another. This includes all of your interactions with others.

Every person is a Teacher and a Student. Learn from one another with Love, Reverence, and Gratitude. This will create a much more easier transition into the Divinity of Light upon the Earth.

The energies will test you even further through this next season into the end of the year. The more you understand about your actions, thoughts, and feelings, the more you will have reverence to your Self.

I believe in each of you and I share these words to help you understand the depth of how far we can go and very quickly. We need to help one another to understand these elements.

In deep gratitude and Love,
I AM Lord Adama at your service.

Lord Adama is the host of our New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light teachings on Wednesday evenings.  If you would like to be part of these energies, please do check out our Partnership-Member Options.

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