How to Transition from Emotional to Mental Polarization


Back in the days of Atlantis we were emotionally polarized and evolving the emotional consciousness. That was our evolutionary goal in the Atlantean period. Today, however, we have a new evolutionary goal which involves a transition from emotional to mental polarization.

With polarization we mean the body in which the evolving Soul predominantly lives and from which it directs its affairs. When we are emotionally polarized (which we all are given our past evolution), we, as evolving Soul, mainly live out of our emotional nature and direct our affairs from there. When we become mentally polarized (which we all are to become now, given our current evolutionary goal), we, as evolving Soul, will mainly live out of our mental nature and direct our activities from this aspect of our nature.

So, to reach our evolutionary goal, we have to raise our consciousness out of the emotional nature and focus it in the mind. And from this place of mental polarization, we need to learn to control our emotional nature and integrate our threefold service instrument (body, emotion, mind) into a working unit through which the Overlighting Soul may work.

We literally have to learn to live on the mental plane. Right now, we – speaking of humanity as a whole – we literally live on the emotional plane (the plane of desire) and have been doing so since the days of Atlantis. That’s why there is so much drama in this world. That‘s why we are so obsessed with sex and the gratification of lower self desire. That‘s why, when we are confronted with the death of a loved one, the first thing we usually do is, we cry (= emotional reaction).

As we shift the focus of our consciousness more and more out of the emotional nature into the mind, we will begin to think, and as we learn to think scientifically, we will begin to realize that death is not the monster we made it out to be. Death is just the withdrawal of the Soul from its temporary instruments so it may continue its evolution elsewhere (when the evolutionary goal of the Soul for the incarnation has been reached). Therefore, no reason to cry. (I know, this is easier said than done, given our current emotional polarization, and I am the first one who will cry at the passing of a loved one, smiles, however, in the Age of the Soul death will soon be recognized for what it is, and grief and sorrow will thus make room for joy and peace.)

In emotional polarization, the emotional body is positive to the mental.
 In mental polarization, the mental body is positive to the emotional.

What does that mean?

In emotional polarization – when the emotional body is positive to the mental body – since the consciousness is focused in this vehicle, the emotional nature is all activated and therefore more „active“ whereas the mind is rather „passive.“ As a result, the active vibrations of the emotional nature play upon and impact the more quiescent vibrations of the mental nature. Means: Our emotions and desires greatly influence our thinking.

In mental polarization – when the mental body is positive to the emotional body – since the consciousness is focused in this vehicle, the mental nature is activated and therefore more „active“ whereas the emotional body is more „passive.“ As a result, the active vibrations of the mental nature play upon and impact the vibrations of the emotional nature. Means: Our thoughts direct our emotions.

Mental polarization leads to emotional control (and thus: to inner peace). Emotional polarization leads to emotional victimization (and thus: inner peace is not possible).

To be emotionally polarized means:

  • to go with the emotions (the line of least resistance) and to react emotionally to any given situation (rather than to think it through)
  • to go with mass consciousness (which does not think for itself; mass consciousness, by definition, is emotionally polarized)
  • to use mental energy to gratify lower self desires

A transition from emotional to mental polarization is not achieved overnight. This is a step-by-step process that extends over many lifetimes.

Here is an idea of steps to take to become more mental in our orientation:

  1. Self-observation (to become familiar with our emotions)
  2. Study (to learn about the nature of emotion)
  3. Training (to discipline the emotional nature based on the knowledge gained)

When we purify our emotional nature, move from emotion to feeling to intuition, and transcend the desires of the lower self into the aspirations of the Soul, the emotional body slowly but surely becomes attuned to the mental nature and becomes negative to it. Hence, mental polarization is achieved and we have mastered one very important lesson on the Spiritual path :-)

If you are ready to get serious about your Spiritual growth and take definite steps towards mental polarization, you might be interested in 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi. MORE INFO.

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