2016 Ascension Symptoms/Predictions

Year of the Starseed Empath Revelations

For many Light Bearers, Blue Rays and Starseeds, empathic sensory awareness will be heightened this year to make decisions that are spiritual impulses of the Universe. Your empathic sensory sensitivity will be keen in its ability to decode and download these new ways of communion with the Universe, setting in motion an expanding direction of your destiny and working with the higher Divine Plan. These choices will be coming from different time lines, with alignment to your DNA blueprint being activated by your authentic multidimensional self. 333

Others in your life will also be making decisions as well based upon their direction and new time lines that can be a misalignment with your energy field. As your ultra sensitive empathic awareness is heightened, the energy can feel uncomfortable and even painful at times. The Universe is directing you by the empowerment of your intuitive sensing nature. This is to bring you into vibrational harmony with the Universe and new wave frequency of grand opportunities and success. 444

Themes and revelations of the year and years to come—your Galactic ET Star connections. 33

There will be new revelations in who you are, in your expanded galactic origins that will activate a higher mission of your DNA Star lineage. The timing of this information and revelations is being collaborated and released through the solar resonances field. Through the solar resonances field, a cosmic wave pattern is creating a cellular pulse of recalibration of your light embodiment. You will be in a new source field of light resonances that is more connected to home where you will be able to feel more of your true essence here on Gaia. 444

Galactic origins soul merging. More aspects of your ET stellar DNA will awaken ancient cellular memories of your extended galactic heritage and family.

Galactic origins soul merging integration endings and beginnings. As your true soul’s design is coming on line it may feel there is nothing left to go back to—the reference places of your past are disengaging. The structures of society’s teachings of what you thought you were are not holding you anymore. As this occurs, be open for your stellar nature that has emerged with new support of your soul destiny and Divine Plan.

Ascension symptoms/predictions for the Starseed empath and Blue Ray.

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

Revealing secrets: Wake-up calls from both sides and different aspects of creation and lineages coming to a crash where secrets will be revealed and healing and forgiveness may expand.

Newly awakened Starseeds will look to find out who they are, where they come from, and where they fit in.

Peace and unity projects:  A global activation agreement in the unity field of souls will ignite Peace and unity projects. The Divine Power of Peace will awaken your soul’s vision on a new perspective of what peace is that is very real and tangible to your heart. It will bring you to gather with others and to create projects for peace and unity. For: 11 11 Universal Galactic Starseed ET Peace Alliance

ET Galactic communications. Extraterrestrial sightings and more communications will take place in dreams, in visions and your world.

The Archangels of life. Many of the Starseeds will be more empathic sensory aware to the Archangels of life through Nature and the elements. New pathways and connections to Nature and the Archangels of life will be opening where you will feel and sense a new communion in working with them.

Pre-birth new starbeing children communication. New starbeing children coming to the Earth will be communicating to their parents, grandparents and family where the soul will communicate to them and let them know they are from the stars.

Forgetfulness. Not being able to remember certain memories and having times of forgetfulness and misplacing things. This is temporary and can fluctuate as you go through brain recalibration of the greater expansion of your DNA. As you are merging the higher aspects of your multidimensional self, you are letting go of what has defined who you are and the memories of the old self. This is part of the 10 10 gateway.

Time and dimensional travel. Use your empathic sensory feelings to guide your highest good to dial into certain frequencies to obtain divine wisdom, knowing and downloads. 12 12

Waves of heat coming from the body and or head chakra area: This can be spiritual light coming through the body that is an expansion of your consciousness and field of light.

Orbs, Angels and interdimensional world travelers. Increased awareness, interest  and physical sightings of interdimensional beings, angels, elementals, rays of light, orbs of  blue, gold, purple and pink, and fuchsia and violet spheres and light rays with insights to time and interdimensional travel occurring through these manifestations.

Animal medicine. Awareness and insight with the alliance to the animal kingdom as they are becoming like the angels with messages of empowerment.

Lemuria, the land of MU. Spiritual awakening of memories and connections to the times of ancient Lemuria and MU the Motherland.

3rd eye activation: Your 3rd eye feeling itchy where you need to scratch it, as it becomes more activated and open.

Higher Heart chakra activations: Physical feelings and sensations in the higher center heart chakra that are expanding your capacity for love and sacred union.

Aligning to your divine presence of your intuited empathic nature will be of the utmost importance to keep you in harmony and in rhythm of who you are, with the coming shifts, changes and increased cosmic wave. Let your beautiful, sensitive nature be your guide to lead you into the right space of your feeling destiny to a happy heart.

Message from the Blue Ray to the Starseeds

You are a unique soul expression where your intuitive empathic senses are a gift to life in restoring the resonance vibration of the unity heart matrix of Gaia and back through the cosmic source field. You are greatly cherished and beloved as you are bringing in the connecting points of light from the origins from whence you came. You are the forerunners, creating a profound awakening shift for humanity in partnership with Gaia and your Galactic star and light families.

We thank you, we love you, as we are aligning at the place of divine oneness to all soul hearts of all the Blue Rays, Starseeds, Light Bearers and humanity in divine love and light in the New Earth. Enjoy these miraculous times. We are one with thee. 888

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

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