Being in the New calls for celebration. We are on Earth during this sacred time to Be Love and to shine our Light regardless of what seems to be occurring in the old world. We commit to rising fully in Love without hesitation. We continue to expand ever higher in vibration and consciousness, which helps to align all aspects of our being; particularly where we are still attached to old life. In other words, the lower energies become aligned with the higher energies. We receive Light Codes on streams of high dimensional Source Light that fill us with New energy and New ways of being. Receiving these downloads may feel rather disconcerting at times; we may feel a bit floaty and unstable; ear ringing is more intense and one may experience a bit of vertigo and nausea. Nausea occurs when there is a difference between our physical body and the energy that is flowing into us. Flow with it all and rejoice! Notice all the gifts and shifts in your life and celebrate them.

We continue to be in a powerful Transformation and things will continue to shift. Rather than wondering when it ends, be in the Moment and flow with it all. There is no beginning and no end. The Light Codes that we are receiving are transforming our cells by replacing old energies with New Light that is flowing constantly into  them. Remember that our very cells hold our thoughts, beliefs and feelings and from this, life is created. So as we let go of the old, our cells are filled with this Light. It is possible and purposeful to expand into more Awakening and more Unity with Soul; as Soul. Not only are our cells being replaced with New energy, our electrical system is being calibrated to this New Light as well. If you experience what you label anxiety, go beyond this label (and all labels) and understand that your electrical system is transforming as well. This is so we may hold a higher frequency of Light and this helps the Lightbody descend, helping us to merge with and be our Soul.

As this Light becomes more powerful, unique and sacred experiences manifest. You may call on your guides to partner with you so that you remain open and flowing during this time. We are never alone; all we need to do is to invite, for those of the higher realms do not interfere with our Free Will and thus must be invited.

Know (Heart-know) that you are perfectly where you are intended to be and all you experience helps you clearly see what your next steps are. If you have doubts and want proof, realize this is separate ego asserting its will. Hold and reassure your separate ego, as you would a toddler, that it is not being abandoned; that it can come along to be a part of this wondrous time. Know that you may be guided to move to a different location, a different job/path, different people, new perspectives and a whole new set of experiences. This is because you cannot have an upgraded consciousness without having it affect every aspect of your life. Pay close attention to your dreams and meditations, for within them are messages and guidance for you.

Sensitivity and perceptions are shifting higher. This can translate to food sensitivities as well as other body sensitivities. You may be guided to shift your diet and other things in your life. Do know that your body does need extra energy, so listen to your body so you can be in the correct balance for your physical body to thrive. This does not necessarily equate to eating more, as depending on where you are energetically, less can actually be more. Being more sensitive may mean that you feel the higher energies and may experience feeling tired, for your body is handling a lot right now. Rest when you are prompted to and realize that all you experience is temporary, so there is no need to focus on what or how you experience something…all is Divinely orchestrated for your highest evolution. We are creating new bodies.

Nothing can be hidden; Truth reveals itself whether it is personal, interpersonal, global or universal. Much is being revealed and this is accentuated and accessed by our expanding Intuition. Go beneath all words and circumstances and see the Truth. Trust what you find, even if others defend what they purport. Feel the Truth. No-one is able to fool you. You needn’t judge anything; just observe and know.
Since we continue to purge, there are some things you can do to help yourself. Clear any clutter from yourself and your surroundings. Keep things simple. Let go of all that no longer resonates, whether that is an old pattern or habit or something physical. It can even mean letting go of some folks who tend to belittle you; either consciously or unconsciously. Smudge your home and clear your crystals. Let yourself be guided. Stay grounded. A few things I personally like are Sun Gazing and Earthing. Instead of praying for or sending Love to a person, place or situation, Be Love and Be Light. Be the Lighthouse, for you know that what you are in any moment flows out to all in waves of energy. This is a new way of being, for there is no more saving, fixing or rescuing; there is only Being Love.
In a few days (February 22) is another Full Moon with which to empower ourselves once again. Whenever we connect with Full Moon energy in order to empower, we do it before it is full (The Moon is full at 6:46 p.m. Mountain Standard Time). To release, create ceremony after the Moon is full. We continue to clear old memories and thoughts from our cells. While most of this is done in dreamtime, you can do it consciously any time after the Moon is full. The energy of the Moon empowers our own intentions, so be clear about what you want to empower and what you want to let go of. Forgive all after you see what gift they gave you and be in Gratitude for all that you have learned and all who have helped you expand to be more, even if the circumstances seemed difficult at the time. Realize that as you forgive those in thislifetime, you are forgiving and freeing patterns created in other lifetimes. (Of course, include yourself in your Forgiveness ceremony.)

If you are focused on the past or in the future, bring your attention to this Moment. All you need is here right now. The past reveals itself in the Moment and the future is created in this Moment. All is created from consciousness, so as you focus on being here now, you rise in vibration and consciousness and this then feeds your cells and you manifest from whatever is in your consciousness and cells. This requires one to let go of struggle and striving. It calls for one to be fully in the Now Moment. As your consciousness expands, you expand. Being of Divine Service, being aware in every moment and meditating are some ways to expand consciousness. Consciousness is the knowing that you are Divine and everyone is in different degrees of this knowing. Since all your thoughts and feelings are in your cells, doesn’t it make sense to let go of old beliefs and patterns and allow yourself to think and feel what you want to manifest?

Let go of wanting to be elsewhere other than Earth. Home is where the Heart is; Heart is where the Home is. To be in one’s Heart is to be in this Moment. You are guided from this place. There is no guessing or trying or figuring out how. Just be here now. This requires you to accept what is, detach from results and trust Divine Order and Divine Time. All unfolds according to your consciousness. You can’t push it; yet youcan surrender to what is. You can meditate being focused in the Heart and this too expands consciousness. Within your Heart is the three-fold Flame symbolizing your Heart, the Heart of the Galactic Sun and the Heart of Earth and these are all connected. Can you feel or visualize this? When focused in the Heart, you receive from the Galactic Sun through your Heart and then this Light flows into Gaia. From Gaia you receive Light Codes from Her Heart to yours and back to the Heart of the Galactic Sun; all One. There is no separation. (The three-fold Flame symbolizes other things as well, which is not included here.)

Every time you are in Nature, you receive Love from Gaia and you return this Love by caring for yourself and Her. The energy is reciprocal. Every time you Sun gaze, you receive from the Galactic Sun and you give back by honoring who you are authentically. When you love something; be it a flower, a rock, a sunset, a person, a place, as well as yourself; you radiate Love to Gaia and to the Galactic Sun through your own Heart. Every time you care for Earth, you care for yourself and you expand in consciousness. When you expand in consciousness, you grow in Awareness, and you share this Light and Love with the cosmos and Gaia. Therefore, you are in Divine Service by loving yourself, Gaia and the cosmos. When you gaze in wonderment at the stars in the night sky, you are flowing out waves of Love, which also expands you. When you lovingly admire all the wonders of Earth, you share Love with Gaia. There is never giving without receiving. Every time you care for yourself, you care for Earth and the cosmos; and your consciousness expands and from here, all life is nurtured by the Love you are.

This entire year is for expanding consciousness. You will resonate with others who are aligned with your consciousness and you with theirs. It is a simple matter of resonance without anyone being above or below anyone else. Hierarchy is of the old. You need no labels like “twin flame,” “Soulmates,” “teachers” or “students,” for all is One. Allow yourself to flow and know. Let go of all doubt; all fear; all that separates and be Who You Are.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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