Surrendering and Flowing to What Is

Even while we are releasing very deep and very old patterns, we are definitely absorbing more Light, more Love and more Magic! As we clear, we also are clearing our space (aura and environment). We release the clutter and the past so we can be evermore free and present in the New. As we do this, our outer world reflects our inner world. We cannot change within without it affecting our outer. We are embodying our higher consciousness more now. We have the impetus of our present Gateway of Love to help us be more of who we truly are. No matter where you perceive you are, the bigger Truth is that you are becoming more of your Authenticity; and your consciousness is being heightened, which creates more refined forms in your outer life. There truly is no separation between your inner and outer life. For many, there is no other choice but to surrender to What Is. Some have wanted to just let it all go, questioning whether anything is truly happening Ascension-wise. This is all a part of it. We get so intent on moving forward that when there is a lull or a perception of nothingness, we just want to give up and run. This is a necessary step actually. So we surrender, exhausted, in order to regroup and refuel. We let go and say to Source, “You do it!”

With the momentum built from all we have been integrating and all we’ve let go of, we take a deep breath and surrender, feeling like things are just too difficult to take another step. We have become too tired to do much of anything besides taking care of the daily mundane things. Many have wanted to just leave the planet and many have and are and will. With hardly any energy, we put off as much as we can and wonder what will become of us. We question our gifts, our lives and ask for guidance, yet guidance doesn’t come. This is quite a shift from being dependent on outside direction to being spiritually sovereign and completely independent (this is not being separate from Source Guidance; Source is within as us). We wonder why. It’s all a part of the shift. We must stand on our own two feet (so to speak), even though many are on their hands and knees. All of our releasing the many lifetimes of dross of course has exhausted us, and yet when we go deeper, we see the Beauty of who we are becoming…rooted in Peace, Love and Joy. It is why we keep going. Our Souls encourage us onward, as we bring forth the New that we are.

We get to see ourselves in a New Light. Through everything we experience, we get to see how strong and resilient we are. We get to experience ourselves in a whole new way. We get to see the beautiful Light of Divinity shining throughout our Being. We are beginning to construct ourselves in the image of Source; our Divinity. So while we continue to release, if that is where you are, go deeper into the Truth of you and remind yourself that all is for our highest evolution.

The New and old energies seem to be becoming more polarized. It is not that they are separate; we are balancing between them, for within the old is Love. Be neutral and discerning, rather than reactive about what appears to be happening in the world and in your own life. There is much below the surface and it is always best to not just take things at face value, but to go beneath and see the Love and the Truth. When we see the New and the old as polar opposites, we then empower our own separation and the old matrix, for the belief in duality (good/evil, right/wrong, etc.) is of the old. When you are able to be neutral, you can view without attaching a meaning to anything and in this way, you transcend duality and separation and empower Unity and the New. The old matrix is fed by opposites and the belief in them; thus feeding fear and separation. The same is created when you feel you must save or rescue. After all, don’t you need to have a judgment about something in order to save it? By being neutral, you allow the Great Transformation to occur.

Realize that all energy, including Source Love, is neutral. This means staying out of the drama of right or wrong and being the Compassionate Observer. Staying neutral helps us let go of attachments, expectations and the way it “should” be. It allows the Great Transformation to occur. It loosens the grip of the old matrix. When one chooses a side, it is dualistic. Let go/let be. Making plans is another way we become attached. When plans don’t turn out the way we expect them to, can we flow with it or do we stamp our feet and become angry that what we want is delayed or cancelled? Can you either not make plans or flow when they do not come to fruition; believing instead in Divine Order and Divine Time?

The Gateway we are in definitely helps us release the old paradigm and old belief in separation. Our consciousness is banging on the door yelling, “Wake up; I want to expand!” Open the door and windows; knock down the walls and say, “Yes, I welcome you!” Love is the expanded consciousness and from this expansion, life gets bigger and more beautiful and more magical. Letting go and letting be helps us let go of the struggle of trying to keep things in a form that we are familiar with. Yet familiarity does nothing more than keep us in our old comfort zone, where evolution cannot happen; at least without a great deal of struggle. Aren’t you tired of struggling to maintain the status quo? Can you trust that the New isn’t a bad place, but a place; a consciousness; where all flows wondrously beyond your expectations?

As we open to the Light and invite it through our Crowns all the way to Gaia’s Coeur, we activate this expansion of consciousness. Any place within us that still sleeps is awakened, not by a raucous and clanging alarm bell, but by Angelic singing and harmonious celestial toning. We awaken to our Sacredness and Wholeness and Divinity. This Gateway helps us shift more than at other times and helps us balance our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (yin/yang) to be at the perfect Balance point in our Hearts. One simple exercise is to imagine a Vesica Piscis symbol in front of you. (Two intersecting circles, creating a space between them.) One circle symbolizes your Divine Feminine; the other circle symbolizes your Divine Masculine and the center space symbolizes Balance between the two; Wholeness. Place one of your feet in one circle and place the other foot in the other circle. Then place both feet in the space between the two circles. This greatly balances you, balances your Heart and mind, your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and centers you in your Sacred Center. The Vesica Piscis also symbolizes Christ Consciousness as well as Oneness and Wholeness.

As we move through the rest of the year, we will continue to shift higher, expand more and balance the alignment of all our bodies as One; One with and as Soul; the perfect Us. As we rise in consciousness, we become brighter…our Light shines even more and anything that has not been touched by our Light will certainly be uprooted so that we can shine even brighter. If there is still more to release, it definitely will come up for review. Everything is being calibrated to higher and higher consciousness…from our DNA and cells to our physical bodies. When the cells are cleared of old programs and beliefs, they then fill up with whatever consciousness we hold. Our DNA becomes new, so that we no longer need to keep repeating the old patterns of familial bloodlines. We can see this as our New DNA. Then we can create how our New DNA carries us forward, completely free to shift old ideas of aging, culture, death and other beliefs of the old; what we carry and just take for granted; to something more expansive and more aligned with who we truly are.

Everything can change if we stay in the Moment and are clear about who we are and what we’re willing to be. We have received enough Light now so that we can put into practice what we say we are. Nothing is set and will continue to shift according to our feelings, thoughts and actions; our consciousness. Staying awake and aware in each Moment is the only way we can be aware enough to shift. When not in the Moment, we tend to go back to sleep and act in old proscribed ways. As we stay awake and aware, we activate new perceptions and new potentials. When we more and more demonstrate who we are, the old programs have nothing to hold onto; there is no energy keeping them alive and so begin to dissipate into the Light. Then we may see how unlimited we are. We have been so used to being the puppets of the old matrix that this new Freedom can feel a bit (or a lot) unnerving. It may even feel as though we aren’t tethered anywhere, but just floating free. Yet, we are never alone, as we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. Do know that being freed from our prison helps us truly understand what being multidimensional truly is. Here are some things to ponder: How do you feel about rules? How do you feel when someone attempts to control you or tell you what to do? How do you feel when you make your own choices? Do you notice how there are more and more rules, laws and restrictions in the 3D? Is it an attempt to keep you in the old? Do you need rules to live? Can you trust yourself to be free to live as you are self-guided?

As we evolve, we notice how aware we are in the care of ourselves, others and Gaia. We may become more appalled by those who carelessly treat life forms disrespectfully. We may want to shake them loose from their selfishness. And yet, they too have choice. By doing what is most loving to all of Gaia, we do affect how others behave. It may be a slow process, but never doubt the effect we have on others as we stand in our own Integrity and respect all of life. We are bringing a new Awareness to Earth just by being awake and authentic. When we fully realize that we are One with all of life, we cease the consciousness that says we are rulers of Earth. Earth is not here for us to rule or have power over Her; She is a part of us; how we love Her is how we love ourselves and each other.

When we are downloading or integrating the high energies, it can feel intense. This is because we are expanding our consciousness. And when this occurs we experience more physical, mental, spiritual and emotional alignments and what some refer to as “Ascension symptoms.” We cannot have one thing affect us without it affecting all of us. Receiving the high dimensional energetic downloads is an upgrade to everything within us. We can flow with it all or resist it. It is easier when we flow. When we move with Grace, we flow. When we accept What Is, we flow.

When you ask, “How may I serve?” you are flowing. Pay attention to how you are drawn and to what; pay attention even if you are answered with “Just Be” or “Be still.” You will be guided as to what is best for you/aligned with you from within; from your Heart’s guidance. When you ask the question, you align with your Soul’s knowing through your feelings. Realize too that you may not be guided immediately, yet as you trust, you will be guided in Divine Time. This calls you to be patient and trusting. When you trust, your Confidence in trusting your Intuition grows and you continue to grow and expand in Trust. It may take getting used to…this trusting and surrendering; it is quite different than pushing and controlling. It is living in the Flow of Grace. It is not your ego-will but Divine Will (within you) that is in charge.

In Truth, it is all simple. Ascension requires you to let go and let be, it is the way of the New.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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