Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out so all of us may be connected, not only between you and I, but everyone else that is joining together within this group.

So much transformation is taking place upon the earth and now is the time to recognize that you are not alone.  That you have your community of souls you have your community of friends whether you speak with each other outside of these channels or you simply link in allowing your essence to connect in within these channels.  You are a part of a group and a part of an energy that is always here to be with one another.

This time upon the earth is an opportunity for you to make choices of where you would like your focus to be.  Take a moment and ask yourself is your focus upon the things that are happening around you, be they good or bad, but just everything around you so that it may create a distraction for you.  Is your focus upon those things that help you to feel good and energized and vibrant in your everyday life?  Is your focus upon a problem, or an issue, that may be going on within your life so that all you can see is that problem, or that issue, and you are unaware of anything else around you.  Your focus and your attention create your reality; we have spoken of this many times.

Since we spoke of it recently I wanted to bring it up for this time at the beginning of the channel so that you could take stock again, recognizing how you can create change in your life and how that change may begin step by step, piece by piece, until it becomes global within; within you as the person, within you as your reality.

I invite you to take in one more breath, breathing down into the earth.  As you allow that breath of energy and light to move through you it moves down connecting to Gaia and spreading out in different directions so that it might anchor you as the physical person in whatever your reality may be.  From there you take in another deep breath sending that energy up through you.  You send it up through you until you find the essence or the energy of your higher self.  As you link within your higher self, allow your consciousness to expand.

Within this space you may feel you yourself the human as if you are bigger and more transparent.  You may also have that sense of connecting to opportunity or situations that may be going on around you.  Whatsoever it may be your higher self is here in support of you.  It’s here to be that space between your divinity and your human self so that all may flow with greater and greater ease.

I invite you to expand your consciousness even further allowing your consciousness to move outwards until you arrive at your divinity.  You will automatically move into your divinity as you let your consciousness flow from your human self upwards into the high light vibration of who you are.

Your divinity is your God source.  Your divinity is the consciousness of multiple lifetimes.  Your divinity is your expanded consciousness, expanded awareness, unconditional love for you the human no matter what is happening within your life.  Your divinity you could say is your number one fan.  Your divinity always seeks to love, support and honor you no matter what you are doing in your life.  Allow your consciousness to open up and feel the wash of that energy as it moves through you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here.  I reach out to embrace each one of you and as my energy embraces you, you will find yourself shifting and moving into the All That Is.  Take a moment to look around at what this is to you.  Because we are here within this space, not only during the times of these channels, but any time that someone listens or reads this it is creating another thread or another level of consciousness that moves through or weaves into the pattern of whatever this may be.

As you allow yourself to spend time in the All That Is you are allowing yourself the opportunity to create at a very high light vibration.

Let us take a moment and look around.  The All That Is consists of dimensions or levels of consciousness.  The All That Is has threads or streams of energy that links it to the planets and the stars.  There is an alignment with each one of the humans upon the earth.  Some it is wide open for others it is a sense of non-existence.

Here within this space you truly have access to everything.  Here within this space you may talk to other parts of yourself meaning other lifetimes of a parallel existence so that you can find the answers that you seek.  Here within this space you may consider various potentials in how you will live your life.  You can see it played out in each way and then decide which more fully supports you.

I am opening up a doorway that moves the essence of the energy of the All That Is with an access into the Akashic Records.  Have a sense of seeing that open up before you so that you may look at what is here.  You may have a sense of a library that you mount the steps and enter.  You may find yourself within and some people just see an abstract energy without any specific definition.

The Akashic Records are just as they are spoken of; records that hold the energy and the memories of experiences that people have.  Records are also held within Crystals that are within the earth.  Records are held within your own divinity.  These are but a few of the most commonly known places in which you may tap into other experiences that you yourself have had.  When you consider your own divinity as the record keeper for you in this life, or you in every other life, it is only your vibration.

When you step into the energies of the Akashic Records there is an overflow that may occur between souls, individual souls, between significant like events, meaning those things in history that changed the world, be it good or bad or in-between, but that had a great deal of impact.  The Akashic Records will also give you the opportunity to step into dimensions such as Avalon, Camelot, the inner earth, the outer earth and many more.

When you go into the Akashic Records most often you are able to see that with which you have a vibrational alignment.  Even in looking at your own book within the Akashic it’s rare to have a conscious awareness beyond your vibration, but you make the intention of tapping into something and then if it does not come to you all at once you put forth the intention be it hours, days, weeks, whatever over a period of time the information will come to you.

As you look at the Akashic become aware of the Angels that stand around the building.  This building is created because it is an expectation of humanity and these angels create that illusion.  Is it illusion?  Is it reality?  Having a sense of a building is a way of grounding these energies.  It is a way of bringing it in to a vibration that will fully support you as you seek knowledge.

As you begin to move up these steps I invite each one of you, I know I see many of you are amongst the records and that is fine. If this is your first time having this experience take a few moments to ground yourself once more.  With your expanded consciousness you then have the sense of walking up the stairs and then opening these doors.  For others if there is no sense of a structure then allow yourself the perception of the various energies that are here within this space.

Ask that you be shown to your own Akashic record.  Most people will have that sense of just appearing in front of a book or a book appearing in front of them.  Others of you may have a sense of someone walking them in to the records and showing them where their book is located.  There are many energies of light available to you for assistance within this space, you need only ask.

But for now I ask each of you as if this book is closed in front of you just to take a moment and perhaps just look at it from the outside.  Do you have a sense of texture?  Do you have a sense of how thick or how thin it may be?  I invite you to take a moment placing your hands on top of it before you even open it so that you may feel whatever that energy is.  You are probably already feeling it within your heart and this allows you to feel it with your hands and also to put forth your intention within the book.

You may of course ask for anything that you may so choose, but I would suggest that any time you come into this space you ask to know, and you may insert your question, with the greatest clarity that is within your highest and best interests.

There may be times when you look at this book and you don’t have all the information because perhaps it is not the right time for you to know everything.  Sometimes you may see somethings in here that you don’t expect.  That is not a negative thing.  It is simply showing you a potential, or an opportunity, or an experience and you now have a chance to choose your reaction to whatever that will be.  Allow your hands upon this book, taking in the essence of it and then as you take your hands away close your eyes, taking a deep breath, and know that the book is opening up to whatever page is most important for you to know at this time.

Now sometimes people will look at the book and will not understand what is written there.  You can ask, “Please interpret into my language”.  You may look at the book and see only pictures.  If you look and only see a blank page then once again you can put your hands on it, open up your heart, and ask to receive whatever message is there for you to be delivered in that manner.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out allowing yourself to be aware of whatever is here for you.  As you look at the Akashic Records perhaps consider something that has been an ongoing trend in this lifetime.  Perhaps something that has been a challenge to move beyond and if it is already there in front of you for you to read about so be it.

If not then ask for your book to show you to the page that will help you to understand your situation.  Is this a holdover from another lifetime?  Is what that has been happening to you actually there to help somebody else, or to give someone the opportunity to experience something in their life and you are supplementing it.

As you look at these records take a moment to absorb the energy, whatever that may be, and as you do so ask not only to receive the answers, but if it is possible to receive the healing or the release of something that has been an ongoing process for you.  Consider the information that may be there in front of you.

Sometimes I notice that an individual is looking at their piece of paper that says they have a complete understanding for why and then again you insert that why that may be within their lives.  Check.  Is there any other way that this might be experienced? Check or no check.  What was the intended outcome for this experience in this lifetime?  Is that knowledge that you have?  Check.  Is there anything else that is needed to complete this process?  As you then again, it is as if you close your eyes you go down inside yourself, you just evaluate what is written there and as you ask in this space as you ask the book of your life, “Is there anything else that I need to know?”  You then look again and if the answer is no and it is complete and you feel it is complete and then we take that stamp and we stamp it complete.

I’m smiling because in some of you, you stamped it complete and then it dissolved. (Meaning the word complete.) The word dissolved and then it went away.  If that is what happened on your page then you do not yet have all of the answers that you need.  Your experience is not yet complete.  So go back again.  Perhaps you flip to another page and this is linked to another lifetime.  Perhaps it is linked to another individual.  There are many, many potentials so you take an opportunity to rebalance yourself.

Let go of any frustration that you may feel if the records are telling you that you are not yet done and once more approach the book as if for the first time and you look down at the information and you ask once more, “What else is in my best interest for me to know” and you look at those answers or feel those answers.

It can be very simple, it can be complex.  There is not a right or a wrong.  There is only that which will allow you to have a sense of completion.  If the answers are not there then it is not in your best interests to be told at this time.  Again I always feel people’s frustrations when I say something like that.  So perhaps ask your question in another way, “Why is this truly frustrating me” and allow the papers to shift or move and perhaps you will be shown a new experience or perhaps you will be shown another answer.

The Akashic Records are not just a summary of the lifetimes that you have lived it is also the book of your soul, or your life, and there can be very many pages associated with words and descriptions that you would like for yourself to know.  You take a chance at opening up even further.  You ask to know.

There are times when people have a small or large portion of their Akashic Records that are filled with what we call community experiences.  The signing of the Declaration of Independence was attended by a finite number and yet millions of people have tapped into that and taken a piece of that energy to have as their own lifetime.  Perhaps the signing of the Magna Carta, perhaps part of World War 2, perhaps a part of the Salam witch hunts.

There are many, many things that people can reach out and take a part of that event was created by a collective consciousness and there were many, many souls that were a part of it, but the event itself was a part of the group.  In this case you may take an alignment to that event and bring it in to your Akashic Records.  Does it mean that you were there?  Yes so much as to receive the vibrational alignment.  Does it mean you lived that whole lifetime that led you to that?  Perhaps yes and perhaps no that is the variation.

I say this to you so that you may be aware that a portion of your Akashic Records might be open and in alignment with other people.  You were creating a shift in the consciousness of the earth and therefore everyone who comes to be a part of not only these channels, but others within that vibration of transformation; you all have that common denominator within the Akashic Records.

I so love humanity.  As soon as I said that I could hear a number of people saying this is how you do mind control. This is how we are giving up our independence and it is someone else treating us as puppets.  That is absolutely NOT the case.  If you feel a response like that for any particular situation there is something inside of you that is suggestive of the conspiracy theories, or something that will keep you in a place of limitation.  I am speaking of something from a very high vibration that anchors each of you into your lifetime that you are living and anchors you as a part of the whole for these energies and light.

I invite you to take a moment and as if you are just quietly sitting with the records of your life take a moment to just absorb this connection so that you know that you can come back here any time that you so choose.  You need only go into that expanded state or perhaps you will have your journal to write in.  Recognize that you are going to open up so as to receive this energy, to receive this essence and it is here to support you.

As you place that book back upon its pedestal look around see if there is anyone that is important for you to see; perhaps a part of your family group, perhaps an Angel or a Light being.  Perhaps you are completely alone and in this space so that you may be your true and authentic self.

You have a sense of leaving this space.  If you felt as if you were walking into a library you were walking out of a library.

Indeed if you wished to read the tablets of Atlantis or Lemuria, or the infusion of other species into the earth, whatever it is that you may seek answers too you may come into this space and ask to be shown to whatever that may be, and know that the only information that you may change or affect is that that is in your own Akashic Records.

Have a sense of shifting and moving away from that space and letting your energy come back into the All That Is.  As if you are just taking a moment to just balance.  Whether it was something that you consciously received or unconsciously received let all of that information be within you in this space.  Receive it.  Accept it.  Acknowledge that you are open not only to receive the information or the essence of what this is, but you are open for the knowledge that expresses you as you.  Feel the empowerment.  Realize that you have the ability to create change.  Be open and accepting for everything that comes your way.

If you so choose allow the Akashic Records to be your stepping stone into a new way of receiving the information of your lifetime.  This is a very powerful mechanism.  It is a place that people have attended for thousands and thousands of years.  It is a place where nonphysical energies have gathered to seek information or to seek information about their life.  It is but a tool that is available to you at any time.

As you gather together in a group I invite each one of you to be open to that flow and send it into the center of the group.  This is an open flow that the knowledge of the Akashic Records will support you and then it will help you to create within your life and then coming up within all of that energy is the hologram of the earth.  It is as if that information creates a support mechanism and then it goes into the hologram itself.

As each one of you continues to infuse the energy and the light within the hologram begin to see how it spins transforming.  You have that intention that that which will support the whole becomes filled with even more light.  It is almost like an electric blue light that moves throughout this hologram and as you do so you release it.

It moves down going through all the layers, not only of the earth and the universe but moving out to the omniverse.  It then moves within the center of the earth so that it may blend and merge with the crystals, with the magna, with the rocks, with the center of that essence and then it expands outwards. As it does so it moves through the earth, through the very many layers of the earth.   It comes up through the water, the streams, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the animals.  It comes you through you and that link that you put out in the beginning, that essence of what you learned and what you opened yourself up to within the Akashic Records comes up within you anchoring here.

We then have that conscious intention of clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth and infusing within that space that higher vibration and that higher potential for all who live upon the earth.

We clear out any of the old energies.  We clear out those patterns that were able to be stamped complete.  The lesson has been learned.  It has been integrated.  It no longer needs to be there. As for the many, many millions of people that as yet have not as yet tapped into these energies it has been done for them so that they too may create a new beginning within their lives so that they too may have the knowledge that will so fully assist them.

You may then once more shift your focus and awareness up into the All That Is.  I always like to look around after we have worked on something and see how the All That Is may or may not have changed as a result of this.

My perception is that there is a much greater amount of the sparkling, light vibration.  My perception is that we have cleared out from within the All That Is many of the past issues and pains and sorrow so it’s not here anymore.  It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it did.  It simply means the reason being you had it in your life is complete so we clear it out.

Allow your focus and energy to flow back down, moving down through the levels of your divinity and the levels of your higher self.  As it does so it comes back down.  It streams within you the human.  It moves down through your physical reality coming in through your head center and anchoring.  As you once more bring all that within to you from that conscious level allow it to merge and blend fully with those essences from your unconscious aspects.

Accept it.  Know that you have that direct link in a shortcut so that you can always receive the information that you may need.  Know that you can go into your own records and then shift into that that is a part of this whole group and you are connected to other people.  Feel what that is for you.  Receive that energy within you.

My beloved family, as you are moving through your days, living your life sometimes the situations which you find yourself within are these streams of energies that were put forth from a much bigger perspective of your life.  Sometimes this energy was there as an opportunity for you to immerse yourself within or walk past.

Recognize that you have many answers available to you in many different formats.  The Akashic Records are some of those that are most powerful to you.  Be open to receive.  Be open to understand that the more you move into that space the more clear your information will be for you.

Recognize that you can always find these answers within your divinity, within the Akashic Records, within your higher self, within the crystals; so many different sources.

Ultimately it is about transforming your life into something that so completely supports you so that you are in the vibration, and in the essence and the flow of being your true and authentic self.

Know that I am always with you and within you.


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