Allowing vs. Receiving — Russell Forsyth

             During a recent reading, I suggested my client allow more love into their heart. The question that followed was ‘What is the difference between allowing and receiving?’ The angels whispered that allowing was opening the door to your heart, while receiving was letting love enter. The difference seems subtle and profound at the same time (tee tee).
I think many people believe they have an open door to their heart, but how many actually let the energy of love enter their heart space? It takes vulnerability to let love inside, which may feel quite risky to anyone who has ever been hurt by love. Let’s see, who among you has never been hurt by love? Maybe I’m inadvertently hitting on something as I work through this in my mind! Maybe there are many illusions to be found in the perception that love can be painful. It seems more realistic that the lack of love is what really hurts.
Allow implies complete absence of an attempt, or even an intent, to hinder. Permit suggests formal or implied assent or authorization. Receiving is to take into one’s possession something that is being offered. Let’s take into our possession the love from spirit in the form of a whisper on allowing vs. receiving:

A divine matrix forms an energetic grid which acts to connect all of life. If one person attempted to contain the love held in the totality of the Universe, their heart would not be equipped to handle the flow of that energy. Within a collective grouping of hearts, love can flow around and through the individual. Whenever there is an absence of love, the grid is bypassed and individual separation occurs.

            Humanity is learning that strength and fairness can be found when the community acts in unison to better the entire group. Allowing love is on the path to higher consciousness and the creation of a larger conduit that carries the energy of love. Receiving love into the heart is an aspect of collective unity that connects every living being.

            Each person must believe it is safe to allow and receive love, without the fear that accompanies any past experience that may have included pain. Sensing the need for safety is directly related to healing the wounds of the past. Once you have declared your freedom from the past, your heart opens like the emerging flowers of spring opening to receive the love from the Sun.

            All separation from love is a product of the ego. It takes great courage to move beyond the voice of ego to find safety in receiving love, for there is great vulnerability. Fearlessly moving forward doesn’t mean that you cannot be hurt by seeking love. It means that you are willing to trade the risk of feeling pain for the reward of feeling love. Love is worth taking any actions that involve potential risk of perceived failure, for seeking love is the magnetic energy that attracts more love.

            Open your heart and feel the love that the Universe delivers from the hidden realms of the divine matrix and the conscious realms of the present moment.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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