Raising the Collective Consciousness,

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out embracing all who are here, embracing this time of joining together with one another.

These times are very important to me and I believe they’re very important to you also. They are important because any time that you get a group of people together who seek to open their consciousness, who seek to find the core essence of love and allowing the energy of love to be within and around them, it’s something to be nurtured and something to be supported.

This time upon the earth, many are considering it to be a very traumatic time. Many are considering it to be very violent. As the result there is a great deal of the fear that is rampant throughout the world. I therefore wish to work with everybody here at the very beginning while you are still present upon the earth and before we move into our journey.

For this experience I invite those energies that we frequently work with to come and be a part of this experience. You see walking in, Archangel Michael, Jeshua, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Kwan Yin; they create like a semicircle around Shelly. On this side I’m bringing in the ancient ones; Melchizedek, Metatron, the Universal Light Beings. In doing so, everyone creates a circle around Shelly. So too, we are all going to wherever you are if you would like for us to join you. It may be all us, it may your own personal guide, it may be someone else completely different.

I can feel a lot of the emotion that’s coming up just from bringing everyone down into this vibration.

You see around you many of the energies with whom you meditate and pray. You see around you many of the energies that you have worked with lifetime after lifetime in your experience upon the earth and out within the universe.

At the beginning of this experience, I wish to remind you that you are all the masters.

You’ve been here before. You’ve been upon the earth during other times of turmoil. Time and again the earth has attempted to go through this transition. This is nothing new; I’ve been saying this for 10 years.

One of the things that is different is the vast number of masters that are upon the earth. Again, we can feel the emotion for all of you who are remembering that in this now moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to this live or if you’re listening at another time. You know who you are.

It is our intention that this time is going to be different. It is our intention that this time upon the earth the energy of love and the vibration of peace and cooperative intention is what will be the predominant vibration and energy upon the earth.

What you see happening around you is the reaction of society to the release of old vibrations and old cellular memory that has been within the earth. I’ve spoken at times about crystals. There have been crystals within the earth that were saturated with other experiences of fear, control, manipulation. Some of those crystals have been removed, others of them are bound within the cellular structure and need to be processed, so to speak.

We’ve also activated crystals that have been a part of the earth for many eons and some since the creation of the planet.

We come as a representation of support for you. This is not the only support. There are many, many, many other Angels, light beings, spirit guides, whatever you wish to call them.

As this fear is rampant upon the earth, the number one thing to remember is to disconnect. Whether its fear or love it feeds upon itself. If you pray for the people that are in disturbing situations and traumatic situations you are feeding the fear. If you talk about it, “How horrible it is! What are we going to do?  When is this going to change?” You are feeding the fear.

We stand in the space of recognizing and knowing it’s temporary, it’s going to transition, it is going to be complete and society will move on. My desire for you and my reason for bringing in all of these energies at this time is to help you to know that for yourself.

Of course we feel compassion for those in turmoil, of course we can feel the empathy for all of society, but we do so from the higher vibration  knowing that it’s temporary, knowing that we create an alternative vibration that people can reach towards instead of the fear. I ask each one of you to learn how to get in the habit of doing that for yourself. You can do it. I know that you can.

I shall begin by asking everybody present who is living upon the earth, to go inside your consciousness or even your unconsciousness and as you do so, the cords, the energy that get drawn into the negativity have a sense of going in and unplugging from that and bring in yourself back within who you are back within your containment.

The intention is that when you consider a situation or you see something on the media that you can see it, acknowledge it and say, ”Okay”. You are not feeling that gut reaction, you’re not feeling that response that says, “This is horrible, I got to do something”. If you feel any of those emotions, breathe deeply down inside of yourself once more, open your consciousness and disconnect.

For some it may be something you do day after day after day, several times during the day. For others, you’ve already being doing it and this is just a reminder. Once you have disconnected at the level in which you are living, then step 2 is for you to connect with the collective consciousness of the earth. There is a hologram, a matrix, a woven pattern of light energy that is a part of the gravitational pull of the earth; it’s a part of the consciousness of the earth. Within this level of consciousness I invite you to also go in and disconnect.

Take a deep breath in ~ Whew ~ and as you breathe out just disconnect from the collective consciousness of the earth. We’ve done this numerous times in the past so some of you may not feel as if you are fully connected.

Once more, consider as you look around the energies and the support that are here for you and then if you need to consider the media or what’s happening in the earth or on top of the earth and what’s your reaction. If you still have that feeling of fear, of sorrow, of pain ~ Whew ~ disconnect.

I heard you. Some of you are saying, “But we can’t abandon them”. No, you are never going to abandon them but you also cannot fix anything from within the problem. So disconnect again if you need to.  ~ Whew ~

Now as I look around at everyone I see many of you working one-on-one with your guides. I see many of you, working with the group I brought in and they are helping you to disconnect, to clear your energy fields so as to assist you as you move forward.

Now, I’m also going to clear out the space between everyone, within and around everyone, so that as you take a deep breathe in this time breathe in the energy of your divinity. It moves through your higher self. It moves down through you. Breathe in my energy as the Goddess as I flow to each one of you upon the earth. I reflect you and I amplify your energies.

As you do so fill up the energies of your divinity, fill up with the intention of being in that vibration of love and as you do so it’s almost as if you find yourself levitating as if that vibration just keeps rising and rising.

You now have the intention of once more linking with the collective consciousness and thistime infuse into the consciousness of the earth the flow and the vibration of the divine, of your own divinity, of your own level of peace and love and compassion.

There have been multitudes of people working on this for a very long time. So as you can see, connecting to the collective consciousness, there are many, many, many pockets and levels of vibration available with which you may connect. All you need to do is send that love and have the intention of linking with the collective consciousness at the highest vibration possible.

From there have the intention of letting this higher vibration of love and compassion just trickle-down. It moves through the other levels of the collective consciousness. It moves into the consciousness of humanity. It gives people an alternative that they may reach towards when they feel fear. That sense of peace, that sense of knowing this is temporary. The Ascension is taking place. This is a clearing out of the old. Let yourself now, as you think about particular situations or if you find yourself in a situation, infuse it with the higher dimensions of love and compassion.

This is how you counteract the violence and the fear that’s been taking place upon the earth; that unconditional love and acceptance that just trickles-down into humanity as if it’s like a mist or rain that gently moves through everybody. Whether people feel it or not, it doesn’t matter.  What you are doing is you are empowering and you’re being yourself. You are recognizing that there is an alternative, that there’s something different and then you are embracing that clearing the collective consciousness and having the intention that it trickle-down into humanity.

You can feel it. I know you can feel it and there will be billions of other people who can also feel it. They need not know where it comes from but they will just know that they have a sense of hope and they have a sense of peace and there will be those that speak up gathering the groups together and gathering people together with words of love and compassion and wisdom; they may come from you.

Always remember to disconnect from the energy, bring in your divinity and then flow love from that higher vibration.

We have all chosen to be of assistance to each one of you. I thank you for allowing us to spend these moments with you and create a shift at your earthly level. When many of you came in you were vibrating at the third and fourth dimension. Now everyone listening is very easily at the fifth and some even higher. The simple way of knowing at what level you are vibrating, if you feel good it’s the higher vibration. If you feel bad, it’s the lower vibration.

I thank you for this opportunity and know that I am always with you. Ansaluia as are everyone who is here (referring to all the guides in the room).

The group is now dissipating, moving through, doing whatever it is that they need to do. Some shifting back into the higher vibration of the All That Is and some will continue to stay and work with you in your human reality.

I might do this is again because it feels amazing and yet you still here in your human existence. Perhaps this is an experience of what is coming and it’s here closer than what you may think, but we shall move into the All That Is. Take a deep breathe in, allowing your vibration to stream or your consciousness to stream upward until you find yourself within your higher self until you link with your higher self.

As you look around it may be that you already have the energies that you’ve been working with. From there allow your consciousness to stream out.

As you do so, you find yourself linking with your divinity; because of what we did while still on the earth plane your divinity is already wide open and in the flow for who you are and where you are.

I the Goddess amplify even more my alignment with you. I reach out to merge my energies with yours. As we do so we shift into the All That Is.

It’s as if we have that same group of people that were there on earth, have now brought aspects of themselves up within this space. Now though, you are aligning with them at that higher vibration and doing so with greater ease. One of the things that you could learn from tonight’s experience is that especially when you create a group energy, each one supports the other assisting in stepping down into the vibration of the earth plane.

Up here which is the much more natural vibration for all of this energy beings they don’t always need to have that link with one another but they have chosen to remain as a group so that each one of you would have that knowledge and that comfort and that awareness for yourself.

I invite you to take a moment to expand the energy around you. As you expand, kind of create a place that one might say is insulated or is filled with the energy of your divinity.

When I said that you are masters, I meant that you have lived upon the earth during those other times of trauma and turmoil and warfare and you lived through it until you got to that space of knowing what the differences of knowing how to move your vibration as such and then after that most of you chose not to return to the earth.

Allow your consciousness to move in such a way that perhaps it’s as if these energies you surround yourself with or perhaps as if you are looking down a tunnel. Look at those lifetimes and then see how you already had the strength and the knowledge, the awareness and what you did.  So often as we look at your past lives we’re looking at those things that need to be transitioned but your divinity is also filled with your multitudes of successful lifetimes, so look at that now.

Each of you chose to be here to represent that potential to move above the energies. So let that flow through you right now. Allow yourself to feel it. As you look around allow yourself to feel it as it flows through you.

Here you are. Look at the earth. Look at what we see as we look at the earth.

There’s always a potential that these cycles go again and again and again and in that third dimensional reality perhaps that’s exactly what will happen. But we say no, we say, the consciousness, is going to shift. It is so far in many, many, many, many, many ways it is already shifted. This is the back end of it that is now being brought over. This is that energy that was entrained within the earth that’s been released and it’s been cleared.

Remember how you’ve cleared it before. Remember the many support systems that you have had available to you.

Be in this place. Be who you truly are as your authentic divine self.  Let that flow through your life. It just goes through again and again and again.

Look at the people in your life from this expanded experience. Is there a reason why some of them are there? What does it mean to you? Feel the energies. Feel who you are.

The more that you accept that you are an evolved individual, that you have access to this unconditional love and awareness, the more that that will support you in your life and then as you are living your life relationships will change, you will manifest new, you’ll live in the potential that you’ve been seeking for so long.

Be in this moment. Be who you are because you are beautiful, you are amazing and you are that you are.

I know it. I see you and you now it and you see yourself when you are here within this space.

Have the intention that that will trickle down into you again and again throughout your life.

Be open, express from a genuine place within your heart. Seek that which feels good.

I see many of you just shuffling, clearing out and embracing your own self for who you are. I invite all to gather together and as the hologram comes up within you look at it  with the clarity of infusing the collective consciousness with a higher potential.

Look at the hologram recognizing that it’s already infused and filled with your energies. You are but amplifying and acknowledging in a conscious way what is there. As all becomes infused within the hologram it just expands even more.

As you are ready to release it, you have a sense of it just flowing down. It moves down into the earth plane. There’s always that portion that moves out into the universe creating that counterbalance out within the universe. As this moves into the earth it goes through the collective consciousness, it goes through the vibrations of the earth and it links down within that core essence of the earth.

We can feel those crystals that are ready to be cleared, clearing out. ~ Whew ~ as this vibration moves through. And as things continue to clear from Gaia in those concentric circles getting larger and larger we clear out the old ~ Whew ~ so that more and more will be open to feeling the peace, the love, the potentials and those circles come higher and higher moving up through into your own vibration that is filled with the knowledge of who you are; comes up through you anchoring within you in your human reality. We started in this vibration, but you are now bringing in the higher vibration in a more permanent way. It anchors within you and you can also bring your divinity down inside of you.

As all of that integrates we’ll take a moment and find if there’s any residual of your consciousness still out within the All That Is. If so we’ll gather that energy and let it stream back down through you the human, I’m sorry, through you as your divinity, through your higher self and down into you as the human, so that you’re anchoring from within the earth and you’re anchoring from your divinity.

Take a moment and allow your thoughts to expand into that potential that we seek to integrate into the earth; of balance, of peace, of love and anything at all outside of that we diffuse with little sprinklings and little bits of energy so as to disperse that which is outside of love and peace and balance.

You don’t realize the power that you have within you and while I gave you steps that you can do the power truly comes from that state of being, that state of being who you are, expressing who you are, allowing yourself to just be whatever it is in any given moment.

If you find yourself being pulled down again, okay, you then release and you come back into this now moment. It was never the intention that once someone had ascended or moved into the higher vibrations that they never ever went back into those lower vibrations. It’s there, it’s around you, so it is what it is.

But again, it’s about being so filled up with the essence and the energy of the God source love that you can see these experiences, be aware of these experiences and infuse the potential of unconditional love and awareness into whatever that situation may be.

Take some deep breathes in, breathing all the way down within yourself. Allow yourself to anchor these energies.

Each of you stands on the threshold of a very powerful moment within your life. You’ve had this experience to be able to look at the perception of the world and your own self. You stand in this place where you have an even greater ease of moving your energy up and down into the All That Is and into your divinity.

So open up that door; allow your past life experiences of success and Ascension to be here within you in your everyday reality. Let that fill you up. Let that support you and recognize that the intention for humanity and the intention for the collective consciousness is that the movement forward is happening and this is the time that the world will move into that better space.

Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.


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