Mother Earth Receives the Codes of her Golden Monad

Welcome Golden Age of Peace Earth Guardians to our Activation Week beginning tomorrow, the 18th of January 2017. Below you will find all the details you need to make your Activation Week a deeply fulfilling and beautiful experience, even if it brings up some challenging issues. The Activation Week is the final stage of energy dispensations pertaining to the project and everything that has been happening in your life since November 2016, and is designed to bring the past weeks’ processes and channelled energies to a culmination point. This is also the period when Mother Earth opens up on every level to receive the dispensations and connect with you for the dual healing process activated for the 7-day period. Please read through this whole e-mail in advance so you are prepared for each day’s activation and so that you have everything you need and live webinar times scheduled.  If you want to revisit the Earth Guardian Project Purpose, please click here.




The preparation energies begin on the

The Waning Gibbous Libra Moon on the 17th of January, so take some quiet time on the 17th to focus on revisiting your intentions or adding any additional intentions you’d like to set regarding the healing you want to get out of participating in this 7-day process. It’s advisable to include that your intentions involve trust, harmony, fairness, healthy, mutually rewarding and balanced relationships, interactions and energy.


Use the preparation day today to also make sure you have everything you need for each activation day.


What you need – 

The necessary channellings as per the calendar below so that you can work through them each day. Each activation day’s channelling will be conducted by me live via our webinar platform with Faith.

If you would like to join in the 7-days of live channellings then please e-mail Faith Parent Hendrickson on


Your intentions form a large part of your personal process and theme for the 7 days as well as your personal energy downloads, and the integration period following the activation period, so review them with clarity and be precise.

State your intentions in the positive tense too – ” I choose to to work in a creative positive environment where my skills and input are valued and appreciated” rather than saying “I don’t want to work for or with unappreciative negative people anymore.”

“I belong in a mutually unconditionally loving and positively uplifting relationship, where we bring out the best in each other and flourish together.” This is better than saying “I don’t want to be with a person who treats me bad, is unfaithful and we bring out the worst in each other.” Can you feel the difference in energy?


I’d also like to suggest that for the activation week you choose a space in your home that needs some much needed cleaning out, like a closet, or drawers, a room, or perhaps its your whole home. Make an effort everyday to clear out some of the junk and unused whatever-it-may-be and either donate it, sell it or throw it out.

This is in fact an important part of allowing space for the new energies to settle into your personal space. This is an extremely cathartic and beneficial process and highly recommended as part of you physically creating new space for the new aspects of your life to emerge in accordance with the healing facilitated during the activation week. Whilst doing your clean up and out focus on what kinds of energy you would like to have replace the old in your clean new space you have created.


7-Day Activation Process 


On Wednesday 18 January, 2017


Mother Moon will be transiting through Libra thus signifying a need for balance, fairness and justice. She represents relationships and all that all remains fair and just in this domain.

She wants us to explore these aspects until she moves into Scorpio on Friday. Allow today to be a social day exploring your relationships, their nature and what in your relationships you are most grateful for. Make sure you are maintaining balance in your lifestyle and that you are behaving with diplomacy, fairness and justly in all that you do.

If you understand astrology you will also gain deeper insight into what Mother Moon is drawing your attention to by looking at the house cusp Libra sits on in your personal astrological chart. Thus, for example, if Libra is on the cusp of your 7th house, today and tomorrow your process will more than likely be focused into your legal partnerships, relationships, marriage and other open alliances you have formed. This theme will continue throughout tomorrow’s energy too until the Moon shifts into Scorpio, at which time the theme changes. If you have Libra on your 11th house cusp, for example, yours will focus on your friends, groups, society and organizations who form part of your life, as well as looking deeper into how you relate to you own hopes, dreams and wishes.
Step 1 ~ At the time you have set aside for the day’s daily activation, you are to begin the process by saying :

” I align with the Divine Presence of Spirit, the Supreme Living Light and all that embodies the highest vibrations and frequencies of love, peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. I Invite into my sacred space my Guardian Angel and ask my Guardian Angel to please listen to my intention/s and show and guide me as to the best way forward from where I am now. May all that I ask for manifest under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways and may it be in accordance with the highest will of my soul and all souls concerned, including that of Mother Earth.”


Step 2 ~ Read your intentions out to your Guardian Angel. You will find that each day you might want to present your intentions a little differently. Don’t be afraid to make your communication time with your Guardian Angel similar to speaking with a very close and dear friend or someone you love and trust very much. Express your needs, concerns etc in relation to your intentions and trust. Finish off by giving thanks for your intentions being heard and for the support you require in order to manifest your intentions in accordance with the highest will of your soul, under grace in perfect, harmonious, and miraculous ways. And ask again that what you have intended for be in accordance with highest will of ALL souls concerned and that Spirit manifest benevolent outcomes for ALL parties.
Step 3 ~ Then go on to listen to Part 10 with us live, if you can, at 5:00 am GMT+2/SAST.

When working through the channelling, combine the Moon theme with the channelled message theme. In other words, think along the lines of my description of the Libra Moon and apply the need for balance, harmony and fairness in all our relationships  etc., to the stance you take toward working with the information in the channelling itself, and apply this process with each moon placement change every few days as suggested below. Thus until the Moon shifts into Scorpio focus on remaining balanced and centred in your relationships and use your love-filled energies and share it with your friends. Be a social butterfly and shine you light! We have become more and more aware of our ability to properly use the Law of Free Choice and choose the High Life – High on Love and Light. We are in the rea;ms of Thrive Consciousness.


Step 4 ~ It is vital that you take some time to journal feelings, visions, impressions etc. that may have come up for you during this 7-day process. Please attempt to do this after every day’s channelling. If you have the time, include as much creative doodling, drawing, painting, cooking or scrap booking etc., as part of your process so as to help facilitate the release and integration of energies you’ll experience. Colouring in Mandalas are also very therapeutic.


On Thursday 19th January 2017


Repeat the 4-step process above with your Guardian Angel remaining focussed on the Moon in Libra’s theme and how this energy plays out for your today. Remeber to apply today’s Part 11 channelled message and apply to the Moon in Libra theme, as described in yesterday’s process.


Today listen to Part 11 with us, live if you can, at 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST.

If astrology is your thing you will gainer deeper insights by looking into which house cusp Libra is resting on. Looking at where Libra is in your chart will shed deeper light on what you’re dealing with and why. Therefore if you are Libra  Rising, your focus is on your personal self, your primary motivation is this life, as well as your talent, wit and charm and how the world sees you. The persona you project. If it’s on your 2nd house cusp, then you’re more than likely dealing with money issues as well as your values and self-worth.


On Friday 20th January 2017


Repeat the 4-step process with your Guardian Angel and welcome the presence of Mother Moon in Scorpio’s domain. Here she is sensitive, deep, sensual and very psychic. She reads and accurately ineterprets every nuance of energy with your powerful senses; the gift of the depths felt and the lengths to which the Scoprion will go to connect and bond. It’s how the energy feels complete and connected.

Thus Mother Moon is inviting you into the depths of your intuitive self. The deepest parts of your Mystery await you to explore their dimensions. We are being awoken and the Times of Rememberance are here too. We are retrieveing our fragemented pieces of Sacred Spiritual echnology and reconnecting to the Source of Supreme Living Light within us.

Today and tomorrow allow yourself to feel the flow of Mother Moons deepest cleansing powers as she heals and/or awakens your deepest sensual self, inviting this passion to stir to life and rise, transcend the Scorpion and Eagle stages and Rise to soar as the Phoenix.

Mother Moon is ready to show you the passionate depths of your sensual self’s need to rise and meet you in a new life-transforming and spiritually powerful way and flavour. True Sensual Power.


Today listen to Part 12 with us live, if you can, 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST and combine the Moon theme (like yesterday) with the channelled message theme for today.

If astrology is your thing you will gainer deeper insights by looking into which house cusp Scorpio is resting on. Looking at where Scoprio is in your chart will shed deeper light on what you’re dealing with and why. Therefore if you are Libta  Rising, your focus is on your personal self, your primary motivation is this life, as well as your talent, wit and charm and how the world sees you through the lens of relationships. The persona you project onto your partners, business or marriage, as well as how relate to your allies. If it’s on your 2nd house cusp, then you’re more than likely dealing with money/power issues, as well as your values and self-worth.


On Saturday 21st of January 2017


Repeat the 4-step process above with your Guardian Angel remaining focussed on the Moon in Scorpio’s theme, making this a very sensual weekend and one that promises healing and forgiveness, release and awakening. Remember to apply today’s Part 13 channelled message and apply to the Moon in Scorpio theme, as described in yesterday’s process.


Today listen to Part 13 with us, live if you can, at 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST.


On Sunday 22nd of January, 2017


Repeat the 4-step process with your Guardian Angel. Depending on your time zone Mother Moon is expected to enter Sagittarius later today. She now adds a more posotive, optimistic and philsophical flavour to the weekend, and starts the new week on a more adventurous and humourous note. In Sagittarius, Mother Moon asks us to turn our visions to the heavens and set goals . Because the Moon is waning, focus on releasing energy, beliefs, outdated attitudes and make space in your life for a spiritual, and soon, life make-over. Daydream and entertain your hopes, dreams and wishes. Is there some real value in any of these ideas that you should be takeing advantage of, but instead you’re hiding behind a false barrier or block? In order to get a better understanding of what this might be, take a look at where Sagittarius is in your chart. If you are an astro whizz already, look at the ruling planets, their houses and the aspects between them. This will give quite a lot of detail. However, at the end of the day the Bigger Picture is in the Hands of Destiny. If you need more insight, consider booking a reading with Savannah or Faith.


Today listen to Part 14 with us live, if you can, at 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST and combine the Moon theme with today’s channelled message theme.

Today you are also invited to do something creative to assist the integration of the new dispensations and to help you ground yourself and the energies you’ve downloaded thus far. If you are able to and the weather permits take a swim, otherwise allow some time to soak in a bath or have a shower and stand under the water imagining you’re under a waterfall and the water clearing away any buildup and residual energies you might have stored in your energy body from the days of download thus far. This is important, so see which appeals to you, and of course which ever is possible and get writing, speaking or singing too 🙂


On Monday 23rd January, 2017


Repeat the 4-step process and continue to work with Mother Moon’s energy in Sagittarius theme.

Today listen to Part 15 with us live, if you can, at 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST and combine the Moon theme with the channelled message theme like you did yesterday.

Today you can also take some time out to tweak your inetntions whilst Mother Moon is swimming in a Jupiter ruled realm. This is an extraordinary time too because the Galactic Centre will be offering additinal postive healing energies releasing wounds from past Divine Mission Advetures to surface Earth. This energy flow is into the whole of tomorrow too, so make full use of it.


On Tuesday 24th January 2017 – FINAL DAY of the Activation Week


Today is a special day because after you have spent time with your Guardian Angel and your intentions, you are to let all your intentions go safely into the hands of your Guardian Angel after 7 days of posing your intentions from varied angles and having covered as many aspects as possible in alignment with your intentions.

From here forward keep your senses peeled as you await the answer/s and guidance. Don’t fixate on it or obsess about the outcome. You’ll repel the energy by doing that. The point is that the energies have been handed over to your Guardian Angel and Spirit and you need to TRUST! Mother Moon represents our NEEDS, therefore we honestly do NEED TO TRUST.


Today work through Part 16 with us live, if you can, at 5:00 am to 6:00 am GMT+2/SAST and remember to keep with Mother Moon’s fun, humourous, adventurous, explorative and far-seeing transit through Sagittarius energies. Use play, fun, laughter, and a few glasses of wine with good friends to laugh the outdated and stale pain and memories to death. Laughter is the best medicine!  Truly enjoy another day of doing things that bring you a new vision and inspire you to become the best version of yourself and thriving in all areas of life. Hold this vision and attititude even if you are at the office.


The purpose of this is to stay with the deconditioning process, so that you change your attitude toward how each day has felt in the past and now fully align with it by practicing remaining aligned with your Golden Monad Goldprint now firmly woven into your life blueprint, triggering the Avatar Status Process.

If you are fortunate enough not to have to consider bosses and work colleagues, rush hour traffic and other people’s issues, then choose something that you have a “sinking-feeling” toward and focus on how you can change your perceptiion and attitude toward the person, duty, chore etc.


Spend today focused on the new foundations you have put together over the past 7 days. Give thanks for every day’s insights, the healing that has followed as a result, and the new-found dimensions of yourself appearing.

You are also required to spend as much time as you can today consciously in a state of joy and in awe of how the magic of life is revealing it’s opportunities for the positive abundance of your Higher Mind to enter your life. Today you are asked to embrace the final download of your Christ Light Body Reconnection energies too.

Today is focused on JOY, HAPPINESS, PLAYFULNESS, LAUGHTER, LOVE, SELF-LOVE & SPONTANEITY. Behold how the energies of your Golden Age of Peace is continuing to show itself to you.


Post Activation Cycle Closure 


On Wednesday the 25th through to the weekend, including the LOVE free event on Saturday the 28th.

– link to join.


Take some time to reflect on what your 7-day process and journalling has brought up for you and acknowledge your Guardian Angel is also now working to help you manifest your intentions, so pay attention in the days and weeks ahead and follow the signs! I suggest that you actually use the upcoming weekend to integrate and give more thanks for the amazing 7-days you’ve just experienced.


Today and leading up to the weekend, you are invited to brainstorm your ideas and or emotional inspirations and creative drive you may have tapped into over the past 7 days. You don’t have to necessarily tell anyone if you choose not to, but at least brainstorm in your journal.


Spend time today really considering the outcome of your chosen plan of action and the potential positive change it can bring to your life. Are you ready for what you have intended for? Remember, be careful what you wish for…..leave the lower-ego out of it and go for what is in accordance with the highest will of your soul.

Once you have wrapped up your journalling and extracted all the pearls of wisdom and gift/s the project has brought you, make a commitment to yourself and to the first step you are now to take to implement the wonders this project has revealed to you. Please remember that by not taking any action or implementing what you intuitively are guided to do means you are the only one paying the price of letting these wonderful opportunities go without follow-through on your part. Don’t become complacent and leave all this magnificent work to gather dust on a shelf or in a drawer. Make this count and work for you. This is a gift, use it so that you continue to reap the rewards these projects offer us.


May I remind you that the energies will continue to affect you for up to 21 days after the activation week is completed and is forming the preparation energy too for the next project for those of you participating. So be gentle with yourself.


The New Project Purpose is being released next week so look out for it in your inbox. All details will be provided in the upcoming newsletter to look out for next week.


May you be blessed with healing and transformation beyond your wildest expectations and may the new found dimensions of your Higher Mind and new-found self guide you into the realms of discovering more of your magnificent awesomeness!


If you miss the live events, no worries, the Mp3’s will be uploaded to my site every day after the live event.


Much love,

Michelle xxx

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