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Welcome to our 16th Golden Age of Peace Project ~




I am delighted to be sharing with you another life-shifting and planetary healing project. In August 2016, our planet was Reset. Everything was turned right side up again after 26000 years of the enegies being flipped due to the highjacking and kidnapping of Goddess Gaia’s energy, heart light and and life force. This began with stripping her body from the inside out of the life force of her masculine energy – her Divine Counterpart. An energy that radiates all the frequecies of Golden Consciousness and the Essence of Father Sun – Gold.


She was drained of her life-force rapidly, her communication systems were destroyed and her internal light-technology was reversed and turned inside out.

Many creatures and beings of Love were either slain or placed in lock-down and her Lightwarriors had their memories wiped out, preventing them from completing their mission as Guardians of her Being.


That was then and this is now!


No longer will she stand alone and watch her Divine Masculine bleed by the Blade of Illusion he was exiled to suffer under eternally by the False/Imposter Gods and Goddesses, his heart forever in pain, bleeding, because he has to live being everything that is expected of him and nothing of what he truly is. All power stripped from them both. However,  the Goddess has Risen and she’s taking back EVERYTHING that was stolen from her – her body, her being, her heart, her children and her Divine Counterpart.


Goddess Gaia has also recently aligned with the full spectrum of her Golden Monad, and received her Rainbow Lightbody Codes. Integration of these codes have begun and now her body is adjusting to this powerful new communication system that was actiavted between the 18th and 28th of January 2017. This is restoring communications between Surface Earth, Inner Earth, Inner Marine, and Extra Terrestrial Benevolent life forms and beings. This includes between humans with each other, and humans with other kingdoms of life too.


We have all been given the opportunity to respond, with Mother Earth, to the almighty changes underway in her body, life/soul experience, space and time-line. As a result, 2017 marks the point where the Supreme Living Alpha Feminine/Goddess/Priestess/Shaman/Healer/Mother/Lover now stands in her positive power, ready to receive her Divine Love – Her Divine Counterpart, the Sacred and Divine Alpha Masculine/God/Priest/Shaman/Healer/Father/Lover.


Alpha brainwaves are what stimulate creativity, superintelligence and superconsciousness, thus the reunion of the Divine Alpha Masculine and Feminine is the activation of a new superconscious, superintelligent creative force, peacefully radiating forth through us and from within us. This is one of the 12 Keys this project is unlocking within Mother Earth and within us.


This also marks the beginning of an 18 month journey taking us firstly through The Reunion, then The Revival, then The Authentic Awakening, and finally The Merge of the Sacred and Divine Masculine, as well as the merge of the Alpha and Omega Gods and Goddess of the Light. This is signalling a massive transition in which I have seen clearly that we can successfulyy shift our planteary and personal grids to align fully with the upcoming Golden Age of Peace and MANIFEST it!


I am inviting you to embark upon a Spiritual Journey that will transform you and gift you with a valuable and entirely new blueprint for life enabling you to thrive beyond measure. Spiritual Wealth is the beginning of all other wealth. Living an authentically spiritually rich life, with a heart of sincere gratitude and love, means prosperity naturally follows.


This is a journey that takes us into realms of ourself we haven’t yet met because we never had a chance to connect with these aspects of our soul technology before. “The Takeover” has ended and all systems are being restored enabling what was sabotaged to now complete it’s mission/journey successfully. This is the beginning of one the most extraordinary journey’s of our spiritual journey as a whole.


This project specifically is unfolding over a period of 4,5 months – 8th Feb – 21 June 2017. Afterwhich, the next project, The Revival begins on the 8/8/2017. The 12 Keys we will be activating in this project serve a specific purpose and sets the stage for the 18 months ahead of us.

  1. We are breaking through ALL false consciousness, false boundaries and ALL fake and false love, as well as clearing the abuse of the Sacred and Divine’s Powers – sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically and especially between men and women.
  2. Flushing out of all systems on the planet that abuse and desecrate the Sacred & Divine Masculine and Feminine, as well as The Innocent Ones.
  3. Altering the frequncies of the entire major and minor chakra blueprint and code systems of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
  4. Full Upgrade of ALL the LOVE portals and Scared Sites – Phase 1
  5. Restoring the Sacred Family Grids
  6. Activating the Play & Curiosity Grids
  7. Restoring connections between the human self and the soul-self, thus developing an empowering, deeper, more balanced and peaceful relationship with ourselves, all Kingdoms of Nature and with Mother Earth.
  8. Receiving the Keys of Light being released from the Akashic Libraries of Goddess Akasha in the form of the energy coming from “The Sacred Chronicles of Aurora.”
  9. Full Rising of the Sacred Masculine to stand along the Sacred Feminine, signalling the time where we collectively are being given the opportunity to step out of time and space as we have known it, and through the powerful cosmic and astrological energies at work during this 18 month-programe, completeley transcend all outdated time space continuim loops.
  10. Ending all old negative time space continum loops that keep false holograpghic patterns running within Mother Eath’s Crystal Grids, as well as our own.
  11. Enhancing the flow of Alpha brainwaves which stimulate creativity, superintelligence and superconsciousness, thus activating a new creative force radiating forth through us and from within us and Mother Earth.
  12. Receiving the first upgraded threads of the 99 Star Code Tablets of Moses responsible for unlocking 99 timelocks worl-wide in support of The Mass Awakening coming soon.

Much, much more always comes through during these projects. Please click here to read some of what I have already published regarding this Project. You will also get a lot more detail out of listening to our Peace Talk show last week – “The Magic in These Times.” I speak at length about this project and what to expect with the energies of the project.


Towards the end of each project theme myself and my team, the Golden-Emerald Ray Clan of Earth Guardians travel to the sacred locations where the final grid activations, uploads and downloads take place, as well as securing the blueprint grids for 2020 at these locations. This includes activating the ancient light-sites that were placed in lock-down. There are 99 in total that my team and I are responsible for activating globally.


At the end of this project we will be travelling to England, Scotland and Denmark. At this stage we only have  space left for the Denmark leg of the journey, and the open days for local residents to join us in England and Scotland. Please note that the Full Moon private access event taking place at Stonehenge is fully booked.

Please click here for the itinerary and the open day dates and please register direcly from the itinerary.

The Denmark Itinerary is being released this week, as well as our Peru itinerary for June 2018, which is part of the final leg of this 18-month programme.


Although this project is the beginning of an 18-month programme which you can participate in from the comfort of your home, you can also choose to participate per project instead of the full 18-months if you prefer.


If you feel the call of your Scared Tribe, come join our clan, your soul family, and let’s relcaim the Rainbow Light of our Planet together. Here are your options:

  1. You can participate as a Core Guardian, which entails a a disciplined and commited approach to a daily spiritual practice, which includes applying ALL the instructions given in support of transcending every dense dimension of consciousness faced daily. This means daily minful living and working into the deeper dimesnions of yourself in conjunction with specific mini-group missions assigned by the Ascended Masters, to the Core Guardians in the mini-group “Meetings with the Masters.” Therefore you would be required to work closely with your mini-group via Skype, Facetime and/or e-mail, so as to complete your Divine Mission Prosperity Oath of Service each project presents us with. Our Divine Mission is to prosper all life and our oath is to serve prosperously and lead by example.
  2. Periphery Guardian, which doesn’t involve the amount of time the Core Guardian role does.
  3. Or, simply work with the energy at your own pace in your own space by downloading the project channelling each week as they become available. Please feel free then to also join our Palace of Peace open group on Facebook for support and sharing.

Depending on the option you choose, the first live channelling webinar will be at 5 am GMT+2/CAT, the 8th of Febryary 2017, and will be mailed to your inbox after should you not be able to attend live.

Please click here for more details on both options and energy exchange. Please note that only the $70 and $170 options are available, everything else is fully booked and underway already. Bookings to please be sent to Este Davidyan on 


Lord Jupiter yesteday stationed retrograde in Libra, opening the heavenly gates within so that we can discover those many hidden treasures now ready to shine in all directions like a diamond through our heart, aligning with the frequencies that magnetize authentic love. This is the energy supporting this journey as he retrogrades through Libra delivering invaluable gifts of healing, balance, growth and inner expansion. May this journey inspire every dimension of you and your life to flourish beyond meausre from within the treasure troves of your true self.


In love, peace and gratitude,

Michelle xxx

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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