Accelerate Your Four Body System by Accessing the 22 Rays of God

Accelerate Your Four Body System by Accessing the 22 Rays of God

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It is important to understand the dynamics of the 22 Rays of God in order to increase your Light Quotient on the Mastery Pathway. We have broken down the description of the 22 Rays of God into an easily, readable format for each initiate to understand and comprehend within their daily meditative practices.

Knowing what the Rays represent for a Master is an important element for each student to fully comprehend so they can utilize them in their daily life. It will change your chakras, help you to work through issues and elements that are challenging, and assist you in your walk through the Initiations of Mastery.

They are an essential component of the Festival of Wesak so we have taken the time to fully share this information so that each individual can use it to their best advantage.

There are five of the Rays of God that have been embodied within Gaia in the past two years. They are: Blue Flame of Will and Power; Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom; Crystalline Flame of Harmony & Balance through Conflict; Ruby Red/Gold Flame of Inner Devotion; and Violet/Purple Flame of Ceremonial Structure & Magic.

We are being gifted to receive the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence during the Full Moon of Taurus (May 10th, 2017) which will help the planet to receive the aspect of Adoration and Love while removing elements that do not fit that energetic exchange.

The first seven Rays of God are the cornerstone of Ascension Mastery. You cannot achieve acceleration within your four-body system without accessing and utilizing these rays. The higher rays are essentially important as they assist in creating higher chakras within the full body system, but the main focus should always be on the first seven for an Initiate of Mastery.

It is important to incorporate the Rays of God within your daily meditative practices as each ray corresponds to one of the chakras. The first seven flames work within the 3rd Dimensional Chakra Grid aligning with each of the seven chakras and attuning them to a higher frequency than just working within each chakra. Integrating the rays into the chakras will assist in raising your Light Quotient within the physical body and prepare you to accept the higher accelerations that are occurring within the planet.

Within the 22 Rays of God there are three levels of incorporating the rays within the chakras.

  • Rays 1 through 7 work within the base chakras to attune the 3rd Dimensional Body to receive the Cosmic frequencies of the 49th dimensional level;
  • Rays 8 through 15 bring forth the 4th Dimensional Chakra Grid into the present chakras as they integrate within the first seven rays and seven chakras to accelerate the body to receive the 4th Dimensional energies.
  • Lastly, Rays 16 through 22 then attune an individual’s four-body system to the 5th Dimensional energies preparing to receive the 5th Dimensional Body of Light.

Utilizing all 22 Rays of God will help an Initiate to assist them in their Initiations of Mastery, to receive the higher light frequencies, and also to ground the energies through the four-body system. Through this process, the student is Initiating the energies to allow the body to become accustomed to the higher frequencies through their Mastery Process. Initiating the energies allows the four-body system to accept that frequency as it is the beginning stage of any vibrational movement; then the energy can be Activated which means that a person will start to feel the energies within them; the last stage is Actualizing which means that an Initiate is fully feeling the ray energy within their consciousness and full body system. This process usually occurs within the third stage of Actualizing when a person steps into the 7th Initiation.

Many students may think they are holding the higher frequency but they are just feeling it to be Activated within the system. A good rule of understanding would be: Are you able to hold that energy within your four-body system, your three-minds every moment of every day?

That is the process of understanding Actualization in terms of Ascension Mastery.

What happens through this process is like with any new skill that needs to be learned is practice. You must work with the energies every day.

Having knowledge of the attributes of each ray will help you to acknowledge how it makes you feel.

Each ray has a corresponding Ray Chohan, Elohim Master(s), and Archangels that work within the ray essence to assist initiates to bring forth that essence within their system. There is also an Elder from the Throne of Grace who is the igniting energy of the ray (for the first 12).  The ray has a corresponding chakra that will assist in accelerating the basic chakras from the Etheric Self to be attuned to the higher vibrational level. This is why we are now using the Cosmic Flames instead of the Planetary that was first brought forth by Alice Bailey and then Dr. Joshua David Stone. In 2005 Lord Melchizedek assisted me to fully access the higher flames as the energetic exchanges within the Earth were aligning with the higher octave of the rays.

The first seven rays correlate with the 3rd Dimensional Chakra Grid; the 8th ray attunes the Thymus Chakra to become the Seat of the Soul (Higher Self fully inhabited within the physical self). Then we continue the journey from the 9th ray through the 15thray for the 4th Dimensional Chakra Grid. The last seven rays become the higher chakras for the 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid resulting in 22 Rays that become the 22 Chakras to create the 5thDimensional Physical Self.

Each of these chakras work within each other to allow for the higher chakras to become the defining light energy within the physical self. This usually occurs at the 7th Initiation of Ascension Mastery, but it is always good to allow the energies to be initiated within the Physical Self so that the four-body system becomes acclimated to the higher energies. It also helps in the acceleration of the full body system to be accepted; thereby, allowing the Higher Self to work more fully within the physical-etheric-emotional-mental realms of consciousness.

The First Seven Rays of God are essential to understand and utilize within your meditations and daily protective tools. Working with these rays will assist your chakra system in becoming acclimated to the higher energies; thereby, allowing your Light Quotient to increase at the rate that is appropriate for your system.


Ray No. 1 ~ Learning that Strength & Power is Allowing Tolerance & Patience to Be Within

Definition ~ Will & Power

Color:  Deep Blue; Chakra:  Throat; Toning Sound:  “HAM, HE”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Alura & Aluri; Chohan:  Master El Morya; Elohim Masters:  Hercules & Amazonia; Archangels:  Michael & Faith;

This ray represents the ability to fully accept your Will and Power within the physical body.  It brings forth the essence of Love from the Will and God to acknowledge your fears and find courage to walk through the Doorways of Light.

Characteristics:  Strength, Courage, Truthfulness, Fearlessness, and Learning to Handle People.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Tenderness, Humility, Sympathy, Tolerance, Protection, Faith, Initiative, and Patience.

Ray 2 ~ Love & Wisdom Representing Compassionate Love For All Beings

Definition~ Love & Wisdom

Color:  Golden Yellow; Chakra:  Crown; Toning Sound:  “I – AUM”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio; Chohan:  Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Master Joshua Stone; Represented By:  The Office of the Christ ~ Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Buddha (Planetary Logos); Elohim Masters:  Apollo & Lumina; Archangels:  Jophiel & Christine.

This ray allows for the entryway of the Higher Mind to work within the Physical Mind; it is the first step of allowing the Christed Self to bring forth Love from the Higher Self.

Characteristics:  Expanding beyond what the Mind can understand, Radiance of the Self, having abilities to access your Insight and Intuition, Loyalty, Generosity, being calm with great endurance, while being very patient in all endeavors.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Love of Truth, Faithfulness, Ernest Spiritual Study especially concerning the process of Initiations and the Science of Ascension as taught by the Ascended Masters, Unselfishness, and exhibiting a serene temper.

Ray No. 3 ~ Learning to Express Gratitude of the Self to Create the Manifestation Desired

Definition ~Creative & Active Intelligence

Color:  Pink; Chakra:  Heart; Toning Sound:  “YAM, A”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Seelea and Lady Seeleo; Chohan:  Master Paul the Venetian and Mahachohan, St. Germain; Elohim Masters:  Heros & Amora; Archangels:  Chamuel & Charity.

This ray assists in feeling the essence of Adoration and Love which is a necessary component to be able to manifest elements in One’s life. It is also helpful for bringing Illumination into the Physical Mind and letting go of the lower elements that can stop a person. This ray will assist in removing elements that do not align with Divine Love so it is very cleansing and healing.

Characteristics:  The Power to be able to Create the ideas to Manifest along with Evolving continually, having Mental Illumination, Perseverance, and Clear Mindedness, accessing the power to produce while having great Understanding of the process.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Acquiring deep Compassion, Tolerance and Devotion in the Self and Others which will manifest into Accuracy of the process of allowing elements to flow; this creates higher energy and accessing Common Sense in each moment along with integrating an individual’s Divinity Within which represents Gratitude, Charity, and Reverence.

Ray No. 4 ~ Experiencing Pure Joy in Each Moment

Definition ~Harmony & Balance Through Conflict

Color:  Crystalline; Chakra:  Root; Toning Sound:  “LAM, OH”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo; Chohan:  Master Serapis Bey; Elohim Masters:  Purity & Astrea; Archangels:  Gabriel & Hope

This ray truly assists in removing elements of debris especially from the Root Chakra; it is the ray of Resurrection and Renewal. It is then brings forth harmonization and restores balance to be felt after the removal of elements occur.

Characteristics:  The ability to have an artistic development with creative ideas flowing; represents balance and equilibrium within an individual’s pathway while expressing Divinity and Growth; a deep compassionate nature that is very generous but yet is able to have the power to reveal the true path imbued with great physical courage.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  The pathway of resurrection, changing elements within Oneself for the Greater Whole, thereby, allowing God’s purity of light to be fully within one’s thoughts and emotions, having a balanced four-body system to create One Body of Light; has the optimal ability to always have Helps to create Hope no matter what the circumstances may be; flowing with the harmony of life.  In turn these attributes allow an individual to be serene, mentally and morally balanced which helps them to gain self-confidence and control.

Ray No. 5 ~Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of My Higher Mind

Definition ~ Scientific Knowledge & Research

Color:  Gold/Green/White Blended As One Essence; Chakra:  Third Eye; Toning Sound:  “OM, HUE”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia; Chohan:  Master Hilarion; Elohim Masters:  Cyclopea & Virginia; Archangels:  Raphael & Mother Mary

This ray represents the Science of God and is the accessibility of the Higher Mind to communicate within the Third Eye. It is the ray of being One with the Higher Self.

Characteristics:  An individual allows him/herself to be very truthful allowing unwavering patience.  The scientific development allows for great dedication, a sacred pathway of truth, love, and healing.  Accessing the Harmony of the Spheres allows for the greatest healing capacity; thereby, accessing the deepest knowledge is a fluid movement.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Acquiring the ability to be honorable in all situations with devotion, compassion, and allowing open-mindedness with deep love and reverence in all situations.  Flowing with the knowledge that is received through inner truth allows for the healing of the self.

Ray No. 6 ~ Learning the Pathway of Peace is Forgiveness of the Self

Definition ~ Inner Devotion, Spiritual Idealism

Color:  Ruby Red; Chakra:  Solar Plexus; Toning Sound:  “AAH-OOOH (EWWW)-MMM”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Astia & Lady Fratia; Chohan:  Lady Nada; Elohim Masters:  Peace & Aloha; Archangels:  Uriel & Aurora

Working within the elements of Inner Devotion can truly bring an individual to a much higher state of peacefulness as we learn to forgive ourselves so much more than others. It is a ray of fully devoting the energy to the self in order to find One’s Inner Power.

Characteristics:  Learning to devote oneself to the cause of forgiving love and grace which can manifest itself as Devotional Worship in the highest sense.  It represents the ability to have great enthusiasm for a cause. It represents strong spiritually-based ideals and being able to overcome the waters of emotional nature which results in tenderness.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Finding a deep strength by accessing spiritual ideals which leads to truth, tolerance, finding serenity, balance, and common sense.  It also includes the pathway of great sacrifice of the self.

Ray No. 7 ~ Creating Magic by Accessing Purification & Transformation of the Self

Definition ~ Ceremonial Order & Discipline, Sacred Living, Spiritual Tradition & Protocol

Color:  Deep Purple with Hues of Violet; Chakra:  Sacral; Toning Sound:  “OOO”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Teesian & Lady Teesio; Chohan:  Lady Portia; Elohim Masters:  Arcturus & Victoria; Archangels:  Zadkiel & Amethyst

The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Discipline represents St. Germain in his fullest creation.  He has now moved into the position of MahaChohan and Lady Portia has taken over the role of Ray Chohan. She brings about the essence of purity and light when the Violet Flame is invoked along with creating the Feminine Divine more fully upon initiating the ray.  Her essence helps to invoke the Violet Flame but then, receive the healing through the Deep Purple representing the Cosmic Divine Healing of the Feminine. This creates the grounding force of an individual’s foundation to be powerful and strong.

Characteristics:  Walking a pathway of creating order in life through sacredness of Divine Structure, Spiritual Grounding, Violet Flame Invocation, Spiritual Tradition, and Protocol.  A person would have the ability to be a true alchemist who brings forth characteristics of precision, skill, grace, dignity, diplomacy, tact, and discipline.  Magic happens when this ray is fully evolved within an individual.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Exhibiting great gentleness, love, and tolerance which brings forth realization of unity in all creations of this Earth.  Allowing the mind to be completely open to all avenues of thought and perspective will be exhibited within a person.


Ray No. 8 ~ The Perception and Clarification of What Has Been

Definition ~ Higher Cleansing Ray

Color:  Sea-Foam Green – Aquamarine; Chakra:  Thymus (in between Heart and Throat) ~ Representing the Seat of the Soul; Toning Sound:  “AAHHH”

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Ahelioah & Lady Ahelieoh; Overlighting Beings:  Lady Isis & Lord Osiris with Angel Ramiel, Representing Hope and Clarity.

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired: Having the ability to exhibit Clarity and Discernment in all situations, thereby, seeing all levels of Truth in any given thought or feeling.  It will Vivify all the other chakras by increasing the frequency of the energies which brings forth Divine Perception.

Ray No. 9~ Accepting Joy to Attract the Light I AM

Definition ~ Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light

Color:  Blue-Green; Chakra:  Root

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Aselow & Lady Aselay; Overlighting Beings:  Lady Nada, Mother Mary

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Allowing the old Self to be resurrected; Accepting Joy as a way of existing; Creation within the Self, Accepting the process of transformation while moving from Hope into Actualization, Accepting Love and Light as the only guidepost, Potential with the Will to Create which allows for inner Stability.  These aspects open the Doorways to acknowledge the Light to be accepted within the Physical Vehicle.

Ray No. 10~ I AM the Male and the Female Essence of Divine Light

Definition ~ Integration of the Masculine & Feminine Divine

Color:  Pearlescent; Chakra:  Sacral

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Helleiasa & Lady Helleiaso; Overlighting Beings:  Master Voltar & Lady Master Valencia of Andromeda and Archangel Ariel

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Allowing the Acceptance of Divine Unity Within; Being in the Moment; Expressing Balance within the Body thereby accessing the Male & Female as One Complete Union; blending the frequencies of the Higher Self into the Physical Existence; it allows an individual to be uplifted and reflects this to others.

Ray No. 11~ Walking the Pathway to the Renewal of the Self

Definition ~ Bridge to the New Age

Color:  Pink Orange; Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Sannalia & Lady Sannaliare; Overlighting Beings:  Quan Yin of Grace, Compassion & Mercy; Roshel, Angel of the Divine Self

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:   Getting in touch with Divine Love by helping the initiate to remove all present and past life trauma stored within the 3rd chakra; assists an individual to not only access the higher frequencies but actually integrate them within the physical body. This is the bridge that, as an initiate, we walk from the old elements into the new accelerated Being of Light.

Ray No. 12 ~I AM the Christ Within

Definition ~ Anchoring of the New Age & the Christ Consciousness

Color:  Gold; Chakra:  Heart

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Ahheliah & Lady Ahhelaio; Overlighting Beings:  Pallas Athena-Goddess Of Truth & Wisdom;Lord Maitreya – Office Of The Christ;Archangel Mazuriel-Guardian of The Great Central Sun Of The Universe.

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Learning the realization that the Source energies will create Acceptance of an individual’s Divinity. An initiate starts to accept their Inner Focus to Create New Pathways that are guided by the Higher Self and not the Lower Self.  The Physical Essence will then start to fully embrace their Spiritual essence of the I AM Presence more fully within their present existence.

Ray 13 ~Allowing the Essence of Vibration to Be the Acceleration of the Self

Definition ~ Vibratory Communication

Color:  Violet Pink;Chakra:  Throat

Overlighting Beings:  RA the Sun God; Helios & Vesta, Solar Logos

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Allowing the Expansion of the Higher Vibrations to be the main focal point within the physical body through the Throat Chakra; Communication comes from the vibrational energies through the voice, which can be a higher frequency, or it can mean the vocalization of higher knowledge being shared through the voice.

Ray 14 ~Learning to Access the Higher Mind with the Element of Surrendering the Self

Definition ~ Illumination; Mastering the Divine Plan

Color:  Deep Blue Violet; Chakra:  Third Eye

Overlighting Beings:  Pleiadian Council of Light; Lord & Guardians of Arcturus

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  By allowing the effects of this ray to be fully embodied within the Third Eye it will give an initiate more depth into their clairvoyant abilities.  This will assist in removing toxins out of the Auric Field and create the flow of expression within the mental faculties.  Once a person works with this energy then there will be great Illumination with the Realization that there is Unlimited Potential within their pathway.

Ray 15 ~ Accessing the Doorways of Light into My Physical Creation

Definition ~ Doorway to Ascension, Splendor of I AM Presence

Color:  Light Golden White; Chakra:  Crown

Overlighting Beings:  Elohim Councils of God, 24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace Representing Ray Chohans 1 through 12

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  An initiate opens themselves up more fully into their Divine Guidance which, in turn, allows for the Surrender of the Mind, Clairvoyance abilities, and Unlimited Potential.  This helps an individual to move into the Flow Of Life as they are accessing only their highest creation and allowing their illumination of their Light to shine to others.  This is the first step of allowing the process of the De-Ascension of the I AM Presence to be fully manifest within the Full Body System.


Ray 16 ~ Reflection of the One Universal Being That I AM

Definition ~ The Magnetism Created to Reflect the I AM Within the Full Body Structure

Color:  Light Violet White; Chakra:  Crown

Overlighting Beings:  Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and The Mahatma as One Universal Being

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  When an initiate fully activates this Ray of light, they are able to hold more Light within their body and have a deeper connection to their I AM Presence.  This will activate their Higher Energies while allowing Limitations To Be Transcended through the process.

Ray 17 ~ Accepting the 5th Dimensional Body Allows for the Divine Light I AM

Definition ~ Universal Light

Color:  Multi-White; Chakra:  Root

Overlighting Beings:  Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos and Lord Sanat Kumara, Father of the Brotherhood of White Light

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Connecting to the 5th dimension via the Root chakra which allows an individual to fully ground the Light Frequency through their physical essence.  This ray will access the ability to regenerate the cellular structure and feel the acceptance of an initiate’s Divinity within their physical creation.

Ray 18 ~ I Divinely Intend to Access My 5thDimensional Consciousness Within Me

Definition:  5th Dimensional Divine Intent

Color:  Pink-Gold; Chakra:  Sacral

Overlighting Beings:  Lord Maitreya, Lord Enoch

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Accessing the 18th ray represents not only integrating the Christ Consciousness, but being the Christ Within.  Lord Maitreya assists each initiate to go into deeper levels of understanding within their own consciousness; thereby, blending the Christ That They Are. This means that the 5th dimensional thoughts and feelings become the person through their reality even though the 5th dimensional essence is not fully activated on the Earth.  It creates a deeper connection to the Brotherhood of White Light through working with Lord Enoch as he is the messenger of Sanat Kumara.  An initiate becomes closer to full mastery by allowing the entranceway of this ray to work through them.

Ray 19 ~ I Now Fully Acknowledge I AM One Universal Being of Light

Definition ~ Divine Power and Divine Love

Color:  Magenta; Chakras:  Solar Plexus, Heart & Thymus

Overlighting Being:  Lord Metatron

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  This ray will help to enhance the Divine Essence of the Love, Power, and Wisdom to be fully manifested within the physical body.  We come to a juncture at this stage to allow the highest parts of our essence to be intertwined through the Solar Plexus of Inner Power represented by Devotion to our Self, and bridging that frequency into a new world of existence.  We, then, have integrated within the Heart the Ray of Creative Activation through the essence of the Christ Consciousness.  The full integration of the Higher Self is now ready to be acknowledged through the Solar Plexus and Heart Center by allowing the activation of the Magenta Ray of Inner Love and Power to be blended as One Complete Essence initiating the Wisdom of the Higher Self to fully manifest within the physical body as these three chakras work as One Unified Chakra.

Ray 20 ~I Vibrate with the Oneness of the Light I AM

Definition ~ Beingness

Color:  Violet Gold; Chakra:  Throat

Overlighting Being:  Lord of Sirius (Technology of Light Codes, Assisting us from the 24th Dimensional Realm between Galactic & Universal)

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  As an initiate, we now stand in the higher level of acceptance of allowing our physicality to blend with our spirituality creating the feeling of One Being of Light.  Some Masters have called this Enlightenment or the Consciousness of Being All Things in Unity.  It is also the feeling of being in Oneness on an individual basis.

Ray 21 ~ Learning to Access Spiritual Harmony of Light Within

Definition ~ Eternity & Divine Structure

Color:  Blue Gold; Chakras:  Third Eye

Overlighting Being:  Lord of the Great Bear Star Systems overlights all Universal Levels of the Galactic Dimensions from the 20th through the 36th comprising all Inter-galactic races that are within the Unified Whole Command of Oneness.

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Working within the 21st Ray will help in accessing and Healing of All Timelines Whether They Are Active or Inactive.  This then opens up the doorway for Clarity and Illumination; thereby, accessing the ability to perceive all dimensions as One Source of Light.

Ray 22 ~ The Completion of Divine Mother & Father God Within the Self

Definition ~ Source of All that Is – Journey of the God & Goddess Within

Color:  Platinum which holds the hues of Cooper-Gold, Silver Gold, fine hues of Gold, Platinum, and Translucent; Chakra:  Crown

Overlighting Beings:  There are five Great Central Suns which include the levels of group consciousness:

  • Solar ~ Helios & Vesta ~ Copper Gold
  • Galactic ~ Melchoir ~ Silver Gold
  • Universal ~ Great White Lodge on Sirius, Dr. Lorphan, Director ~ Gold ~
  • Multi-Universal ~ – Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, Lord Melchizdek ~ purest refined Gold
  • Cosmic Rays ~ Hyos Ha Koidesh – All hues of platinum
  • Cosmic ~ Divine Mother & Father God ~ Clear Light, Translucent & Invisible

Characteristics and Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  This last ray represents the completed stage of the journey in which an individual is now accepting their I AM Presence, their God-Self to be the only commanding energy within the physical existence.  It is represented by the color of Platinum which also includes hues of Cooper Gold, Silver Gold, Deep Gold allowing for all hues to blend together in the essence of “Colors Within Colors”.  This is now where the true work begins as the initiate is no longer trying to connect with the Higher Self and the I AM Presence but they truly become both of these essences within their physical essence.  It is important to remember that it takes great diligence to hold this frequency and some days it will be challenging to allow it to become the FULL YOU.


We suggest calling upon the Unified Whole energies first in your meditation, then asking for each flame to come into its perspective chakra. Breathing in that ray within the chakra by spinning it in a clock-wise direction. Then moving unto the next flame.

Since the order of the rays within the 3rd Dimensional Chakra Grid do not match the order of the chakras, the easiest way to bring forth the first stage of the Rays of God is to start with the Crown Chakra. It will take some time to get used to breathing the rays into the chakras as it can be very confusing to someone that is not accustomed to utilizing the Rays of God.

Start with the Crown with Golden Yellow (try 3 breaths for each chakra). Then go to the Third Eye with Green/Gold/White; Throat (Blue), Heart Center with Pink, Solar Plexus with the Ruby Red/Gold, Sacral with Violet/Purple, Root with Crystalline.

Then move into the Thymus with Sea Foam Green starting the 4th Dimensional Chakra Grid. Continue the journey from the Root Chakra with Blue-Green, Sacral with Pearlescent, Solar Plexus with Pink-Orange, Heart with Gold, Throat with Violet Pink, Third Eye with Deep Blue Violet, Crown with Golden White.

Now you initiate the 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid with the Light Violet White Light into the Crown, moving into the Root with Multi-White Light, the Sacral with Pink Gold, the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Thymus with Magenta, Throat with Violet Gold, Third Eye with Blue Gold and then finally the Crown with the Platinum Flame.

Take some last deep breaths to feel all the chakras intertwined with the 22 Rays of God. Doing this on a daily basis will assist in the physical body to access the higher light quotient and help you in your Ascension Mastery Pathway.

~ Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Ascension Mastery Teacher

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