Trust: Creating Fulfilment in Your Life by Archangel Michael



Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 28th April 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Angelic Blessings extend through my being to you from the entire Angelic Kingdom. Angelic support is present and available to you at all times during your ascension process, whatever you require, whether assistance, guidance, healing or activating. Please simply call upon the angelic vibration and ask, we will instantly begin to work with you, preparing your being to receive all you wish.

The answer, support or assistance you require always begins with your focus upon receiving. Your abilities to receive and to share are one of your greatest tools. Self imposed Illusions and blocks often hinder your abilities to receive and share the Creator’s energy, these abilities are your most natural way of existing. When you align with your natural vibration and ability of receiving, all blocks are released, you allow yourself access to all that you require, need and desire as well as inner states of fulfilment. You place yourself in a space and energy within your reality where you are open to the Creator supporting you in miraculous ways in your reality. When you fully learn to awaken your ability to receive you realise life is effortless and all dreams can manifest in your reality.

Giving and Expressing the Creator

When you allow yourself to give and share the light, love and creativity of your being which can be expressed in numerous ways such as a smile, sharing your time with another, radiating love into the world and so forth. You begin to understand that, that which you share is returned to you and often magnified in surprising and exciting ways. This encourages you to realise that by focusing with thought upon the way in which you share your light, love and creativity, and then focusing upon that which you wish to receive, you realise that both are the same. You give out that which you wish the Universe of the Creator to return to you. This could be explained in numerus ways, some examples:

If you wish to experience a loving romantic relationship in your life, bless all who are already in a loving romantic relationship, send love and energetic support to assist others in experiencing the same. Help close friends who also wish for the same, and emanate from your being the energy and feeling of already having the loving romantic relationship you desire.

If you wish to increase the volume of prosperity and abundance in your life, bless those who are already experiencing abundance, support others in experiencing the same by sending the energy of abundance to all of humanity radiating through your body. Help close friends in achieving abundance in their life and allow yourself to radiate the feeling of already experiencing what you wish in your reality.

Giving allows you to communicate to the Universe of the Creator what you wish to receive in your own reality. Giving negative and judgmental thoughts to others will mean you receive the same from those you meet in your reality. Sharing positivity, love and kindness means you will experience the same offered to you in wonderful awe inspiring ways. It is often that it is easier to give rather than receive or to receive rather than to give. Meaning that either giving or receiving is prioritised over the other which creates experiences of lack and imbalance. It is often where an experience of lack is present that the answer can be found in the same place. If you are not experiencing what you wish in your reality, allow yourself to contemplate your abilities of receiving and giving, often greater emphasis on one is required and balance between both.

Five Areas of Trust

In order to receive and give the light, love and creative nature of the Creator trust is required. There are five areas of trust that are required to maintain balance within your being, experiences and reality:

  • Trust in the Creator to support and assist you in magnificent and fulfilling ways.
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to receive the Creator fully.
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to express and share the Creator from your inner being.
  • Trust in your presence and purpose of your existence upon the Earth.
  • Trust in the divine guidance and intuition which flows through your being.

If you are unable trust in the Creator, opening and surrendering yourself to receive the Creator, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to receive divine guidance or intuition. You may not trust yourself in creating fulfilment in your reality and you may feel ungrounded or unaccepted in the world. Each of these five areas of trust are linked and connected, impacting your reality, the way you perceive your reality and the freedom you allow yourself to create from your truth.

Guidance to Create the Fulfilment You Desire in Your Life

1. First create intentions of that which you wish to experience within your being and reality. Write your intentions down documenting how it will feel, what you will see, sense and acknowledge to experience the fulfilment you desire in your reality. Let go of how your intentions will manifest and instead think of what it will be like when your intentions have manifested in your life.

2. Ask yourself:

Do I trust in the Creator to support and assist me in experiencing my intentions in my reality fully?

Do I trust in myself and my abilities of receive the Creator fully and receiving the energy of my intentions, embodying the energy fully?

Do I trust in myself and my abilities to express and share the Creator and the energy of my intentions from my inner being?

Do I trust in my presence and purpose of my existence upon the Earth? (Even if you do not understand your presence or purpose fully. This is question is more about feeling grounded, happy, safe and secure on the Earth and in the presence of others.)

Do I trust in the divine guidance and intuition which flows through my being? Do I allow myself to receive the guidance and do I trust enough to act upon it?

It is also appropriate to examine the stories that you have created to justify your lack of trust. These may seem real and true, however they are blocks, distractions and illusions hindering you from embracing the natural state of trust that exists within your being.

3. Through examining and contemplating your honest and truthful answers to the above questions concerning your trust, you will be able to recognise and welcome an awareness of where healing is required, where lack is present and where trust needs to be encouraged.

Lack of trust is an experience of separation from the Creator and a belief that you are alone in your reality and existence. Trust is an experience of oneness and being completely aligned with the Creator within your being and the Universe of the Creator.

4. Call upon my energies, Archangel Michael to anchor my sword of truth and trust into your being to align your entire being with the Creator promoting healing and transformation which magnifies and restores your trust on all levels.

‘Archangel Michael, I call upon you to be present with me now as I meditate. I invite you to place your Angelic Energetic Sword of Truth and Trust into my being, through my crown chakra at the top of my head as a pillar of light extending through each chakra in the central column of my being. Let your light transform my being, dissolving blocks and limitations in my ability to express and receive. Heal my natural oneness with the Creator encouraging my trust in all that I am and all that is the Creator. Support me in surrendering to the presence of the Creator, experiencing my trust pulsating throughout my entire being, setting me free from experiences of separation, lack and imbalance. I am Trust, I am. Thank you Archangel Michael.’

The affirmation, ‘I am trust I am,’ is a beautiful statement to repeat to yourself as a healing. It aligns you with the Creator because ‘I Am, ‘is another label for the Creator. You are stating that there is a harmony of trust between you and the Creator.

Call upon me, Archangel Michael to work with you bringing forth healing to develop and awaken your natural state of trust from within you.

In eternal trust,


Archangel Michael

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Sacred energetic techniques and practices to revitalise your health and wellbeing

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Lady Pallas Athena wishes to share with you special and sacred energetic techniques, practices and intentions to support the revitalisation and invigoration of your health and wellbeing on all levels of your being. Her purpose is to assist and guide you in anchoring frequencies of light into your being to support you in aiding your own healing experience, enhancing your zest for life and strengthening your physical body. By anchoring greater volumes of light into your physical being you will assist the merging of your soul with your body, enhancing the presence and influence of your soul in your everyday reality. Lady Pallas Athena, will share with you techniques which you can use daily to boost the health and wellness of your entire being. She will also support you in accessing your inner radiant health grounding this sacred aspect of yourself into your physical form.

The purpose of Lady Pallas Athena’s communication is to assist you in gaining a deeper connection with your physical body while using the light of the Creator to support you.

Disclaimer: This Webinar ‘Boost and Access Your Inner Radiant Health and Wellbeing,’ is strictly limited to meditation, intention and breathing practices. It is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for any form of medical attention, medicine or professional mental health care.
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Capsule of Wisdom


Detoxifying Your Personality and Synthesis with

Creator Codes of Your Soul Group Level

Healing, synthesis and releasing stagnant pain, challenges and suffering with the Creator

 Channelled from Master Djwhal Khul

18th April 2017

In Capsule of Wisdom No 140, the Master of Synthesis, Master Djwhal Khul comes forth to guide us in releasing stagnant pain, challenges and suffering of the personality that are present in your reality now. The Master uses his energies of synthesis and Synthesis Chamber to merge the Creator codes, enlightenment and energetic patterns held within your soul group level with your current existence to detoxify your personality, release pain and suffering, as well as anchor higher frequencies of light and new perspectives to aid your ascension and further advance your soul embodiment. This is a transformational, high vibrational and enlightening process that allows you to address certain limiting areas of your being and reality while receiving the healing and energies you require to support you in enjoying your reality upon the Earth. Master Djwhal Khul also shares with you how to increase the speed that your light vibrates at to increase your light quotient and assist you in travelling to other dimensions, ashrams and planes on the inner planes.


I do hope you enjoy,

Many blessings,


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The Ascension of Your Infinite Self

Welcoming and Exploring the Magic of Infinity Within You


With the Celestial White Beings

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Natalie’s Soul Group, ‘The Celestial White Beings,’ invite you to reconnect with the powerful and sacred energy of infinity within your being. The Celestial White Beings wish to awaken your being and conscious awareness to the magical vibrations of infinity that exist within your being and are a part of your make up, who you are. Through exploring your infinite self, the way this sacred aspect of yourself can influence your ascension and everyday life, will encourage you to recognise the magic within and around you while further awakening your spiritual abilities and connections. Through expansion you will dissolve and release numerous illusions held within your being and reality which are blocking your more permanent awareness of your infinite self.

Your Infinite Self: Your eternal, expansive, boundless Creator Self. The energy beyond your soul and soul group. You divine, undefined and formless, yet embodying All That Is.

Connecting with your infinite self and bringing these energies into embodiment within your being will awaken new understanding, self-realisation and wisdom to support your further ascension.

11th May 2017 – Part 1 – The Purpose of Your Infinite Self

The Celestial White Beings explain and guide you to experience the purpose of your infinite self.

18th May 2017 – Part 2 – The Power of Your Infinite Self

The Celestial White Beings encourage you to safely access the power of your infinite self, guiding you to experience and use it in your spiritual practices and everyday life.

25th May 2017 – Part 3 – The Ascension of Your Infinite Self

The Celestial White Beings support you in recognising the ascension and evolution of your infinite self as well as how to harmonise your physical being in order to create ascension shifts and realisations in your reality.

Join Natalie and the Celestial White Beings for a truly enlightening experience.

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Glastonbury Workshop for May 2017

Star Being’s Energetic Patterns of

Transformational Peace

Working with Star Beings to Promote a Deep-seated

Inner Peace for All

With Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

6th and 7th May 2017, Glastonbury, UK

Supported by the Angelic Kingdom, Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith will harmonise with your being to support and guide you in grounding energetic patterns and templates of peace from the Star Beings of the Universe of the Creator to inspire a deep-seated peace. Different vibrations, consciousness, wisdom, templates and codes that promote peace will be anchored and reactivated within your being, humanity and Mother Earth to assist all in aligning to a new dimension of peace.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive wisdom, guidance and a developed connection with numerous star civilisations such as the Pleiades, Arcturians, Andromedans, Venusian and the Celestial White Beings. Each civilisation will bring forth the energy, gifts, inspiration and ascension activations to encourage you and all of humanity in accessing their inner peace, recognising the power of peace and the purpose of peace in the journey of spiritual evolution. When peace is present new awakenings, new wisdom and new experiences can dawn because all take a moment to breath in harmony with each other and the Creator, allowing a raise in vibration and an acceptance of enlightenment. Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith wish to support you, humanity and Mother Earth in allowing your powerful inner peace to become a catalyst for greater transformation, healing and illumination to be experi enced. Peace is not a new concept, numerous civilisations have recognised the need for and power of peace, sometimes seeking peace throughout their entire lifetime. Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith wish to bring forth new vibrations of peace from the inner planes as well as tools, techniques and wisdom that awaken peace from the depths and core of your being. They wish to invite you to be of service in this stage of ascension where new vibrations and understandings of peace are needed to support ascension. It is time to explore peace with greater depth, being of service to all by anchoring the gifts that the wise and evolved Star Beings wish to bring forth to the Earth guided by the divine will of the Creator.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith are powerful protectors, guardians of the Divine Will of the Creator, promoters of strength, power and courage born from love. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in their sacred angelic vibrations and guidance while connecting with the high vibrational light and consciousness of the Pleiades, Arcturians, Andromedans, Venusian and the Celestial White Beings. The embodiment of peace for you, humanity and Mother Earth will be our focus for this workshop, thus inspiring heart chakra awakening, healing, enlightenment, ascension acceleration, deeper understanding of self and powers, furthered connection with Creator and enhanced embodiment of love.

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London Workshop for July 2017

Your Quest of Enlightenment

Grounding and Exploring Your Natural Enlightenment to Take Divine Action in Your Life!

With the Celestial White Beings

1st July 2017, London, UK

It is time to discover and put into action in your life your soul’s quest for enlightenment. Your soul is completing a phase of synthesis with your personality and physical being, therefore is ready to share states of enlightenment and profound Creator connection with you.  The Celestial White Beings wish to share their insights on the process of enlightenment that is manifesting within your being at this time of Ascension. They wish to guide you to unfold a deeper understanding of the energy of enlightenment within your being, to ground and anchor enlightenment into your current existence and reality, as well as to encourage you to take divine action. Resulting in you further manifesting enlightenment for yourself and others. The Celestial White Beings will help you to explore your soul’s quest for enlightenment, what this really means, how it can manifest for you pe rsonally in your reality and how it will impact your experiences. They wish to support you in realising that your energy and experience of enlightenment is deeply enthused and synthesised with the Earth and your earthly reality, therefore the Celestial White Beings will discuss how accessing your enlightenment will create and inspire action from within your being manifesting in numerous ways and levels for you to act on and experience. This symbolises the growing synthesis between your physical reality and spiritual powers, a healing that requires to take place.

The Celestial White Beings wish to guide you to work with their cosmic vibrations and the 6th Dimensional energies to further assist you in accessing your inner state of enlightenment. The 6th Dimension is known as the era of remembrance, knowingness, divine ideas, divine wisdom, divine knowledge, wisdom beyond the Earth and inspiration. Downloading essential energy and templates from the 6th Dimension energised by the Cosmic Level will raise your vibration, heighten your awareness and enhance your connection with your soul, supporting states of profound insight and deep awakening of truth within your being.

Join Natalie and the Celestial White Beings to affirm and ground your inner enlightenment into your physical reality and daily experiences, inspiring necessary action to aid your ascension.

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Andromedan Energy Transmission of Light

Signatures, Codes, Translations and


Retrieving Your Divine Truth to Live It on The Earth

With the Andromedans

Online Webinar Course

Channelled through Natalie Glasson


Part 1 – Realignment – Catch Up Now Online

Remembering and Aligning with the fulfilled, fruitful and happy essence of yourself and life. Accessing your true pathway and embodying the purest vibration of living for yourself on the Earth.  This is a process of receiving that which is necessary for you to expand into your true existence, pathway and life.

 Part 2 – Enhanced States of Creator Consciousness – Catch Up Online

Experiencing natural states of transcendence, accessing your divine existence and wholeness to dance in rhythm with the Universe of the Creator..


 Part 3 – Merging the Divine with the Physical Reality – Catch Up Online

Creating your light pathway upon the Earth, contemplating and taking the necessary actions, as well as generating the appropriate manifestations to assist you.

The Andromedans will transmit their powerful high vibrational energy, filled and potent with light signatures, codes and symbols which will be anchored into your entire being to support and aid your healing, awakening and ascension. Similar to a healing energy transmission the Andromedans wish to transmit energy holding sacred and special wisdom, consciousness, techniques and inspiration from their civilisation to serve your purpose and pathway upon the Earth. Their work will be achieved on an energetic level without words although they will speak to guide and enlighten you further.  All they ask from you is that you are willing to receive their light and the sacred revelations they wish to share with you. Although the transmission will be experienced as a group each person will receive a unique connection with the Andromedans and wisdom personal to their spiritual ascension. Eve n if you are unable to recognise the light codes, signatures, visions and communication shared with you from the Andromedans through their energetic wave, you will still receive the benefits, accepting the necessary wisdom with divine timing.

The symbols, codes and signatures shared by the Andromedans will be akin to a light language anchored into your being to raise your vibration, activate truth, promote healing and a deeper connection with the Creator. The Andromedans will not speak their light language, instead they will energetically communicate their light language to you as your soul already understands.
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Capsule of Wisdom


Clarity of Mind and Pure Focus

Stimulating and cleansing your mind and brain

with Goddess light

 Channelled from Goddess Grace

3rd April 2017

Goddess Grace extends from the Cosmic Level of the Creator’s Universe. In Capsule of Wisdom No 139 she brings forth the energy of unity, activation and creativity from the Goddess realms to promote clarity of mind and pure focus. Goddess Grace shares that clarity and focus within your mind is required now to aid your manifestation and creation abilities especially working with light. She shares that there will be a need to anchor and manifest light to aid your ascension and the spiritual evolution of all. Goddess Grace brings forth a meditation focused upon stimulating your brain, mind and mental body to anchor more light, create shifts and transitions that allow you to experience a greater clarity and focus within your mind and thoughts. Her meditation is simple, specific and can be repeated frequently. The clarity and pure focus of your mind is your power and further supports you in accessing your inner power, bring it into fruition in your life.

I do hope you enjoy,

Many blessings,


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White Beacons of Atlantis

Newly Released Book by Natalie Sian Glasson

You are souls who has experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis; to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. The conflict between spirit and technology led to the fall of Atlantis, and that experience is still held within your soul and consciousness. Earth and humanity have reached a pinnacle point that is identical to that of the decline of Atlantis. You have the power to complete the purpose of all Atlanteans by creating healing and freedom while erasing the catastrophic effects Atlantis imprinted on all civilizations that followed it. Now is time to heal Atlantis within you and to manifest an era of love, peace, and unity as you fulfill your original Atlantean contract.

In these pages, Nara, a High Priestess of the Celestial White Beings Temple in Northern Atlantis, shares the moving account of her lifetime and experiences of the fall of Atlantis. Written in novel format, this exhilarating and enlightening true story also offers practical guidance and exercises to heal and reacquaint you with your own Atlantean lifetime.


More Information

Preparation for Channelling

with Master Kuthumi

Online Workshop Webinar

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

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Creating the Foundations for Awakening Your Channelling Abilities in Your Everyday Life

Master Kuthumi wishes to guide you personally in a three stage process of preparing yourself and your being for awakening your natural channelling abilities. Every person on the Earth has the ability to channel and naturally channels with every moment of their day. Channelling isn’t a gift, like all abilities some people are more able than others and yet we all have the ability to channel as channelling is a tool and form of expression.

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Twelve Rays of Light

A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy
By Natalie Glasson

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