About Polaris AB

About Polaris AB


I experienced an unexpected but profound enlightening ‘tuning in’ process involving the opening of the Third eye whilst in North Africa. The rapid expansion of ‘Awareness’ resulted in a full Kundalini Awakening on 14 June 2009 at 3.33pm. Within a few days of complete physical, mental and emotional trauma, the integration with a Higher Self aspect Walk-In took place on 18 June 2009 at 10pm introducing me to the energies of Polaris AB. Since that time, I began to receive direct communications in the form of Language of Light Sacred Geometry.
This has brought forth an amazing wealth of information regarding the true Nature of Spirit, dimensions, energy fields, evolution and the creation / manifesting process together with amusing and curious conversations with planetary beings, crystal beings and Keepers of the Records of the Akash, Library of Sophia and the Halls of Amenti. Among the channellings received are communications from Metatron, Thoth, Maha Chohan, the Elohim and the Great White Brotherhood in the aspect of Polaris, the Guiding Light.

From a corporate financial business background, the Kundalini Awakening / Walk-In changed everything in my life. Overnight, I stopped smoking, eating meat, drinking and watching most TV and through inner guidance and a series of remarkable synchronicities resulted in a complete lifestyle change involving divorce, ceasing long term employment and selling my house I had been working from and living in for twenty five years.

The years following resulted in dedicating my self to personal spiritual development, meeting some amazing people and planetary service work which involved:

  • travelling to the heart of Rome and the Vatican City in 2010,
  • working with the Angelic and Elemental energies by focusing on the internal energy Chakras and Rays during 2011,
  • spending the 12/12/12 with Max, the Crystal Skull, visiting a crystal mountain in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA whilst attending the Earthkeeper conference, in preparation for the 21/12/2012.
  • visits to multiple Sacred Sites and Energy nodes in 2013 to assist with development of the Earth’s crystalline grid and leylines together with integration of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba and Twelve Nexus (chakra) energy system,
  • co-founding of the Shine Discussion Forum designed to provide a panel of Ascension Masters to answer questions about the changes taking place.

In 2014, I took a prolonged journey across the continent of South America from the Western coast of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, along the Incan trail through Machu Pichu to Puno and back again, to ceremonies with Incan Shaman on mountain tops and the islands and shores of Lake Titicaca, integrating with the Lemurian ‘Gateway of the Gods’ at Puerta de Hayu Marca, through the salt lakes of Bolivia, the dry deserts of the Chilean Atacama, visiting and flying over the mysterious lines of Nazca, the jungles and waterfalls of Argentina, the ports of Uruguay, the beaches and Favelas of Brazil.

This entire journey allowed higher frequency integration and merger with the Crysto Sun Discs of Arkansas and Titicaca to understand the Patterns of Behaviour of Divine Evolution and Creation of Civilizations across the galaxy.

In 2015, I travelled to the United States to work with Paige Hall Ferraro. We travelled across America to provide public talks and a comprehensive workshop, Living in the Fifth Dimension based on Paige’s extensive spiritual and practical knowledge she has been teaching since 2012. I also offered Stone Balancing demonstration’s and classes. This took us from Oak Island in North Carolina, to the Cherokee Mountains and across to Colorado Springs, CO.



Polaris AB works consistently with developing Awareness of the energies of the Language of Light to understand and integrate its purposeful flow from the Conscious Divine Mind of Source, throughout the Cosmos, to other Planetary Species and the grounded aspects of HUman Physical Form known as Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Blue Rays, Indigo’s, Crystals and Walking Masters of Light.

Following an intense DNA activation with Max, the Crystal Skull on 12/12/12 whilst attending the Earthkeeper conference in Arkansas, USA, started to bring through communications about directly integrating with our future Higher Self aspect and achieving Fifth Dimensional consciousness as the new way of Living OUR Reality.

​This is presenting in the form of a higher philosophy of existence, non attachment to lower aspects of collective consciousness, re-learning the true nature of Earth’s ‘historic record’ from the cosmic Akashic viewpoint in opposition to the written history taught as current understanding.

As a Cosmic Ascension Architect and Intuitive Guide, Polaris AB is dedicated to the development and merger of the Fifth Dimensional Divine Self with all those choosing to take their path of enlightenment towards achieving Ascension.

As a grounded operative of the Blue Ray – the descended Earth Energy of connected communication, Polaris AB works directly with energising and ionising the Blue Ray to its higher aspect frequency, Silver Violet flame for transmuting and transforming energy densities in the form of fixed lower emotional echoes within the collective consciousness, transforming emotional and negative imprints within third density earth’s electro-magnetic grid via Sacred Sites, grounding higher cosmic and Central Sun energies into the Crystalline matrix. Polaris AB works directly with the silver-violet flame which manifests the angelic energies of Zadkiel and the alchemical and algorithmic transformative energies of St Germaine. The energies of Polaris AB exist primarily as a Tenth Dimensional Blue Ray consciousness with awareness of Zero Point Perception of Source.
Realisation of past lives and resonant energetic imprints have brought forth knowledge of former roles and titles:
Sacred Fire Keeper, Crystal Master of Atla-Ra, Brother of the Temple of the Seven Rays, Dhruva Nakshatra Das

Personal multi-dimensional higher aspect guides in the form of:


E-Ra-Tu, a Fifth Dimensional Carian Bird Tribe mind communicator from Sirius (with a great sense of humour) who assists with presenting the information in an understandable format (from delta to theta wave frequency).

My incarnate Earth-aspect role is to interpret the Light Language theta in-formation and present it as third dimensional data. )


An Arcturian Eighth Dimensional Energy Being overseeing the step-down process of transmuting conscious patterns of vibrations to energetic coherent thought.


White Willow 
Native American Guide
Guardian of the White Willow portal. 
My original Guide, White Willow, who has safely guided me through to the years to help me obtain my first house at Age 20 which gave me access to 13 white willow trees in the woods behind the property and to help me finally purchase the house at Age 40 before embarking on my amazing Spiritual Journey.


Bossy Babs 
Crystal Being of the Violet Flame
Crystal Holographic program to manifest upon reaching particular vibrational frequencies to assist with light body activation and energy body transformations and regulate the ongoing archetypal changes to the crystalline light body and flow of higher vibrations through the energetic bodies (no messing with Babs!).

Location of Polaris AB


Polaris (A) is a bright giant of 6 solar masses. The two smaller companions are Polaris AB, a very close dwarf Star with an 18.5 AU radius orbit and Polaris B, a 1.5 solar mass main sequence star orbiting at a distance of 2400 AU. There are also two distant components Polaris C and Polaris D.
In 1929, it was discovered by examining the spectrum of Polaris(A) that it had another very close dwarf companion, which had been theorized in earlier observations. On January 9th 2006, NASA released images from the Hubble telescope, directly showing all three members of the Polaris ternary system.
The nearer dwarf Star, Polaris AB is in an orbit of only 18.5 AU (2.8 billion km, about the distance from our Sun to Uranus) from Polaris(A), explaining why its light is swamped by its close and much brighter companion.


Mekon Das – Master Moldavite Crystal Skull
Two titles were given, firstly to my Self named as Dhruva Nakshatra Das – ஹ்ருவஅஸ்.
Secondly, the naming of the Moldavite Skull now entrusted to my safekeeping, a gift from the stars and not of this planet. The skull is named Mekon Das and brings forth crystal technologies to be used once again for the benefit of those serving as grounded aspects at this time.

​The resonances of crystal Moldavite work directly with the signature vibrations of StarSeeds attuning neural pathways to recognize patterns off vibrations (forms) existing externally of Gaia’s collective consciousness.


Walk-In 18th June 2009 – Higher Self Aspect

Walk-ins represent Soul Aspects from other dimensions, who ‘awaken’ in the body of a person here on earth. In all cases, there has been a Soul contract agreed between the arriving Soul and the originating Soul that has occupied the body since birth. Walk-ins use this method to enter the earth plane at a point when their specific mission requires it start soon after they arrive. Their mission necessitates they skip the birth and adolescent stages to transform directly into an adult body. Yet this is not always the case as some walk-ins, can arrive within a much younger body, however proves an exception rather than the rule. When a child walk-in occurs, it is because the soul coming in, needs experiences of childhood and adolescence to form a foundation for their specific mission. So childhood and adolescent walk-ins, usually don’t awaken the consciousness until they reach adulthood.

Clear Indications of a walk-in are:

1. Walk-ins usually occur during rather traumatic events in the host soul’s life, as with a severe illness or a car accident. Many come in during a near death experience and is the most common way for walk-ins exchange places, but is not the only way this transpires. But in most all cases, the actual walk-in transpired when the host is unconscious.
2. Almost overnight, the host suddenly has little or no connection with some of the family members.
3. Divorce occurs just before or within a short period after the walk-in has arrived.
4. The host can experience physical pain in the neck and shoulders not present before the walk-in.
5. Sudden changes in tastes with food, clothing, hobbies and personal interests.
6. There is also a loss of coordination, even memory lapses, along with trouble delivering speech.
7. A sudden dip of interest in career and hobbies as new paths are created, along with a sudden interest in all things spiritual.
8. A very strong knowing they have a specific mission to accomplish, though not remembering the exact details which gradually rises to the forefront of memory.
9. The walk-ins generally still carry the crystal gene.
10. Some retain memories of their home world or mother ship and have specific off world memories. They retain the memories of their former incarnate forms without the associated emotional attachments or triggers.

Walk-ins, actually retain a far bigger, more challenging role on earth because they’ve spent most of their incarnation on another plane of existence and then come to earth in the middle to later parts of an incarnation. They may find living in these times an extremely difficult and ‘alien’ prospect.

Description of the Polarian Star Seed – by Akemi
Polarians come from the star system of Polaris, the North Star. Our Earth’s axis used to point directly to Polaris. However, when Maldek, the planet that used to be where asteroids are located now, exploded, it affected other planets including the Earth. It is also said one Earth year (the time it takes to complete one circulation around the orbit) was exactly 360 days, corresponding to 360 degrees. The solar system was beautifully designed.

Polarians embody the energy of the true north, loyalty. They are down to Earth and have a rock solid way of living. On the soul level, Polarians remember how things were before and still feel resistance to this change. It’s horrible their home star will not be the pole star in the future! Some Polarians react to this from their subconscious and try to weigh down the Earth by gaining weight. Polarians are also sensitive to Earth energy, so changes such as earthquakes affect them. I advise Polarians to take things easy when there is an earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption even if it is happening far from where they live.
Polarians’ gifts
Polarians bring the gift of unity and wholeness. Again, this is a wonderful gift to this fragmented and conflicted world. Restoring the value of group and community, while balancing it with individualism, is important. Interestingly, Polarians have two points of vibration. Usually, we have just one level of vibration, with some fluctuations. Polarians have higher point and lower point of vibration. Most of the time, they operate at the lower level, which keep them grounded. The lower point of vibration is not necessarily a bad thing. While we do want to raise our vibration rate, pushing ourselves higher when we are not ready is no good. Polarians’ lower vibration point keeps them to live and work in a steady, predictable way. When they are at their higher point of vibration, they move swiftly toward their goals. I also think some Polarians use this higher point of vibration to receive intuition and communicate with the spirits. Although Polarians usually need a lot of time to make decisions, they move quite swiftly when they are tuned in to their higher vibration point.

Polarians’ role on Earth
Polarians’ sensitivity to Earth’s energy is interesting. Our Earth is ascending, raising her vibration rate, and influencing her residents’ vibration rate. Polarians are the workhorse in this Ascension, the shift of ages.

Origins on Earth 
Originally, Polarians were the first Root Race upon Earth and were the progeny of celestial beings. They were ethereal, a-sexual and devoid of all understanding through mind, intelligence and will. The energetic non-physical pre-corporeal bodies maintained existence through binary fission and interacted without interpretation, feelings or emotions.

Polarians’ ideal
Polarians are the glue in a group. They are not charismatic and not a typical leadership type, but they have a way to gather and keep people together for a common cause. They know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unity and wholeness are the Polarian ideal. In Polarians’ ideal world, everyone comes together in a circle, talks about everything, and decides everything together. This is a beautiful vision. It reminds the ancient community where everyone in the village was included and valued. This is a great antidote to the fragmented modern world that causes so much pain of isolation. However, it also reminds kindergarten. Belonging is good, but so is independence. Polarians need to understand others’ need to have some breathing space. Not everyone wants to be included in everything. Trusting and letting others make their decisions are critical learning experiences for Polarians.

Polarians’ challenges in career and finance
Polarians are team players. If your business requires group effort, you want Polarians in your team. They keep the group functioning in a grass-root manner. Don’t underestimate them for their non-showy grounded disposition.

Polarians’ tendency to stay in the same place works in their career, too. These are the souls who keep the same job for years. Again, it’s critical they review the situation occasionally to make sure it is still serving them. Because it is very difficult for Polarians to initiate change, they may want help such as life or career coaches.

Polarians present us a solid way to success. We often associate success with brilliant talent and extraordinary effort, but success can also be achieved by doing the one thing, day in, day out, making steady progress over a long time. Some Polarians I know have accumulated impressive wealth this way.


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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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