ESSENCE OF BEING HUMAN Being human for me has been the toughest challenge; not only my 26 years of experience here in this life, but for all of my previous human incarnations on this planet. I know for a fact that, I am not alone in this struggle of understanding and coping with being human. It is a very common trait of a Starseed Being or an Indigo to have difficulties with this whole human experience. So if it is so difficult to be human, what exactly does that mean? Where does the difficulty come from and how can we cope with it on a deeper level? If we are indeed hybrid Inter-dimensional beings who encompass DNA strands from higher sources, shouldn’t it be easy existing as a third-dimensional being? Think about the difference between being a human and being a dog or a cat. They each have a cognitive and neurological ability to feel emotions as well as physical pain. Although they are still consciousness they do have a lower capacity to understand and comprehend the ratio of ideas that humans can. Don’t we all wish at one point in our lives to just be a pet? We assume that it would be so much easier to hop into the body of our pet, rather than continue being a human. Now take that same comparison, and think about an eighth-dimensional being such as a Pleiadian. Compared to being a human you would think that existing, as an eighth-dimensional being would pale in comparison. However this is just not the case, and this is where things get a bit complicated. From every inter-dimensional being that I have spoken to, along with councils apart of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), they have all relayed the same message; it is difficult to be a human. So why? Why is this human experience so damn difficult to live through even though we are these powerful beings of light? I feel as though I have part of the answer to this but this information can get convoluted so let’s break it down. PLANET EARTH AND WHY IT IS “SPECIAL” I most likely will write a book on this topic. It is simply too vast to cover in just one article but I will briefly go over the information that I have channeled regarding Mother Gaia. Earth has been prophesied throughout the entire universe as the chosen “one”. That’s right, our planet, right here right now is considered the chosen one. So why is this? Earth is a galactic hub of inter-dimensional beings. If you have found yourself to this article, this is most likely not a new concept for you. We have been visited by higher vibrational Beings since the beginning of our civilization. It has been highly documented (although suppressed) that these beings have given us mathematics, language, and technology beyond our comprehension and ability. This extra help from our cosmic friends has allowed us to expand exponentially throughout the years. We have advanced our civilization faster than any other third-dimensional civilization in the universe. “However, we have been given even more gifts than just the external help of advancement and knowledge. We have been given the gift of DNA.” Now think of it this way, if you put a dog in front of a computer and tell them to send an e-mail, what is going to happen…? Nothing. So as these inter-dimensional beings give us technology we are actually able to utilize them. We are capable of utilizing these gifts at an advanced rate because we are not just 3D Beings. We are not just Humans. Let’s take a step back for a second and talk about the entire purpose for existing here in this universe in the first place. Keep in mind, I do not do any external research, this information all comes channeled to me, you can decided to take it or leave it, depending on your resonation.
Life Itself We can all agree there is a Source Energy. A pure white light, intellectual consciousness that has created the reality we see around us. Our consciousness has also created and manifested itself as individual beings acting separate from source. Why you ask? Well, what do you do when you have everything? All source, all knowledge, all existence? I mean, if you had everything in existence then wouldn’t you get bored? Wouldn’t you want to know what having nothing actually felt like? This is exactly what source energy did. Source divided itself into individual conscious entities so that it can learn through separation and challenges. After all, this entire universe is based on the law of binary. If there is black, there is white, if there is nothingness, there is everything. It would only make sense that this was the natural flow for source. The purpose of creating individual entities separate from source was so that source can recreate itself. If a consciousness starts with nothing, it goes through the necessary steps to regain everything once again. It is literally just the cycle of existence here in this universe. Think about a sunflower. As a whole flower, it is beautiful, complete and has everything it needs. However, at once point in time that sunflower sheds its pedals and plants new seeds to recreate itself in other forms. This is similar to the flow of existence within this universe. Everything at a micro level can be compared to the macro level. This reality is just a mirror reflection of the bigger reality within this universe and across multiverses. In order to learn as an individual consciousness we need to start from the first dimension. From what I have channeled, there are about 12 dimensions in this universe. We begin at the first dimension to learn everything we can within the confines of that said dimension. Because time is simultaneous, we do not necessarily move through all the dimensions in order from first to last. In order to complete a dimension so that we never need to come back, we need to learn everything that dimension has to offer. Go back to the example of the flower. All a flower needs to exist is sun, water and earth. How many lessons are contained within its existence? The answer is a limited amount of lessons. It only has the conscious capacity to learn so many things contained within the confines of its current incarnation. This concept can be applied to all beings existing in all dimensions across the universe. An eighth-dimensional being has a larger capacity to understand, feel and comprehend then a third-dimensional being, giving it more lessons to learn. But this is all relative, and we all need to work up to the point where we are once again without a body in the 12th dimension. At the point in which we have learned all the perceivable lessons within all the incarnations within all the dimensions, we then not only go back to source, but we become source ourselves. We can start to create entire universes with our own intentions. We as source, choose to divide ourselves; shed our pedals, and create new life as a Life-Force Energy. Okay, hopefully you are all still with me. LETS MOVE BACK TO WHY EARTH IS SO IMPORTANT Earth and the beings on it have always been prophesied by many different inter-dimensional species. This planet and its inhabitants have always been somewhat of an experiment. “Have you ever thought of yourself as an experiment? Well you weren’t far off!” The reason why humans have been considered an experiment and why we have so many high vibrational inter-dimensional beings interested in this third-dimensional civilization is because we were CREATED. That’s right. “Only a small fraction of our evolution was natural.” Most of the work was through very dedicated beings that wanted to create a Super-Species. I said it…a Super-Species. Human beings are a combination of many different species. I have channeled that the Tall Grey Zetas, Reptilians, Annunaki and Pleiadian’s among a number of other possibilities that have helped to create our species. So why then did all of these powerful beings come together to create one species? Especially when we consider all of these beings to have very different motives and very different vibrational frequencies. I could go on about why each one put their DNA into humans, all for different reasons of course. But when I really took a step back and asked the GFL why in the grand scheme of things were we created; I got this answer.
THE ANSWER OF HUMAN EXISTENCE: GFL on the Creations of Super-Beings: “Humans were created to be the fasted evolving species within this universe. Although at the time not all of the species that created you were entirely aware of what they were helping to create, it was all contracted and prophesied to happen. The GFL and other galactic and universal organizations wanted to see if it was possible to create a Super-Species so that the evolutionary process to become Source was advanced. Due to the genetic composition of the species who created you, you are able to tap-in and process vibrations and dimensions far beyond your physical capacity. Nowhere else in the universe is there a species who is embodied within one dimension but can travel through the other dimensions. If your species “wakes up” as you like to call it; then the entire flow of this universe will be changed. But that is information we will relay to you at a later date”. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO BE A HUMAN? Let’s get back to the main question. The reason why most of us struggle here on this planet is because we are constantly battling our true nature; inter-dimensional expansion along with the culture that society has provided us with. Society (i.e. the elites/top 1%) have programmed us to believe that we are worthless insects, living to make money and die. The elites, who I believe are mostly Reptilian hybrids are brainwashing us so that we forget how powerful we are. The more we are controlled by the mundane and depressing facets of life, the less we realize our true potential, and the more they feed off of our fear. “The brighter a light that shines, the darker a shadow it casts”. Our humanity is ultra bright, and that means that it has attracted some of the darkest entities in the universe. They are stuck in fear and do not want to see this Super-Species succeed. It is like a jealous brother not wanting to see their younger sibling surpass them. Because of the fear the Reptilians process, they are literally stuck in their fourth-dimension density. They literally have to feed off of us humans, our blood, our fear, and our innocence in order to travel the universe like we can… HUMANS AND EMOTIONS Now, not only is it difficult to be human because we aren’t just human. But it is difficult to be human because we have emotions. There are other species in the universe, across all dimensions that also have emotions. A lot of abductees and people who have had encounters say that other beings are emotionless. But this simply is not the case. Other beings have plenty of emotions but they express those emotions through telepathy rather than action and reaction. Emotions seem to control humans every thought, action and reaction… emotions even control our memory! The reason why is because we have been implanted with Reptilian DNA. Specifically referring to the fight or flight mechanism of the brain. Scientists actually call this mechanism the “Reptilian Brian”… go figure. Not only do we have this “fight or flight” mechanism, we have an entire society that is aimed at targeting and stimulating this reaction within us. Our society and the elites are doing this is so that we will be trapped… just like them in this perpetual misery of the third and fourth dimensions. The second we start quieting our ego mind,/survival mind/Reptilian mind, is the second we actually start ascending into other profound dimensions. Our conscious selves are constantly fighting with our unconscious selves. Our inter-dimensional selves are constantly fighting with our Reptilian selves. What I have channeled and been told is that planet Earth is one of the most difficult planets and existences in the universe. Which is why we have so much help and why I believe we are all inter-dimensional beings with limitless possibilities. You wouldn’t be here if you were not strong enough to be here. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t ready to fully step into your power. Yes it is difficult to be human, but we are all participating in the biggest event known throughout the universe. Now we are ready to change, now we are ready to expand, now we are ready to become aware of our true selves. It is time to step up and understand that you are here for a purpose. You have special gifts and abilities to present to the world in order to help with the transition from 3D to 5D. You are HERE. And I love you xox -EA

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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