by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden

LORD SAINT GERMAIN ~ Learning to Receive the Divine Feminine with the Four-Body System

Who are you as a Spiritual Being connecting to your Feminine Essence? We don’t mean your physical body’s gender that you have as a human being. We don’t mean how you dress or act. This is a question just as powerful for both women and men. The Earth is shifting. That shift is all about moving toward the feminine perspective of the Loving Self and away from the Controlling Self. And in truth the Earth is shifting because the higher frequencies of Light/Love from the Cosmos are bringing forth a mandate of new energies that are no longer compatible with the “old earth energy” of such dominate masculine ways of being. But does that mean you, as a person, as a soul, will easily adapt to that shift in energies? Does it mean you will simply “evolve” into acquiring a softer, more open and vulnerable sense of yourself (and therefore the “who” of who you are with others will reflect that shifting so that you bring forth a new way of living upon the earth)? The simple answer is yes, as a soul, you will. The more complicated answer is that it will take lifetimes of reincarnating upon the earth in order to evolve more deeply into that way of being – that is, if you simply allow the evolution of the new earth energies to make that shift for you. Most of humanity lives lifetime to lifetime reincarnating in order to grow as a soul. That growth takes one form: Spiritual Wisdom of the Self. It must be acquired. Very few actively seek this particular kind of growth out as a living person and instead learn only through life’s experiences. It is not a matter of being religious, as the vast majority of souls pursue religious practices. Instead it is a matter of utilizing the God Essence of the Self, that eternal part of you that is God, to become, not just a guidepost, but the determining factor of who you are. Stepping into an active, conscious, intentional life that enhances your Feminine Self is exactly what initiates of Spiritual Mastery do so they can shift their own energetic self, which then shifts the physical self. To achieve God’s Truth within, the present obstacle for human life is to first find our Feminine Divine within, such that we undertake a fundamental shift in not just our outlook and understanding of life and living, but the very energy we choose to engage in for life and living. This requires one to have the ability to “know thyself” in a completely different way. Vulnerability of the Self is not just an attitude or the opposite of being controlling, it is a dynamically stable emotional force that allows for the action and creation of Love to such an extent that its living understanding is presently foreign to most of humanity. To get there we each need to first be shown the way, to see where we have not learned it in our prior lives and in our current personalities, which is why the gift of experiencing that Love from the Higher Frequencies as taught within proper Ascension Mastery* teachings is so crucial for humanity to actively learn to evolve, in this lifetime. As Lord Saint Germain shares with us at this present time: “In order for the process of an individual to learn to express within themselves through the spiritual essence of their Feminine Divine, there has to be an alliance to occur within each of the four-bodies through the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Realms. “This means that the most important element lies within the Physical Self which comprises the consciousness that an Initiate is holding within themselves. The physical vehicle is a complex structure and houses many levels of awareness through the journey that a soul takes within that physical self. “The complexity of understanding the process is not just sitting, relaxing, breathing and then allowing the Higher Self to help acknowledge the exchange of energies to become more acute within the individual. “In fact, the physical self has to be trained to stop the interference’s that can occur. The cellular structure within the physical realm holds all the memories and ideas that have occurred in the present lifetime. In addition, the Etheric Body also holds the remembrances of previous timelines both good and bad that make up the personality of the physical self. Both the Etheric and the Physical work hand-in-hand, as without the memories lodged within the Etheric Realm, then the personality of the individual on a physical level, would be quite different. “It would be wonderful if a soul did not have to deal with the past memories lodged within the subconscious that reflects into the consciousness of a person. There is a forgetfulness that occurs, but yet until an individual steps into the understanding within themselves that they have had many lifetimes and memories to acknowledge, then the process of the internalization of deep healing can then be accepted. “This is why so many individuals have experienced numerous lifetimes in which their personalities mirror who they have been in previous timelines. “You, as the Initiate, start to explore your consciousness through meditations, dream interpretations, and researching by opening up each of your chakras and the four bodies, then you remove the Veil of Forgetfulness and realize there is much more to your consciousness. “It is usually at this time that an awakened soul searches for the truth, but what they do not realize is that truth lies within their own subconscious mind. Learning to access it and allow it to become part of your reality is probably one of the most challenging steps that an Initiate can take on within themselves. “But yet, it is the most rewarding for the Soul’s Essence. “What I want to convey is the fact that the healing process must come through each of the four bodies. There is no rhyme or reason which bodies go through the healing process first. Usually, the body that is most resistant is the one that takes the longest to open up it’s doorway into the secret chamber within a person’s history. “The key to opening up this pathway into the soul’s remembrance is SURRENDERING all aspects that may be obstructing the chambers of each of the bodies. Some may think that it comes first through the Physical Self, when the consciousness awakens and wants to know more. “But yet, the Consciousness is more connected to the Mental Realm than the physical. It is important to remember that the physicality of your existence holds all the memories as shared about the Cellular Structure. The cells within an individual’s bodily system are vibrant with the history of all experiences that have occurred. “As an Initiate learns to relax the body, it allows for the entryway of the other bodies – Etheric – Emotional – Mental to work in unison as the four-body system instead of acting as an Individual Consciousness. “The key to allowing the four bodies to come into alignment with each other stems from Divine Love and all of the aspects it represents. It is important to think about this as when you relax the body, you let the mind stand in the background while the Emotional Self will heal to open up the Gates of Vulnerability. “Some many individuals may think that Vulnerability means sadness, not feeling a connection, so they have a tendency to hold those energies at bey which means they are not realized in a state of becoming that Divine Love. “When an individual opens up this doorway that has been blocked, then more healing occurs in each of the four bodies. Yes, it can feel different, some may say it has a Raw feeling in their Heart or Solar Plexus. That is because it has not been acknowledged previously, and the incarnated self is feeling a source of love and light that has not been part of their reality in the physical consciousness. “It is important to step into the role of self-care allowing the Divine Mother’s essence to give unto you the blessing of nurturance that will assist in becoming Self-Radiant acknowledging the Divine Truth of your Spiritual Self. This will, in turn, assist all of your bodies to heal at the rate that is most appropriate for them and your Soul’s Personality. “Be patient with this process as it is not an easy one. Don’t push it away or desire to force yourself to go faster. That will only result in damaging the energy patterns within your chakras and your four bodies. “It must occur as you are ready to receive and accept the Divinity of the Feminine Essence to become part of your reality.” Blessings and Love,
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