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LION’S GATE PORTAL represents the SIRIUS PLANETARY action of Ascension from it’s third dimensional form (Sirius A planet) into the creation of a new planet in the fifth dimensional form (Sirius B).

Over the years we have seen many articles and postings about these fifth dimensional energies being on our planet to the extent that individual believe they are now living in a fifth dimensional reality. This is despite the many lower energies that occur on the planet that are not in a higher love/light frequency of inclusiveness and oneness. We include not only the harsh weather patterns that are across the globe, but also the global pandemic, not to mention many warring conflicts among many tribes and cultures worldwide including aggressive political views. It is not possible for a planet to arise to a fifth dimension under such conditions.

All is not to be forsaken however, as it is very possible for individuals to choose a spirituality lifestyle of Ascension Mastery (Ascension Spirituality) that creates more fifth dimensional consciousness within their persona. It does require huge shifts within the personality which is made up of the mental mind, the emotional heart and the etheric soul. (We differentiate the “soul” with the lowercase “s” as being the one who reincarnates for lifetime after lifetime, hundreds of times: essential the “you” that is you. In comparison there is also the “Soul” with the uppercase “S” that is that eternal God Spark of your Divinity, which does not change from lifetime to lifetime and exists in purity at the highest dimensional frequency of the 144th Dimension). So within each person who desires to achieve it, the full body system of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical must evolve into its higher energy equivalents for the higher consciousness to become the dominant consciousness.

Anyone who has spent years of their life perfecting a trade of a skill can attest that they had to grow in many ways in order to become a master at that endeavor.

Ascension Mastery is no exception, yet, ascension from a 3d way of living into a 5d one is not possible for even an individual person without learning the in’s and out’s of why they keep reincarnating and repeating the same cycles lifetime to lifetime. This is the process the Sirius B population had to go through and it took them many decades if not hundreds of years. That is why they are specifically positioned to now assist humanity and Gaia, they know what it involves.

The key is to understand that “ascension” is not something that will happen to you, it is something you must create yourself, not as an external reality as no soul can do that, but by seeking to rewrite your karma as a soul who has lived many lifetimes. Technically, it requires “de-acending” higher light frequencies, which are the 22 Rays of God, into your entire beingness.

Gateway Portals of vibration and frequency such as the LION’S GATE are therefore, and energy that helps you look more deeper into who you are being as a soul on this planet in all aspects and areas of your life: this is both a consciousness energy and literal Rays of God from the Cosmic Dimensions. In order to “take up the mantle” of that higher person one must exhibit great fortitude and effort, just as that master crafts person had to do.

We have been exclusively teaching this form of Ascension Mastery for almost a decade as Walking Terra Christa, and Lady Mahlariessee did so herself for a decade prior. We have found there is no substitute.

At the end of the article we are including a link to utilize the energies of the Lord of Sirius to assist you in your spiritual growth to become more aligned with a way of living that is more loving, more compassionate, more inclusive, more divine even, in how one comes to view life on earth and their fellow travelers upon her, but most importantly how on comes to view themselves.

For 2021 we know that the time of this connection will cause one to rise to a higher level of acceleration if they allow it to happen. It can cause dysfunction within the physical body until the personality self accepts the transformation that is occurring.This has been occuring since the 28th of July but specifically the 8th of August is the main portal that is being opened. It is important for souls to absorb the energies and not question it as to why or what is occurring.Sirius is helping Gaia, us as the human souls to accept our Divine Love, remove the darkness that has ensued us and create harmony and balance in our lives which will richen all of humanity. it is a time to fully accept the power that we hold in our spiritual light bodies. They do not want Earth to go through what Sirius A did, so their assistance is very intensified.Did you know that within your Medical Assistance Program Healing Team there is one Sirian Healer that is working to help your four body system and DNA to become more aligned with what you desire it to be? Call upon them in your meditations, before sleep and specifically state any issues you are having in your four bodies, physical, emotional, mental, etheric and of course spiritual.Take time in silence to absorb the energies – they continue through the 12th.

Greetings My Fellow Light Beings,

It is a pleasure to connect with each of you at this powerful time of acceleration. I am Lord Metatron at your service.

I want to converse with you about the energetic exchanges that are occurring presently upon the planet. The Lion’s Gate has been receiving great attention by many individuals as it is always a very powerful moment within the year.

This year is especially interesting as the open of the gateway of energies is truly a continuation of light that occurred [last year]. You see, that the energies of last year were so very powerful that the movement of the frequency has been continuing into [this year]. We have arrived at that juncture in which the gate’s opening doorway allows for more grounding energies to occur within the planet.

It brings forth the ability for more to occur by allowing your soul’s essence to acknowledge the presence of these light formations.

The exchange of light that occurs through Sirius is very special as their planetary movements are very similar to what you are experiencing, but yet it comes in a different way of understanding. Sirius B is the planet that is emitting these frequencies; in fact, Lord and Lady of Sirius with the Councils of Sirus are very prevalent within the exchange that is occurring. We are all very present for these emanations of light to bring forth more possibilities within the physical realm of Gaia.

There are so many more elements that need to be acquired before the assistance of Sirius B can be acknowledged within a physical state of conditioning. But the process of allowing the potential of Seventh Dimensional energies to be experienced, not by the physical self, but by the higher consciousness of the Earth to be expanded within the state of consciousness of humanity.

In other words, the Earth is not becoming seventh dimensional at all, but the access of the Vortex is seventh dimensional.

This means that the transference of energies are not a grounding essence but yet it passes through the earth and then beyond the earth for the potential of acceleration to occur.

If you can understand your own consciousness and what that may mean for you in any given moment, then you can grasp the potential of more to be realized within your world. It is like standing on the edge of a precipice not knowing what the outcome will be but knowing that there is more to be realized. This is exactly what is occurring presently through this Lion’s Gate.

The energy of this vortex of light represents a spiritual grounding force that needs to be applied within the four-body system. It is an entryway to allow the inclusive energies to be received in order to assist the three minds of the conscious – sub-conscious –   super-conscious. It is the potential of all elements to come into place to allow for the entryway of more to be realized.

It is also the process of going back through the Etheric Body to allow the healing to occur. This means that the many moments that are still stuck in pockets of despair within the Etheric Level need to be released.

The Lion’s Gate is a very powerful surge of light energy that is creating all souls to awaken to another part of their reality – the reality that they know nothing about.

Not only are all souls upon the earth moving through their Etheric Self, Gaia is going through the same. This means that timelines are being healed and erupted as we speak. Events that are occurring can be elements of the past to be put into wholeness so that there are no pantheons of existence upon the earth. The pantheon energies are everywhere around the earth.

This will take some time for this clearing process to occur as it will not be an easy transition.

This, in turn, allows for the blending of all energies to come into balance. It is the highest experience of knowingness that can occur for a soul inhabited within the body upon a planet that is going through the same process. But the most important element is to allow the process to happen.

This energetic exchange can cause many energies to shift.

It is a time of great transformation in which elements will arise, healing will take place, and has the potential of allowing the physical self to step further into their destined awareness of Spirit and Matter becoming One.

You must remember that it can cause great destruction and change to occur. Be prepared for a sequence of events to change within the Earth.

Of course, this wave of light has already started on July 26, 2016. It is building up to the 8th of August and then will waver off about the 12th of August. This is when it is imperative to get to know what is happening within you.

This is not just about allowing the energies to come within you, and change; it is being part of the process.

I want everyone to be encouraged that this is a time of great growth. Each individual soul will be affected by these energies; it is imperative to realize that each of you that are fully aware of these energies have a responsibility to yourself. As you fully integrate the changes, then you are doing Gaia a great service.

Every soul upon this Earth holds their own frequencies and if those levels of light are within a low percentage, then Gaia cannot move forward. Of course, each awakened soul needs to know that they are accelerating, but it is important to fully ground the energies.

If you do not allow the change to become all parts of you, then it cannot be achieved.

The body will feel the changes so it is important for you to have tools in place that assist you in going through the process. It is about being aware of who you are becoming in each moment.

Don’t allow the third dimensional construct that you have been part of to stop you in this process.

The mirrors must be broken in order for the full effect to be realized in all of your parts: through the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Bodies. This energetic exchange is about Alignment of the Self.

What I suggest is that after the 8th of August it should have come to a moment of culmination. It is a good time to do a ceremony for yourself especially in the outdoors.

Embrace who you are becoming.

Then, the next phase will be for you to ground it through all of your chakra centers allow your energy to become more than it was the moment before.

Another tool is to write everyday about what you are feeling, what you have done, and how you feel you have been affected for the day. Do this through the entire phase of the Lion’s Gate. This will assist you to become more of what is happening; to increase your energetic exchange within your physical cells, organs, muscles, and joints. Walk with the energy; become it completely, as it will truly help you acknowledge the change within you.

This process is allowing the change to occur within Gaia. What you are experiencing on the earth presently is exactly what Sirius went through and that is why they separated into another planet.

Each of the beings of Sirius along with myself, Archangel Michael, and many others are working with each of you to help in this process of sustaining these energies upon the earth.

Expect changes to happen. I know you are being challenged with everything that is occurring within and around the earth, but your role is to stay above that increased duality. Don’t buy into it and remember your tools for the changes you are about to experience.

This is the year in which the true grounding needs to occur in order to allow the actualization of the new light to come into existence. Remember that this is the year of endings and new beginnings. This is something to truly be excited about.

Allow the energies to become you, Do the Work, and then See the Results to appear within You.

I Am Lord Metatron at your service.

So Mote It Be ~ It is Done

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee (formerly spelled “Meleriessee”).

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