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From Your Hostess of Light: As I prepared for this past 33rd year celebration of the 8:8 LionsGate the universe pushed and pulled at my brain trying to stretch me into new insights like salt water taffy at the jersey shore. I was going thru a lot of personal emotional deluge as most of us, which seems to clog up the proverbial psychic pipeline. Being an empath and overly sensitive I feel events before they happen. I was shown truths and future events that would be felt around the world. Like a wood pecker on an old tree, (knock on wood) my psychic ducts finally quacked and unclogged. Like a billboard the words ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ floated to the surface of my personal duck pond.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to be true due to the behavior of the believer. Self-fulling means “brought about as a result of being foretold or talked about to the point of manifestation,” prophecy refers to the prediction. Another definition of self-fulfilling prophecy is someone “predicting” or expecting something and this “prediction” or expectation coming true simply because the person believes it. In this new virtual world of self-fulling prophecies are just a tweet away from instant manifestation. We all saw this come to life the last couple of years.

An example of a self-fulfilling prophecy is a Bank closing just because of rumors that it would be closing maybe started by a disgruntled employee. This energy then creates what is called a ‘causal loop’ that has a life force of its own. The rumor magnifies everything, the people panic and start withdrawing their money from the bank, forcing the bank to run out of money and close; voila the self-fulfilling prophecy is fulfilled. We have seen this on global level, not only disease but toilet paper. We also saw many prophecies from Nostradamus to Trump fall flat on their faces. Others continued to grow a tale, no matter how much we tried to nip it in the bud with our prayers and commands, covid is an example of that. False beliefs have a life of their own. So how do you nip a negative self-fulfilling prophecy in the butt? You create a bigger shinier more dynamic self-fulfilling prophecy!

Every self-fulling prophecy, no matter how small (like telling your boss a white-lie as to why you cannot come into work today and then having to live out that white lie as it came to life) will eventually create a ‘casual loop’. In the future history will be rewritten as all of the earths self-fulfilling prophecies still tweet and friend forever thru time via the never-ending cloud.

A causal loop is a circular chain of variables affecting one another. One variable affects a second variable, which in turn affects a third variable, and onward. The casual loop is connected energetically to the Casual chakra which is being powerfully activated at this time in history. The causal chakra lives above the Crown chakra and allows a two-way flow of powerful light from the higher realms. The causal chakra has an influential purpose as it provides the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to Spirit. It is Through the Causal chakra we receive messages, information, and inspiration allowing us to see the bigger picture via intuition. The Causal Chakra is connected to the Moon and is your own personal Moon above the crown chakra, absorbing and radiating divine healing feminine light. The Moon is actually an ascended satellite that holds the higher aspects of the divine feminine being broadcast to earth.

As we enter this new dimensional doorway there will be new roads and rules we will have to absorb, like reading the universes palm with a blindfold on. We will learn to create self-fulfilling prophecies with a giant causal loop wrapped around them. Knowing that our words do touch other worlds; Knowing now our words have a great power within them for, for good or bad. We are the director’s producers and actors in our self-fulfilling event. Opening our beautiful causal shiny moon chakra to a point of spiritual attunement and alignment will assist us in knowing our soul desires and destiny. Like a safety hatch in a submarine, reach above your crown chakra and move your awareness thru the dimensional rabbit hole into enlightenment. Learn how to create self-fulfilling prophecies that twirl about seeking a safe place to land upon a healed earth.

Accessing Your Causal Chakra: In order to access the causal chakra get yourself into a place of Stillness, with reverence and Light. Use your breath to inhale and exhale all that is love, all that is healing, and all that is the highest truth!. In your imagination visualize a beautiful light coming from deep within the heart of Mother Earth moving up through your Earth-star chakra, thru the souls of your feet, moving up through all the mini chakras As well as the main chakra points; filling you, cleansing you, clearing you into rejuvenating. Allow your inner mind to follow this powerful energy up thru your Crown chakra. As it passes thru your crown chakra you’ll hear a slight pop, this shows that the causal chakra, your moon-like chakra, has an opening granting you entrance into its place of power.

Using your breath and holding the highest vibration of light and love, move your awareness up pass the crown chakra into your Causal chakra, see the satellite Moon with creamy white light opening itself up to you. What appears solid is not as you move your awareness into this powerful chakra. Allow yourself entrance into this place of expanded consciousness, become one with the energy, open your heart, share your light, manifest with that which sees the future in a place of no time, but all possibility. Ride your magical self safely into this place. See all of your self-fulfilled prophecy’s and dreams come true reaching out their hearts and souls to you and planet Earth. Believe in Causal Effect as you learn to work and play in this place of plenty.

8:8 after-events as of writing this newsletter

1. RARE NAKED-EYE NOVA: Every 20 years or so, a thermonuclear explosion occurs on the surface of RS Oph, a white dwarf in the constellation Ophiuchus. This week it happened again. On Aug. 8th, the brightness of the tiny star increased 600-fold, from magnitude +12 to +5. Keith Geary of Ireland was the first to notice. Hours later, Italian astronomer Ernesto Guido and colleagues photographed the outburst using a remote-controlled telescope in Australia: This is called a “recurrent nova,” and it is rare. In the whole Milky Way galaxy, only 7 star systems are known to produce such explosions.

RS Oph is actually a binary star, one side is a white dwarf, the other side is a red giant. ( I feel like that somedays) There’s very little distance between the two, so the gravity of the white dwarf is able to pull gaseous material off the larger star down onto itself. Every couple of decades, enough matter accumulates to trigger an explosion. The last time this happened was back in 2006. At 5th magnitude, the current stellar outburst is visible to the naked eye, Look south after sunset. Ophiuchus hangs high in the sky just above the better known constellations Scorpius.

Ophiuchus means “serpent bearer.” This constellation is depicted as a man supporting a serpent. In Greek myth, Ophiuchus was said to depict the god Apollo wrestling the snake guarding the Oracle of Delphi. Ophuichus is all about kundalini (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiling like a snake’). Ophiuchus, as the Serpent Bearer, therefore holds the key to the importance of Kundalini, life force energy and the healing. the association of the serpent with this constellation has been linked with the miraculous powers of snake charmers, shamans and committed Healers. The head of the Serpent-Bearer is where the star Rasalhague is located, this star is filled with powerful, ageless healing wisdom.

2. 8:8 Crop Circle Crop Circle near Kitt’s Lane, Nr West Meon, Hampshire United Kingdom

3. Tropical storm GRACE forms as a physical manifestation of our need for the actual manifestation Grace.

4. 7.2 Earthquake in Haiti (God bless them)

5. 3 volcanos erupt together in Alaska ring of Fire


We gather as a Broadband fine line stream of living light from finite to infinite we stretch ourselves. We stream our hearts our prayers and our secrets forward through time releasing them for full flight into the unknown. In doing this we ask to be lifted in light and Life to a place of Peace on a healed planet. We are Sons and Daughters of all that is Holy precious. Like leaves on the tree of light, we extend ourselves out onto a limb of life. We have been out on the proverbial cracking limb for far too long and seek to be lifted safely by the fates that know us and love us.

We as a planet asked to be lifted to a place of power laced with wisdom. Open the books of prayer the manuscripts the copper Scrolls to a place of revealing and revelation. Let the mouth of sacred sites open wide with wisdom that seeks to be heard and shared, let the falling stars seek your pocket as the weather of our hearts clear. Everything of Earth was conceived in another place another time far from this galaxy. The very Cosmos itself breathes earth in and out on a daily basis. Everything on Earth is starseed, it as you, are conceived in a place of no space no time you hold the secret power that the rest of the universe seeks to know and own. You are The very spice of life that changes the flavor of the entire Cosmic soup. Beginnings and endings are moot points in a world that does not see 365 degrees.

Everything and everyone of the universe seeks to understand Earth, at the very same time that Earth seeks to know all the other planets and stars up close and personal. The solar system asks exactly who has left the building and who has entered on a stellar scale? Symbols beyond time are drawn in the Fine Line of sand that divides us, like a child’s game, who will be brave enough to step over that sandy line first? The fates of all species lives within our daily choices that are numbered and single, yet entwined within the DNA of the Tree of Life that resides upon Earth. Like animals that fight for the same meal the picture is not always pretty. Survival skills will take more effort than preparing for what you think is coming your way.

Gearing up your psychic abilities in this forth coming initiation of enlightenment would put any Seal team to shame. Developing newly found psychic muscles is not for the weak of Mind as URI Geller and Stephan Hawkings showed us in time past. This new psychic muscle demands one Walk In Between Worlds, thoughts and circumstances. You can no longer sweep under the interplanetary rug what is in plain sight. Up the octaves of your body’s ability to see, to know, to remember, to become. Stand in your light as doorways of possibility open, close and revolve all around you.

Hear The Call of the Wild within, as you embrace more of who you really are then any other time or existence on Earth. Within you lives all universes all time all aspects of Godness and goodness. Within you lives the hope not just for Earth but for all existence past this solar system. Vast of experiment you were created to be the actual cowboy in The white hat, the knight on a white steed, the Charge of the Light Brigade.

In order to accomplish this Mission and soul service you must Shuffle the dark cards that life has given you and deal yourself a higher hand. Look at the present circumstances within self and life, into this thought send it a wave of Broadband fine lined laser light. Like a laser wand of Love see the very sticky molecules of the current situation unwinding and reconfiguring it selves into a better possibility and future outcome. Like the Skywalker you are, point your fine lined particles of light into a flight pattern which continues to infuse all life on earth with Hope and healing, truth and wisdom, and eternal love.

Moving Thru Time

As we move thru this year, the weight of our do’s and don’ts seem to get heavier and more solid than any other time in the past. They gather around and cement themselves at our feet, creating an immovable sinking feeling. Our intentions chomp at the bit, our soul gives us the green light, but our human little self-stands still. We sink deeper and deeper into despair and dis-repair, as we beat ourselves with the proverbial wet noodle for not taking action. We spend vast amounts of energy disagreeing with ourselves. Trying to tame what seems to be the wild beast of indecisiveness, the creature that holds us back; always seeming to block our way into happiness, into love, and into abundance. With the amount of energy that we spend on arguing with ourselves, we could build castles in the sky

We stand still and sink deeper in the quicksand, into the quagmire of non-action. We continually sabotage our dreams our desires, our future, in an effort to save the rainforests of the old self not wanting to cut down the old wood. We hold tight to that which once served us. Why are we afraid to move forward? Why are we afraid to take action, to act on?

Everyone on earth is feeling the alteration. We all know that there is no staying in the comfort zone, the null and void zone. We know it is time to get up off the benches of the old self and move into the playing field of what shows itself as a new Way. Yet when it comes our turn to bat, we freeze, Frozen still in all of the possibilities, and the wonders of our future. Humanity is wonderfully destined and designed to change and for change.

Like water, we each have the potential to experience many forms. We have our liquid days, our solid days, our vaporous days, and our evaporated days. We can be as an iceberg, a stream, a cloud, a raindrop, mist, or an ocean. As humans we are 90% water. We ebb and flow with every new thought, every sunrise, and every storm. Recognize that the restlessness within you is a nudge from the Universe, Gentle reminders it is time to let go. You are not moving into a future that is less than; change always walks hand and hand with the energy of ‘more.’ You can be nothing less, but you can always) be more.

Phoenix Rising Stones

These beautiful raw natural stones are filled with all that instructional of healing and rebirth. Peacock ore is part Copper and Pyrite. As with many multi colored stones the interconnectedness creates an entirely unique energy and color vibration. Each stone displays an exclusive array of colors, reflecting the tail feathers of a Peacock. Peacock Ore is one of the most powerful stones for chakra healing it has the ability to align all chakras and open your crown chakra. These beautiful healing stones call themselves ‘Phoenix Rising stones’.

Pyrite is called “Fool’s Gold”. The properties of Pyrite are prosperity, abundance, manifesting great wealth and ‘burning away that which is no longer needed’. The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” meaning ‘fire’. Sparks would fly when it struck another surface. Pyrite is named “Fool’s Gold”, because of its similar sheen and color to real gold. Gold is always found near Pyrite and the only thing foolish about finding “Fool’s Gold” would be not to search a little farther for the real thing. In ancient times Pyrite was used for scrying. Shamans used it as “a stone of power” and is labeled the “Healer’s Stone”. This stone uses intelligent protection. It enhances brainpower, memory, and psychic abilities. Pyrite shields the user from negative energies; it blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears. It is a great stone for treating physical and mental burnout. Use it for clearing muddled thinking and depression. Pyrite creates a flow between right and left-brain. Cleanse and recharge Pyrite under the rays of the Sun.

Copper is considered a lucky metal; this mineral combats lethargy, restlessness, and non-acceptance of oneself or life circumstances. It stimulates initiative, and independence. Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thoughts. Copper works with all of the chakras to pull in energies from higher realms into the physical world and body. Copper positively influences the blood and circulation of the body and is antimicrobial. Many hospitals coat their door knobs in copper to prevent cross contamination. Copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals. It has the power to amplify thoughts and psychic communications.

Peacocks are the noblest of birds with a very regal nature. The Peacock spirit animal represents purity and integrity. Shamans use peacock medicines to awaken dormant clairvoyant abilities. Peacock feathers play a major role in ritual healings and ceremonies. Seeing a peacock means that one will find joy, happiness, and abundance in their life. The peacocks feathers have an association with resurrection, rising out of the ashes. They can help us shed the old feathers of the past and to take back the true splendor of our being.

The peacock is aligned with the mythical Phoenix, which rises and is reborn from the flames and ashes of its funeral pyre. The eyes on the peacock’s feathers represent the ability to see into the past, present and future; viewing the cycle of birth, death and resurrection. The vibration of the Phoenix rises to the surface of our inner being as we too go through the fires of change looking to be rebirthed into a higher light and truth. We seek a way out of the emotional deluge, as our world under goes change after change. We seek immortality in a mortal existence as we watch those we love struggle to stand upright, only to fall to their knees.

The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird with beautiful feathers of gold and red, purple and blue. A phoenix lives for 500-1,000 years. Tradition says that the Phoenix fed only on air, harming no other creature. It lived a solitary life in a far-away land, coming to human-inhabited land only when it was ready to die. When the Phoenix knew its time had come, it flew to Arabia where it gathered myrrh, laudanum, nard, and cassia. Carrying a great load of these fragrances in its wings, the Phoenix flew on to Phoenicia. There, it chose the tallest palm tree and built a nest from all the substances it had brought. At the next dawn, the great bird faced the rising Sun and sang in a beautiful voice. The heat of the Sun ignited the fragrant spices, the nest of myrrh and the great Phoenix burned fiercely. After nine days, a fledgling Phoenix rose out of the ashes. A few days later, when its wings were strong enough, the young Phoenix gathered the ashes of its parent putting them in an egg and flew them to Heliopolis the city of the sun in Egypt. There, the Phoenix put the ashes of its parent in the solar egg on the altar in the Sun temple. Legend says the phoenix existed when the universe was created. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth making it immortal and invincible. The Phoenix never died permanently. To see pix and prices Go to

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