Source: Pamela Kribbe ~ Jeshua ~ Egypt, December 2017
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 12.33.15 PM Dear friends, I am Jeshua, I am your friend and brother. Please feel your connection as a group right now. You are here together for a reason. Old memories are being awakened as you visit the old temples and tombs here. And some of these memories are painful and disturbing. Painful memories are energies that are still a part of your soul and they’re looking for resolution, for liberation. You can be their liberator. And when you are together with like-minded souls, it helps. Because nothing is more reassuring than to feel recognized and understood by another human being who is with you in this earthly reality. Neither angels nor guides can provide the kind of comfort you feel in the presence of like-minded friends. It’s very precious when you meet soul-family on earth. You can support each other and in doing so, you bring down a new and refreshing energy on earth. So please feel the connection between all of you and ground this energy. Feel the energy flowing through your hearts, you are united. And when you feel this shared energy, connect it to earth; allow earth to join you in reuniting you. You have evolved a lot since the ancient days of Egypt. At that age there was a cosmic impulse entering this land, and as I said before, you were inside this impulse. The highest part of you, the most knowledgeable and evolved part contributed to this from the soul level. This part of you loves earth and it cherishes humanity. You are almost like a parent for humanity and Earth. However humanity at that time couldn’t fully integrate or embody your messages, your energy. And so you decided to come down on earth to incarnate again and to understand from within the difficulties, the density and the duality on Earth. A part of you had already completed its journey by that time. Before the ancient civilization of Egypt, there was another civilization called Atlantis and you were deeply involved in expressing your knowledge in this civilization. There was great ambition inside of you, but also a misunderstanding of human life and human emotions. The human heart inside of you had not been awakened yet. But towards the end of Atlantis, when things got out of balance and there were disasters and destruction, your hearts opened. It was a moment of deep crisis but it enabled you to descend, to come down into the area of your heart. Whereas before, you were more focused on your psychic powers, the mind and also the crown chakra, at the end of Atlantis your soul-energy awakened at a deeper and more incarnated level. The energy of love and also the energy of humility (being humble) was born inside your heart. You realized that you had forced things, pushed things too much and that you really had to kneel down and respect the reality of being human. You then (after the demise of Atlantis) wanted to send the energy of love and compassion and wisdom to Egypt. And as I said, you started to have human lives here, but it was very hard to combine the higher and evolved part of you with the very rough and dense nature of reality. Feel this hardship, the pain you have suffered back since those old days. You were pioneers of consciousness. And it made you feel different and lonely a lot of times. Feel that loneliness, that sense of disconnection. Feel your courage and the humility it took to take this upon your shoulders. I am asking you to address these old memories because they want to be healed.
iu-4 You are here again and you are together now. Imagine that in the middle of this circle is a stone, a big stone. The stone is cold and hard. It contains the pain of your loneliness and the darkness, the sense of separation that you have felt in lifetimes before. Also feel how much love is inside this stone that could not be expressed and felt in the past. I am asking you now to send love from your heart to this stone in the middle. You can see golden rays of light entering the stone, warming it from the outside. This pain wants to be healed, it is ready to be healed. In the middle of the stone there is a child. It is your child. It’s the part of you that wanted to live and express itself freely, but couldn’t do this for a long time. And now it feels the golden rays of your heart and it wakes up. Please see how, as this child wakes up, the stone changes into a gemstone with many, many shining colors inside. Like a rainbow. This is your gift to Earth. And Earth wants to give back to you: receive her energy. Feel the child inside this stone, it is part of all of you. Feel it coming to you. Finally it has found its parent. Your higher selves can come down to Earth now. Allow the child to enter you and allow yourself to merge with it. And feel what it needs from you. What energy do you need the most at this moment of your life? If you honor the child inside you, it means you honor life and you honor being human. You are ready to move beyond this cycle of lifetimes in which you were split between the higher and the lower, human part of you. Live as a child. Live spontaneously with an open heart. You can really trust your own instincts. You don’t have to continually review them and weigh them from a spiritual perspective. Your spirituality has come down, it has entered your heart and it now wants to be fully born and integrated in the area of your abdomen, the lower chakras. This is the last step. You have such hesitation and such reservations to allow your energy to fully come down. So feel it now. Allow it to come down, your soul’s energy, into your abdomen, your root-chakra and all through your legs and into your feet. Connect with Earth. Trust your emotions, trust your imagination. You are here to experience joy and lightness now. This is the healing energy you seek. You have become so sensitive and when the lower chakras are not fully grounded, when you are not fully present there, your sensitivity can make you drown in outside energies. Your heart can be too open, feel too much responsibility, absorb too much energy from other people. And this is not your mission now. It is to return to your completed self. Not to be divided anymore but to be a human being, respecting yourself, respecting your boundaries. And from this self-respect and a sense of boundaries to reach out from your heart. Feel yourself strongly for a moment in your root chakra, the base of your spine. Let go of all the energy-cords and attachments to outside things or energies. Be with yourself.
Imagine there is a sacred space around you. This is your home. It is who you are and who you have become throughout this long journey. Breath into this space. Feel protected by your own energy. And stay in this space wherever you are, wherever you go. Within this space, you are both fully divine and fully human. You are complete. Thank you for being here with me. I am with you. © Pamela Kribbe www.jeshua.net

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