Patricia Cota-Robles

Hi Precious Heart,

The Company of Heaven has affirmed that we are in uncharted waters. The intensity and the positive effects of the influx of Light we will experience during the 40-Day accelerated purging process we are now entering will depend on the cooperation of Lightworkers around the World. Beginning with the Opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th and building in momentum through the December 20-21 Solstice you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity have a unique opportunity to move Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth forward in the Light in NEW and previously unknown ways.

On November 11, 2021, the multidimensional 11:11 Portal of Light will be opened to full breadth. During that Cosmic Moment, Lightworkers around the World will have the opportunity to utilize that influx of Light to assist the masses of Humanity to reach ever higher into the frequencies of Unity Consciousness now present in every Heart Flame. Assisting Humanity to reach this level of Unity Consciousness is the Divine Mission we are ALL being Called to assist with during the critical remaining weeks of 2021. This is an essential facet of Humanity’s individual and collective Divine Plan that will pave the way for the life-transforming year 2022.

We are powerful beyond our knowing and when we focus our attention and our Divine Intentions on the Light and on Cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth miracles happen. As the Hopi prophecy states, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”

In order to take full advantage of the Opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th, we are Cocreating in unison with the Company of Heaven a virtual online FREE Activity of Light. The Divine Intent of this event is to unify the Hearts and Minds of Humanity and to accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place in our Earthly Bodies in the most positive way.

Please join me, Patricia Cota-Robles, an Anrita Melchizedek, Aeoliah, ADI Green Tara and thousands of Lightworkers around the World as we God Victoriously accomplish this essential facet of the Divine Plan.



About QuantumCraig

Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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