Ashtar: Living in Ho’oponopono with Mother Gaia

“Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Ashtar and I come to be One with all, all of us together in the Love and the Joy of the Oneness We Are! And yes, we are powerful and we are further empowered by the great energies of Love/Light which are coming and magnifying all that we do.

“And it is to dwell upon that which you might want to call the productive things that we do, or perhaps, the positive. Remember, that one loving thought can cancel a whole bundle of those which are not as loving. Now, we understand when you are human you are sometimes feeling as though you are being bombarded, literally, with low vibrations.
“This is understandable, because look at where Planet Earth has been all of these multitudes of years! We want to take a moment to encourage you to remember something especially helpful. We have discussed this before and we shall mention it briefly here in this time of magnification – Ho’oponopono.

“Be sure that you understand. What we will tell you is simply this: it’s ancient! It’s brought forward from a time where there was Lemuria flourishing upon the Planet. You want to talk about gardens? Oh yes, and beautiful crystals and beautiful beings of Love/Light. All manner of beings, but they were connected, initially at least. They knew the Oneness in all life. They had that great energetic connection of Love and they knew that it was Love, literally, that was the energy of their World.

“This word was brought forward in Hawaii by a grand teacher who has since left her body, but nevertheless she is shining radiantly. Her name is Morrnah and one of her students was Dr. Hew Len. Most of you know of him. He has been teaching ever since the way, the Lifestyle, of Ho’oponopono. It’s not just a bunch of words. But we will say this. We mention it here because if you do have a thought, or say a word, or perhaps even do some kind of an action which is a part of your 3rd Dimensional self coming forward to express so that you can look at, it is most valuable indeed to be in Ho’oponopono.

“It’s not just empty words. Although, it does have somewhat of an ‘abracadabra’ feeling to it, yes, but if you say it with true feeling, that is, from your Heart, it is so much more! It has been loosely translated to say: ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.’ That is alright but that is only the beginning of Ho’oponopono, because Ho’oponopono is really how to live in your Heart!!! And of course, Love is the energy which is there, and which you can call in more of, any time that you choose.
“It is wondrous to remember that this magnification is there to use for all of your upliftments, your healings, your thoughts of Love and Joy and Peace on Earth, and for creating that very Lifestyle and walking into it and living it! But if there is a bit of a slip or even if there is something that you would teach your child or your grandchild, or your neighbor or a stranger, live Ho’oponopono, be Ho’oponopono!!!

“You have the four cornerstones of that which I, Ashtar, have been teaching through this Voice for a few years, and that is Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. Of course, there are many, many other wondrous words – Joy, Peace – we’ve mentioned some already, you can think of more. But when you live that Lifestyle – that is what you are here to do! Did you know that? You are all here to ascend into a Higher Dimensional Lifestyle!!!

“You might think of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, or Ho’oponopono, or other words that might resonate with you as the key to the portal of High Dimensional being and living, and you are going to love it! All of you come to Higher Dimensional existence or experiences anyway, in your sleep times, in your meditation times, in your Joy times, in your loving times.

“You already have experience with it but it’s like you are relearning it. Now, as your DNA unfolds and unlocks more, as your memory of Who You Really Are is restored more and more – and talk about magnification of that – just call it forth! Or as Sekhmet likes to say, command it! Bring it in!
“There are so many opportunities with all of these energies, not just the magnifying. But how about these eclipses, there are eclipses going on all over the universe, of course – there is a division of the Ashtar Command which keeps track of all of it. I, Ashtar, am here to teach my teachings, which are Love and everything that comes from Love.

“Speaking of Love – how about Mother Gaia? Look at all that she has endured, and yet she loves each and every one of the members of all of her Kingdoms of Planet Earth, below, on and above. She loves without ceasing, no matter what she has endured! That is a Mother’s Love, is it not? And that is so precious!

“We are here not only to honor her, not only to encourage you to live Ho’oponopono with Mother Gaia, but to celebrate that you’re all still here! Mother Gaia herself has been in the Ascension process and will be continuing. There is a place for each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, with her. She’s never left you. You may all have had times in your lives, and in all of your lifetimes, for opportunities to turn your backs upon her, to treat her roughly or without consideration. Children do that to their mothers sometimes. They talk back, they think they know more than she does, they’re wiser, smarter and so on.

“In their lack of consideration they do things sometimes that are very hurtful, and they think that it’s okay because they forget that Mother Gaia is a living, breathing, conscious being!!! She’s not just some dirt to drill into, or some rock. She is not here to have her precious treasures taken forcibly from her – she is here to partner with all of the Kingdoms! The animals, the plants, the minerals and the crystals all know that, but there are still some humans who don’t get it.

“We ask that each and every one of you take this opportunity to reflect: ‘How can I live even more in honoring of my connection with Mother Gaia and all that Mother Gaia has done for me? How can I help others to do the same? How can I help others to understand?’

“Maybe it is to set up a recycling program in your community so that Mother Gaia does not have to get so buried under tons and tons of waste materials. Or perhaps it is something on a larger scale, perhaps it is to join one of the organizations which speaks to represent Mother Gaia’s best interests, which is the opposite of how many are treating her; perhaps it is to do some research to find better ways to feed your gardens, to bring life into the soil of your gardens, into the waters that you drink, into the air that you breathe, instead of trying to suffocate or use anything that will suffocate!

“You heard our Beloved News Team* quote: ‘It is up to each and every one of you,’ Beloved Ones, ‘to lead the way’ because most of your leaders are pretty clueless. They’ve lost their way, they’ve been bribed and threatened and taught that they only need to think of themselves, and they are still spewing lies such as: ‘There is no such thing as global warming going on – we don’t have to do anything. Let’s just pay lip service and make the cars a little less polluting’ – or whatever, and lies just keep going on and it’s: ‘Let’s get some more oil and natural gas out of the ground, and let’s get some more coal and let’s go for diamonds and gold’** – and all of these things that really aren’t needed.

“Mother Gaia is recognized throughout the Universe as a conscious, living being and she knows that you can be perfectly comfortable and enjoy all kinds of abundance and help if you will lead the way! That means maybe going to a meeting or signing a petition – you know what petitions are, they are asking that this or that be done or not be done. Think about one thing that you can do that you are not doing right now, no matter how small you might think it is, remember magnification and remember that your commitment from your Heart is known!!!

“Join with Mother Gaia, welcome her into your Hearts, just as you do I, Ashtar, or Sananda, your guidance team, or anyone, and you will see changes coming about in the consciousness of the humans so that these actions which are so destructive will no longer be tolerated, and instead change will bring about all that you desire!

“Mother Gaia is surviving. She’s always been here and she will always be a part of Planet Earth. But just remember that your survival depends upon hers, not the other way around!!! Though you might think so with all of the things that you know are happening. So express some Gratitude while you are at it. We are already in celebration of these changes. Be light, be joyful and be assured that we are with you and that we are indeed partnering with you already! Yes, we have received permission to assist in the clean-up of the most grievous situations, and we have a lot more to do. And these technologies that you are hearing about are real, they are here, and the World is truly moving at warp speed into the Golden Age!!!

“Just remember, Mother Gaia is with you every step along your Paths and remember that she loves you and it is most appropriate that you love her as Mother to All! We have a beautiful time with her, so let us welcome her and let us honor her with this beautiful poem, this music poem*** which is so expressive of our Love to her and of our understanding of how precious her Love is to us.

“Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us, and we shall say that we love you beyond all words!!! And so it is! Salut!”
* Tara and Rama–rama-23-apr-2013.html