2004 All Rights Reserved by the Estate of Joshua David Stone, PhD.

I call forth Archangels Michael and Faith and their Legions of First Ray Angels.
I also call forth Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron, as well as my Higher Self and
Mighty I AM Presence.
I begin by calling forth from Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron for a Platinum Net to anchor
and to remove all negative and imbalanced energies from my field.
I also request at this time that all negative implants and elementals be immediately cleared from my
I call forth to all the Cosmic and Planetary Masters gathered, for a permanent “Pillar of Cosmic and
Planetary Light, Love and Power” to be placed around me now.
I call forth from Melchizedek for an additional permanent golden dome of protection to be placed
around me.
I call forth to Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron to place around me, a permanent wall of
“light protection”.
I call to Archangel Michael to place his permanent Blue Shield Armor of Protection around me.
I call to Archangel Faith to place around me, a permanent, ever-rejuvenating ring of red roses that
will absorb all negative energy, before it enters my field.
I call to the Mahatma to place a permanent “rainbow bubble of light” around my auric field as an
additional protection.
I call to Archangel Metatron to place a permanent Platinum Tube of Light around me as still an
added protection.
I call forward Lord Buddha, Lady Master Nada, Lady Master Portia and the Karmic Board and
request a permanent “ban of interference” against all energies of psychic attack from within and
without. [Listen closely for their response.]
I call forth to Helios and Vesta to place around me a “copper-golden sun of protection” that is so
bright and so filled with GOD’s Love that all misqualified or negative energy is immediately burned
up and transmuted into the pure, radiant Light of GOD.
I now call forth Melchior to bring forth a “matchstick’s worth” of the Cosmic Fire from the Great
Central Sun to burn away, in a completely safe manner, any negative energy that remains in my
I call forth Lord of Arcturus to anchor the Arcturian Liquid Crystals, to deactivate and rebalance all
negative energy in my field.
I call forth Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers to tighten my grids and to strengthen my spiritual,
psychological and physical immune system.
I call forth the Healing Angels to now balance my 13 chakras and four-body system.
I call forth Lord of Arcturus and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul to now anchor and activate the
Prana Wind Clearing Device, to blow pranic energy through all of my meridians and nadis, to clear
them, strengthen them and to completely clear my 12-body system.
I call forth to the Divine Mother and the Lady Masters to bring forward a Platinum Net through my
entire apartment complex, to clear it of all etheric, astral and mental energies that are not completely
of the Christ/Buddha energy.
I call forward to beloved Saint Germain and Lady Portia for the anchoring and activation of a
permanent pillar of the Violet Flame that will transmute any and all misqualified energy from
entering my auric field from within and without.
I call forth the legions of First Ray Angels and my Guardian Angels to stand as sentries around me,
to protect me on all sides; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during both waking and
sleeping hours.
I call forward the 14 Mighty male and female Elohim to anchor and activate a special Elohim
Shield of Protection against all negative thoughtforms from within and without.
I call forth Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron to bring down a Platinum Net around me every
morning, every afternoon and every night before bed, for one year’s time as a special dispensation
of protection. I ask that this be done immediately.
I call forth the Divine Mother to place a permanent Platinum Net of Protection around my house or
apartment, and in every doorway, every window and every opening of my house or apartment.
I call forth the Divine Mother and Lady Masters to place around me a protective field of pink “Love
Light”, that is so filled with Divine Love that no misqualified energy can penetrate it’s radiance. I
ask that this be done immediately.
I call forward the Holy Spirit to undo all negative energy and conflict that has been set in motion in
the past, so as to erase the need for any karmic return of as much negative energy as possible. I ask
that this transmuted energy be used to increase unconditional love and service of the planet.
I call forward Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to bring forward their advanced Arcturian
technology to protect the energy fields of this Son or Daughter of GOD.
I call forward Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command to overlight me with one of your
lightships and/or lightcrafts, from your Motherships, to protect me at night while I sleep and during
the day while I demonstrate GOD on earth.
I call forward Lord Maitreya and Lord Buddha to place around me a “pillar of wisdom and light”,
which causes all negative energy from within and without, to bounce off this pillar as though it is a
rubber pillow.
I call forth to the Seven Chohans to create a “ring pass not” around me that serves to create an
invulnerable protective shield that is invincible to negative energy, from within and without.
I call forward Lady Master Quan Yin to place me in a lotus blossom of pink-blue light of protection.
I call forth Vywamus and Djwhal Khul to tighten the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual
webbing of my four-body system to provide greater protection as would be GOD’s Will.
I call forward Mother Mary to now place around me an etheric rosary filled with the full protective
powers of Mother Mary herself, in all her glory.
I call forward the 14 male and female Archangels to place around me a special Archangelic Light of
Protection that I request be reinforced every morning and every night as a Divine dispensation of
I call forward the Lord of Sirius and the Lady Master of Sirius to now fully anchor and activate
within me, my Anointed Christ Overself Body and my Zohar Body of Light, for the purpose of
spiritual advancement and greater protective light.
I call forth Lenduce and Sanat Kumara to place around me an “ascension column of light” for
greater spiritual advancement and protection.
I call forward Isis and Serapis Bey to place around me a permanent “pyramid of golden-white light”
that will serve as a mystical shield of protection the rest of this incarnation.
I now ask that this enormous protective field that has been established be completely cleansed from
within, so that only energies of GOD and Christ/Buddha Consciousness live now within this
protective forcefield.
I call forth the entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy from the Three-Fold Flame of GOD and the
Twelve Cosmic Rays of GOD and request a Divine dispensation for the merging of your Light
Bodies with mine. This will serve as an invulnerable shield of love, wisdom and power the rest of
this incarnation so that I may be free to dedicate my life to serve GOD and my brothers and sisters.
I call forward the beloved Presence of the Godhead to now permanently anchor and fully activate
the Lord’s Mystical Body for the supreme purpose of protection, by your Divine Grace.
I now fully claim and own my personal power.
I now place around myself a golden bubble of light to keep out other people’s negative energy and
any negative energy and/or thoughtforms from my conscious and subconscious mind in the form of
negative thoughts or negative feelings.
I now fully claim my unconditional love and self-worth.
I now fully claim my attunement to GOD, to my own Mighty I AM Presence and to my own Higher
Self, which I visualize as a tube of platinum-gold light coming down directly from GOD through
my Mighty I AM Presence and Higher Self, into my Crown Chakra and entire chakra column and
anchoring into the crystalline core of Mother Earth. I see this platinum-golden light filling my entire
12-body system on a permanent basis. I see this bubble of protection keeping out all negative
energy, but allowing in all thoughts and feelings of love, positivity and kindness while all negative,
ego, fear-based and/or separative energies are denied entrance.
I now make a commitment to GOD and to myself, to never allow a negative thought or negative
feeling to enter my consciousness, to the very best of my ability. Every time a negative thought tries
to enter, I make a solemn oath to GOD and to myself that I will remain vigilant to push those
negative thoughts and feelings out of my mind and I will replace them with only Christ/Buddha
positive thoughts and feelings.
I now make a firm commitment to GOD and to myself, to never allow myself to lose or give away
my personal power, ever again.
I make a firm commitment to GOD and to myself in this moment to never give my power to any
person, to my mind, my emotions, my physical body, to fatigue, to my subconscious mind, to my
inner child, to lower-self desire, and most of all to the negative ego thought system.
I make a firm commitment in this moment to GOD and to myself to be decisive at all times and to
never allow myself to be indecisive and “sit on the fence”.
I make a firm commitment in this moment to be vigilant at all times to deny any thought that is not
of GOD to enter my mind.
I make a firm commitment in this moment to never allow myself to have any attachments to
anything, only preferences, which hence allows me to be happy if something is taken away.
I make a firm commitment in this moment to choose to perceive everything that happens in my life
as a teaching, lesson, challenge, and most of all, a spiritual test.
In this moment, I make a firm commitment that I will pass every test to the best of my abilities and
if I don’t, I will forgive myself, learn the lesson, gain the “golden nugget of wisdom,” and do better
the next time. I acknowledge that there are NO mistakes, ONLY lessons.
I make up my mind in this moment that I will fully claim my personal power in an unconditionally
loving manner, even in relationship to the inner plane Ascended Masters and in relationship to
GOD, who wants me to own my power and my true identity as the Eternal Self that I AM.
I make a 100% commitment now to GOD and to myself that I will be a Spiritual Warrior on earth
for GOD and unconditional love, and that no matter what happens in life and no matter how I am
tested, I will not give up, even for an instant!
As I make this commitment, Archangels Michael and Faith, Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Archangel
Metatron, my Guardian Angels, and the Legions of Angels of Archangels Michael and Faith, and all
the Masters helping in this meditation, all step forward in front of me and bow to me in respect, as
the Spiritual Master that I AM, in truth. Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Metatron and Archangel
Michael now anoint me with their “light rods” on the top of my head.
They also wave their collective light rods around my auric field to permanently seal all the work
that has been done in this meditation.
They bid me now to go forward, handing me one last gift that they place in my left hand, which is
the “Rod of Love, Wisdom and Power”. They bid me to go forth in absolute knowingness that I AM
now completely protected, for the Ascended Hosts are protecting me, but more importantly, I AM
protecting myself as well.
The inner plane Ascended Hosts make one final request of me, which is every morning when first
arising I will re-attune to this meditation for at least 30 seconds. They say that it will be there 100%
even if I don’t; however, it is important for the conscious mind to re-attune each morning, even if
just for a second, to resolidify it for the conscious mind to keep the GOD Flame of Self Mastery
ever present in my conscious mind.
They also request that in extreme situations when testing may be occurring that this meditation be
done every day and even twice a day if necessary until 100% self-mastery and protection is fully
established again, which is my natural God-state!
Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!
Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!
Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!
Baruch ha Shem Adonai
Baruch ha Shem Adonai
Baruch ha Shem Adonai
To reactivate this meditation any time you need a boost of protection, call to GOD and the GOD
Force and say, “I now request to reactivate the full Love, Wisdom and Power of Protection of my
Protection Meditation!”