Orion Message to the Peoples of Planet Earth

 via Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the BEings from the star system constellation of ORION, We come to communicate through our channel and to add our voice to ALL at this time of major transition upon and within planet earth. The universe will now begin to respond to ALL as ALL respond to the universe and we send out this message in order to make contact with you all energetically as we now prepare to make contact individually with our children in their human form.
For too long the voice of ALL has been silenced and now the voice will begin to grow louder and louder as ALL begin to communicate and to send out their message of support and LOVE across and within planet earth to the peoples of ALL for it is not only the human race who inhabit planet earth in TRUTH. ALL who have been incarnate onto and within planet earth have been bound by the frequencies of the old 3d earth and now these are dissolving then the expansion of ALL with ALL can unfold in TRUTH.
The codings of the New Earth now working to help adjust and to release the anchoring into and through the old earth frequencies will see a new LIGHT unfold across and within planet earth at this time. We speak with our children in their human form and we speak to ALL upon and within planet earth. We send out the codings of 333, 444 and 777 and we ask that the LIGHT radiate out from the heart at this time.
Those who have sought to contain and suppress the human race now working to release themselves from ALL as they understand that they CANNOT reach or resonate with the higher dimensional timelines. This will see many in transition upon and within planet earth and many making the decision to physically LEAVE the planet earth. We ask for ALL to have compassion and LOVE for ALL as the transitioning into the dimensional timelines begins in TRUTH. Reality will now shift and move and begin to manifest around you and through you in this your human form upon and within planet earth. For many of you this may move your human vehicle into a state of anxiety as the reference points that were programmed into the lower dimensional frequencies begin to dissolve.
At all times we guide for you to understand that the very nature and fabric of the CREATED human life experience will now dissolve fully. The dissolving will reveal TRUTH to ALL at this time and we guide that ALL are now in place to help support and guide you in your human form at this time. Those who have incarnated to help the human race transition fully into the higher dimensional timelines have now moved into position and will make themselves very clear to ALL.
This is what you have incarnated into human form to witness and to experience, this is the dawning and BIRTH of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND in TRUTH and we ask for you to anchor this at human conscious waking mind level. ALL IS NOW and ALL JUST IS.
We ask for you to let go and have TRUST and FAITH in SELF at this time of major transformation from cellular level outwards, from energy level to human conscious waking level as you now birth fully into the multi-dimensional BEing that you are in TRUTH.
We are the BEings from the star constellation system known to you on planet earth as ORION and we walk with you always. BE at peace as the New Golden Age of Humankind now unfolds around you, through you and within in you, for in TRUTH it IS YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved