Ashtar: En-Joy Your Golden Age Path to Ascension!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – June 24, 2014


“Welcome and Greetings to all, Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road!  We thank you so much for being with us, and the energy is high!  And we will be taking it higher, but right now we welcome you to the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem.  And we invite you to stand tall in our circle, our Circle of Light, for when you come and shine your Lights upon this circle, you amplify it exponentially!


“And you give us the ability to radiate not only the Light – which is huge and most important because it’s all Love – but also, the message goes out, literally on the Light that you’re beaming.  It goes out Worldwide to all Hearts, and it is an invitation, if you will, to come and join in the Light.  And I can tell you this, that many, many thousands, and even some millions of people – who have been running the old agenda programs – beings in human bodies have awakened to this Light!!!


“And so I and The Mentors and all of those who come from what we call the Lighted Realms – from Higher Dimensions which you are lifting up to join us in – we thank you for your presence and for bringing your loving Hearts to this Gathering!


“And as you heard,* there is a new template, a mandate if you will, given by Beloved Ma’at, who is an identity or an aspect of Sekhmet – just as Saint Germain has several beings who are aspects of him, the most notable one for our purpose being Merlin – who is a member of our Mentors’ group – the Master of Change.  He’s quite busy now, because change involves everyone in every situation.  And there is no better way than to adopt into your beings – each and every one of you – the 42 Virtues,* or shall we say – mandates- for your own Lifestyles!!!


“And it is not to be perfect in them.  After all, you are still in the human bodies.  It is to grow with them!  It is to give your intentional requirements to live the very best that you can, to the greatest extent you can, to live these Virtues.  And when you have a moment of slipping out of them, it is to be awake enough to recognize, ‘Oh, this does not feel so good!  This is a lower vibration and I choose to keep myself high in the Light of Love.And so, Ho’Oponopono to me, to all involved!’  And dance, if you will, or sing or do something to immediately lift yourself back up.Allow us to come even closer and give you a hug and a big congratulations for your recognition of where you have been and of your intentional vow to raise yourself up again to where you really belong!


“There is another song in your history/herstory not so long ago.  It was given – shall we say inspired – to one of the ones who have been a great representative of the ones you call the native Americans, or the first people, and she is very famous and her name is Buffy [Ste Marie].  Now, the song has two ways of being sung.  It can be ‘Lord,lift us up where we belong, which is perfectly appropriate if you will all remember that you are the Lords, you are the Masters, the Divine Beings.  And who is it anyway, that has the most empowerment in the Universe to lift you up, but you yourselves?  But the version that we like says LOVE, lift us up where we belong!  And that is YOU, calling in the Love to get high, to dance, to sing, to be in Joy!!!


“And as you do that, there is an energy with your uplifting that is greater than you realize, because that lift-off is like a rocket!  If you want to have a picture, then you can close your eyes and visualize.  Imagine you, lifting up like a rocket and feel all of that blazing energy!  Where does that energy go?  Well, it’s all Love! And it will beam itself out or disburse itself out or however you want to say it.  It does not go out.  You can’t put out the flame -it’s the energy of Love, you know.  You can’t do it!  And so it disburses.  And this is a gift for you to give to the World every time that you lift yourself up!!!


“So remember this, Beloved Family, remember this!  Picture yourselves as pure Love.  Draw some pictures of yourself, if you wish to, with that beautiful Light, and keep yourselves in that uplifting mode.  You can never get too High!  Eventually you will become Light Bodies, but you have a bit of a way to go yet.  The more Love you bring in, the more you beam out, the faster we will say you can get to your Homecoming Destinations you call Ascension!


“But remember this – the Joy is in the journey.  The Joy is in the self-discovering.  The Joy is in saying, ‘Oh, I called forth this or that, I stated a requirement and I have just now manifested it in the Dimension where I am!  In other words, it has some physicality!  This is really exciting, is it not?


“So en-Joy the journey!  All that has been promised to you, all that has been spoken of is true.  It is simply that some of it has not made itself apparent upon your timeline in this moment, because you do have this thing called time.  But we can see it. It’s all part of the Now.  It’s a done deal, if you want to put it in those terms!!!


“You are in Ascension Preparation.  Ascension is for you, so long as you continue upon your Ascension paths.  And there is no, no difference between being first to ascend or later to ascend – just keep beaming the Light.  In other words, if you choose to go faster, you can go faster by your own will.  And if you choose to ‘stop and smell the roses along the way,’ as they say, then by all means do that.  It is not a race, not at all!  It is to en-Joy the journey and to keep yourselves uplifted and Joy-full every step along the way that you possibly can.  And when you feel less than Joy-full, it is for you to recognize it and uplift yourself.  And it may take a nanosecond or it might take days in your time.  It’s your pace – YOU’RE IN CHARGE!!!  No one else is in charge of your Ascension process!


“Now, I Ashtar and the entire Ashtar Command are at your service!  We are clearing the way on Planet Earth for the Golden Age to come in.  We are clearing the way for the NESARA Announcement.  YES, WE ARE IN YOUR SKIES – multiple, multiple, multiple layers – so many ships you couldn’t even count them if you could see them all at once, and that’s all right, because we are joined by many, many, many representatives from all over the Universe!


“Of course, our Galactic group is the largest one, but there are many, many, many other visitors – in observation and in relaying of the Light, in guidance, in sharing of technologies!  So much has been opened up, just since what you call the 12/12/12, in the way of the transmissions of technologies for accomplishing so many different tasks or activities upon Planet Earth!!!  For instance, the healing of the ground, the earth itself, the waters, the skies – all of these things – and more! 


“We have been conveying information to those of science – and to those not necessarily of science!  We have been conveying information to beings who have no background, no training whatsoever in what you call science, or quantum physics.  But they have been listening and if they have not understood what they have received, they have found someone who can help them to interpret it, because they’re merely asleep.  Of course, they are scientists, but they are asleep, and they have not been following that path.


“Nevertheless, the transmission from them inspires them to go to someone who does know, who can tell them what it is that they have been receiving.  This is happening more and more, because more and more beings are asking the question, ‘What can I do to help?  What can I do to help heal the Planet?  What can I do to help to bring Peace to the Planet?  What can I do to help my Brothers and Sisters all over Planet Earth?’  – and so on.


“These are the kinds of questions that are being asked more and more and more.And all you have to do is ask the question, and I assure you, the answers will come to you because that is a part of our Mission!  And we have much more that we shall be entering into and engaging in with you as partners, because without you, Beloved Ones – without you and the Lightworkers and the beings whose Hearts are open, even though they don’t have any idea that we exist – without you all welcoming us and the Love we bring, we would not be able to do this.


“Indeed, it is so that Planet Earth might have succumbed and been taken over completely by those with a dark agenda.  Or, it might have literally destroyed itself, but those are scenarios that were old programs.  THEY ARE CANCELED!!!  Planet Earth is surviving!  Planet Earth is moving into THRIVING, not just surviving, but THRIVING, everywhere!  Planet Earth is moving into the Light of the Golden Age, and this will open up many, many more!  We shall say, wake up many, many more humans to the Path of Ascension, and it will give them the Freedom to follow their own journeys, their own Paths, to becoming the Light Beings that they truly are.  It’s a Reunion, it’s a Homecoming!!!


“As you know, you’re already there!  It’s a matter of uplifting that which is of – hmm, you’re not all in 3D certainly – but uplifting your bodies, let’s say that part of you that is representing you in 3 and 4D, and lifting you up, so as to be completely in Communion with your Light Body Self, and going from there for all of the adventures that you choose to experience, everywhere, anywhere in the Universe!!!


“That’s what lies ahead of you, Beloved Ones!  Ascension is a grand and glorious accomplishment.  We’re here to support you in every way that we can.  Most of all, we’re here to bathe you in LOVE, to surround you and permeate your energy fields with the Light of Love, to cheer you, to assist you, in all endeavors that you choose for yourselves!!!


“And the day will come when I, Ashtar, will stand before you.  I’ll be a little bit lighter, or brighter, but I will stand before you in a body and speak to you of my great Love and the honoring of you throughout the entirety of the Universe, for your Courage, for your dedication, and most of all, for being the Love and for expressing the Love you truly are!!!


“And now we shall welcome my Beloved Brother, who is Saint Germain, who has a specific topic of great importance, and shall we say, coming at a most opportune time, as you measure it!** So stay tuned, Beloved Ones, and know that your Path is getting easier and easier as you are joined by more and more of those whom you share your great Lights with, and that we, the Ashtar Command, The Mentors, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, and all of the Members of the Higher Dimensional Kingdoms are with you in Oneness, in Solidarity, in Love and in Joy!!!  And so it is!Salut!”

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