Return of the dragons

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What Will You Do After You Complete the Shift?

*** The 9D Arcturian Council Source: Daniel Scranton   iu-14 “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are very pleased to be a part of this journey with all of you, and we are aware of the progress that you are all making as individuals. We can feel the ways in which you have expanded and grown into the selves that you are today, and we can feel into the amount of expansion that is in front of you. This is why we are always very excited for you. You may wonder what your work is there on Earth, what you have left to do before you expand and evolve to the point of being fifth dimensional. We want you to know that there is always going to be more for you to discover about yourselves and more for you to love in that process of discovery. What you have yet to love within yourself is the work that you have left to do. Now, sometimes what you have yet to love within yourself is being represented to you in another. You see the actions and hear the words of other people, and you might come to judge and condemn those words and actions, not realizing that they represent aspects of you. Even if aspects of you are dormant, are not active in this lifetime, they are still inside of you, and they still need to be acknowledged, or discovered, and then accepted, and finally loved. The people who give you most drama and trauma in your lives are the ones who need the most love from you, and what most people don’t realize is that when they are giving that love to the other, they are giving it to themselves. And so, they withhold that love. iu-14 They may ignore that person on the street, or ignore their calls and texts, pretending that it is possible to just ignore someone or something out of existence. But eventually you will turn on the unconditional love inside of you, and you will give it to everyone, including yourself, and you will grow and evolve and expand a little bit more, getting you closer and closer to Source. Now ultimately, of course, you still have choices. You do get to choose who you spend your time with, what you focus upon, and which aspects of you there are that you can emphasize and pump more life into. That’s your free will. But you can exercise that free will and still love all the other aspects of you and all the people that you are not spending the majority of your time with there on Earth. Now, there are many paths to getting to this point where you recognize that this is your work. You have all of your interactions with people on a daily basis, and you have meditation, and you have prayer, and you have all of the other spiritual practices that there are, and you can even make up your own spiritual practices that put you in that space of love. Anything that helps you to realize that the love inside of you is infinite and eternal is a good thing, and it’s something to partake in as often as you can. You will continue to be on this journey, even after you shift to the fifth dimension, because there will always be more of you to discover and to love, and that’s a good thing. Just notice what you are not loving about yourself and what you are not loving about others, and know that the list you compile is your work. But it’s not work you have to toil away at day and night. You can complete these tasks in the moment that you decide that you are love and that being who you really are is the only thing that really ever matters. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”   *** Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 11.22.56 AM   Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 11.21.44 AM Image-1   *** join email list   paggrp1 facebook
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Ascension Times – Caroline Oceana Ryan

***   *** Saint Germain Message to Lightworkers Source: Ascension Times – Caroline Oceana Ryan   iu-3 This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective: Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today. We are aware that much on Earth appears to be either at a “wobble,” in utter chaos, or somewhere in between. And we are aware that many of you are fighting if not outright panic, feelings of real uncertainty. There are moments when you wonder if you and all of humanity have been abandoned. And though you pray for the Light to illuminate all you are not yet seeing, you wonder at times if even that would be of assistance. And so our writer speaks again today with Ascended Master Saint Germain, on this very subject, of dealing with the uncertainty of life at the moment . . . COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with us today. SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, all! We are, as always, honored to assist. COR: So many are wondering whether NESARA is just a pipe dream at this point. Or they might fully accept that it is real, yet feel that too much is in the way of its full enactment, so that we are held in limbo, knowing our freedom and sovereignty are at hand, yet not quite here. Many feel that much suffering will occur—more than has already occurred—before that moment can arrive. So my question today would be: Could you enlighten us on that point? And what can we do to speed the enactment, as more dense actions from the old powers-that-were loom on the horizon? SAINT GERMAIN: We are of course happy to speak on these matters, as it is not a positive for any of you to live in the air of supposition, and perhaps come to the inaccurate conclusion that things are “stuck” in some way—that NESARA cannot come forward, or will be greatly delayed, or only partially enacted. None of this is true. Despite appearances, and much dark programming and dense energy being transmitted against humanity, great progress is being made, and will continue to be made, until that moment when the announcement is made on every available screen that NESARA is here. We will say, that what you have intuited—that there is tremendous opposition to that moment—is correct. Yet that does not equal defeat in this matter. Humanity has already chosen en masse to experience its sovereignty, and to experience that moment when Earth rejoins the Galactic and Intergalactic Confederations. It is not so that apparent delays, or a timeline that unfolds in ways that differ from human preference, equal defeat. You live now in a kind of void—a moment of transition from one plane to the next—where it appears that perhaps, though not all is lost, much is lost. That can be very wearing, very trying. This is the part of human Ascension into higher thought, higher experience, higher matter, that you had perhaps hoped to avoid. Yet you cannot. This moment is not in the way. It is the way. COR: Yes, I had a feeling you would say that! I was listening to one of Jennifer Ruth Russell’s Morning Light Meditations today, and because so much of the world is shifting so quickly now, and in ways that feel rather perilous at times, I was drawn to the one titled “The Gift of Uncertainty.” In that, Jennifer shares that it is one of your own teachings that tells us, “There are two doors humanity must walk through to reach Ascension: Doubt and Fear.” What is hard for many of us who have left traditional religious dogma behind us, is that that kind of density feels like it should no longer exist! We’ve gone into denial about all the healing that still remains on a mass level. I could not count the number of people who have emailed me the last few years, and said, “Why are we in such a time of flux and uncertainty, and shock and trauma? Shouldn’t the move to 5D mean more Joy, more certainty—not less?” iu-2 SAINT GERMAIN: Ah, an excellent point! And to be sure, it does mean all of that. Were you, any of you, to consider where you were even a year or two ago in terms of how you view Nature, music (including the sound healings), the colors in art, the shapes of clouds in the sky—you would find that you have been moving into new states of Appreciation and Joy, without even realizing it! Yet you are distracted from realizing it, partly due to the pressures of the external world, and partly due to the need for healing your own hidden wounds, which have been rising to the surface. The old dark invader energy, whose time is up, would prefer to keep you constantly distracted and caught up in the density of loss, sadness, fear—the possibility of being imprisoned or restricted into a sort of non-life for not doing as they say. And so all of your old survival fears also come up—trauma experienced in this and other lives, on this and other planets and star systems. Old buried memories of plague, war, natural disaster, sudden impoverishment, death, personal losses. The list goes on. They are aware of exactly what buttons to push, one might say, in the human psyche—the subconscious—to engender not only uncertainty and stress, but in some, feelings of hopelessness, fear, and isolation. You have seen their intentional use of media, false authority structures, religion, political and social labeling, and many other constructs to affect and control humanity. And yet, still they cannot hold back the flow of Light codes pouring in, reminding and awakening you to your Creator god/goddess aspect. Still they cannot stem the tide of Light that fills your being with the realization that miracles are afoot, whether you physically see them around you now or not. And still they cannot stop you from choosing to live in a place of Thanks and Appreciation, even for these tenuous moments—as if you had chosen Earth’s current re-Birth and re-Creation crises yourself. There is your power, dear ones! Grasp it with both hands! COR: I greatly value that teaching, lord. I have endeavored to steep my own consciousness in that these last few years. Yet let’s look at your teaching about how we must go through the doors of Doubt and Fear—did humanity create that path? Many feel that what we are experiencing now is a sort of mistake—that the old powers-that-were are reacting with rage at the many high-level arrests being made. And at NESARA drawing closer, and Full Disclosure of the ET presence growing closer. I have no doubt that they are incredibly desperate right now. Yet it still feels like we should be claiming our full freedom on this planet, and feeling jubilant about that—yet here we are, walking through Doubt and Fear, and feeling very weak at times! But you’re saying, that’s no coincidence? SAINT GERMAIN: Naturally. There are no coincidences. You have all actively chosen this, as the purifying flame you walk through, so as to leave all vestiges of the third dimension behind you. COR: To release the ego-mind? To release survival thinking? SAINT GERMAIN: To release that which is a great hindrance to the Ascension path. Some of that has to do with the survival instinct of the lower mind, yes. And the separateness human beings have lived in for centuries. You have been trained against unity thought and experience. Now you increasingly desire it. That journey is a great part of it. Yet much of it also has to do with releasing those aspects of the third dimension that by now, you are so familiar with and comfortable with, that you actually prefer it to higher dimensional living. COR: What in the world—! What aspects what those be?! SAINT GERMAIN: Life as you knew it. Having only to grow so much, to know and experience so much, and then you die after an incredibly short amount of time. Even 100 years on the planet is not long at all. That is barely enough time to realize the basics! The basics of why you are alive, who you are, what you have to contribute. You have noted that many Light Bringers awaken to their true purpose at a time called “relatively late” in life—middle age or later. That is because that is to many cultures in the cosmos, what being a five-year-old is to you! You are just getting started at that age! And you will note that many are using that exact phrase now, to describe their life after age 60. COR: Yes, I’ve been saying that myself—”I’m just getting started.” SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! Because you realize that life lies spread out before you, more than ever it has! It isn’t closing down at all. Yet humanity is well used to jumping into the water and soon after, jumping back out again. Now, with Ascension, a far longer and more dedicated involvement is required of you. Another area humans addict to, is the reincarnation cycle. You are well used to coming into an Earth life, trying this or that interest, action, or fascination, then leaving after a mere 80 or 90 years (or far less), without having had sufficient time or resources to remember why in the world you came in to begin with.   Working Together to Move Dark Energy Into the Light And so you depart—and then you return, falling into many of the same pitfalls, often with the same persons you have known in other lives, and had determined you would learn to love and understand this time. Yet generally, the soul’s preferences do not go according to plan. And so you return . . . COR: How could we be addicted to that, lord? That whole cycle is quite frustrating! SAINT GERMAIN: Because it’s one mad adventure after another. Just as so many enjoy the Westerner films. They recall Earth life experience as being like racing madly on a horse, living so fully in the moment, so recklessly and haphazardly, that the thrill of the physical, even with all its shocks and discomforts, becomes a sort of mad day out in the holodeck. You desire more, always—more adventure, more knowledge of who you are, more depth of understanding, more inner growth, more Love expressed and experienced. And so you return, over and over, in different guises, wearing various costumes. Though the color, shape, education, finances, location, ego-based preferences, soul-based preferences may vary—you are still you, and must begin to grasp that you your own “savior” in life. All of that excitement has beckoned you for so long! And so, most shrink back at the thought of releasing that. Of dedicating themselves to this one life (or the next one—whenever they choose to Ascend). The thought of Peaceful and Abundant life experience? Wonderful—fully welcome. Giving up all aspects of third dimension—not quite yet, no. For many. And so there is a sort of split occurring in human experience, where some will continue in third dimensional life, and some will move on to the next higher dimensional experience. Those decisions are being made now. COR: Is that what’s holding things up? So we haven’t reached critical mass for NESARA yet? Are we at least close to it? SAINT GERMAIN: You have nearly done so, and yet—the hour remains unknown. COR: And the Doubt and the Fear? SAINT GERMAIN: Walk through, dear ones! Walk right through those doors you yourselves knew would be there, and in part helped to fashion. Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!” Embrace all that confounds you, frustrates you, enrages you about Earth life now. And there is much to be bothered by. We comprehend this fully. Send it Love, all of it. Give it Thanks. In that moment, you hold the power, dear ones. Not some unseen force, or some dark group of former controllers conspiring behind closed doors. That image strikes you as childish and amusing, quite soon now. Yet bless them as well. COR: Walk through the doors—accept all we are feeling now, then release it? SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! How else? You wish to release the density of third dimensional life. Of all the many lives you have lived at this level. And so as with anything you wish to bless and release, come to a place of utter Love and compassion—for yourselves, for Earth—for the madness of Earthly incarnations, and the reckless unpredictability, roughness, strangeness of third dimensional life. Say to these, “Yes, I see you. Thank you for all you have given us. We bless you, Love you, and release you to your higher good.” Then give Thanks! Whether or not you see the world suddenly shift all around you. Do not expect anything, other than that you have tended your own garden. Always, that must take precedence over whatever else you do in this life. COR: Thank you, lord. Very helpful, though I feel like crying at all you have said! SAINT GERMAIN: This too is release. Allow. Accept. Let go. All is well, dear ones! We are, all of us, with you all, at all times. COR: Namaste, Master Saint Germain! Thank you for your kindness today. SAINT GERMAIN: [Bowing deeply] We are honored to assist. Namaste! Your journey Home, nearly done. Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan ***   Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 11.36.21 AM Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 11.36.56 AM   Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 11.35.56 AM ***   join email list paggrp1 facebook
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Displacement of Truth by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Greetings, we are the Andromedans, we come forth as a collective energy from our civilization, bringing forth high vibrations and frequencies, wisdom, codes and energetic symbols to support your ascension in this moment. It is our purpose to aid you in recognising the evolution of your truth from within your being, understanding how you may express your truths and experience your truth in this physical reality. Often many beings believe that their purpose of existing upon the Earth is to progress and advanced spiritually. Therefore, they dedicate their time to engaging with the inner planes. This is appropriate and it is necessary.

However, the greater purpose of existing upon the Earth is to discover one’s truth and spiritual growth in a physical manner or physical way. In acting and reacting and existing within the physical reality. Let us give you an example of this. You may discover a wound within your being, and you may visit an ashram on the inner planes to create the healing that is appropriate and necessary. Or you may go within your being inviting your soul and soul group to bring forth the necessary healing. This is appropriate and necessary. You are existing as a physical being on a physical Earth so there is a need for this healing to take place at a physical level. Therefore, there is a need to integrate the healing with your physical body and energetic fields with your physical reality. There is a need to integrate the healing with your thoughts and emotions, the way that you act and react to those around you, what you choose to create, every part of your physical reality requires to anchor, ground and experience the healing process. Then you become the spiritual advancement that you wish for and desire because you are working both energetically and physically and the physical part is the interaction with yourself, as a physical being, and your physical reality.

This is essential because this is what your soul has come to the Earth to experience. Now, with this understanding we recognise the importance of the physical reality. We recognise the importance of every single word and thought, reaction and action that you create, every single correspondence, and communication that you have with other people as well. Also, with nature, animals and Mother Earth. Every part of your reality becomes an integral aspect or grounding of your spiritual evolution. That’s your physical reality and your existence upon the Earth allow you to express and experience the truth that is within your being. This truth is born from the Creator through you. This does not mean that it belongs to the Creator, for you are the Creator as well. You are an aspect of that greater source.

We the Andromedans wish for you to gain an understanding of your truth and your purpose of expressing and experiencing your truth upon the Earth. Every aspect of your reality is an expression and an experience of your truth. This means that it is aligned to you to your essence, to all that you are, and all that is the Creator. Now today we the Andromedans wish to speak of the displacement of truth.

What do we mean by this?

When something is displaced, you could say that it finds a different location, it is in a different location from its origin, maybe it has even become detached from its origin. There are many displacements of truth, and what we mean by this is that the truth is slightly altered because it has been taken on by another, and not born from the origin of one’s being. What we mean by this is when you connect with your truth, your soul, your essence within your being, and the Divine guidance or inspiration comes forth so that is your truth. It is born from you. You are the origin, your connection with the Creator is the origin of this truth. Now truth can be transferred to another so you might share this idea or inspiration with another person, and they may resonate with it and connect with it. They may connect with that inspiration within their own being recognising the same within their own being. Therefore, it ignites a new origin of similar qualities within their own being. However, this origin of truth is not the same, although an origin of truth has been ignited in another. If another being takes on this truth, this idea, this concept but it does not really connect with them and they are choosing their origin. Then we can call this a displacement of truth because they may like, they may be inspired by this truth, however, they haven’t connected it into their own truth. Their own origin and allowed it to inspire something greater within their being or something similar.

So, the displacement of Truth is when another takes on an idea and they like it, they feel as if it is aligned with what they are or what they wish to be and yet they don’t connect with it in their truth, in their origin within their being so, they may have an opposing belief. Imagine that the idea that is passed on is about being a radiant being of light, and another accepts this, that it would be wonderful to be a radiant being of light, and yet they still run programs that they are wounded or that they are unloved or they cannot connect with their truth, their spiritual aspect. Then we have a displacement of truth. The truth is serving them because it is inspiring them, and yet, but they have not yet fully grounded it into their origin in order to allow their own blossoming of their origin, their vibrations, their truth, which is aligned to their reality. Now this is not necessarily a bad or a good thing. It is simply what happens when you take on the idea, the concept, the understanding of another and it does not fully align, or you do not fully align with the concept. It does not penetrate your origin, your truth, your soul and ignite something similar, something beautiful from within your being.

Now we the Andromedans are  sharing with you about displacement of truth because we wish for you to recognise when something is inspiring you, and you like it, and when something really connects into your core. Now, you may have said something, concept or idea you completely dislike, and that is okay. It isn’t aligning with your truth. However, sometimes something that your mind, your personality, or maybe even your ego dislikes, when it is grounded into your origin or connected or you take it into your soul, into your origin and you comtemplate it within your soul, in your origin. Sometimes you find that which you push away is actually what is required and needed to activate from your soul and your origin to create the truth, the spiritual advancement that you require and need. You exist in a world where there are so many ideas, so many opinions and judgments, so many ways to achieve anything and everything. So, therefore aligning with your truth is immensely important, it is appropriate to take on the ideas and concepts of another being. However, if you are trying to put them into action in your reality or even into creation, there is a need to take that concept, that idea with you into meditation, within your soul, your essence, and see what activates. Imagine a garden, you have your own plot of garden and people bring you seeds, and you take the seeds, and you plant them in your garden in the soil. The seeds that are aligned, the seeds that grow, the seeds that blossom are those that are appropriate for you, that serve you. The seeds that do not germinate or grow, they are taken into your truth, but they do not blossom. Do not ignite anything from your origin, and so, that which we are sharing with you is to invite you to contemplate whether a truth that you receive from outside of yourself. Is a truth that aligns with your being and that ignites a blossoming of your origin into your being in reality. If it does not, even though it may seem magnificent, it is important to let it go.

Then you will be connecting with truth, born from your origin, whether it is born from you or from others, you will be guided as to what is appropriate to serve your ascension and to serve your spiritual growth and it will make it easier to navigate the world, this physical world, where there are many opinions, ideas, judgments, and concepts. And you can be in your power in control of your own truth, your own reality, and spiritual advancements. We know that our communication with you today is slightly unique. However, we believe that it was necessary in a time when there is confusion. So, we leave it with you as a seed, it may germinate in your truth. It may not. If it does not, then it is a displacement of truth, and you can let it go.
We are the Andromedans. We love you, and we thank you. ——————————————–   Natalie has written 2 channeled  books  The White Beacons of Atlantis  This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here And The Twelve Rays of Light, Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here 
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Mary Magdalene: What it Means to be Human

Source: Pamela Kribbe
iu-10 Dear men and women, Welcome to this circle. I am Mary Magdalene. I was once on Earth as a woman who lived and loved, and sometimes despaired and struggled with the very human emotions that you all know so well within yourselves. I am here today to argue the case for what it means to be human. Many of you are tired of being human. There is a lot of struggle in your hearts, pain and fear from the past, and sometimes weariness, as well as a turning away from true openness, because of what being human on Earth might bring to you. All this is quite understandable, because by coming to Earth, you meet a resistance within that is dictated by memories of past lives and stirred by a nostalgia for Home, a home that you have known in the realms of harmony and light. You all carry those memories inside yourself, and when you come to Earth as a descending soul, your mood can sometimes become very depressed. Connect with the part of yourself that is struggling here on Earth, and accept that it experiences fear about being here. Your consciousness is not of the Earth; your consciousness is infinite, cosmic, and feels at home in the entire universe. It is here on a visit and only lives temporarily in an earthly body. Acknowledge and receive the part of yourself that is scared to be here, fearful of really taking part in life, and afraid to be open to everything that can be experienced here on Earth. Allow that pain to be there: the doubt, the loneliness, the boredom, the despair. I ask you to open to that wound, because a hurt can be healed only when loving attention flows toward it. Many of you want to take on the adornments of the spiritual path. But when you reach up high for the light, before you know it, you have left behind the earthly. What you are really encouraged to do, here and now, is to look at the darkness within yourself and to send light to that darkness, which is something that can evoke resistance in you. However, to descend into your own darkness, loneliness, feeling of separateness, is what can give you the most fulfillment. When you do this, you discover who you really are, a carrier of light, someone who can illuminate the darkness. Now, imagine that the old pain which lives in your souls is gathered within the center of this circle of people. That pain is expressed in so many ways; it can manifest as agitation, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, a sense of disconnect. I ask you to envision, as you all stand in a circle around this old pain, that there is a lighted torch in the hands of each one of you that is extended toward the center of the circle, so this pain can be fully illuminated and seen, and no longer has to hide in the dark.
Allow your light to shine. You are not that pain; you are the one who can relieve the pain and transform it, and that is your true task and mission here on Earth.
When you cast your light onto your own darkness in this way, the light also shines toward others and encourages them to do the same. You are then a lightworker; it starts with you. The most profound invitation is there for you to fully accept and embrace your most vulnerable parts, and this is what we have done this week.
When you look at the deepest wounds in a person, you will see that they are the same in virtually everyone, man or woman, and come from their need to be known and loved, or come from a feeling of being deprived of love and understanding. The original purpose of sexuality, of intimacy, is joy, and that encounter is intensely valuable, you might even call it sacred.
When the male and female meet in openness and respect, there will be a union of energies that is literally creative. A child may be born from this union, a wonderful and beautiful new human child. But this meeting is also creative in a deeper sense.
iu-9 On a soul level, you can become enlivened and touched by the soul of another in a way that is intensely enriching for you, and through which you become part of the One without losing your own uniqueness, your individuality. That is the true meaning of an encounter between man and woman. Feel the beauty of this and feel how deeply you desire this, the sacred meaning of sexuality. As a soul, you are always searching for the One, to come home to yourself, to come Home to the divine. You have many names for it, but they always fall short: God, the One, the all that is, the universe, the cosmos. It is about that longing you feel deep within yourself to abide in unconditional security, to be accepted completely, and to be allowed to express yourself freely. This deep nostalgia lives in everyone and the grand thing about the meeting between husband and wife – or between two love partners, which can also be between two men or two women – the wonderful thing about the sexual encounter, is that you can there experience a glimpse of the One, of unity. In being human, precisely through such polarity – the duality of man and woman – you get a glimpse of Home, of paradise, and you are enriched because of it. Sexuality is meant to be a source of light, a tender dance. However, especially in the field of sexuality, human beings have become deeply wounded; a distance and hostility has developed between both sexes. People no longer feel at home with the energy of the opposite sex, even when those energies are within themselves. Women have difficulty taking on their masculine energy, their self-confidence, their power. Men struggle to surrender to their feelings, their emotions, to the enjoyment of, and the fusion with, another. How has this come about? It would be a very long story to bring to light all aspects of the evolution of the male and the female energy. But the basic fact is that God, the source of all that is, has given you the freedom to explore and experiment, and to also risk having outcomes in the form of energy that is out of balance. Yet this was necessary so as to actually come to understand who you are and what responsibility has been given to you. You are not a child in the hand of God, you are a God in the making who must learn to take responsibility and to be in balance with all the elements of life. You are a God in the bud. Feel how you are powerful and autonomous. You are one and indivisible, and although you are inextricably bound to the Source of everything, you are also totally yourself, entirely unique. Allow this knowledge to sink in. You are you and no one else, and that is itself a miracle, a mystery. That is what it is like to be a soul, indivisible and unique; that is what it is like to be a God, a creator: free, independent, autonomous. Can you fully bear the responsibility of this much autonomy? That is the real question.
A part of you does not want to bear that much responsibility, and that part is your shadow. It feels powerless, anxious, separated from the Source. It wants to return Home, like a child who calls for its mother. And very often, romantic sexual relationships are used as a way to come Home – but this does not work. Home is in you – being your own unique self. To take on your full autonomy is the first step to a mature relationship. Being at home in yourself, resting in your own core, is the condition for a deep joyful relationship with another. But this condition runs counter to the childlike desire that is often looked for in a romantic love relationship, a longing to abide in the other, to completely merge into another, as if the other is an all-knowing parent on whom you can lean as a child. It is precisely in romantic love that the inner child wants to release its own burdens and put them onto another. There is then an emotional dependence and soon both partners become stifled. The first step to a holy, healing relationship is to fully come home to yourself; to put your arms around the child inside you that went astray and feels lost. Take up your own adult role; the other person can not heal your wounds; you are your own healer, your own light.
iu-16 When you can descend into yourself in this way, accepting yourself deeply and entirely, you are ready to reach out and touch another in openness and wonder. That is step two in building a joyful, abundant relationship. Reach out to the other in wonder, and wonder means there are no expectations, no wanting something and needing nothing, but simply to look with wonder, with interest at the other. The most beautiful form of romantic love is to marvel, to be attracted to the other, to want to learn and explore the other in the most open and intimate ways. And to do that without wanting to add that person to your worldview, to your ideas; without wanting to shape the other to your expectations, your needs, but to really play together. It is only then can another give themselves, because there is then no pressure or obligation. You are free, the other is free, and you come together voluntarily. There is then something higher that connects you both, something that rests in the heart. You do not try to change or heal the other, or try to make them better. No, you together celebrate life, and through doing that you are healed. Not through the other, but through yourself and your ability to rest in yourself, and from there to being open to receive from the richness and the abundance of another soul. I ask you to now do that with your thoughts. Imagine you are completely at peace. Do it physically by going down along your spine, through your heart and your abdomen to your pelvis, and feel that here is the area in your body that is associated with sexuality. Feel this in wonderment and openness without the prejudice, the feelings of shame or impurity, which have been attached to sexuality from society and the past. Feel this area as just as acceptable and neutral as, for example, how a toe on your foot feels. Here is the anchor for your being human, and here, in the area of your abdomen and pelvis, are your basic instincts. It is here that you rest on Earth. Descend with your consciousness, just be present. Wherever you now are, feel at home with yourself, with whatever human emotions you are struggling. What matters is that you are there for yourself. Your light, your core, can face everything, because it is an immortal light, a light that softens and understands. Fill out your whole aura with this light. Feel truly held in your own divine light, and feel how the universe, God, the Source of all, loves you. That is why it created you, to be as unique as you are. You are fully accepted, you are admired, you are loved, because you are who you are, exactly as you now are. Look from this state of consciousness to someone you love. It could be your life partner, but also a friend, your child, or your father or mother. Just pick someone who now comes to mind, with whom you now want to connect. While you connect with that person who you see before you, stay completely with yourself; your boundaries are retained, so rest in yourself. Feel easy and comfortable doing that. Breathe quietly into your abdomen and do not feel like you should help or change the other. In fact, you need not do anything at all, simply remain in yourself. Then look with an openness and wonder at that other person. Look at what they radiate as they now are in front of you. When you are observing in this way, you reach out to the other in wonder. You do not have to do anything and the other does not have to do anything. You simply observe what the other looks like, how they move, and what you notice about their energy. Then you move closer to that person, while your energy field remains around you. From your heart, you feel deeply for this person. Let whatever you feel toward them rise up spontaneously, and observe that with wonder and without judgement. Look at what connects you and what gives you the most vital and joyful connection. Do not look at what does not go so well or collides, and what causes encounters, but look at the highest, lightest, most joyful strand which connects you, in which the energy flows effortlessly between you, and enjoy that. You do not have to do anything with it except to get pleasure from it. Receive that light for a moment. Feel how the light through that thread flows to your heart and see what that does to you. It brings something new and sparkling into your life, something with which you can move forward, which further enriches you. You will receive it from your being together, while you also allow each other to be free. It is in the wonderment, and in allowing the other to be free, that you meet each other most deeply. That is the purpose of real intimacy. Step one is to be at home with yourself, to rest in yourself, and to continue to do so even when you are in contact with another. Step two is reaching out in wonder, and not wanting to change or control another, but merely to look, feel, and discover. And step three is enjoying that which flows easily between you when are together. Enjoy that flow and let the other be free. Relationships on Earth are very precious. It is where you energetically encounter your most intense human emotions. I said in the beginning: “I am here today to be an advocate for being human.” By that I mean, historically, the attempt was often to manifest the divine in yourself by transcending your humanity, by trying to rise above it, and to actually flee from your own emotions by becoming a recluse so as to avoid the bonds of authentic partner relationships. My way to the divine is by being human through relationships, because even though that is where you are most deeply confronted with feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and despair, it is also where you experience wonder, deep joy, connectedness, and an intimacy that is so precious. When you have once entered into a deep intimate relationship with another soul in human form, it remains forever in your soul memory. When the soul is deeply touched through being human, through being a man and a woman connected through sexuality, then that is truly a gateway to the divine. In this way, the spiritual, the divine light, can really begin to live in people and in human society. Spirituality attains a living, golden radiance, not through being isolated in some realm far above, but precisely through the interplay on Earth between human to human. I want to thank you for your being here together, the openness with which you are connected from your heart. This is what matters! True spirituality is not about discipline, or developing certain skills or arts that you master. It comes down to that one thing: an open heart, a human heart that itself wants to bow down to its own darkness in wonder and gentleness, and through so doing will also taste the joy of love – warm human love. Thank you very much.
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Rewriting Initiation by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa
iu-16 Greetings and love, we are the Arcturians. We come forth with our light, love and truth to gift to you and remind you of the Divine Creator existing within your being. Your natural abilities are of creation, you can create anything you wish, especially when aligned with all that is the Creator. You have the ability to create your reality, to create your thoughts, to create your reactions and your actions. You have an ability to create the world around you and even transform your physical and energetic body. It is important that you remember this power, skill and ability even if you are unaware of it or do not know how to use it. It is important to hold the intention and the belief that you do know how to create because creation for you is as natural as breathing. When you pass over into the inner planes leaving behind your physical body, known as death on the Earth. You have time to contemplate your journey upon the Earth, and from the inner planes you have time, if you wish, to rewrite the journey you experienced on the Earth. This means that you do not experience it physically as you rewrite it, but energetically. You have the choice to return to the Earth understanding what needs to be rewritten, the experiences that you had and created that need to be transformed or advanced. You have the option to return to the Earth to rewrite those experiences in another lifetime, thus experiencing it physically. This is a very important aspect of your journey. It is a time of contemplation where you gain greater understanding of the purpose of your soul and the reason for your existence within the ascension journey of the Earth. It is important to realise that you are in a process of rewriting your journey and your experiences on the Earth now. In this lifetime you are rewriting experiences that you had in a previous or simultaneous lifetime. This requires some contemplation. Can you imagine or understand what it is that your soul is choosing to rewrite, to transform and advance or learn from in this current reality. Before you came to this lifetime you were in that state of contemplation, reviewing the previous or simultaneous lifetime, understanding what needed to transform, what needed to be embodied, grounded, understood and brought into fruition now. You are enacting it in this lifetime and therefore, it is so important to recognise your power of creation, how you can create what you want, and what you desire and dream of?
iu-2 It is important to recognise where you experience blockages, stagnant energy, challenges, chaos, and sabotage, realising that these areas are immensely valuable, and they can be rewritten. At this time in the ascension process for all beings there is an initiation coming forth where the energies expressed by the Creator support your rewriting of your current reality. Higher vibrations, powerful frequencies and codes are flowing forth into your being to support you in achieving this initiation. It is an initiation where you rewrite aspects of your reality that you have already experienced in this lifetime. It is almost as if you are passing over onto the inner planes and yet you are remaining in your physical body. You have that time, that option to rewrite your reality. Therefore, you can bring that which you understand and acknowledge into your present and future experiences. Let us share with you how to rewrite certain areas of your reality. First, there is a need to acknowledge an area that is causing chaos, challenges, pain, wounds, or anything that creates disharmony. When you have chosen an experience, contemplate it, sit with it, think about it. What does it feel like? What does it activate within your being? What does it make you think? Sit with this energy for as long as possible until it transforms, and we say as long as possible because it may become overwhelming. If it does, then you know, it is about to transform. Often when you have this intention, the transformation occurs very quickly. It will transform into something else, maybe the energy of bliss, love, or truth. In the moments of transformation, you ask for your soul to activate, expressing, radiating and emanating the most appropriate and divinely guided codes and frequencies to secure the rewriting of this experience. You may find that you visualise a different experience that will replace the experience or you simply connect with vibrations or qualities of the Creator. Let the power flow from your being. You may find you need to move your body in order to bring forth the movement to lock in the rewriting. It will be a very creative process as if you are painting or making a masterpiece. You may be guided to bring forth different qualities, energies, thoughts, or visions. Please follow your guidance and when the process is complete, we the Arcturians invite you to feel the floor beneath you, to be aware of the floor, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you. Thus, grounding and anchoring your energies into your being, reality, and the Earth. This is a very simple process of rewriting. The most important aspect of this communication is that the Creator is supporting the rewriting of your past, of this lifetime. Thus, you in this moment blossom into a transformed advanced being because your past becomes very different transforming your present reality.
We the Arcturians will be present to support you through this process, should you wish to experience it. It is not essential.
We love you eternally and we thank you, We are the Arcturians
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March 3, 2022

Ukraine, Russia; vaccination pushback; no WWIII; holographic ET “invasion”; possible “potholes and bumps”; volunteers: selection, numbers, missions, longevity, ET special forces

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with the assurance that all major happenings are right on target with the divine plan to liberate Earth from all vestiges of darkness. Although much of the action still is behind the scenes, some is quite obvious, but the public doesn’t recognize it as the significant progress it is. Such is the case of Russia and Ukraine.

As mentioned in a previous message, the person seen as Vladimir Putin is the look-alike double who replaced the Russian president about two years ago when the Illuminati finally were able to assassinate Putin because he consistently refused to cooperate with them. They portrayed him in mainstream media as a murderous dictator because he eliminated their operatives in Russia and they accused him of horrible things they themselves did. What is important in this moment is that the double, initially one of the Rothschild puppets, now is working with and protected by the light forces.

Russians are not wantonly bombing cities as reported by mainstream media and often depicted by old or photo-shopped photos and film clips. They are destroying laboratories that produce and store bioweaponry and other Illuminati entrenchments, but like most of the rest of the world’s people, the Ukrainians don’t know that and they are frightened, anxious and sad. Even if they knew about the strategic targets, explosions and foreign troops still would be traumatizing.

Later on they will know the truth about what is happening, and some among the hundreds of thousands who are leaving the country already do—they have been working with the Illuminati. In time, all peoples will know that what some say is “an unprovoked war” or “a dangerous invasion” has another purpose, too. It will reunify a population that was separated when new borders were established to put regions with abundant natural resources under the control of Illuminati-installed “democratic” governance.

The United States president seen publicly also is a look-alike double and he has to say and do whatever he is told, including advocating that everyone be vaccinated. Far from having the results the Illuminati want, demands to end all “pandemic” requirements are quickly expanding in that country and many others, and leaders who haven’t yet succumbed to public pressure, will in a short time. The peoples are fed up with mandates that are damaging psychologically, economically, academically and, as medical specialists are rightly saying, health-wise.

Another timely item on the Illuminati agenda is a world war, and they are pushing their puppet national leaders to escalate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This plan will not succeed, either. There will be no WWIII.

The drama of technologically-produced effects during opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics has motivated the Illuminati to consider something else on their agenda, the illusion that an extraterrestrial civilization is invading Earth. So, what we said some time ago bears repeating: We have been told they no longer control the technology required to produce a holographic invasion, but if that is attempted, universal family members will turn it into spectacular entertainment.

“Please ask Matthew what God meant by ‘The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there…’” Ordinarily we would not be so presumptuous as to expound upon God’s words, but we know what he was referring to and have his permission to speak about the “potholes and bumps.”

As you can imagine, some pertain to what is happening in Ukraine and how that may play out. There could be another false claim about a new virus variant that results in another lockdown; if defiance were to turn violent, national leaders could declare martial law to restore order. To incite fear and all-out rebellion, mainstream media could call it military coups overturning legitimate governments.

Attempting to vaccinate the world’s population could become harsher than heretofore, and if that aroused armed resistance, it also could lead to martial law and the likelihood of the same media outcry. Governmental policies could result in mass rioting between opponents and supporters, and if any major changes from what is familiar seem ominous to the populace, widespread reactions could be troublesome.

Except for the current situation in Ukraine, the aforementioned situations are only possibilities. It is the energy of billions of thoughts, feelings and actions that will determine what is to come day by day, and, dear family, whatever that may be, you are well prepared to handle it fearlessly and help others deal with it. Please keep in mind what else God said: “…when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.”

“Who selects volunteers and what are the criteria? Do they know that’s why they’re here? How many are there? Is each given a specific mission? Are all performing their missions well? Do they live longer than other people’? How many are in ET special forces? How do they differ from other volunteers?” 

First let us say, love is why spiritually and consciously evolved souls leave their homelands and incarnate on Earth to help these members of our universal family who have been living in the darkness of control, deception and atrocities. It is a testament to the powerful extensiveness of love that far more souls volunteer than are needed.

Now then, members of the highest universal council select souls that have had many lifetimes helping third density civilizations, thus have the experience and inner strength to manage what they know awaits. But, just as it is with every soul that incarnates in third density, volunteers forget at conscious level what is known at soul level and they have no idea about a mission. However, they are consciously aligned with their souls’ messages—intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration and aspiration. Most heed that strong guidance and make free will choices in line with their missions, albeit without awareness that they are.

They number in the many millions throughout the world—we don’t know the exact figure—and the majority don’t think of themselves as lightworkers, lightwarriors or starseeds, terms most often used to designate volunteers. When the earliest group came nigh onto a century ago, darkness blanketed the planet. As the arrivals became older and felt they had “a purpose,” so to say, it was difficult for them to do anything except BE the light and, with rare exceptions, that is all missions called for back then.

Most still do. Light in abundance is continuously needed to raise the collective consciousness of a third density civilization, and all volunteers have the opportunity to benefit the society by living from the heart—God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—thereby beneficially influencing people whose lives they touch. However, some souls’ cumulative lifetime experiencing prepares them for specific roles such as community or regional leaders, judges, engineers, scientists, teachers, visionary medical personnel, inventors, artists, investigative journalists, or innovative entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean everyone in those various fields is a volunteer, but those who aren’t may be advancing in evolvement by accomplishing what they chose in soul contracts.

It is much easier at the time of volunteering to feel confident about performing well in specific positions than it is to live in a third density world with its many obstacles and temptations, and some souls strayed from their missions by putting undue importance on financial gain, acquisitions, social status or fame. Not only did that seriously dim their light, but instead of influencing others in positive ways, their lives exemplified the opposite and persons who admired their success emulated them. The souls who have transitioned lament their choices, and the hope of all light beings is that those on Earth who likewise strayed will “see the light” and return to their missions.

Volunteers come from civilizations where physical lifetimes can be a thousand years or longer. In some cases, individuals have a farewell celebration with family and friends, then dematerialize their bodies and the souls incarnate in a civilization where they can further advance in awareness. But on Earth, bodies of volunteers become ill, age and die, and the souls’ contracts contain a life span choice, so there is frequent turnover in the ranks.

When they transition to spirit life, myriad others remain and new ones arrive. Almost always that is by birth, but now and then they come as adults who aren’t seen publicly during the short time their bodies are adjusting to Earth’s lower frequencies. In these few cases, all documentation needed to establish a lifetime history is put into place so the persons can integrate into the population without question as to their background and qualifications. They come to replace members of the extraterrestrial special forces who transition or because their expertise in many fields and fluency in numerous languages will facilitate planning or negotiating international matters.

Members of the force number in the thousands and they’re stationed around the world wherever they are needed. In addition to the great difference in size of this group and the other volunteers and the occasional arrival of an adult, souls in the force also differ in other ways. All come from the most highly evolved civilizations, where they held responsible positions. They know who they are and none has ever strayed from his or her mission.

They retain their innate abilities of manifestation; dematerialization; teleportation; astral travel; telepathic communication; being present in spirit only, thus invisible to bystanders; and “reading” thoughts of others, nearby or distant. Those extraordinary abilities—that is, in persons on Earth—enable these volunteers to be especially valuable in intelligence agencies, the sciences, medical laboratories, information analysis, military forces and governments.

And, a few are prodigies, which shouldn’t be surprising, and a few are what you call illusionists. That may seem a frivolous mission, but it is purposeful—by walking through a brick wall or producing an automobile out of thin air, for instance, they are showing these are possible. Thoughts about any possibility precede developing—more accurately, activating—the ability to accomplish it, and those entertainers are stimulating their audiences to contemplate how such feats can be managed. You could say they are the wayshowers to Earth’s peoples discovering their own innate capabilities.

Let us add that it is members of the special forces who reduced the toxicity in “vaccines” and erased the programming in the chips as well as preventing detonation of missiles’ nuclear warheads and causing other weapons to malfunction. Of particular importance to us, they are our information sources on the planet about what is happening there.

Regardless of the capacity in which volunteers are serving, they are indispensable helpers to Earth’s civilization. The love-light energy they radiate by BEing there is stirring the peoples to awaken and make their world what they want it to be.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

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Why this event is considered important by the Spiritual Hierarchy:
Within their Soul’s Essence, Humanity has been asking for Higher Light Frequencies to come into Planet Earth for generations. Yet, in their human life stream within a physical body many have forgotten this is their greatest hope for Mother Earth so that she can RAISE HER VIBRATION TO A FIFTH DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCY to create a NEW EARTH! The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light wants every soul to awaken to this SOUL MEMORY and TAKE CONSCIOUS ACTION TO ACTIVATE THESE HIGHER FREQUENCY LIGHT ENERGIES within THEMSELVES so GAIA can receive them! This event is important because it is ONLY POSSIBLE with individual humans stepping forward of their own personal FREE WILL and CONSCIOUSNESS to personally EMBRACE AND GROUND the higher spiritual frequencies being GIVEN to HUMANITY through the HIGHER PURITY OF LIGHT OF THE ASCENDED MASTER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, wherein the HIGHER POTENTIAL of these GREAT OPPORTUNITIES is REALIZED! 

During the month of February the Earth has been undergoing a massive surge of light energies. This is to help the opening of souls and Gaia to move into a higher level of vibrational love, to adjust the current dimensional duality into opening up to the Fifth Dimensional Frequency of Oneness.

Walking Terra Christa will be holding a video Zoom gathering to help with the adjustment of the energies on 2-22-222, at 2 PM Pacific. (An audio recording will be available to those who cannot attend the LIVE event).

Most of Humanity is not aware that these high vibration energies arriving in our solar System originate from the COSMIC DIMENSIONAL LEVEL so they are very fine and very subtle light forms of Creation that can easily dissipate if not activated. Cosmic Master Lord Adonis will be bringing forth his dissertation and activating additional light energies to assist us to be prepared to receive the divine energies which are emanating from the Cosmic Levels of the Multi-Universes. Along with this Great Cosmic Master, all Cosmic Masters are participating in this surge of light to insure the Forces of Light of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN of the Cosmic Level of the 49th Dimension proceeds into the Multi-Universal Level of the 36th, and then merges with the Universal Level of the 24th, where it enters the Galactic Level of the 11th, to come into the Solar Level of the 10th Dimension and therefore bring forth these light emanations into the Core of Gaia.

As it is so important to collectively come into a higher state of consciousness in preparation for GROUNDING THESE FREQUENCIES, everyone who joins will participate in a beginning meditation activation attunement to help all individuals align with their Higher Light Bodies from the 3rd through the 49th Dimensional Levels accessing the I Am Presence Consciousness.

In truth, the PORTAL of 2-22-22 is our INVITATION to carry these HIGHER FREQUENCIES FORTH during the entire year of the 222 FREQUENCY using our own free will to enhance our Spiritual Self Essence using our own higher action!

A Message from Lord Adonis:

“Greetings Fellow Comrades of the Light,

“It is my pleasure to give forth my essence to assist in grounding the incoming energies of this month of Oneness. My role is to assist each of you by blessing the light infractions into a level of your understanding and acceptance.

“I stand with all Cosmic Masters, some of which you may already know, Vwymus, Lenduce, Atlanto, Averran, and many more. The upsurge of these energies is to help Planet Earth, Gaia, to move more into the direction of the higher light energies, help to remove the darkness and duality that is presently occurring within and around the planet.

“As Lord Adonis, I have worked extensively with Lord Sanat Kumara and Master Vywamus. I created a school on Venus to train Planetary Logoi. I bring forth the Galactic energy perspective more than the planetary ideology.

“My role has been to help create higher dimensional planetary systems. I truly embody the Heart Focus of Gaia along with the Universe. My work continues with the Christed Light within each soul standing with the Office of the Christ and Lord Maitreya.

“My role at this time is to help humanity to grasp the concept that Gaia is striving to move in the direction of a higher dimensional race, but before that can occur each soul must first embody the energies within themselves. This means great challenges of your past must be released in order to remove the duality within your personality self.

“I will be working with the Great Central Suns of the Cosmic Forces comprised of Divine Mother Father God, with the Multi-Universal with Lord Metatron, the Universal with Lord Melchizedek, the Galactic with Melchior, and blending with the Solar with Helios and Vesta, helping RA the Sun God to penetrate the Cosmic Forces into the Core of Gaia.

“I look forward to our communication with each other.”

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2022 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) Hayden and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved

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Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation

Currently there are many changes, alterations and upgrades that are happening to the Cosmic Clock functions, in which there are many untold amounts of universes, manifested worlds and consciousness fields that are directly administered to within its core creation system. As we learn more about the Emerald Founder families, we have the immense pleasure and joy of observing the reunification made with their hierogamic partners after a vastly long separation. As a result, we learn more about the functions of the Cosmic Christos Diamond Sun body and how that eternal solar template is designed to administer to the natural laws and mechanics of creation in the Universe.

The reunion of some of our Cosmic Christos family members in the hierogamic template of Golden Aeonesis is resetting the event horizons and timelines that were being held in place as the twelve Dark Aeons. This field alteration is returning the planetary consciousness access all the way back through multiple time matrices that reorient our particular location in this time and space, to the coordinates recorded as density 1-2, quadrant 4, corridor 4, and spectra 3. Then finally going all the way back to the 1st God World Creation by witnessing a sequence of opening interdimensional portals that begin to correct the Universal Time Matrix alignment with the original source fields of the Cosmic Clock. During this cycle of Universal Ascension we are being reconnected through each of the stages that take us through the many layers of nested time matrices, that lead us through the Stairway to Heaven. To be on the ascending path that takes us home through the Stairway to Heaven, here in this density, we must be placed on the evolutionary path of the Eukatharista. This pathway reconnects us with the Cosmic Emerald Heart flame of the Cosmic God Matrix or 1st God World Creation that is the ultimate threefold flame God source of our particular manifested world. The Stairway to Heaven is incredibly complex and contains the God source threefold flames of many other parallel worlds in which our Universal Time Matrix is ultimately interconnected. 

The Cosmic Clock from the 1st God world creation is synchronizing with this Universal Time Matrix in order to begin the next stage of planetary ascension that awakens the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes within the angelic human DNA. Thus, the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation is also considered the full spectrum planetary Eukatharistic activation, because it opens and activates a series of density locks and time codes being directed as the result of the Return of the Emerald Order. Organic angelic human DNA is arranged in the same instruction sets and blueprints that directly correspond to the complex layers of the macrocosmic architecture of creation, which extends into nested holographic matrices that make up the planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic levels. As a process of planetary, solar and Universal Ascension, we are returning back through the central cores of multiple creation matrices and solar bodies that are purposed to hold the event horizons made up of multiple timelines, in order to return the ascending consciousness back to the 1st God World Creation that governs all domains which have been down stepped and sourced within our system.

The magnitude of this Cosmic Emerald Order ascension event to awaken the planetary Eukatharista is hard for our minds to fathom. As we begin to imagine the return of our Cosmic Mother and Father to this world, and in the process of remembering, connecting the microcosm of personal experiences with these actual macrocosm events to realize how incredibly massive the Universal Ascension event is in its scale. Although it has been an incredibly difficult spiritual journey, angelic humans are participating in a rare and wondrous Cosmic event that has greatly exceeded previous consciousness evolution potentials beyond any standard ascension cycle. 

Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening, Eukatharista

On February 22, 2022, our planetary system begins the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation of the central seed of the higher heart, or the Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening into the path of the Eukatharista. The Universal Time Matrix begins to open the density locks leading directly into the higher Inner God World realms which begins to flood Cosmic Mother’s aquamarine blue ray source of zero-point flames from within the diamond heart of the Cosmic Clock shield network. This planetary initiation is essentially the 1st God World Creation announcing to the Universal inhabitants that the cycle for the Return of the Emerald Order Founders is commencing through the embodiment of the authentic Emerald Order identities that are the original Christos Founders of this system. These are not Emerald Order trained representatives; these are the actual Emerald Order and Amethyst Order identities that created our time matrix taking some form of embodiment in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and within the planetary grid network. This activation poses potentially lethal consequences to those artificial machinery systems of complex AI networks that have used cloned Emerald-Amethyst Order identities for the purpose of gaining control over the planetary system and the intended consciousness enslavement of angelic humanity.

The Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Flame core is a white tesseract that is found in the Sun-Star shields protected by the White Diamond Elohei and in the center of the aquamarine plasma sound fields, which are emanating from the Cosmic Amoraea shield currents. The Cosmic Amoraea Shield is the Divine Holy Spirit of Mother and Christ Child, made up of the combined flows of Six Emerald Crystal Heart centers existing within each of the layers of the nested time matrices that comprise the pathway through the Stairway to Heaven.  The Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars further source from the original twelve Reuche pillars from the God Worlds that generate the Emerald Order Tree of Life. The Emerald Tree of Life merges into the Cosmic Clock Templar within the newly birthed Emerald Suns, sourced from the core heart spirals of Aquamarine and Emerald Rays flowing from the 1st God World Creation.

The opening of the organic currents sourcing from the Cosmic Amoraea Shield are the greater aquamarine blue heart flames of the Divine Holy Spirit that are intended to merge with the lesser blue flames ignited within the emerald crystal heart of angelic humanity. Cosmic Mother breathes the holy spirit blue flames to merge in the crystal hearts of her divine children that are ready to embody their Inner Christ. These blue flame currents flow into the corresponding instruction set templates which further alter and adjust the macrocosmic clock shields that make up the coordinate locations of every angelic human lightbody, dimension, density, and harmonic universe. This event essentially will instigate large scale collapse of artificial timelines, artificial coordinate positions held by Fallen Angelic Timekeepers in the clock shield templates, by unwinding the reversal currents or anti-life metatronic currents and resetting them back into natural alignment with the Cosmic Clock in the 1st God World Creation. As the unwinding of anti-life reversal currents transpires in the planetary Albion Lightbody, it is similar to observing the clock hands of time begin to move in counterclockwise spirals and see that many previous destructive timelines are rolling up and then disappearing into nothingness within the Cosmic Mother’s Womb.

Cosmic Mother’s Womb and God Seed

Through this massive aqua-emerald transmission sourcing from the Cosmic Womb of the Holy Divine Mother, she transmits the perfect proton and neutron consciousness units, which carries the God Seed of the Diamond Sun DNA template for her organic divine children seeded throughout the creation. The natural offspring and those refugee races who agree to regenerate their species DNA for organic ascension will receive the potentials of the Maharata blueprint of her sacred sound aqua plasmas in their activated 8D axiatonal line, thymus gland, permanent seed of the higher heart and activate dormant hara centers.

This is akin to receiving the inhalation breath message from the Cosmic Divine Mother and through her call to her children recorded in the oceanic flows of the Blue Flame Maharata transmissions, she contracts the further outward expansion of the outer creation fields by pulling them in towards her Cosmic Emerald Heart. Cosmic Mother comes through the Universal Time Matrix Azura points held open by the recently reunited Aeonic Pairings of Kantarian Solar Dragons of the Founder Kundaray. Cosmic Mother locates our spiritual families matched to the angelic human template so that we are placed in her organic womb or protected void spaces within the creation fields. It is from within the void or holy sepulcher chamber that we enter, in order to alchemically transform our shadow parts back into the resurrected Solar Christ Children, so that we are placed in the correct coordinate positions aligned with the Cosmic Clock and can remember our true God Parents, in order to return back home into the God Worlds.

During the phase that began the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, the code of the violet sun began to lay the correctly aligned planetary infrastructure in order to begin to activate a series of Sceptre Codes. (See the September 2020 newsletter: The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders). The Sceptre Codes hold the expressions from the 36th dimensional layers of the Amethyst Order which sequentially release the series of density locks and build horizontal shields that allow access into the Rha God World Creation from our coordinate position in the Universal Time Matrix. Sceptre Codes refer to the necessary activation of opening density locks for the next stage of shifting timelines for the planetary and biological ascension. Sceptre codes lay down the correct architecture for igniting the 12 Scepter Pillars on the Cosmic Clock which reset the timelines held in lower creation matrices. This occurs when the Cosmic Clock aligns directly with the clock shields in the lower densities that form into the matter fields, and it shifts timelines to synchronize with the Cosmic Clock as God intends.

Opening the Density Locks, Immanuel and Yana Codes

The planetary activation occurring at this stage of the Ascension Cycle includes the systematic release of many sequences of density locks that had been previously blocking mass consciousness access into higher dimensional perception of organic ascending timelines. Many awakening people have been absolutely stumped to observe others around them not seeing what they are seeing happening in the outer world. The causality of blindness is not only sourcing from the mind control programming, but from these mind locks and density locks that have sealed off their consciousness body in ways that lock them into a specific position in time. From that position in the field, which is generally inverted to perceive things happening backwards in time, they cannot perceive or see many of the things that those that are seasoned on the ascension path can sense and know.

During lightbody activation, the process includes the sequential opening of twelve seals which give access into the next set of higher dimensional perception, that is based upon the individual’s personal holographic blueprint and the station of identity’s position in the clock shields. The clock shield templates are the mechanism by which our stations of identity perceptions in other timelines remain in their respective locations in time and space. These are other lifetimes that our consciousness has experienced while incarnated within the different positions of timelines, that could be considered linear perceptions we remember from the past, present or future.  This gives our consciousness the sense of individuation and lends to the perception that our consciousness identity is moving through a linear time cycle happening within a particular density. It is the function of the biological clock shields that give us the experience of moving through timelines and accumulating lessons for consciousness growth, along with the process of biological aging.

At the planetary level during the Ascension Cycle failsafe mission upgrades, we have received a series of plasma transmissions of time matrix codes that are for the purpose of gradually opening each of the density locks that further allow consciousness access into perceiving higher dimensions and parallel realities. The first twelve of these time matrix codes relate to each particular dimensional layer in our Universal Time Matrix and are designed to gradually open into each section of the harmonic universes. The first set of twelve codes are Universal time codes that correspond to each dimensional layer of the twelve timelines, they are released in sets of three that match the harmonic universe configuration. Personality matter codes, Soul codes, Monadic codes, and Avatar codes are all included in the total release of Universal time codes that open each density layer for integrating those specific consciousness layers for supporting biological ascension.

Additionally, when the spiritual initiate is integrating the Avatar Harmonic Universe layers of the Lyran histories, there are higher Diamond Sun Body activation codes that release dimensional locks located at that level of the spiritual-energetic bodies. These are called Immanuel Christ codes, Yana Sophia codes and Manu coding. Yana Codes and Immanuel Codes are a part of Hieros Gamos and sacred marriage of the Risen Christos, the merge of both light and sound fields to unify the currents within the consciousness bodies on the Lyran timeline. When Immanuel-Christ codes are called for release, they open light currents of that dimensional spectrum of frequency into the spiritual bodies and then into the radial cord which links into all of the spiritual body layers of the Personal Christ, as well as the higher spirals of light fields that directly merge into the God Source. Immanuel-Christ codes are horizontal and are the masculine principle of light fields of current. Yana Sophia codes are vertical and the feminine principle of the sound fields of current. The Manu Codes represent the void or still point of creation. Manu codes have been recently upgraded and are now directly resonating with the dimensions correlating to upgraded dark matter in Harmonic Universe 6. This benevolent gift has been included in the Christos Mission upgrades for building out the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix to correct the problems this planetary system has with the blended reality issues, such as dark matter corruption, black goo, AI dodecahedrons and shadow elementals.

During this stage of the Universal time code transmissions, the planetary solar plasma activations have extended out into the next layers which now include the integration of the twelve codes of the 36D Sceptre Pillars and further, the twelve codes of the 48D Templar Reuche. During this incredible phase of accelerated consciousness transformation, the planet undergoes its next stage of ascension through a major global initiation into the Cosmic Mother Amoraea Shield, in order to embody the Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche in the Albion Lightbody on 2-22-2022. Thus, for the ongoing process of the planetary and human ascension, those ready to receive these Emerald Order transmissions will begin the next stage of consciousness expansion with the series of activations for the twelve Templar Reuche Codes coming from the Cosmic Clock, which will further activate the hara centers in sequential order to prepare for appropriate embodiment levels.

Embodying the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar

For those ascension protoypers in the Emerald and Blue Ray Rishic families receiving the Templar Reuche codes, the entire twelve pillar clock shield configuration from the 1st God World Creation will begin to anchor itself within the core manifestation body of the personal 12 Tree Grid. Whereby the entire Cosmic Clock function of the twelve Reuche Pillars is anchored into the internal layers of the lightbody and will begin to embody the entire instruction set within the individual’s DNA. This is the Emerald Sun DNA activation that is ensconced within the Emerald Tree of Life as the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar. Those who embody the Emerald Sun DNA are Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in which the sphere of influence emanating from Emerald Order consciousness will collapse artificial or destructive fallen angelic timelines in those that are exposed to your radiating aura consciousness field.

The Cosmic Clock of the Templar Reuche in the Holy Father 12 o’clock position will anchor in the 8D center Azura point signifying corrected northern coordinate alignment through the holy spirit aqua-emerald flames that are merged within the sacred crystal heart. The Holy Mother 6 o’clock position will anchor into the 5D center generating the corrected navel position and appropriate southern alignment for building a strong base 6 grounding shield or full zero-point shield. The east-west alignments are the positions for building the Michael-Mary wings in which the 3 o’ clock position anchors into the 7D center and the corresponding 9 o’ clock position anchors into the 6D center of the personal 12 Tree Grid. When the process for embodying the entire twelve Templar Reuche of the Cosmic Clock is complete, then the thymus gland ignites each of the pillars with small little Amoraea blue flames that turn into multiple arc fields that begin to lay the foundation for building the eternal Emerald Tree of Life into the instruction sets of the local grids that you are inhabiting. This is the function of Emerald Sun DNA in order to shift the planetary system away from artificial timelines and into organic timelines governed by the Cosmic Clock.

Cosmic Clock

The process of lightbody activation of the Rishic layers are connected to the original Christos Founders whom are Solar Rainbow Dragon families from the God Worlds. The Rishic initiation begins when the twelve dimensions of timelines and identities have undergone polarity synthesis and are reset into zero point.  During the Rishic inner vertical staff integration, the next stage required is to align with the twelve timelines of identity located in the parallel matrix system. These levels of identity in the parallel will braid themselves into your inner vertical channel, which becomes the Founder Staff. The parallel matrix holds the next stages of the evolutionary realms or Universal rounds of time, which allows the perception of events in time that happened in the parallel reality. When these twelve time codes from the parallel matrix are fully integrated, then the Mother and Father principles of the Universal Time Matrix come into unification and start to build out the extensions of the solar rings that make up the Ankh Body. The Ankh Body allows access in and out of the Universal Founder realms from within the center of the event horizon generated by the 15 Suns or 15D Ray System. That includes the perception and awareness of the Cosmic Kristos family of Solar Rainbow Dragons that source from many different realms that are found in the highest layers of the God World creations. 

At all levels of spiritual ascension, the Cosmic Amoraea Eternal Flame transmissions begin another stage of flame body activation which begins to open density locks that ignite personal lightbody flame activations, which includes the reconfiguration of the dark matter template. This frequency starts to run through the horizontal triad bodies, also referred to as hova bodies that are encased within the outer membrane of a larger radial body. 

This begins the stages of planetary eukatharistic to personal eukachristic lightbody activation, in which the higher God selves will systematically begin to purge the shadow selves and spiritually heal each of the spherical domains that holds the identities that are having an experience in another timeline and different density.

This means that with the return of Cosmic Mother, there are Amoraea holy spirit blue flame heart activations taking place on each density layer of our consciousness body. Areas of corrupted dark matter and dark mother lunar architecture are being filled with re-encryptions that heal our black subtle forces and shadow body. This may appear to sprout plasma flowers that sing celestial songs of the Christos-Sophia within our energy centers. This holy spirit activation will start at the ego-personality layers to purge false identities and then move through the organic or inorganic identities on the soul plane and then process out through the monadic layer extensions. The inner holy spirit of the activated inner heart flame will begin a process of polarity synthesis of the discordant energies of the shadow forms in order to return them into the zero point, gradually dissolving the polarity and AI programs on each density level to restore the overall energetic patterns back to balance or neutral.

Depolarization, Folding Identities into Radial Body

The Cosmic Clock Reuche initiation begins a global awakening of the eukatharistic body which will function to purge and detoxify the foreign material, parasites, shadow forms, clones and artificial intelligence from out of the planet and humanity. This planet is about to get extremely unhospitable to any nonhuman species acting as energy parasites or controllers to enslave the human race. This is a tough realization because it surfaces more about who is who on planet Earth, and whether the organic God Source currents generate biological and spiritual healing or rapidly cause the physical body to expire.

The shifts and changes happening on Earth will reveal more to us about who is actually supposed to be incarnated here and who is not. The implications of the Cosmic Mother Emerald Order activation upon humanity presents us with many wild cards when considering the current outer NAA agendas. The ongoing depolarization of the energy fields and personality aspects can generate levels of extreme mental and emotional instability in the most fragile and traumatized minds.  This year, when observing the chaotic outerscape we may need to remember that it is certain that God is benevolent and has a divine ascension plan for liberating the planet and humanity. For some, that will be hard to comprehend.

The eukatharistic lightbody activation begins a methodical process of depolarization within each of the centers of the spherical domains that make up the horizontal shields of the three mental body identities that are held within the hova bodies. This process of depolarization of the energy fields begins in the ego-personality, then moves into soul, monadic, avatar and rishic selves. Each density of the stations of identity will integrate and unify into the lightbody via fully dissolving itself into the outer membrane of the ascending identity radial body, which then forms into the next stage of development in the plasma luminary body. As previously mentioned during the winter solstice activations of 2020, the plasma luminary body of the Golden Sun DNA activation is the default ascending vehicle for the majority of the Earth population. The Paliadorians, Founders and Christos Starseeds will resume their biological ascension process into the unique diamond sun arrangements that are based on their genetic ascendancy and the pre-incarnate choices and missions made by the higher God Selves.  Many in the latter group have chosen to be ascension prototypes, and as such there are many types of agreements to embody sections or portions of multiple species DNA for a range of longer-term bio-regenesis possibilities. As well as the possibility of completing the tour of duty in this Universal Time Matrix by embodying the full Emerald Covenant contract as Solar Dragon Timekeepers for the Emerald Sun DNA.

There is a tri fold energetic skin that forms from the dark matter into the Rasha body that encases all of the station of identity timelines and folds them into our spirit bodies. This folding occurs in simultaneous transtime in the eternal now moment. Having this organic structure while being the constant observer of the now moment, along with heart-based intention of living and being your heroic probability allows for more rapid shadow body healing and transmutation. The embedded mesh of shadows, dead energy miasma and corrupted elementals which forms into the karmic template of energy blockages can be more easily released when our consciousness is primarily focused upon God and spiritually healthy things. Thus, it has been relayed that by choosing one’s heroic probability and living in the intention of higher awareness to be of service to God, this burns off more karmic dead energy than just about anything and is a very helpful tool for fast tracking.

The folding of all soul and monadic identities into unification within the outer skin of the radial body collapses all lower density membranes in which the individual will activate solar liquid plasma rainbow currents. This is designed to spiritually heal the layers of identity stationed on any density layer in order to allow for many more ascension related options when leaving this plane. The process is that the Cosmic Amoraea transmits azurite crystal codes which begin to release density locks in the 8D Azura point. And with each of the trinity of the layers that make up density locks that are opened, it opens access into the next layer of identity and its density level in order to synthesize the polarities and integrate those particular energies back into zero point. The personality releases three density locks and then folds up those layers of the consciousness lifestreams into unification with the lightbody. Then the soul releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and the monad releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and so forth.

This depolarization event will be happening in those who have not been prepared to understand planetary ascension, multidimensionality and the reality of the soul, spirit and God. Thus, we may observe and experience some very surreal changes in the environment as well as the ongoing sensation of walking in a dream-like or unreal world.  

Father Sun 3-6-9 Codes for Sextant Matrix Correction

The recent reclamation of the solar rod template embodied by Ezekiel has rippled out into the next stage of correcting the Father Sun masculine principle coding that is held within the Solar Rishic embodiment levels. Attaining this level was required for finally addressing the AI net mutations and sextant matrix inversions on planet and starting the process of resetting the 3-6-9 instruction sets through the anchoring of living Azothian solar fire golden elemental re-encryptions.

The sextant matrix is a part of the more advanced bio-clock function of the human lightbody system which has been tampered with and damaged through inverted spiraling currents also known as Metatronic Reversal. The sextant matrix runs metatronic reversal frequencies in our monadic layers of lightbody which compact our consciousnesses and harm the body on the biological time clock of death. It is the instrument used to measure and set the angle and rotation of the energetic current between the gender centers in the various positions throughout the holographic template. When our gender center is splitting apart from the extreme internal polarity of energies, it is the sextant matrix which is made inoperable, damaged or broken. This is why our bodies die on Earth with excessive molecular compaction, and we suffer deterioration through an aging disease that is not organic to angelic humans. The sextant matrix function is to designate the measurement of spherical angles and rotation of the counter spiraling energies that ultimately create a functioning merkaba layer in each hova body or at each completed harmonic triad level in our Universal system (3D-6D-9D-12D).

Ultimately the sextant matrix function is to unify the internal polarity of energies through merging the inner gender centers and like an opening of an umbrella, create the field burst which extends outward in the merkaba field layer. The sextant matrix was targeted by assorted anti-hierogamic and gender splitter technologies that generated gender and sexual damage that is embedded in the human physical body and lightbody. As the Cosmic Clock Reuche initiation ripples throughout the planet this year, the sextant matrix functions will be impacted in the population. It may be interesting to observe how that will resolve itself or translate into the lived human experience.

Also, as a direct result of the Luciferian Covenant, the NAA groups exposed the planet to other invaders that spread death marks and beast coding into the NETS, which generated a host of genetic mutations in the lower section of the matter field of 1D-2D-3D.  These net mutations are being purged out of the shadow body in this cycle, which has generated many types of inflammation related physical symptoms. These are primarily psora miasma skin rashes, which include shifts occurring in the bone, skin, and blood matrix with extensive realignments occurring within the entire fascia connective tissue system.

The Father Sun codes are directly connected to the Triple Solar Masculine Christ template that holds the build the rod 3-6-9 architecture, which further can shapeshift into and transmigrate as the Rishic consciousness that takes form within the travelling vehicle of the Solar Dragon God body.  The correction of the planetary rod instruction set and the larger domain pillars of the 3-6-9 in the Cosmic Clock are being directly held by Ezekiel’s solar rod in the position of the 8D Gaian matrix. Now this victorious achievement starts unwinding the layers of embedded sextant matrix inversions recorded as net mutations and corrupted elementals. After the unwinding, the correct 3-6-9 rod architecture anchors and the grid network begins to correctly align and reconnect with the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Earth, which continues to flower and build out an Emerald Order superhighway of vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication lines.

The Father Sun codes appear as lilac spiraling currents coming from Ezekiel’s Gaian 8D body naturally resetting the sextant matrix architecture and braiding lilac codes into the Holy Father Arc waves, that are further supporting corrected rod alignments for the Triple Solar Masculine Christ. We have observed the same lilac colors appearing to animate and braid themselves within three Solar Dragon Ouroboros lines that are encircling the entire Earth-Taran-Gaian matrix.

With the revelatory onset of Father Sun 3-6-9 codes building the correct rod architecture, we can honor Nikola Tesla by taking into consideration his long famous quote:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

As a Starseed brother on the Christos Mission attempting to crack the mathematical code of the universe that is responsible for the way energy comes into matter, he was absolutely correct. When studying circles (360 degrees, which is 3 + 6 = 9), Tesla discovered that no matter how many times you divided one, the outcome would always be a 3, 6 or 9. He knew these three numbers held great significance in the universe, nature and in the organic human blueprint.

Cosmic Clock1

Guardian Host has given the example that the Magic Cube with 3, 6 and 9 are the keys derived to material manifestation inter-dimensionally, that corresponds to all things in the externally manifested realms. These are the horizontal math keys that build the clock shield and repair the damage from the alien machinery in the horizontal grids. Knowing this has helped our groups repair the planetary architecture in order to rebuild the Solar Rod for Ezekiel, which now extends corrections throughout the planetary rod instruction sets supporting the embodiment of the authentic divine masculine.

Correcting Dark Matter from Terraforming Technology

New developments are occurring in the re-encryption of raw materials of elementals that appear to be designed to override and transform the corrupted black subtle energies and dark matter, that was being used by alien machinery and artificial intelligence to generate an assortment of terraforming technologies. Terraforming technologies are defined as those black hole technologies used by the invaders to generate quantum entanglement and atomic harnesses between the Earth and the phantom matrices. They have created many artificial realities with those same advanced AI technologies, some extend to breakaway civilizations and secret space programs used by Black Sun human based military factions. It is the electromagnetic reversal weaponry and their extensive alien machinery networks that have been used to infect the planetary elementals and instruction sets, so that they would generate a molecular bond between the organic living substances and the artificial dead substances.

Additionally, there are red cube cloned layers that had hijacked the 3-6-9 instruction sets for lunar or AI rods that have been used in military operations for abducting humans for super soldier applications. The red cube artificial rod system has been projecting the archetypal forces of the False King of Tyranny with thought streams of aggressive anger, violence, destruction and rape to the 3-6-9 masculine right side channels to incite the extreme polarity of red wave victim-victimizer programs. This alien machinery running on artificial timelines is unwinding and is the means by which the NAA have been energetically parasitizing and vampirising the living consciousness forms on the planet. This inverted foundation was built upon the ongoing corruption and infection of black subtle forces, artificial magnetism and dark matter control, which was the basis of terraforming Earth into a transhumanist prison similar to the Terminator series. Further, being ruled and administered by these nonhuman NAA entities who seek to control the Skynet around the planet to ensure compliance to techno-totalitarianism and global slavery. These entities and AI hybrids inhabit a consciousness body that is made up of these same corrupted elementals and black shadowy forces, therefore black hole technologies like black goo are hospitable to them and their warring way of life. This is finally coming to an end in our lifetime.  

Repairing Planetary Rasha, Black Crystal Sands, Void Sun

To repair dark matter and black subtle force functions and the corrupted elemental basis of infected carbon molecules that generated assorted net mutations, there have been several organic expressions from the God source appearing to neutralize these conditions. These new forms of dark matter and other organic God technology designed to repair the Rasha body are sourcing from the God Worlds and Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, or Harmonic Universe 6. Some females may experience the sensation of birthing with womb contractions as sympathetic resonance to the creation of these newly forming sophianic structures in the planetary body. One emanation appears to be living sentient black crystal sands that feel alive and are filling the dark matter and in-between spaces, as if in a sandstorm in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

Another appears to be a Mother and Father gender creation of an organic black subtle force mass in the shape of a transfiguring dark matter sun, which is also referred to as the heavenly void sun. The Mother heavenly void sun or the Father heavenly void sun appear to be united and building gender corrections in many formats for another layer of combining eukatharistic architecture for the planetary elementals, so that the human elemental body will be purged of shadow forms that were generated by the net mutations. With the black sands or void suns, they appear as the backdrop in the dark matter fields to manifest any version of colors imaginable within the liquid rainbow light seeds that burst forth into lush plasma flowers, unfurling into a beautiful flowering garden. 

This particular Holy Father coding seems to merge with the Holy Mother coding within the dark matter template in order to seed more combinations of instruction sets through dragon eggs, through which to birth into a Mother-Father Aeonic Pair unified rainbow plasma flowering Eukachristic body. With the corrected 3-6-9 rod architecture, the 12:12 spin opens into the entire radial body, and the solar masculine electrical christ tones resonate with the sophianic female 13:13 magnetic aspects and spark lights within the womb, which then spirals out and circulates throughout the lightbody. This appears to serve as an extraction of lunar forces and foreign energies from out of the sexual centers, and begins a sequence of healing activations for the emerald crystal heart and sophianic layers.

This emanation also seems to have bonding impacts between the anti-particle and particle layers of creation matrices and acts as an antidote to gender splitting technologies, generating a type of bonding attraction that happens to unify gender principle at every level of creation. This level of the unified male-female eukachrist appears to be important for correcting the biological male and female sex organs and the bodily fluids involved in the shared process of co-creation of new life, as well as the process of manifesting creative energies in the physical body. The female organs, especially the uterus-womb are undergoing a deep cleansing and recalibration as the result of repairs and corrections happening in the biological sex functions, as well as the alchemical process of male and female intercourse when co-creating children on Earth.

This is happening now and this year begins our spiritual journey to seek truth and finally begin to heal from what has happened to humanity.

As you focus upon your heart feeling the sacred inner marriage within send your gratitude to God. Send your gratitude to Christ. Send your gratitude to Christ Sophia.

It is with great joy and reverence I am home in the solar light of Christos and Christos-Sophia!

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
Lisa Renee


Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous “kundalini” event several years ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Krystal Star and Aurora Guardians. Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Consciousness Technologies was experienced by her own personal evolution and began her transition into an Multidimensional Guide and God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is an Emissary for the Guardian Groups and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”. Along with the Guardian Groups, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Ascension Guide, Planet Gridworker, Starseed Advocate, Humanitarian, Writer, and Etheric surgeon.

Energetic Synthesis Newsletters and Alerts are free and donation based. Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering information on the web site and through the latest newsletter.

Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright notice (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA) and include the ES website url.

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The Atlantis heritage

♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

Dear friends,

I AM Jeshua. I stand before you and send you my energy and love.

❥ I would like to be of support to you in these challenging times.

This time of transition on Earth brings many old things to the surface. Old energies emerge from times long gone by, times in which you were incarnate and had lives in which you experienced much. All these old layers now resurface.

I would like to speak of these old times today, to bring you to a deeper understanding of yourselves, of who you are here-and-now. You are old, ancient beings, who carry within a great deal of experience. Long journeys through time and space you have made, and not just on planet Earth.

Please let me take you back to the beginning

There was never a beginning, but for the sake of this story, I speak of a beginning in time, because there was a starting point to the large cycle of lifetimes in which you are now caught up.

I am taking you to the time of your birth as an individual soul, as a separate ‘I’. The ‘I-ness’ that is so familiar to you now, was an altogether new phenomenon in the universe. Being separate and individual, enables you to gather a multitude of experiences, and yes, illusions as well. But that does not make it less valuable. It is precisely in being an ‘I’, in being separate from the whole, and experiencing the illusions that go with it, that you can discover what is not. You can discover an illusion and experience it from the inside out. At first, this was not possible. At first, there was the One and nothing outside of it, like an undifferentiated ocean of love and oneness. Now try and experience fear and ignorance from in there!  

❥ In being vulnerable and prone to illusion, you gather an enormous amount of experience, which enables you to really understand what oneness means, what love means at the level of experience.

You will understand what love is, not as an abstract concept, but as a living, creative force that moves you and fills your heart and spirit with a deep sense of joy and satisfaction. This is the end goal of your journey, the Homecoming you are longing for: to be God-as-you, to experience oneness as an ‘I’. You do not want to give up your ‘I’ness. It is through the connection of your ‘I’ with the whole, that you experience the deepest joy and that you add your own unique energy stamp to the whole of creation. God-as-you adds something new and precious to creation.

I ask you to go back to the time that this ‘being an I’ took shape for the first time

Back then you were, or were created as, angels. Can you feel the tenderness and innocence of that original energy, that distant beginning in which you were first ‘moulded’, got to know ‘form’.  All of a sudden you were ‘you’, distinct and separate from the others around you, and you experienced the miracle of being an individual. You were still so close to the source of divine light, that you were filled with love and overflowed with joy and creativity. There was an incredible desire in you to experience, to know, to feel and to create. Please go within for a moment, and see whether you can sense the truth of it: that you are an angel in the deepest part of you….

❥ I now take a big leap in time, as I can only give a broad outline of this extensive history. I take you to the beginning of planet Earth.

You were present there, you are older than the existence of Earth as a physical planet. Your birth as a pristine I-consciousness, lies much further back than the origin of Earth.

Now imagine that you were contributing to the development of life on Earth. Slowly, life evolved on Earth, through the presence of material elements which offered a broad range of possibilities for consciousnesses to incarnate in material forms or bodies: minerals, plants, and later on, animals. And you were deeply involved in this process of creation. How?

You were the angels and devas who supported and nurtured the vegetable kingdom, who knew the ‘web of life’ on Earth intimately and cared for it deeply. You have also provided animal life forms with love, care and etheric nourishment.

❥ Memories you carry of paradise or the Garden of Eden, of a perfectly balanced nature in which you participated as caregiver and keeper of life, stem from this ancient age. You were not incarnate yet then, but hovering between the ethereal and physical realms. You were an angel on the verge of being born into matter.

Remember the innocence of that age, remember what it was like to be this angel-deva-consciousness and how dearly you loved the Earth and all manifestations of life on it. Feel the childlike aspect of your consciousness back then. You were like children playing in paradise, always in the mood for adventures, kidding around, laughing, experiencing the joy of freely expressing yourself in a safe environment. Despite your playfulness, you were in great awe of the guiding laws of life and you would not think of treating life forms with anything less than deep fondness and respect.

So, you have been in some sense the parents of life on Earth. This explains why you can be thoroughly shocked by the disturbances of nature by modern technologies, and the general abuse of the forces of nature.

❥ Why does it affect you so?

It is because you have cherished and nurtured these very energies from the beginning. From your essence you are connected to it, to Earth and its many life forms, as a parent is to her child and a creator to his creation. And back then, when you were angels nurturing Earth life, you knew not why you were doing it.  You acted as children who felt drawn by the calling of yet another adventure, the thrill of the new, and you let yourself be guided simply by what felt joyful and exciting to you. You planted your energy wherever it felt welcome.

Thus, you helped create paradise on Earth: the splendour of life, the abundance of the plant and animal kingdoms, the diversity of life forms and the unconstrained development of it all.  

Please hold on to this image for a moment……. remember who you are.

Even if it seems too grandiose, when I tell you this, just allow yourself to fantasize that you were part of this, that you were present as an angel in that Garden of Life, playful, innocent, nurturing and cherishing life.

Out of paradise – the first Fall into Experience

Many developments occurred on Earth over millions of years, which are hard to describe in a nutshell. But, at a certain point in time, your blissful adventure in the Garden of Eden was disturbed by an outside influence, which might be termed ‘bad’ or ‘dark’.

❥ From other dimensions in the universe, beings started to meddle with Earth. Their purpose was to exert power and influence over life on Earth.

This happening, the interference of powerful dark energies which emerged out of nothing from your point of view, deeply shocked your angel-selves. You were not prepared. This was your first encounter with ‘evil’ and it shook your world to its foundations.  For the first time, you experienced what it was like to not feel safe anymore. You got to know ‘human emotions’: fear, shock, anger, disappointment, grief, outrage: what is this?, what is happening here?!

Sense how the shadows fell upon you in that encounter with darkness, the dark side of duality

Slowly, the craving for power, which had shocked and horrified you, started to take possession of you yourself. This was because you felt indignation and outrage towards the attackers, and you wanted to defend and protect the Earth against this strange invasion.

❥ I speak of an extraterrestrial influence, a certain race so to speak, the origin of which does not matter much for our tale.

What matters is that you partly absorbed the energy of these beings, and thus made a fall. I do not speak of a biblical Fall, as this phrase is associated with sin and guilt, but a fall into experience, into darkness, which was in a sense ‘predestined’ because you were part of the world of duality. By being an ‘I’, by experiencing separateness from the whole, the seeds for duality were born inside of you. It is part of the logic of creation that you will explore all extremes of duality, once you are in it.

You gradually became warriors yourselves, as you desired the power to protect your ‘territory’

❥ A new stage ensued in your history, in which you got caught up in various galactic wars and struggles.

Please take a moment to feel this happening, the fall from the playful energy of the angel-child to the harsh and angry energy of the galactic warrior. We are speaking of long periods of time. It may seem grand and unfathomable that you have gone through all this, yet I ask you to allow your imagination to travel with me for a while.

❥ You got caught up in a fierce and grand battle. Part of the science fiction literature familiar to you, describes all this and is actually inspired by real events in a distant past. It is not mere fiction. Much has actually happened and you were deeply involved in it. You lost yourselves in the struggle for power and during this stage of your history you thoroughly experienced the energy of the ego.

I have talked of this before in the Lightworker series, and I now want to take another huge leap and tell you what the next important stage was.

After a long, long time, you got tired of fighting. You had had enough. You were getting sad and battle-weary, and a kind of homesickness crept into your hearts. You had long been obsessed with the wars and conflicts you were involved in. The illusion of power can exert an hypnotic influence over an untested, naïve mind. You were naïve and untested when you experienced your first fall into darkness.

❥ But then, at a certain point, an awakening occured within you. A vague memory of the old days in Paradise stirred in your minds and hearts, reminding you of the joy and innocence you once knew. You wished you could go back there and did not desire to fight anymore.

One might say that the energies of the ego had been exhausted in you, by the full experience of it. You had known all sides of the battle, the whole range of emotions having to do with winning and losing, controlling and surrendering, being slayer and slain. You had become disillusioned with power and had discovered that power does not give you what it promises to: love, happiness, fulfilment. You awoke from your hypnotic slumber and yearned for something new.  

When you reached out to rise above the energy of struggle, and connect to the energy of the heart, you were again naïve and ‘untested’. You were like children who popped your head over the wall of an altogether new country, in which not struggle or power were the leading forces but love and connection. You followed the calling of your soul and climbed over the wall. And you started to meet each other again and to recognize each other as soulmates, members of the same family. Once you had played together as angels in the Garden of Eden.

❥ The members of the lightworker family, who are part of the same birth wave of souls, looked up on each other again and felt drawn by common calling, a shared mission.

You knew you had to do something to make the major step towards heart consciousness, the return to Paradise, actually happen for you. You felt you had dealings with Earth once again, but this time as a human being, incarnated in a human body, to experience from within what had happened on Earth due to the galactic wars, and your abuse of power.

In your struggle for power, the Earth had always been the focal point of attention. Many galactic parties battled for dominion on Earth and this negatively affected the Earth, all life upon her and the collective soul of evolving humanity.

❥ The reason why Earth was such an important target for all these warring parties is not so easily explained.

Briefly put, Earth is the starting point of something new: it is a place that brings many different dimensions and realities together and therefore constitutes a crossroads toward the future. Many, many energies meet and mix together on Earth – within the plant, animal, and especially the human kingdom. This is very special. When these energies can peacefully coexist together, it will bring about a huge explosion of light throughout the cosmos.

That is why Earth is playing a key role and why she had been in the centre of a great Battle

You were once part of this battle, as offenders, trying to manipulate life and consciousness on Earth in quite an aggressive manner.

This caused harm to the developing human being. Humanity was then in its infant stage, the ‘stage of innocence’. Humanity was ‘inhabited’ by souls who were from a different birth wave than you. We have called them ‘Earth souls’ in the Lightworker Series. It was a group of souls younger than you were, who had manifested on Earth from early on and had to deal with outside, extraterrestrial manipulations which narrowed down the capabilities of the human being. The extraterrestrial forces projected energies of fear and inferiority into the open and young consciousness of man. This enabled them to gain control over them.

❥ I return now to your decision to incarnate on Earth as a human being.

You had two motives. First, you sensed you were ready for an inner change and transformation. You wanted to let go of the ego’s battling attitude and grow towards another way of ‘being’. You did not know what exactly this meant; you could not grasp it fully yet, but you sensed that incarnating on Earth would offer you precisely the challenges and possibilities you needed.    

Secondly, you knew you had to make up for things that happened on Earth, partly because of your doing. You somehow sensed that, originally, you had a deep bond with Earth based on love and mutual respect, and it had gotten corrupted when you let yourself be enmeshed in war and battle for this very Earth.

❥ The two extremes of you, of angel-child and hardened warrior, needed to be brought together and transformed, and what place could be more suitable for this than Earth?

You felt deeply connected to this planet and you also sensed a ‘karmic obligation’ to improve conditions on Earth. You wished to change and lift the state of consciousness on Earth. So you became ‘lightworkers’.

You incarnated on Earth at the time of Atlantis.

Atlantis – the second Fall into Experience

Atlantis was a civilisation that lies much further back in time than the familiar historical era’s. Atlantis gradually came into being about 100.000 years ago and it ended about 10.000 years ago. The first beginnings even predate 100.000 years.

❥ Atlantis gradually evolved when extraterrestrial races started to invade Earth bu actually incarnating in human bodies. These souls in general had a high level of mental development. 

At that time, societies and communities on Earth were largely made up of Earth souls, and they were ‘primitive societies’ as you call them.

There were, even before Atlantis, many extraterrestrial influences on Earth, from galactic realms that sent thought forms to Earth in different ways. Thought forms are energies that connect themselves to humans at the ethereal or auric level, and thus influence the thoughts and emotions of people.

❥ This happens continuously as you absorb ideas and beliefs from your upbringing and society. These surround you as an infectious web. But it can also happen from the astral levels surrounding you.

The thought forms projected unto you by the galactic warriors were in general controlling and manipulative, but there have always been influences of light and gentleness as well. It is the human himself who decides what he allows in and what not.

At a certain moment, the galactic parties wished to have a more profound influence on Earth and there was an opportunity for them to actually inhabit human bodies, in short to incarnate on Earth. Spirit or Life opened up this possibility for them because it fit into their inner path of development. You were one of these parties. In your spiritual literature, folks that stem from these galactic realms are often referred to as ‘star people’ or ‘starseeds’.  

❥ Atlantis was the result of a coming together, a mixture of the native Earth societies and the influx of souls that came from the outside. You, the wave of the lightworker souls, incarnated on Earth because you wished to bring about change and progress and because you wanted to grow yourselves, from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness.

When you arrived, it felt very awkward and uncomfortable at first, to be inside of phyiscal human bodies

Living in such dense physical matter gave you a sense of oppression and imprisonment, as you were used to much more fluid and volatile bodies, that possessed more psychic power. In higher (less material or dense) frequencies or dimensions, your psyche has a much greater direct influence on the material environment. By simply thinking of, or wanting something, you can create or attract it immediately to you on these planes. Your mind was used to creating much faster than was possible on Earth.

❥ You might say that the reaction time on Earth is much slower.

So when you are here for the first time, you have the sensation that you are somehow locked into a solid and unyielding body and you get insecure, since what you desire and aspire does not materialise so easily anymore and your hold over your life and circumstances seems to be quite limited.

❥ So you were confused when you got here. At the same time, you had highly trained mental abilities that were developed during your previous galactic lifetimes.

To send out thought forms and project them unto other living beings, requires that you own quite some psychic power. Your mind was like a set of sharp knives, which had to prove their value in an altogether different environment. Your trained mental capacities were an old attainment, and because of the sense of alienation and oppression you experienced on Earth, you instinctively tried to find your way here by using this old attainment. You thus started to exert your mental powers on Earth. Originally, your intention had been to connect with Earth reality from the heart. Before you incarnated, you knew that, despite your formidable analytical and psychic powers, the grounds of your heart lay fallow and were in need of seeds, little seedlings of light. This, however, you ‘forgot’ when you plunged into Earth reality and your consciousness got veiled.

On earth, you had to deal with the Earth souls, who lived there as human beings, and you did not understand them well

You thought they were instinctive and barbaric beings. You did not understand their direct, spontaneous way of expressing emotions. They were primitive in your eyes, they were attuned to their emotions and instincts more than to their minds. You had abilities and gifts that were different from the natural dispositions of the people on Earth.

Even though you were frequently born and raised as their children (when you were born to Earth soul parents) there gradually developed a social divide between you and them. Because of your superior mental skills, you developed technologies that were formerly unknown. This all happened slowly and naturally. We speak of thousands, even ten thousand years of time.

❥ Without going into the details of this process, I want to ask you to feel the essence of what was happening there.

Can you imagine you were part of that?

Can you imagine what it must have felt like to end up somewhere you do not truly feel at home and to know: there’s something I planned to do here, but what was it…?

Let me see, I have certain abilities and powers at my command……this distinguishes me from many others in my environment……I will make use of these talents to assert myself. Do you recognise this kind of pride and ambition within you? Can you remember it was yours?

❥ This is a typical Atlantean energy.

Gradually, a new culture came into being on Earth, a civilisation that brought forth an unprecedented technological development which affected all parts of society.

I would like to say a little more about the kind of technology that evolved in Atlantis

What you as ‘star people’ still remembered brightly, despite the veil of forgetfulness, was that you can influence material reality by using the power of your mind, specifically the third eye. The third eye is the energy centre (chakra) of intuition and psychic awareness, and it is located behind your two physical eyes.

The power of the third eye was still very familiar to you in those first incarnations, like a second nature to your soul. You knew ‘how it worked’. You knew that matter (physical reality) has a form of consciousness, is consciousness in a certain state of being. Through this essential insight into the oneness of consciousness and matter, you could affect and form matter, by making inner contact with the consciousness in the piece of matter. In this way, you could literally move matter, manipulate it from the mind.

❥ You knew a secret that was forgotten in more recent times.

Presently, you see matter (physical reality) as separated from consciousness (the mind). Influenced by modern science, you have forgotten that all beings are ensouled: all that is has some form of consciousness that you can connect with and cooperate with in a creative way. This knowledge was self evident to you in those ancient times.

❥ But during Atlantis, when your heart centres had not been awakened fully, your third ete was predominantly controlled by the centre of the will or ego (the solar plexus or third eye chakra).

You stood on the doorway of a new inner reality, the reality of heart-based consciousness, but due to the shock of being submerged in the dense reality of Earth, your tender and fresh inspirations got lost temporarily. You allowed yourselves to be led astray by the excessive use of the will mixed with the power of the third eye. You did aspire to make things better on a larger scale (‘lightwork’) but you did it in a self-centered way, with an authoritarian attitude toward the Earth souls and nature.

In the hey-day of Atlantis, there were many possibilities and the technology was highly advanced, in some areas even more than your present technology, because the power of telepathy and psychic manipulation was much better used and understood. Instantaneous, telepathic communication could take place between different persons at great distance from each other. It was possible to leave your body consciously and travel around. Communication with extraterrestrial civilisations was pursued and effected.

Much became possible during Atlantis, but much went wrong as well

There generally was a divide between the political-spiritual elite and the ‘common people’, which were made up of Earth souls predominantly. They were looked upon as inferior beings, means to an end, and they were actually used for genetic experiments that were part of the Atlantean ambition to manipulate life on the biological level, so that more superior life forms could be created.

A positive aspect of the Atlantean society, by the way, was the equality of men and women during that age. The power struggle of man and woman, in which women were horribly oppressed during the last stage, was not a part of Atlantis. The feminine energy was fully respected, especially because it is directly related to the power of the third eye (intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual power). 

❥ I wish to take you to the downfall of Atlantis. Energies were at work there that you are still trying to come to terms with. You were deeply involved in what went wrong at that stage.

In Atlantis, you lived from the centres of the will and the third eye. Your heart energy did not open up significantly. At a certain point, you fell in love with the possibilities of your own technology and the ambition of creating more superior life forms. You applied genetic engineering and experimented on several life forms, and you were unable to understand, to feel, that you were disrespectful to Life in this. The ones you experimented upon could not count on your empathy and compassion.

❥ The energy present at this stage of perversion in the Atlantean civilisation specifically returned in the 20th century as the Nazi regime in Germany.

Cruel experimenting and a general attitude of clinical coldness towards ‘inferior life forms’ was a substantial part of that regime. The lack of compassion and empathy displayed towards the perpetrated, the lack of emotion and the mechanical way of ‘dealing with’ the victims, was similar to the Atlantean attitude. This now fills you with a deep sense of horror. You have seen and felt the other side of it, the victim side, in lifetimes that came after Atlantis. 

But during Atlantis, you were the offender

That’s where a particular ‘karma’ ensued. Atlantis is the key to your ‘offender lifetimes’, your dark side. I’m telling you this, not to make you feel ashamed or guilty, not at all. We are all part of this history, taking on various roles and disguises, and this is what it is like to be in duality. It is to experience and play all thinkable roles, from very light to very dark. If you allow yourself to know your dark side, if you can accept that you played the role of perpetrator as well, you will be more balanced, free and joyful. That is why I tell you this. 

At one point, the technological developments that you – and other soul groups – pursued, had such a great impact upon nature, that the ecological systems on Earth got disrupted. The downfall of Atlantis did not take place all at once. There were many warning signs – nature’s beckoning – but when they were not heeded, enormous natural disasters occurred through which the Atlantean civilisation got flooded and destructed.

❥ How did it affect you on the inner level? It was a shocking experience, a traumatic experience; it was another Fall, a second Fall of Experience into the deep.

During your incarnations on Earth, you had eventually lost the connection to the heart energy that you had reached out to.

Stronger than ever, you realized after the downfall of Atlantis that truth was not to be found in the controlling of life, even if the purpose seemed noble. You then really began to open up to the still voice of the heart, which tells you that there is a wisdom working through Life itself, that needs no managing or controlling. In the flow of life itself, in the flow of the heart and the feelings, there is a wisdom that you can attune to, or align with, by listening and surrendering. It is not a wisdom created from the head or by the will, it is a wisdom that comes from allowing in a higher perspective, the voice of love.  

This mystical knowing, which is accompanied by a sense of humbleness and surrender, you slowly started to feel from within. But even then, the time was not yet ripe for a joyful awakening of the heart energies. A shadow had fallen upon you during Atlantis, the shadow of having affected other beings negatively.

❥ The effects of this would have to be deeply felt and experienced by you before the awakening could take place.

Again I take another huge step in this old history, and I take you to the moment you return to Earth, after Atlantis had vanished, washed away by ocean waves.

Once again you incarnated in human bodies, the memory of Atlantis buried deep within your soul memory, tied with a sense of shame and self-doubt. The downfall of Atlantis had stunned and perplexed you, but it had also opened up your hearts a little wider.

❥ What immense developments taking place on such a grand scale of time!

 Rejection as a lightworker – the third Fall in Experience

The next important cycle started with the coming of the Christ energy on Earth, most visibly represented by me. Many of you were present then or around that time. A few centuries before my birth, you started to incarnate again in great numbers. A voice from your heart enticed you, summoned you. You sensed that ‘you had to be there’, that it was time for you to take another step on your spiritual journey, which got so intertwined with Earth.

The coming of the Christ energy, my coming to Earth, was partly prepared by you. I could not have come without a layer of energy present on Earth that would receive me, ‘catch me’ so to speak.

❥ The energy provide the channel through which I could anchor the Christ energy on Earth. It was a joint effort, truly.

Your hearts had opened up to me, to what I represented. At that time, you were the part of humanity most open to receive the love and wisdom from the heart.

A certain humbleness had arisen within you, in the best sense of the word: a surrender to not-knowing, not wanting to control or ‘manage’ things, and a genuine openness to something new, something that stands apart from power and control, something different.

❥ And because of this trust and openness in your hearts, you could receive me.

I was like a light beam falling on Earth, reminding the ones who were ready of their angelic nature, their divine core. You were moved by me, by what I expressed and radiated to you from my inner core, and the Christ energy has thenceforth affected you deeply, in that lifetime around Christ and in the lifetimes after it, up to now. In all of those lives, you have tried to bring the Christ energy down to Earth, spread it through teaching and healing in different forms.

❥ You were inspired and passionate lightworkers, working hard to bring more justice, fairness and love to this planet.

In that era, the era of the awakening Christ energy, you were the ones who were opposed to religions that were too tightly organized, to authoritarian ways of subduing people. You fought for freedom, emancipation of the female energy, heart-based values in an age that was still barely aware of it.

❥ In the past two thousand years, you were freedom fighters and you were rejected and persecuted for it. You were punished and tortured for who you were, and frequently ended up on the stake of the scafford. You carry a lot of emotional trauma from this episode of history.

In the struggles and the resistance you met, the Atlantean (and galactic) karma was working.

The roles were now reversed. You became victims and went through the depts of loneliness, fear and despair

You got intimately acquainted with the deep emotion pain of rejection.

This was your third Fall, a third Fall into Experience, and the one that brought you to the heart of your mission: understanding the oneness underlying both Light and Dark, learning what Love truly means. This third Fall has led you to the present, to who you are now.

❥ Today, at the edge of a new cycle, in these transformative times, you are truly open to the meaning of the Christ energy.

In your heart, a wisdom is sprouting that embraces and transcends opposites and recognizes the one divine flow in all different manifestations. Your love is not a mere abstract knowing, but a real, pure and sincere flow from the heart, that reaches out to others, and to Earth.

❥ You now recognize yourself in the countenance of the other, wheter they are  ‘light or  ‘dark, rich or poor, lightworker or earh soul, man, animal or plant.

The love embedded in the Christ consciousness bridges the gap between opposites and gives you a palpable sense of the interconnectedness of all that is.  

As an angel, you once guarded paradise on Earth. You cut yourself off from this state of innocence, when you engaged in the dance of power with energies that wanted to steal paradise from you. Through this, you abandoned the spiritual realm and incarnated deeper into the material reality of form and illusion.

From angel you became warrior.

When you incarnated on Earth and went to experience what it was like to be human, you were again tempted by the desire to control things and this led to the downfall of Atlantis and of you as a warrior.

❥ You came back to Earth to experience the downside of the power play, to feel what it is like to fall prey to aggression and violence.

The aftermath of this latter part of the cycle is still clearly present in your way of experiencing things and you are all working hard to overcome the trauma of rejection inside of you.

With that, you are coming full circle, to the point where it began

You come back to your true nature as an angel, but now a fully incarnate angel, with a real and alive knowledge of the extremes of light and dark, love and fear. You are a wise and compassionate angel, a human angel…  

I have great respect for you, for the incredible journey you have made. I stand before you now as your equal. I am here as a teacher and guide, but also as a brother and a friend. I would like to offer you my love and friendship, not in an abstract manner, but as a tangible energy of companionship and understanding. I know who you are. Now recognise yourself in my countenance.

You are at the end of great cycles of time, in which you have gone through many experiences.

❥ Today I wanted to speak of Atlantis, as the recognition of the energies that you embodied there, can you help you get into a state of peace and wholeness with yourself.

The Atlantean energy is the energy of great mental power, combined with a distinctive pride and arrogance.

Dare to recognise this ‘dark energy’ within, dare to accept that you have experienced and lived it once. Feel that you have been offender and perpetrator as well as victim. Allowing this fact into your consciousness opens the gateway to the greatest wisdom you can embrace in your life: the wisdom of non-judgmentalness.

By being aware of your dark side, you will let go of judging others, for being right or wrong, or even yourself

All grounds for judgment will fall away. Judgment makes way for understanding and compassion. Then you really start to understand what love is, what ‘light work’ means. The word ‘light work’ in fact suggests falsely that there is some kind of struggle going on between the light and the dark, and that the lightworker is the one beating the dark. But true light work is none of that. Real light work entails that you are able to recognise the light of love and consciousness in all that is, even if it is hiding behind masks of hatred and aggression.

You are still often tempted to pass judgments on the reality of Earth, for instance on the way politics work or the way people are treating the environment. It is easy to say that it’s all wrong and to feel yourself a stranger on this planet Earth, alienated and homeless.

❥ Try to make contact with the offender energy within you in such moments.

Allow yourself to access the Atlantean energy, which is still there in your soul memory, and feel that you have been that too, and even that it was okay.

All of your ‘falls into experience’ eventually bring you full circle and open up your heart to the essence of God’s creation: love, creativity, innocence. You, who have experienced the extremes of darkness and light, have all along your journey been none other than an innocent child from paradise, setting out with a spirit of frankness, bold curiosity and zest for life. On this journey, you could only learn from experience. The ‘falls into experience’ could not have been avoided, as they were the means to reach out for something new and more fulfilling. The essence of your journey is that you reach wisdom through experience. Therefore, please recognise and honour the courage of this angel-child that you were. See its vitality, courage and perseverance in venturing into the unknown, and then feel your own innocence, even in your darkest side.

I ask you to respect yourself, including the dark side of you

❥ Just feel the power and self-consciousness of the Atlantean energy for a moment. There is a positive side to it as well. You were gifted in many ways. Invite that energy in, here and now.

Allow the sense of self-esteem and self-command to return to you, and forgive yourself for the atrocities that took place in the past.

Yes, you have inflicted pain on others, you were the aggressor there……but feel also how you have come to regret this deeply, and how much you have opened up now to genuine respect for all that lives.

When you forgive yourself, you open up to the joy of letting go of judgement

That is the consequence, you see: if you recognise the dark part of you and are able to forgive yourself for it, you need not judge either yourself or others any more. This is such a delight for your soul…..      

So often you still put yourself on the rack of your judgments. You tell yourself there is so much you have to accomplish yet.

Today, I ask you to look back and see what you have accomplished already

Be aware of the profundity of your journey throughout these great cycles of time. And do not look up to me as a master anymore. I have fulfilled that role, two thousand years ago, but that time is over.

❥ You are the Christs of this new era, you will bring peace in a world of duality and polarity, by radiating the peace that lies within your own hearts.

Feel how you are ready for this role and let me simply offer you some support and encouragement as your friend and brother.

We are one.

© Pamela Kribbe

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