The Galactic Federation’s Technologies

Q&A : The Galactic Federation’s Technologies – Part 2

Dear ones,

In my last post, I answered a few questions about the Galactic Federation’s technologies. Today I want to answer some of the questions I glossed over there, both because they’re interesting in themselves and because I think they illustrate something about how the technology race between our civilization and the Galactic Federation plays out.

Q: What is the intergalactic internet? Are there any rules governing it?

A: So you want to know more about the intergalactic internet? 

Let’s start with the intergalactic internet. The traditional computer-based internet uses a standard protocol called TCP/IP. It stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The Internet Protocol is the main driving force behind the World Wide Web. Basically, it is a set of rules that dictate how data should be packaged and transmitted between different devices on a network. This ensures that all devices can understand each other, similar to how humans use languages to communicate across distances. You’re probably familiar with one of its most important protocols, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted between clients and servers. A client is any device that accesses online content, such as your computer or phone, whereas a server hosts this content, such as websites or applications that you wish to access through your client device(s).

The Intergalactic Internet uses Quantum Network Communication Technology (QNC) to transmit information at light speed between different planets in our galaxy through spacetime wormholes (STWs). Wormholes are tunnels connecting two separate points in spacetime, allowing faster than light speeds of travel through them as they don’t follow the conventional rules of linear time (future->present->past). Instead, objects travel between different points inter-dimensionally, just like folding paper through time-space cubes called Tesseracts or Hypercubes, which have four dimensions (3D cubes + time dimension)! QNC allows for instantaneous communication regardless of distance using Quantum Entanglement, which means if two particles are entangled, then actions performed on one particle will affect its partner instantly regardless of distance. A research team from the University of Science and Technology of China actually managed to teleport quantum information 10 miles using this technology!

Q: How does the Galactic Federation’s teleportation technology work?

A: In order to travel through time and space, the Galactic Federation utilizes a technology that allows people to teleport themselves instantly. This technology is actually quite simple, too. If you look at a normal teleportation device, you’ll see that it’s based on the teleporter from Star Trek—a pulsing screen that emits the person’s image and then beams it into the destination.

The difference between this and the Galactic Federation’s teleporters is that their technology uses “reverse time” to transmit the person’s mind from one point in time to another. To do this, however, they use an array of devices that record everything around them as well as what they’re thinking and feeling at any given moment. When they pull up this information, it can then be altered to be exactly like someone else’s memory or experience of being somewhere else for a moment in time (this effect is also known as “mind-melding”). This allows them to travel through space and time without ever having to physically get out of their own bodies.

Q: Could you elaborate on some more advanced technologies that extraterrestrials possess?

A: The advanced technologies of the Galactic Federation are too much to fit into one article, but below, I’ll tell you a bit about some of the things that extraterrestrials have at their disposal.

• First, there’s an advanced technology called the Pulsar. It’s a weapon that fires a beam of energy with such intensity that it can destroy all life on an entire planet. This technology could only used when absolutely necessary. It has not been used before.

• There’s also an advanced technology called the Wormhole Maker, which creates tunnels in space and time so aliens from various planets can travel long distances in a short amount of time. 

• Finally, there’s The Crystal Grid. It’s made up of many crystals and uses special frequencies to protect people and planets from outside aggressors and natural disasters.

The Galactic Federation possesses highly advanced technologies that are designed with the utmost consideration towards practicality and effectiveness. This is demonstrated by many of their creations, particularly their spaceships, which are all extremely lightweight but very durable. Their spaceships are comfortable and pleasant for both crew and passengers alike, allowing them to live in a wide array of climates unbothered by any unnecessary inconveniences.

If you’re interested in learning more about advanced extraterrestrial technologies, you can read my galactic news articles on There, I go over what the Galactic Federation is and how it works, as well as other types of technologically advanced civilizations throughout the galaxy!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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Five Principles to Practice Now

Source Lisa Renee
breaking-free As we come out of this dark cycle, it can feel like moving through the narrow part of an hourglass, where the micro and macro are being compressed together and squeezed through the bottleneck. We are processing the dark eon of these controller power abuses along with the accumulative pain of the suffering that is being inflicted upon the Earth, while we come into a deeper knowing and comprehension that it was never actually about us at a deeply personal level. We may have had many spiritual lessons that our soul could learn in this dark cycle, through incarnations in this density. We may have come to the planet in order to find completion and healing from other lifetimes where there was abuse or dysfunction and this is the lifetime that we are going to clear many of these inherited overlays or karmic issues. That’s why this ascension process has been so exceptionally hard for so many, as this is the life time many souls are completing incarnational cycles based on consciousness slavery. Those awake and aware to the ascension cycle are choosing to end the accumulative karmic patterns of consciousness slavery this time. You are not going to repeat this cycle of abuse and pain again. This means that you must see what has happened to your lifestream in order to enslave your mind. To graduate you must see the impact of those interactions with the darkness that felt such immense pain, in order to finally heal from those patterns. Once we can see it, then we must choose to stop allowing darkness to inflict harm and slavery upon ourselves and others. We must stop the behaviors where darkness creates harm in our consciousness and choose to align ourselves with the Godhead. This happens easily when we intend to align ourselves with Natural Laws and Divine Will, not my will but Divine Will, and this intention will help to take us through this very difficult and challenging process with as much ease and grace as possible. The most important themes to focus upon now are to help us move through the difficult situations and painful energies we are facing in the outer world. I’d like to break them down very simply into five key themes while we’re in the most intense spiritual warfare. We are in the middle of an active human genocide happening all around us while nobody is actually really talking about it in the physical world. There has always been human genocide going on, but now it is global. The size and the scale of this agenda is monstrous and unfathomable. We are in the end game stages of the final conflict for Earth. This will impact how things manifest in our world because we are in the middle of the most intense levels of spiritual warfare to control humanity and the planetary resources.
ashira-7-mother-love These five principles are the most important themes to focus upon. When you’re tired, when you’re exhausted, when you’re not feeling well, when you just can’t take it anymore keep your focus on these simple principles. When you’re stronger, when you’re gaining spiritual strength, when you don’t feel so overwhelmed and stressed, and you have some bandwidth in order to expand consciousness through knowledge, then continue your odyssey and journey of exploration into understanding more about the human lightbody and the Natural Laws. The following things I’m going to discuss are universal and absolute truths that I have attempted to break down in the most simplistic way so that you can work with them in your day-to-day life, while navigating the end game pressures. As a quick go to while you’re attempting to get your bearings when all hell is breaking loose on planet Earth, because the chaos and suffering is at its maximum. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and worn down by the intensity of the outer world, remember that this macrocosm of global insanity directly corresponds to the mind control patterns using targeted spiritual warfare against humanity. Editor’s note ~ The source article goes into much greater detail on each of the five principles, summarized below… Number 1: Love is all. God is Love. Number 2: Compassion. Practice self-compassion first. Number 3: Thoughts are things. When you have the bandwidth, explore the three Law(s) of Mentalism, the Law of Suggestion, and the Law of Response. Number 4: Align to your Divine Will at all times. Therefore, you will naturally align to the universal laws without effort. Not my will, but Divine Will, will align you to the natural laws, even if you don’t understand exactly how they work in this moment. Number 5: Law of Vibration, this is just making sure that you understand absolutely everything is conscious energy. Anything that appears inanimate as an object is a type of conscious energy. It has a vibrational frequency. This will be helpful to reframe your reality to look at the world as energy, and energy as consciousness. What kind of energy is it? This is the Law of Vibration. Being able to identify that quality of energy-consciousness, will help you to navigate the complexity of the situations that we face now, and in the future as our system, the outer system, the control system is crumbling. I hope that that is helpful and supportive to you. This is such a time of exploring greater self-acceptance and our unique spiritual lessons. It’s not an easy time for any of us. Know that you are not alone. We are dealing with this all together as one. We each have our own lessons and self-mastery issues, and all of this comprises the umbrella of spiritual ascension and spiritual initiation. Thank you so much for listening or reading.
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A Message from Jesus

Source John Smallman It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source.
jesus-hugs-454x444-2695618997 We are all one, and yet as humans in form that is not what you experience, and the reason for this is that you made a collective choice and decision to construct an unreal environment in which to experience the unreal, the impossible – separation from Source. And that is what you are experiencing, each one of you by your own individual choices because, by choosing to engage with unreality, you insisted on experiencing the individuality of separation instead of the unity of Oneness. And that choice remains an insane illusion. It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source, there is nowhere to separate to. It is a little like very small children putting their hands in front of their faces and thinking that you can no longer see them! God sees you, knows you, and is with you in every moment because you and He are One. You cannot hide from Him, although you can pretend to yourselves that you are separated from Him. Your awakening is about ceasing to pretend, it is the removing of your hands from in front of your faces, and delighting once more at being in His totally loving Presence. God IS Love and therefore so are each and every one of you because you live in eternal unchanging Oneness with Him. The intense joy of awakening into life as One is going to dissolve the illusory state of unreality with which you have been engaging for eons, because you have collectively chosen to release the illusion of unreality from your private and secretive mini-minds, your lost and deluded ego-minds. It is now time to wake up, leaving the dreams and nightmares to fade away, as they will because there is no one left to recharge their power supply – the ego. Life is free of all limitations, it always has been, but you chose to imagine that this was not the case, and you totally identified with the material form from which your human bodies emerged, severely limited in their abilities to deal with and feel safe within the vast universe in which they found themselves due to their incredible smallness in contrast to it. As you have been told so often, throughout the eons that unreality has been the environment in which you experience life, God is Love, infinite Love, so with a little rational thought it must become clear to anyone that She would never subject even one of Her dearly beloved children to the separation experience that you are undergoing as humans in form. You collectively constructed this environment to demonstrate your ability – like teenage counter-will – to live separated from and independent of God. It has not been successful, and it could not be successful, because there is only God, the infinitely vast energy field of Love (use any term here that resonates for you) in which all that She creates is eternally present with Her in complete harmony and joy. What more could such a Being of Love provide for Her offspring? Nothing! You have a saying, “Love is where the heart is.” And Her heart and your hearts are One, so therefore you are permanently and most joyously united in the Love in which your hearts abide.
image Your awakening is happening, Now! There is only Now, the eternal center from which all that exists radiates outwards infinitely, constantly expanding and extending Love to embrace every aspect of creation – Its infinite Self – with the felt sense of Oneness, of belonging, of Being One with Source. The joy of knowing and being in that eternal state is utterly indescribable. It can only be experienced, and that is what your awakening is all about. Ever since you constructed your unreal environment in which to experience independence from Source, its underlying and changeless purpose has been to help you to awaken from the nightmare of separation in which you found yourselves. Upon engaging with it, by believing yourselves to be within it, you instantly felt lost and abandoned because you had hidden from yourselves the awareness, the experience of being eternally enveloped in God’s loving embrace. Not feeling God’s Love for you is terrifying! Consequently, since that fearful moment, you have been seeking outside yourselves – that is, within the unreal construct in which you are experiencing separation – the Love that is your life and your reason for living. But Love is the Oneness that is God, and that is you! It is within you, it is found by ceasing to search the world for the things you believe you need, for the relationships that will bring you happiness, and coming into the awareness that what you seek is within you, it is your Self. That Self is your consciousness, your cognizance that you are aware, aware of your body, of other bodies, and of the world around you – things, material objects – none of which are You. Remove all those things from your awareness that are constantly demanding your attention by quieting your minds – your thought processes – and by just being. When you can do this, even for the briefest of moments, you will find yourselves in a state of deep peace and contentment, needing nothing and feeling the Love that ceaselessly holds you in Its loving embrace. It will be brief because your human forms cannot withstand for more than a moment that intensity of Love. Nevertheless, you will never forget that most wonderful and uplifting moment – you may even occasionally experience further brief moments of ecstasy when you go within yourselves to your holy altars to meditate, contemplate, or offer devotions to Mother/Father/God. Your doubts will be dissolved, your faith in God will intensify, and you will know that all is eternally well. Your loving brother, Jesus.
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Are You An Ascended Master Or Light Being?


Are You An Ascended Master Or Light Being? Tips On How To Make Sure That You Are Making The Most Of Your Gifts And Talents:

Are you an ascended master or light being?

If you open your heart and clear your mind, you should be able to intuitively tell if you are an Ascended Master or a Light Being.

As the name implies, an ascended master is someone who has been raised from the Earth plane, usually by some force of good. They are often marked by special abilities that they can use to help those around them who are still on Earth.

Ascension is a process that can happen to any person at any point in their life if they have learned all of their earthly lessons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has become an ascended master. Depending on how far they have risen through their vibration, they could also be one of many other types of beings, such as spirit guides or angels.

Light beings are another type of being with many different levels associated with them. The most basic form is known as “Star Seed,” which refers to anyone whose soul originated in outer space and was sent down to Earth for specific purposes.

It isn’t until these souls rise up through their spiritual development that they may become known as light beings in this lifetime (note: just because you were a light being in one lifetime does not mean that you will automatically be one again in future lifetimes).

This process revolves around working through karma from previous lifetimes so that only pure love remains and connects you back to the source energy. Once this happens, the light body can fully activate and will continue rising higher and higher on its path toward ascension until it reaches the next level. Among other things, this is where we see raising one’s vibration becoming very important in helping us reach our goals and destinations!

It’s okay to share your light.

If you’re an ascended master or light being, it’s natural to have gifts and talents that come from your divine source. You might think that these special abilities are only for you to enjoy, but the truth is that sharing them with others can be very fulfilling for both of you!

When we’re able to share our own unique light with someone else, we actually expand our sense of self as well as theirs.

There are many ways you can share your light, whether it’s through personal communication or sharing thoughts on social media.

One way I love to share my light is by sending positive energy out into the world on social media! This has been such a fun way for me to write because it takes only a few hours of my time, and people who resonate with what I’m saying will naturally gravitate towards those posts-if not right away, then sometime in the future when they need might those words most!

Plus, there’s always someone else who needs some kindness spread their way too, so why not do both? It makes me feel good knowing that there could possibly be someone reading my content who needs some positive vibes sent their way! And if they don’t resonate yet, they will soon enough.

Let your light shine brightly.

What a strange thing. We all have our own special gift to contribute, and we often forget that what we give in life is not just for ourselves but for others as well.

As an ascended master or light being, it’s important that you keep your light shining brightly. In order to do so, you need to make sure that the gifts that you hold and use are not being dimmed by those around you. You will find the following tips helpful:

• Be aware of the ill intentions of others around you. If someone has a negative intention toward you, it could mean that they are afraid of your ability or influence to bring light into the world.

Perhaps they don’t want more people to know about them or realize their greatness; perhaps they don’t want more people helping them in life or having fun; perhaps they don’t want people in their lives who are afraid of them; perhaps they think they are better than others and want everyone else to know/believe this.

The bottom line is that if someone has ill intent towards you, it could be because of your light shining too brightly, which at some level terrifies them.

• Don’t let others dim your light by telling lies about how great you are! If anyone ever makes fun of you or tries to ridicule you about how great and wonderful an Ascended Master or Light Being is supposed to be, then there’s a good chance it’s because they’re jealous of what kind of light shines from such a person.

Ask them this, “Whom does it serve to talk down on me and/or ridicule my beliefs?”

It’s okay to be compassionate towards yourself.

As empaths, lightworkers, and healers, we are naturally compassionate towards others. We often forget to show this same compassion to ourselves, though. Being self-compassionate is a gift that we can give ourselves every day.

When you are feeling down or upset with yourself, remember that you have compassion for others who are in the same situation as you may well be in at the moment! You also are one of them. Showing compassion to yourself is a sign of strength and shows your wisdom.

it is also the right step towards misidentifying and detaching a bit further from your ego mind. Don’t take anything personal.

Using your gifts wisely is one way to make sure that you are making the most of your talents.

You have a moral obligation to share your wonderful, beautiful, and magnificent light with the world. By expressing your talents, and be it only via social media through an incognito account, you’re making a higher frequency accessible for others to enter and find some magic on their own.

You came here as a master. You got this!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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Nyla Nguyen

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Being a Source of Awakening by the Nature Kingdom

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Sacred bliss and love, we extend to your being now. We are a collective consciousness, the collective energy of the Nature Kingdom. We are the spirits, the souls that oversee the Nature Kingdom while also inhabiting it. We wish to come forth to share a message with you to inspire you to be of service. It is often in your own spiritual evolution and your reality that you focus independently upon your own ascension, your own awakening process. While this is perfect and appropriate, there is also a balance that can be achieved when you are a source of awakening for another energy, soul, or being. This automatically awakens the same within your own being.  You may be aware that everything is a mirror as you gaze into your reality, the people that you meet and the experiences that you have. They are all a mirror allowing you to see, sense and acknowledge everything that you hold within your being. We say everything that you hold because it is your choice whether you retain certain energies, dissolve them or collect new energies from your soul, your soul group and the Creator. When you support another being in awakening in their ascension, you experience the same awakening within your being. The being can be a human, an animal, or within the Nature Kingdom. You can support a tree, flower, an animal, in truth any form of being, you can even support situations within the world to ascend and take the next step of their ascension. As you support another in taking the next step of their ascension, you support yourself in taking the next step of your ascension.  We encourage you to contemplate what you wish to achieve in your own ascension.  If you had the opportunity to help another in their ascension, how would you wish to help them and what would you wish to awaken?  Allow yourself to think beyond limitations, or beyond what you believe you are capable of at this moment. It is almost as if we are encouraging you to daydream about these questions and the answers that could be brought forth as you relax into receiving and creating the answers to the next step of your own ascension and the ascension of others. As you wish to be a source of support and awakening, you will allow your intuition to guide you, to share with you the next step of your ascension in alignment with your truth. You may have a small inclination about what you wish to achieve in your ascension and how you wish to support others, whatever you explore, and whatever you receive, you are capable of, this is your opportunity to accelerate your own ascension as well as supporting others.  You may wonder how to begin to support others.  First, there is a need to ask permission. There’s a need to ask your soul’s permission and the souls that are included in wherever you are focusing. You can ask physically, or you can ask energetically. It is simply a question inwardly asking whether permission is granted, and then directing the same question to the souls involved if you are helping another. You will receive an understanding as to whether it is appropriate or not.  You have the choice of how you wish to awaken yourself and another. Maybe you can see, sense and acknowledge that being or their reality, the next step for them, what it could be or the energies that require to be resolved. If you can be physically present with them, talking to them, it is easier.  It may be beneficial to begin with the Nature Kingdom.  You simply allow yourself to be present, you are present in your own being and you are present with the other being. To be present means that you are aware of the ground beneath you, you are aware of your body, you are aware of how you are feeling, and then you are observing the other without judgement. Like a loving observation. Then you can ask yourself a question.  How can I be of service and support an ascension awakening? You may gain guidance, understanding as to what is necessary. If you do not, then allow yourself to send energy from your being, breathe in and breathe out energy, love, and truth, gifting this energy to support an awakening. To support them in, moving to the next stage or next step of their ascension. When you send energy, you are sending energy from your being asking it is the most appropriate energy to support an ascension awakening, not only for you, but for the other.  It is immensely important to follow your own inner guidance. If at any time, it feels inappropriate then stop, step back, come back into your being. If you feel inspired, filled with love, and happy then you know that it is appropriate. What you will find is the more you practice this, the more creative you will become. The more intuitive you will become, the more able to follow the natural awakening energies of your being. You have a natural way of supporting and awakening ascension, not only for yourself but for others.  When you are finished, it is important to ground, to feel the floor, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you. You may wonder if you are causing any difficulties, or impacting another person’s being when it is not needed. You will know when you are called to awaken the ascension of another and remember that it is a unified experience because you are experiencing the awakening as well. If a person, an energy, a situation, or a being is struggling, is stuck unsure of the next stage or step of their life, or their ascension, that is when you can be of service.  This is an invitation to step into your power with love with service in mind to create greater ascension and unification for yourself and all. It is an encouragement to reach out to support others and in doing so, you are supporting yourself. It is a realisation that ascension is not a pathway that you walk alone. It is a realisation that you don’t need to be of service all the time. However, you will be called most truthfully by your soul to be of service when it is necessary. By simply being present and following your intuition, you will be of service to yourself and another experiencing unification, awakening, acceleration and ascension. We encourage you to seek out the Nature Kingdom. To find those within the Nature Kingdom that require your assistance and are willing to practice with you, to explore and experiment so that you can find your inner natural way of being of service and supporting the awakening or ascension of another. We are here to support you and we value your energy and your wisdom. This is why we are inviting you into the Nature Kingdom to support us. You already know that we support you and so, this exchange allows us to grow together, and accelerate ascension for all. Our love is with you always, We thank you, We are the Nature Kingdom 
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James Gilliland clearing techniques   James’ Clearing Technique STEPS TO CLEAR THE ENERGY 1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or / gold light around you. 2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones. 3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. 4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love. 5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place. 6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth. 7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their auras to all but spirit of the highest vibration. Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. It creates a clear and safe environment, and it also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law. If you intend to serve and heal, you will draw to you entities of like mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again you will draw entities of like mind. It is the law of attraction. At times, discarnate spirits will come to your light like a moth to a flame. Do not judge yourself, simply heal them. They are the ones in trouble, not you. They are seeking your help.  SHORT FORM OF CLEARING PRAYER AFTER DOING THE ABOVE IN THE BEGINNING (FIRST CALL IN YOUR MAIN TEACHER OR GUIDE AND OTHER DIVINE BEINGS CHRISTED OR ABOVE) THEN SAYWE WELCOME ALL ENTITIES IN LOVE AND LIGHT WE SPEAK TO YOU FROM THE LORD GOD OF OUR BEING TELLING YOU ALL YOU ARE HEALED AND FORGIVEN LIFTED AND ENLIGHTENED FILLED AND SURROUNDED BY THE CHRIST LIGHT AND THE CHRIST LOVE AND WE ASK THE BEAUTIFUL MANY TO ESCORT YOU OFF TO YOUR PERFECT PLACE GO IN PEACE”
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The Queens Exit from the Matrix

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The Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group Source: Marilyn Raffaele
Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 4.55.27 PM Welcome dear readers.
Things on earth are changing quickly and will never return to exactly how they were even as many continue waiting patiently for this to happen. The outer is always a reflection of the inner and because collective consciousness has shifted and continues to shift in so many new ways, its outer expressions cannot help but be different from the past.

The “old days and ways” appeared to be working just fine for most people, and is the reason there continues to be so much nostalgia for earlier times but things only appeared that way because the majority remained completely unaware of the negative and dark activities alive and well taking place behind the scenes all over the globe. The world seemed for the most part harmonious and happy and the majority believed it because they were told that things were just as they were meant to be by those in positions of authority.

For the most part, in the past before the internet, the majority never heard about hundreds dying of starvation somewhere, or about those with curable diseases dying because they were unable to afford a doctor, or about the cruelties consistently being imposed on large populations of society simply because their skin wasn’t the right color. In general most were aware of the hundreds of dark and sinister activities taking place right under their noses and often with full awareness of those in positions of power.

The high resonating energies presently penetrating earth are forcing many hidden agendas to come to light and the majority is finally interested in hearing about them. It seems as if everything is getting worse, but it is not getting worse, it is simply that people are finally becoming aware of the scope of the tendrils of these activities that have reached out and effected everything and everyone and over time even resulting in rules, laws, and societal norms that justified them.

Inordinate patriotism is false and damaging and highly reflective of separation consciousness. The world has reached a point at which it must begin to recognize that every person, not just those of “My country” are expressions of God. Free will entitles every person to their own beliefs, but to force one’s personal beliefs onto others especially in the name of God, is the self righteous activity of ego, that “my beliefs are the only right beliefs”–separation consciousness at it’s finest. ​Those who continue looking to others to make choices for them are going to get “wake up calls”, experiences that force them to think for themselves and stop relying on the beliefs of the rich and famous, politicians, religious leaders, doctors and lawyers, and CEOs–many who have come to believe in their own self importance to the point that their way is the only right way without regard to the ideas, opinions, questions, and concerns of others.

This is what ascension and the realization of ONEness is all about and is the reason behind the world’s present state of chaos. The world’s collective consciousness is gradually opening to ONEness due to the work of you who came specifically to do this through the awareness of your evolved state of consciousness.

Change the world over is meeting with a great deal of resistance because many do not want change. The old ways served some very well and any changes would mean that their their nefarious schemes and ways of providing unearned abundance for themselves at the expense of others would disappear. Others are just plain tired and ignorantly believe that everything would be fine if things just went back to the way they were.

A consciousness of oneness is quiet and gentle and doesn’t mean there will always be outer activity. Most of you have already attained this state of consciousness or you wouldn’t be reading or even understanding these messages. Simple concern, compassion, and the giving of credence to those considered by third dimensional standards as being “less than” automatically reflects a consciousness of ONEness. ​Oneness energies are breaking through the heavy curtain of separation that has surrounded earth for eons. People are shifting from “do gooder” activities where they see themselves as being above and separate from those they are “do gooding” for and into a sense of serving their brothers and sisters.
302707127 155586353747250 7675900948138086670 n We do not judge “do-gooding” because it is the first step leading to a deeper sense of oneness. Service in and of itself is quickly changing as consciousness opens to higher levels of service in which the one serving is beginning to see into the soul of those he or she is serving. It cannot be otherwise because the third dimensional energy grid of separation is breaking apart having only the belief in it to support, maintain, or sustain it.

There are some who hold a consciousness of entitlement and victim-hood and rather than thinking and doing for themselves as best they can, they simply look to others to do everything for them. Be aware of this, trusting your intuition to guide you as to who and what is really needed rather than just wanted.

Chaos reigns at this time. The old does not wish to leave behind that which they are comfortable with because it has become their security, sense of empowerment, and even self esteem because, not yet aware of who they really are, it allows them to feel “better than” others. Nothing is random. Know that third dimensional minds are not running the show even though they think they are. If you doubt that you are one of the awakened ones we speak of, look back on your life and recognize that you never fully resonated with much of what constituted the third dimensional belief system. Many of you tried very hard to fit in, often engaging in activities and following three dimensional protocols that really didn’t resonate with you simply in order to be accepted by family and friends especially during the teen years.

You were never drawn to attack others verbally or physically although some of you may have occasionally found yourselves in this type of situation. You may have thought of yourself as weird, an outsider on the outside looking in and wondered why. Simply, your state of consciousness was not in alignment the majority of ideas, rules, beliefs, considered important to those around you, but as a young person, you did not understand this.

There is only One Divine Consciousness manifesting ITself and all ITs qualities as everything that exists–all life forms. Other life forms do not act like humans because they were not intended to. They represent the Divine Idea in the Mind of God for their particular life form. God did not limit ITself to forming ITself only as humans and the belief that humans are the pinnacle of God’s creation above all other creations is once again, simply false and very three dimensional. Since God is all there is, where could a person possibly come from or what would he be formed of if there is only one substance? Take your personal realization of oneness to new levels. Begin to see the world not so much as a planet filled with people who don’t know who they are but to where you see through the beliefs they hold about themselves and know the truth about and for them. You did not come to change the world through three dimensional activities although these things may at times be necessary. When you watch the news, see people when shopping, or are with friends, say it to yourself, “I recognize you, Divine consciousness in manifestation.” It can be done in a second and soon will become your state of consciousness manifesting automatically. This does not mean you accept or embrace the three dimensional actions and beliefs of others, but means that you see through them.

If someone needs some time in jail, so be it. If someone falls flat on their face through drugs or alcohol, so be it for behind all things exists choice that may extend back hundreds of lifetimes and may even be a part of their chosen learning process. Your job is not to save everyone from their three dimensional choices even if the solutions are blatently clear to you. Have your hand ready to grab the hand that may be reaching out seeking something higher and better, but do not force anyone to leave their chosen creations. Hold the Light of truth in your consciousness always recognizing that same Light in every person you meet, hear about, or know personally. This is the work.

There is only One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, Divine Consciousness manifesting ITself in and as infinite form and variety. Ask yourself; “Do I really believe this?”

We are the Arcturian Group 9/4/22
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Planetary Awakening and Healing, Pleiadian Message 

  It is said God works in strange ways, so it is with the beautiful many servants of God/Creator/Great Spirit. We are often taught there is heaven and hell, God and the devil, demons and Angels. This is a very limited view of the multiverse. It is better to view it as levels of consciousness and frequency. Those who adhere to Universal Law and those that don’t. Existing within the demonic realms are fallen Annunaki, serpent beings, royal reptilians, reptilians, tall greys and a host of others. It is better known as the lower astral or 4th dimension. There are also misguided humans who’s frequencies are very low due to trauma, or actions outside of Universal Law. Their frequency determines where they go, which is the attitudes, emotions, unhealed wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences as well as actions outside of Universal Law.     The higher realms consist of those who got off the wheel of death and rebirth, they are full of love, joy, bliss, higher wisdom and operate within Universal Law. What people refer to as Heavenly realms are not limited to Angels and Ascended Masters. There are whole civilizations of beings that operate from Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness. Let’s not forget the House of Mary, Quan Yin, and a host of other saints and sages. When referring to the Divine Feminine it is also understood as the Shakina energies or Goddesses. There are men and women in the higher realms which consist of Enlightened Annunaki that never fell, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadians, and a whole host of other civilizations all existing in these higher realms. Some live in a holographic universe, have magnetized light bodies and light ships, others have spiritual or energy bodies and ships, some are less dense physically and all can appear or disappear at will. The multiverse is more vast than any of us can imagine which only adds to the vastness of the source of all life down to the very atom. It is infinitely large and infinitely small. How does this fit into the vibrational lifting, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth often referred to as the Great Awakening?    These are the unseen energies both good and evil some call negative and positive which is incorrect due to the necessity of negative and positive for creation. It is best not to connect evil to negative, evil is a whole new category which is best described as those who strayed far away from Universal Law. What we are seeing now is the Great War, The Apocalypse which is best defined as the great uncovering, everything is made known, no rock shall be left unturned, all the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. We are going to see the world of opposites, nothing is what it seems. Just look at your agencies and institutions, most have all been corrupted often doing exactly the opposite of their mandate. The justice department has become the just us department, the defense departments are in truth the offense departments run by the war industry. Most religious institutions use fear, guilt and unworthiness to suppress the God within and become the go between rather than teach each individual to make their own personal God connection. The environmental movement was hijacked by the very people destroying the environment. We can go on and on.    This great war has been underway for billions of years, it is finally coming to a head and it did not begin on Earth it began in the heavenly realms or higher dimensions. The majority of this galaxy has been cleaned up yet the fallen ones are heavily entrenched in the political, business and religious institutions on Earth. What you are witnessing is the unraveling of agencies and institutions that no longer serve the people they are not operating within Universal Law. They have become self-serving to the point where they have become an extreme disservice to the very people that created them. We are skirting the edge of religious beliefs and enlightenment yet enlightenment has to come to religion. The golden threads that bind all humanity together within all religions needs to take first and foremost priority. We have to unite to deal with what is unfolding. We also need to unite with the greater family of man, the heavenly realms throughout the multiverse.     The Earth has a long history of contact with other worldly beings. Some in service helping humanity to evolve, some in self-service. Annunaki means those who came from heaven to Earth, some very advanced beings came to Earth and set up colonies repeatedly. They were the temple builders dating back millions of years. They were the bearded gods not to be confused with the Creator of and within all Creation. Some acted within Universal Law, others were evolved tyrants. This is where the images of jealous wrathful gods and all loving all forgiving gods came from. The Egyptian gods, the Greek gods, even the Hebrew gods Jehova and Yaweh all fit into these categories. Some were exquisitely beautiful beings, wise and loving, some were not. They consist of men, women, some were hybrids between man and animal. They are replete within all religions many are still with us. Whenever you have a name, an image or identity you have a lesser god.    God is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse which in its most unlimited expression is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss. It is the universal field in which we all exist. It is total freedom, the divine right to free will yet with freedom and free will comes responsibility to act within Universal Law. It was asked, Where is God? “It is closer than the hair on your head.” In fact, it is the hair on your head, the hair on everyone else’s head as well, it is omnipresent. God/Creator/Great Spirit is omnipresent within everyone and everything. The path to enlightenment is not and never was external. You access it through the heart “Love” which is connected to your soul which is connected to the Creator. You will meet a lot of entities along the way as you pass through the dimensions. We would suggest not allowing them to distract you, make your connection to Creator first priority you can always go back.     The intellect or personality is a terrible and limited master, “often ending in disaster.” The heart connected to the soul and Creator is the better, more unlimited way. Self-mastery and developing one’s inner sensitivity are imperative in the days to come. It is how you determine who is who and their intentions in the multidimensional world we live in beyond the body and the personality. Meditation, prayer, learning how to create sacred space, heal unseen negative influences, set boundaries and get out in nature and act within Universal Law is the best advice we can give you. There is a Cherokee saying that best describes Universal Law. “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good and think of the next 7 generations in all that you do.” In its simplest form Universal Law is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Use this as a guide for discernment.      Do not depend on exterior saviors, exterior institutions, exterior information, anything that divides or does not empower you to make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection.    This information will be parroted by others as their own creating another distraction with ulterior motives. This information is given to empower the individual not to assist others in creating followings.       Which brings us to those acting outside of Universal Law, seen and unseen. As we said, the Great War is multidimensional. There are the controllers, the enslavers seen and unseen, some see humanity and all creation with great disdain. They are the darker realms in lower 4d, the war and disease profiteers, the international bankers, the Satanic/Luciferians which practice child sacrifice, many are involved with drug, sex and child trafficking. There are other acts too graphic for most to comprehend. They are controlled and influenced by the darker demonic realms which we described earlier. Enlightenment means being in knowledge of both sides of the coin. It is not dealing with half truths so as not to upset one’s followings.     It is time for humanity to wake up, take charge of your multidimensional selves. If you are unaware of what is happening in the fields of consciousness and energy around you, you will be influenced and subject to them. Many weak minded soul connection challenges have fallen victim to this. Always remember just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened and just because you are an ET does not mean you are benevolent. It is naïve to think otherwise.     Always remember you are divine, you have the ability to make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit Connection. You have the ability to channel the full power of the Creator through the heart into every situation, the ultimate power in the universe which is Love. The heavenly realms and higher dimensional beings are supporting this. Accept nothing less. Everything is being amplified and accelerated. We no longer have the luxury of operating outside of Universal Law. The beautiful many in the heavenly and higher dimensions are the multidimensional side of the Great Awakening. Never forget, God Wins. Watch the skies         Be well, be happy, be of service,  James Gilliland  
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