~ Channeling The Anger ~

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.We tell you that you’re in an incredible time on planet Earth. You’ve heard that from us many times. And yet, you see the challenges and that things are not working the same way they used to. Your general overview is that things are becoming even more difficult. Well, they are in some ways. But you’re also moving at an incredibly faster pace than you’ve ever moved before. Now, with all of these things taking place, dear ones, you have much that has come up as a result. You won’t be able to continue some things the same way that they were before. People are discovering this, especially about their jobs. Perhaps they’ve had certain jobs or held certain energies, and then along comes this virus and everybody takes time off.

You’re Still Here

It’s an interesting process. Everyone’s working, bringing in money to live. But then the money stopped coming in, while at the same time the need for money shrank, and everybody’s still okay.Basically, all the things that you’ve feared happened very quickly. So, what we’re telling you is to celebrate your way through life. Enjoy every moment that you can and look at it as a constant journey. We’ve mentioned this before, dear ones. On planet Earth, humanity has enjoyed an incredibly long period of time in which to evolve and grow.

Another Dimension of the Pandemic

The first people on Earth had great difficulties and survival alone was the biggest challenge. Although people don’t even think about those things anymore you’re experiencing major stresses today, which can cause major repercussions in a life. One of the biggest areas has to do with depression, anxiety, and all the different mental illnesses. Mostly due to the virus, mental illness has increased three fold in the last three years. But it’s not always the same people, which is the interesting part. It’s very difficult to actually verify those numbers at this point. Why? Often when people first fall into depression or anxiety, they think it’s their fault or they’re doing something wrong, so they hide it.

Upside-Down Smile

Of course, everyone wants to see you smile. They don’t want to see your pain, so you smile for everyone. You put on a body suit that says, “Here’s who I am. This is what I’m doing.” So, here you go through life. But on the inside you’re asking, “What’s the use?” You find it hard to gain momentum, and that’s fairly widespread on Earth. Another place that this shows up is in anxiety. It’s actually the same exact situation as an energy allergy, going through a different route of your nervous system and producing a slightly different result. Sometimes you’re so tied up with what your reaction in the world will be, that you literally hold everything back, dear ones.

Mental illness runs the gambit from schizophrenia to depression, and from anxiety to personality disorders. So many of these are widespread on Earth at this time. In some ways, many more people are openly displaying them, not even understanding that they could be considered mental illnesses. Your general understanding of what a mental illness is has begun to grow. Actually, your understanding of almost everything is growing.


We will also tell you there are some exciting things taking place with the sun, and soon you’ll begin to see more solar flares. They’re starting in small increments now, mostly M’s and G’s in terms of their classification. Celebrate them when you see them, for your Earth needs that energy. She has brand new opportunities and the potential to move in directions that weren’t there before.

Yes, the first thing you need to do is to lighten up. Encourage people to move in any direction, and then correct their course as they’re moving. At this point, the critical part is overcoming inertia. Yes, some of you will go back to work in the old places where you used to. However, if you do, it’s possible you may not be there long. There are other people waiting to move into your positions, or even higher ones. You’re also seeing the effects of the supply chain breakdowns, which will continue for a while. It’s a fascinating process. But keep in mind that humans are the greatest adaptation experts on planet Earth, and even throughout the universe.

You’ve been here for a very long period of time. Not only because the Earth made this elongated space for you to be, but also because you’ve adapted and moved through all the challenges. You’re moving through multiple difficulties right now. All these various challenges come in different ways, but humans are masterful adapters. You have much coming ahead and it is quite a joy to watch. With the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart. I love you dearly, enjoy the ride.

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with a beautiful vision of Earth. Well, you see, fascinating things are taking place from our perspective. If only you could understand that you all began from the same essence. Each and every one of you was an individual piece of extruded consciousness.  You went on your own path, though still connected, so everything evolves. Well, what’s taken place is really fascinating from our perspective. Everything started moving so quickly that you’ve literally lost sight of the fact that it is moving. You are making major headway in many areas of life. Although often all you see are the difficulties, the separation is being pushed. It’s fairly simple to understand, there’s a lot of money to be made by separating people and making them angry.

You’re all part of that connection. And if you look at the larger picture, if you go back to when humanity first began, everything was about survival. Then much later it was about what we could do to make your lives a little easier. Just 200 years ago, 90% of the population of planet Earth was what you would classify as extreme poverty. They could not support themselves, but that has changed pretty drastically over the time period that we’re talking about.

Of course, the other aspect is your technologies, which bring you everything in a second. It used to be that when humanity wanted to change a societal rule, it would be decided in a court. But today it’s being decided on your social media and televisions much faster. Everything has shifted and moved radically. We tell you that it has moved toward the better, although it’s very difficult to see.

Especially in the area of medical science, there are new discoveries being released every day that are Atlantean. It’s in your atmosphere, coming into each and every one of you who can make sense of it. You’ll get an idea or a concept, and if you are a person who works in a laboratory then you’re liable to turn that into something. These are being introduced every day, so watch for them. You’re already seeing it happening as a response to the virus that has been causing so much havoc on your planet. And yet, a lot more’s coming, basic understandings of how you work with your own physical body. Even understandings of your relationship with the world around you, and how that can have a huge effect, not only on your emotional health but also your physical health. Of course, the spirit never gets sick, for it is infinite and perfect. That part of your being is always perfect. And yet it has to go through a physical body in order to express itself. If the physical body has challenges, misalignments or reversed energies, sometimes it can be very difficult to find that way out. Just take the next step to move into that different area. Your internal balancing system will set the rest into motion.

What happens as you go to sleep one night, but your internal system is out of balance? You’re trying to find a solution, yet you can’t. You go to sleep and decide you’ll think about it in the morning, no problem. But then you wake up with that as your first thought. So, what happens when you’re out of balance all the time? Well, this is becoming such a normal lifestyle that you think there’s nothing you can do about that. Then you forget about it and go in a different direction. But that doesn’t work either, does it?

Channeling Anger

If your system has been pushed out of balance, eventually that misalignment will erupt in some form of anger. But then you think that you can’t be angry, because that’s not spiritual. However, anger is a motivator. It moves more people than you can possibly imagine. So, how do you channel anger? What’s a safe way that you can feel the frustration but actually channel it in a positive way? Well, it is an energy, dear ones. Your balancing systems have been pushed completely out of balance, in part because you have all these technologies constantly feeding you information.

And all it takes is just a little bit of energy to move you in a different direction. It’s fascinating to watch what’s taking place on planet Earth. The motivation propelled by anger can only be held for a short time. You’re about to see some changes in that area, as people start to wake up.

Keep in mind that you are beings of repetition. Repeating something over and over again, even if it’s untrue, makes a place for it in your world. Because, once again, it pushes your internal balancing systems out of whack. But how can you channel the anger, while the reality is you’re not even angry at what you think you are. Instead, you’re angry about not being able to balance. Can you find ways of doing that, maybe even in adjacent areas that are not out of balance? A great deal of money can be made by doing that, and you’re seeing proof of it everywhere. Humans are moving so incredibly quickly now. One of the things we’re going to ask you to do when you feel the anger, is to find a way of moving into your passion. Perhaps you’re a sculptor and your hands can create the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Your sculptures can literally bring life into people who admire them.

Yes, you can channel the anger by pushing it into creativity. Even if you are angry when you start to sculpt, it can still turn out to be beautiful. Why? Because your creativity is what rights the heart, it balances everything. But if you create your entire sculpture in anger, maybe you’ll say, “Oh, that’s a terrible sculpture.” Then you come back to what made you angry in the first place, but from a different perspective.  Even if the sculpture is terrible, it doesn’t really matter. Why? You created the sculpture to express something, which you accomplished. That’s perfect.

There will be much of this taking place, dear ones, because people can be especially motivated when they’re angry. Every single one of you are masterful creators, more than you can see. There’s so much to learn from this process. Humanity has shifted, you’ve literally taken a massive step. It is a new game. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play this new game well together, as you all step forward, holding hands, it’s the only way to do it.

Welcome home, dear ones.

I am Observer, and I like to watch.


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How To Navigate and Survive The Days To Come

  By now anyone in their right mind has realized the plandemic was nothing more than a plan by the global elite and the CCP, Communist China Party, to take down America followed by the rest of the world. America has always been in the way of their plans for world dominance. Socialism and Communism have always been the preferred government of Tyranny. Why? Because when you centralize all the power and wealth into the hands of a few, in this case narcissistic billionaire eugenicists it is easy to control the masses. This includes Global Warming carbon credits benefiting and giving control to the very same people creating the problem. The same people suppress clean, fuelless energy, safe, inexpensive, natural cures, frequency medicine, “med beds”, anti and counter gravity all of which if allowed would create a quantum leap in evolution, global peace and prosperity.   The first step in world dominance is to disarm the masses, then create a plague, a war followed by generating as much fear as possible through the media, mainstream and social media, followed by offering a solution to the very problem you created. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.   That is how you control the masses. It also helps to own the fact checkers; factchecker.org owns 1.8 billion dollars of stock in Johnson and Johnson. It was said by Bush senior that if they knew what we did they would hang us from the closest tree. In other words, they fear the masses waking up, realizing what the war and disease profiteers did and hold them accountable. In their minds the people are the enemy and they have declared biological, cyber, economic and physical war on the people.     Let that sink in, this is why they do beyond despicable things most people cannot wrap their head around. Fluoride in the water, carcinogens in the food, gas and food shortages, chemtrails, psychotronic warfare with 5G, now the vaccines which are experimental gene therapies in a witch’s brew of toxins, carcinogens, parasites, along with an operating system that can be externally controlled all of which is putting those who got the jab on a timer.     Anyone look at the ingredients before you took yourself and your family down to get the jab so you can virtual signal while going to sporting events, bars and restaurants you have always had the right to do?   Might want to read your Constitution. Neither the President or Congress can make a law that goes against the Constitution and voids your God given rights. Your right to choose your medical treatments, your right to travel unrestricted, your freedom of speech, right to make a living etc. The next homework lesson is to look up the meaning of a mandate. Mandates are not laws, only strong suggestions, “those mandated have to agree upon.” Do not comply and do it in mass. One more homework lesson is, know the Nuremberg Code. You cannot coerce or force any medical procedure. Did you know billions have been spent with bonuses and penalties to enforce the lock-downs, mask and vaccine mandates? From Politicians, to Governors right down to your school boards. Many politicians are major stockholders in the vaccine companies. It is called collusion, conflict of interest or bribes for the layman.   None of this has anything to do with the public’s health and well-being and it is all illegal. If you have not figured it out yet it has to do with vaccine companies making billions and the global elite’s population control programs. Billionaire eugenicists have made it very clear they want 80 to 90% of the people dead, gone, off the planet. Bill Gates, who is from a long line of eugenicists said vaccines will solve the overpopulation problem. In the global elite’s doctrine they spell it out. We will create a virus, we will generate fear through the media, the cure will be deadly and the ignorant will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house. Their depopulation goals are all written in Stone, the Georgia Guide stones. Despite all this there will be those in ignorance and denial that will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house and demand everyone else follow them leading the way to their total enslavement and eventual demise. If you don’t believe any of this just look up the ingredients. https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/09/10/vaccine-ingredients/   There are other secret ingredients, parasites, secret patents, etc. none of which belong in the human body. In fact, 16 out of 26 ingredients are in Tide laundry Pods. All of these ingredients fit perfectly in the global elites and the CCP’s take down America and population reduction goals. According to Stanford research, masks create secondary pneumonia, brain damage, organ damage, and psychological disorders. The mask and vaccine mandates along with the lockdowns are their weapons of choice. They have spent billions to implement them, much of which was your taxpayer dollars. All for a disease the CDC calls a mild flu with an average 99.98% recovery rate, even higher with the children which are either asymptomatic or totally unaffected. The vast majority of hospitals are now filled with the fully vaccinated with covid and adverse side effects. Miscarriages have risen 366%, cancer is up 2000%, men and women are becoming sterile. FACT   Want to end this? Follow the money and hold those at the top accountable. Those enforcing the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates are committing treason. They are either in ignorance or willingly carrying out the global elite and CCP plans to take down America. They are in violation of the Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes. The plagues will never end until you stop the plague makers.   The solution now is to stop any further damage by stopping the vaccines. Hold those accountable for the damage and use their profits to create clinics globally to clear these toxins out of the body with a myriad of procedures. The protocols are given here.   Front line doctors https://americasfrontlinedoctors5.com/treatments/hydroxychloroquine/treatment-protocols/   Dr Ardis a much watch https://vokalnow.com/show/the-dr-ardis-show   James Gilliland   Permission to share granted pass this far and wide.       Here are alternatives to hear ECETI Stargate and As You Wish Talk Radio. We can chat on telegram. Do not rely on Youtube to listen to ECETI Stargate Radio or As You Wish Talk radio.   Links for 11/06 Show Replay:   🚨🛸VIMEO https://vimeo.com/643124720 🚨🛸RUMBLE https://rumble.com/vox750-elena-danaan-and-megan-rose-as-you-wish-talk-radio.html 🚨🛸 YOUTUBE 11/6/21 AS YOU WISH TALK RADIO with James Gilliland. Guest Elena Danaan and Megan Rose https://youtu.be/b7wPwTFwm7I 🚨🛸BBS RADIO 11/6/21 AS YOU WISH TALK RADIO with James Gilliland. Guest Elena Danaan and Megan Rose https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/you-wish-talk-radio-november-6-2021 🚨🛸Eceti.org https://www.eceti.org/as-you-wish-tal… 🚨🛸Eceti Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery http://www.ecetiaustralia.org/
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Looking Behind the Curtain

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

By Golden Wolf, Osiyo

The latest evidence and research are proving Covid 19, “Spike Proteins” are bioweapons created in labs funded by billionaire eugenicists designed for depopulation. Much of this was done using taxpayers money funding gain of function research through the N.I.H. directed by Dr. Fauci and friends who have made billions at humanity’s expense. The clot or kill shot putting those who receive it on a timer is the second, of a two-part system. The end goal of the global elite and the CCP is to remove 13 out of 14 people, over 90% from the planet. They have made this undeniable clear in their manifestos, masonic publications and it is written in stone, Georgia GuideStones. 

Lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates are all part of a global plan to force compliance, test resistance to giving up freedoms, destroy economies, small businesses, enslave and create abject poverty and dependence. These are all unlawful acts going against the constitution and Nuremberg codes along with other laws and global agreements. Universities and Labs participating in the gain of function, bio weapon research and those who funded them have already broken a law that results in life imprisonment. Forcing the military, first responders, police, firefighters, doctors and nurses to be vaccinated with an experimental gene therapy, a witch’s brew of toxins and carcinogens, “Read the ingredients” are tactics directly responsible for destroying the economic, physical health, safety and well-being of society. The pathological liars, morally and integrity challenged mainstream and social media are complicit along with politicians, agencies, hospitals, doctors and nurses many heavily invested with a conflict of interest in the vaccine companies. They have betrayed the trust of the people and their oaths. They have covered up and censored the exponentially rising crippling and deadly effects of the vaccine along with the ineffective procedures used to combat the virus. Factcheckers.org is in collusion with and heavily funded by Johnson and Johnson.  

Statistics have proven Remdesivir and ventilators the highly profitable procedures of choice used in most hospitals are death sentences. The hospitals are now the new killing fields. The censorship of safe, proven, effective inexpensive cures which have always been FDA and WHO approved is false profit driven science resulting in the unnecessary death of millions. Countries that have used these safe, inexpensive and effective cures without lockdowns and mandates are virtually covid free. States in America that did not lockdown or force mandates are thriving economically and physically.  

The natural immune system is 13 times stronger than the “vaccine” experimental gene therapy including against bio weapons. Hospitals are filling up with up to 90% fully vaccinated people with covid and side effects proving the experimental gene therapy they falsely label a vaccine not only failed but is creating the very disease, “spike proteins” they were designed to cure along with the variants. The vaccinated, “Not the Unvaccinated” are now the new, “super-spreaders.” Despite the statistics and real science done by Nobel Prize winning scientists, front line doctors and researchers including the makers of the MRNA gene therapy, the lead scientists of vaccine companies dire warnings against taking the experimental gene therapies they continue with the false profit driven science. 

Now the children are in their sights who are nothing more than a category on a spreadsheet from which to add to their already billions of dollars in profit. Children have an almost zero percent of not surviving covid, most have mild symptoms if they get it at all and their immune systems become stronger. Where is the logic in vaccinating them against a virus with a 99.98% survival rate including the elderly with what has proven to have crippling and deadly consequences?

Stanford research has already proven the masks are ineffective, they create secondary pneumonia, brain and organ damage due to lack of oxygen and rebreathing bacteria, virus and toxins. Where is the logic in forcing children to wear masks or force them to be vaccinated? This is child endangerment at least, premeditated crippling and murder by those pushing the mask and vaccine mandates. Ignorance is not a defense.   

In conclusion the lockdowns did not work other than to destroy the economy. The masks and vaccine mandates did not work and are proving to be more detrimental even by their own statistics. Herd immunity is the only thing that is working along with safe, effective, proven and inexpensive therapies, immune boosters. The only people now pushing the lockdowns, travel restrictions, masks, and vaccines are the critical thinking, research impaired, morally challenged socially engineered puppets of the eugenicists. 

The only way to end the plagues are to hold the plague makers responsible along with the morally and integrity challenged participating in censorship and perpetuating the false profit driven science. The war and disease profiteers have always been responsible for the major ills of society. Until humanity awakens and finds the courage and moral integrity to hold them accountable you will have one war and plague or variant after another. Look behind the curtain. Rise up the future of this civilization, you, your family and the children depend on it. Do not comply or participate in this evil game. We are all in this together despite race, culture, religion or position. No one gets a pass in this life or the hereafter. 


Golden Wolf   

Permission to spread far and wide, granted.

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  Message From The Mehbians

Meea from Inner Earth   We are a race of beings that went inward into a vast array of caverns during your last pole shift. We are a combination of Atlanteans and Lemurians. There were already several races living on your interior some extremely advanced more energetic than physical. To these beings we owe our survival and the ability to continue to evolve.    We are human, you could not recognize any differences between our people and humans on the surface. We are more refined genetically, have advanced technologies for energy, transportation and healing. We are a very ancient civilization, builders of the megaliths and stone temples. It has always been our desire to return to the surface and unify with the rest of Earth humanity using our wisdom and technology to aid in many of the challenges facing surface humanity. We have transcended war, disease, poverty and lack for nothing although our needs are simple. We are part of an Alliance from the stars with the ability to travel hyperlight speed and interdimensional. We are not profit driven and prefer quality over quantity, natural over synthetic. This leaves far less a footprint on our environment which is balanced and thriving.    Before considering unifying with the Terrans on the surface the surface must find unity. In our world there are many forms of life, some very evolved others lessor evolved. Our civilization consists of very tall beings, beings of average height and very short beings just as on the surface only more of a variety. More races, cultures and colors are represented in the interior. We have found that by communicating, listening intently without judgement, releasing the past, old grudges, seeking common bonds and goals was the path to unity. Being of service to the whole community in all it’s diversity was first and foremost. Those blessed with abundance, higher knowledge, the ability to heal and provide effortlessly helped those less fortunate. Our civilization is dedicated to Universal Law, creating the opportunity for each individual to reach their highest potential. Because of this we experienced a quantum leap in evolution living an abundant, loving joyous life in harmony with each other and the environment. Terrans on the surface, if they choose, can do the same.    There is one prerequisite before this process can start. Terrans need to unify for the common good. This means transcending all religious, cultural, and racial boundaries. Although there are many races, religions, cultures each individual has a soul. That soul came from God/Creator/Great Spirit, the Unified Field of consciousness and energy, whatever name or description you want to give it. We are all family on the soul level, all connected. The source we came from in it’s most unlimited understanding is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss. Love the ultimate, everlasting power in the multiverse serves. When each individual makes their own personal connection with that source the wars, disease, and poverty end. It is really that simple.    It is getting past the complexity of the intellect, competition, fear, survival, the socially engineered ignorance of the false narrative of division that needs to be conquered. Almost all wars are wars within self, generated by wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experience and limiting mental concepts. There never was a holy war, there was only one king or leader wanting what another had using fear, religion and division to fire up the armies. This has played out in Terran’s history. The greatest of all tyrants were the most wounded and abandoned as a child, seeking love, respect, self-worth and power over others. No one ever taught them all of which that is everlasting comes from within and the external is transitory, always changing, the unquenchable thirst that never satisfies. Love, joy, happiness, approval are not to be sought externally but within the soul which is your connection to Source. There you are loved, accepted and approved beyond imagination, no words can capsulize the Creators love. Knowing the difference between being clever and wise are also qualities of self-mastery. The intellect and altered ego are already talking you out of this. Generating reasons to fail.     A very ancient word, Inlakesh has two translations. One is greeting my other me, the other is the God in me salutes the God in you. In some cultures, they don’t even have a word for I or me.    This is the foundation of our civilization. This and similar understandings once were the foundation of surface Terra. They were hijacked by lessor negative forces over time. Now it is time to return. Due to natural cosmic cycles, the evolution and ascension of Terra not returning to Universal  Law what some call Unity Consciousness is no longer optional. Ours and other advanced civilizations from the stars many of which are your ancient ancestors are here only to empower and assist in this transition. Terra has a long history of invasion and manipulation by other forces with other agendas. There has been an intergalactic war in the heavens as well as beneath your Earth. This was to remove these seen and unseen negative influences. These wars were dimensional and temporal. The benevolent beings on the interior, forces on the exterior, galactic and interdimensional beings have been successful in removing the vast majority of these influences. This is a step in the direction of ending tyranny, draconian law and moving into Universal Law. The hierarchal networks of these seen and unseen negative influences on Terra still exist. They are woven into every aspect of government, religion, agency and institution. They are known by their unbridled greed and lust for power. They do not serve the greater good, they do not empower they overpower. These leaders and their kingdoms are not frequency specific to Terra’s evolution into higher states of awareness or consciousness. Action/Reaction or what some call karma will be amplified and accelerated. All that which cannot adapt, transform or align with Universal Law will diminish or collapse entirely. It is a process no man or woman, no technology can stop. We must take the path of the mother which is phasing out of one dimension into another moving into a higher consciousness and energy, a new way of life. Those who chose this path have our full support. This does not mean we will do everything for you. Everyone has to do their part, take their stand, do what is right in service to humanity and Terra. Tyranny lives only by agreement and ignorance. Time to wake up, rise up, unify and join the rest of the universe in peace. A world beyond belief awaits you.       Meea, from Inner Earth   Permission to spread far and wide, granted.         Here are alternatives to hear ECETI Stargate and As You Wish Talk Radio. We can chat on telegram. Do not rely on Youtube to listen to ECETI Stargate Radio or As You Wish Talk radio.   Links for 11/13 Show Replay:   🚨🛸Youtube: https://youtu.be/DKn_1bR3h_o   🚨🛸Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/event/1422029   🚨🛸Rumble: https://rumble.com/vp67c4-gene-decode-as-you-wish-talk-radio.html   🚨🛸BBS Radio: https://bbsradio.com/asyouwishtalkradio   🚨🛸Eceti website: https://www.eceti.org/as-you-wish-talk-radio-live.html   🚨🛸Eceti Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery: http://www.ecetiaustralia.org/
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Be the Miracle

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Wake up Humans we are taking Back our world

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Wake up Humans we are taking Back our world

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Gateway Enter the Chamber of the Christ Light 11:11

THE QUANTUM AWAKENING A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter, A Thought, A Way of Life, and a ‘Sanctuary of Truth ‘   November (11:11) 2021 Issue #272   This Newsletter is Electronically sent out ‘FREE’ but you must Subscribe to receive it. Please go to email me at thequantumawakening@gmail.com To unsubscribe scroll to bottom of this newsletter.   Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love. 21 years of service to the Light. This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary Light-Workers. One to one, light to Light. Feel free to share this information with credit given   Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years. Thank you dear Argentina goddess http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm   IN THIS ISSUE From Your Hostess of Light 11:11 Gateway Enter the Chamber of the Christ Light 11:11 and the Master Numbers MARY 12:12 ‘The Collective She’ Workshop SAHARA PROPHECY Timeless relic Sand dollars Cosmic Classified   From Your Hostess of Light: To me the Season of Light begins as November comes out of her multicolored cocoon stretching her wings of light to become the beautiful season of Love. As the Light begins her descent upon the planet Earth we enter the true Season of Love. A season born of Timeless Miracles, myths and Magic, A season of Light that seeks to be embraced in the hearts of all humans. It asks humans to stop making excuses as to why one does not celebrate what is Holy, what is good, what is a Gift. Life has become virtually gridded creating a separation far from the One Heart. Too many reasons not to love or not to give, not to believe. This season of Light is thick with promises, filled with free-formed miracles. Miracles that take form and actively seek vessels to gift.   The number 11:11 was issued to earth in 1992 as a ‘Beginning Light’ activation. It is a doorway, a gateway into your greatest potential as a human. This activation number asks you to seek divine memory. The ‘One’ seeks itself through a mirror reflection. This 11:11 doorway offers an opportunity to surpass all limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself and others, to clear the slates of your heart and soul. One to one to one.. we enter the Oneness we all share in common.   11:11 descends upon the Earth like the spirit of a dove that lands softly in the hearts of mankind. As the 11:11 energies are birthed let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this Gateway. Align with all you know to be love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines removing the barnacles of the past. Holiness goes beyond religion and sacred teachings. It lives deep in the bones of every human on earth for it is through the very breathe of Holiness that earth is alive. Humanity has virtually lost part of their heart. It is easier to touch an emogee than to touch the wounded hearts of others. Like a training pigeon they swipe through the air with the greatest of ease hoping their heart filled characters will land in the cloud somewhere.   11:11 is a powerful number initiation sequence. It signals to the light-sequence within, that it is time to wake up and smell the cold brew coffee. Each time that you see 11:11 on a clock, a license plate or a grocery receipt you are being given an opportunity to walk into a ‘Gateway of Instant Manifestation.’ The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which are manifesting into the physical realm per your thoughts. Every time I see 11:11 in any form I stop instantly and align with the light and the thought that needs to be birthed. Eleven-eleven is the number of Light Masters. It is an encoded light structure of Remembrance.   Life and day-light shortens itself like a dog on a lead, as the 24 hours of Earth time now shifts into a denser mode demanding more than before. Many possibilities come, invisible of nature, camouflaged like a hunter in the fall leaves. The heart demands complete opening in this powerful season of light. the Christ heart within humanity awakens with a holy dialogue. The light that comes is thick like a mist that actually has a shadow. This shadow dance comes to teach and redefine its light. This living 11:11 light comes to soften our shadow edges, sculpting and honing us, polishing us, asking us to shine brighter and more often. This Holy season asks you to stand up for light, to escort miracles down your street, to have lunch with the angels.   11:11 Gateway Enter the Chamber of the Christ Light   In 1997 when we were still wild and wooley, I took a group of very powerful individuals to Egypt. It was a trip that broke all the preconceived rules of what Egypt was supposed to be, as a culture and spiritually. 24 years later those 26 people are still scratching their bald and solver head trying to figure out what actually happened to them in those lost 17 days in Egypt. After being held by the Egyptian government in Dendara Egypt We barely made our flight back to Cairo to get to the Great Pyramid by 11:11 at night to do ceremony. Our mission of light as a group of 26 was to go to the great pyramid bringing ‘our all-knowing light’ to this Great Pyramidal Light of Oz that needed our mere mortal essence to save the world (or so we thought) before the year 2000 which was a tipping point.   It was powerful beyond time to enter that great living pulsing stoney timeless being of light. It was vast beyond my understanding as it seemed to extend beyond the sky into the stars that night. As I stood in the entrance to the great pyramid giving thanks for being there I learned more in that 1 minute passing through the entrance of the great Pyramid then I had accumulated in my entire life. Everything was shown to me in an instant like a life review and then the slate was cleared empty awaiting being filled again. I entered the Great Pyramid as pure as a Virgin stripped of everything she once knew herself to be. The empty chalice of me at that moment in timelessness was ready to fill with the gifts of the great pyramid which were beyond my ability to fully consume.   Light markings within the Great Pyramid showed themselves as the red granite continued to alter us, allowing doorways that appeared silent and invisible to open. We saw the many lives of the Great Pyramid as she lifted her veil of secrecy. We all saw within the great Pyramid a vast hidden room of light, secreted in plain sight. This room was referred to as the ‘Christ Chamber’ by the energies that escorted us there. I was many many years later that the actual Christ chamber itself was discovered but not entered. It is this place, the invisible place the sealed place within each of our own Pyramid of light that awakens as the vibration of 11:11 begins the holy healing matrix.   After that night everything in Cairo changed it rained and the Sphinx cried for the first time in years, the locals knew it was an omen of something to come. As soon as we left Egypt the Great Pyramid was shut down for over a year. they kicked the camel police off the Giza plateau and the lost boys had to find new tourists to charm. the Egyptian government had there own reasons for shutting everything down, but no one is talking or telling. The reason I bring this up now at this 11:11 gateway is that starting November 11th, a Great Planetary Light activation will transpire in the Great Pyramid, within the unseen Christ Chamber of Light. This inner planetary healing light that comes from the heart of Mother Earth moves upward and outward thru the Christ chamber within the great Pyramid and activates the most High Heart of humanity.   11:11 and the Master Numbers   In 1992 the number 11:11 was issued to humanity as a trigger number. That powerful numerical vibration escorted us as a planet safely into a new place of Higher Light. The numerical signature of 11:11 still follows us to very this day. 11:11 is a doorway a gateway an old friend in the form of a star-portal. The ‘oneness’ seeks itself through a mirror like reflection of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the light that lives in the center point of your soul.   Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. All life can be reduced and explained by numbers. The currents of these numerical sequences bring into alignment a series of new considerations that will help earth to adjust and balance. Each numerical infusion is tailored to fit the needs of each human. As the brain adjusts to these new energies a lifting occurs allowing the individual to exit the human/animal ratio and be lifted into the human/light equation. Numbers and humans go hand in hand. From the beginning of time known we have been defined by a numerical equation whether age, birth date, weight, or the number of wives and camels we have. Numbers have always seemed to be our not so silent partners.   MASTER NUMBERS accentuate the meanings of single digits (111,222,333 etc). When a number shows itself in double and triple digits they are then considered to be a numerical oracle.   00, 000, or 0000 This is the ‘The Great Void’, the unknown what is yet to be, that which has not been birthed; That which holds all possibility. This numerical pre-configuration as you to Move thought into a higher dimensional fluidity. This is the portal of Creation before Creation. A reminder you are always one with the universe. Feel yourself within the center embraced by the Creator as you are held and loved unconditionally. Walk around the inner circle of self-completing what needs to be completed.   11, 111, or 11:11 This is ‘The Gateway to All’ that is riding within a hair of instantaneous manifestation. This master number asks you to let go of man-made expectations and manifestation and move your creational thoughts up the ladder of light. Doorways open, doorways close, and you are in-between all dimensional shift. This is conscious creation with 11 second intervals of thought; Holding your thought long enough for the Universe to take a snapshot of it, escorting it into manifestation.   22,222, or 22:22 This is an important numerical vibration coming up for earth. 222 is the highest number of manifesting without the frustration. All words thought deeds and intentions will take seed within this number with or without rain to help them grow. This number asks you to acknowledge your soul light in all of its forms. It asks you to Move out of the neighborhood of polarity. This vibration shows one Time moves forward with or without them. This powerful creation sequence tells you ‘Do not create by default.’ Do something, anything, have a say so in your life. Keep a holding pattern with your resolve, know and trust what you have planted by your words, deeds and actions. Trust they will heal and bloom in accordance with the heavenly seasons.   33,333 or 33:33 This powerful number offers you a choice. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) in your early DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/ masters/Angels. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. It is Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul’s evolution. Within 333 you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. This number asks you to stand in your soul light without fear of falling, Allowing you to see the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome. Three is the holy trinity of heaven and soul.   44,444 or 44:44 Four is such an earthy number, strong and balanced, it fortifies what needs reinforced. To me it is a masonic number decreeing a foundation of light is being cemented for you. with this vibration New opportunity comes without being asked. It allows you to Build your future thought by thought, brick by brick. Do not allow those of too much wind to blow down your dreams with their negativity. Believe deeply until you see the proof. Hold on through all choices and deviations. Stay balanced in what you know to be divine truth and the platform of light will solidify.   55, 555, 55:55 This numerical powerhouse is all about humanity and how it interacts. This vibration is about movement and adjustment. The universe who is driving this big ole cosmic wheel is making changes for your betterment whether you ask for them or not. The heavens are changing your course with love. This change may be an answer to some long forgotten prayer. The future is hidden for a reason Allow the currents to take you into a new future full of possibilities created just for you.   66,666 or 66:66 The vibration of 6 has changed into a vibration that is fully aligned with the heart healing of the earth. For too long now humanity has been branded with the thought that anything associated with the number six is negative, dark, dense and inner earth. look at the beauty on this magical planet. Look all that she has given you since you were born. The number 6 is asking you to come back to the original seed and blueprint of light and life with a reverence. there is a beautiful holiness to the number six as its extension asks you to move your awareness upward in a grand sweep of expression.. By aligning with the true beauty and healing of the number six you will find a softness and coherence in your special time on earth.   77, 777 or 77:77 This unassuming number asks you to take a high dive into your life. This is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Their vows are laced in time. Sevens eat drink think and speak what is deemed holy within the cosmos. They embrace the spirituals aspect of everything. Sevens are not permitted to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. They know all about cosmic 2 X 4’s, having learned the hard way. Seven escorts your awareness into a place where miracles are an every minute event. The Seven energy is a place where wonder, magic and miracles live. Seven is your natural state of being.   88, 888 or 88:88 The vibration of this energy takes you places you didn’t even know you wanted to go. It is made of continual cosmic movement, ‘As above so below. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious perceptions. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, an atomic power source. This energy gives to you well earned prosperity with the added flavor of universal blessings. Eight is a Star-gate a place of intersection and crossing. Like two starry lovers meeting in the center of time.   99, 999 or 99:99 This energy displays Cosmic and personal completion, the end of one experience the being of another. Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self, a place of vast opportunity; Free-falling from the height of the nine into a new dimensional understanding. Enter and exit all in the same breath. A substantial leap into the unknown. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly track of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have     SAHARA PROPHECY Timeless relic Sand dollars   These very powerful and unusual sand dollars come from the Sahara desert in Morocco. They were collected by the nomadic tribes and sold to the local miners in towns along the border of the desert. These little sandy beauties are ancient of time living within the Sahara desert sands for eons of time until the winds blew just the right way exposing them to all that could see their special teachings. The teachings of the sand dollar in all of its forms thru time are diverse as sand is itself. They bring us good tidings of peace and joy on many levels. Sand dollars hold many deposits of truths that seek to be remembered now during this holy season.   The legend of the sand dollar in all of its mystical forms comes to give all who will listen, wisdoms we collectively need to remember. One story about the Sand Dollar says they represent coins lost by the Mermaids of Atlantis. To beachcombers of the past, Sand Dollars suggested a pirates booty was near and to look harder for silver coins and buried loot.   Another legend about sand dollars says they represent the story of Christ: On the top of the sand dollar is a symbol that looks like a star, a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem that led wise men to the Christ Child. Around the star is an outline of an Easter lily, a reminder of the Lord’s resurrection. There are also five holes in a sand dollar – four around the ends of the star and one in the center. According to legend, the four holes represent the four wounds of Christ. The center hole represents the wound made from the spear. When you turn over the sand dollar, you see the outline of a poinsettia, the Christmas flower. When you break open a sand dollar, five dove-shaped pieces emerge.   Doves are a symbol of peace, hope and goodwill. This 11:11 the dove-star in the Constellation Columba spreads her holy satin spar wings around the hearts of earth. Allowing what was hidden within to be set free in a flight of love and global healing. One by one we come together entering a more sacred aspect, a higher divine aspect of the human heart. We all know in our heart of hearts that the light is Supreme in all levels and dimensions of existence. We all know that the darkness and the polarities are but a shadow dance of balance that exists within self and life.   These Sand Dollars hold Fossil energy. They are an excellent vehicle to anchor your affirmations, prayers and help manifest your wishes. Fossils, because of their age, are used as talismans for protection and a long healthy life. They are links to the past and are great for past-life visualization and access to ancient truths.   These 65 million year old Sand dollars are powerful reminders of the earth’s very beginnings. Fossils are said to have supernatural healing powers and timeless medicinal uses. The ancients believed that within these enduring structures lived a wisdom that could not be explained away. Use your Doves of Peace blessings to bring a holy and deep healing to those you Love and Earth. Go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com to see pix/ prices   MARY 12:12 The Collective She Workshop With Gillian Macbeth   December 12, 2021 Sunday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Workshop will be held in Lenoir City, Tennessee $55 includes light filled lunch   The vibration of all that is Mary through time and space comes forth to bring gifts to the table of light in the month of December. They come forth in the form of a Marion light that wishes to bestow blessings of plenty upon Earth. They come forth through time space and ethers to announce their Cosmic charitable contributions to humanity. Like all Feminine hearts that carry a vast light through time they’ve never given up on those they love.   December 12:12 has always been a Holy vibration for it holds the Mother Mary energy: the energy of grottos in the mountains, prayers on the cliffs and love in the light of a candle. 12:12 holds every shade of Marion Blue that has graced this Earth and wore a mantle of pure heart. This workshop comes as a reminder that in the midst of a season of Giving in the form of financial demands there should is a place of peace that one can enter and embrace the true meaning of Christmas. Like a child that magically enters a snow globe this Workshop is about bringing the magic of all that is Holy into the cell structure of those that are willing to hold it. Become a living Christmas light in this season of magic feel the power in the presence of the divine feminine and all she offers as a gift that keeps on giving.   December 12, 2021 Sunday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Workshop held in Lenoir City, Tennessee $55 includes light-filled lunch   In this workshop we will unite in Light and Heart and work with the higher aspects of what is collectively Mary in Spirit. We will walk thru the Mary codes and what they mean to us. We will Look thru the 12:12 mirror and see our own true reflection. We will Connect with Mary as a Prophet and part of the Essene community. Messages from Mary to each goddess. We will get Christmas messages from spirit for other people filled with sparkle while we munch on healing Christmas cookies. After a light filled lunch we will give each other the gift of Christmas healing. Meeting Mary at the Well will reveal truths that have remained hidden and receiving messages from the Christmas angels come to give us peace and hope. Email thequantumawakening@gmail.com Please pre-pay and pre-register   Please send check to Gillian MacBeth-Louthan PO Box 217 Dandridge, TN 37725       COSMIC CLASSIFIED ADS 2021   Beautiful Mustang Mare, named Astara Free to good loving home with Pasture and other horses   I just recently had to release my white Arabian Horse to the Light. Sananda, was the love of my life. I watched his beautiful horse spirit leave as he got his wings of light and joined the FLight of Pegasus. His companion Astara is lonely and needs to be with other horses. It is time for her to go to a new loving home. She is grain and hay fed. If you are interested let me know, I just want her to be happy. Email thequantumawakening@gmail.com   Heavenly Confectionery Imagine….. a chocolate company that blends the power of flower essences with chocolate for healing. That chocolate company would be called ‘Heavenly Confectionery’. Imagine a peace of Chocolate heaven that melts in your mouth!   My name is Donna & since 2004 I have owned a chocolate company called Heavenly Confectionery. Several years ago, Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences. Healing chocolate, she called it. I initially declined. She persisted. It’s taken a while… but Healing Chocolate (aka – Flower Essence Fudge) has been created and awaits its journey into your mouth and heart. Flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Chocolate is a delicious vehicle! These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you. They will work for you, guide & inspire you to bring about a positive change in your life in a very grounded (and delicious) way. With the help of celestial angels and goddesses, I am the instrument in creating these healing confections. And it’s a privilege to bridge the loves in my life… I’m a flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor and I’m grateful to be able to make my living as a chocolatier. These flower essence formulas are prayed over and infused with love and gentle healing. When you order please specify your choice of one pound box or half pound box of Dark Chocolate fudge or Milk Chocolate fudge with the healing blend of your choice. Your Exquisite box of Heavenly Healing chocolates includes ‘A message from the Angel of each essence you order’.   Essences to Choose from –blended with dark or milk chocolate more Healing blends are being birthed as the Universe deems Be Balanced (a Chakra blend) Celestial Support Integrating the Divine Feminine/Masculine Consciousness Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires The Eye of the Hurricane Cost is $22 per pound or $12 per half pound plus shipping USA only. Go to www.Paypal.com or send check or use credit card. Email me at Donnaconfection@gmail.com for more information or to place your orders Or you can go to www.Heavenlyconfectionery.com to place an order.     Portals of Light Vision Cards 1 & 2 by Judith Anne Thomas www.judithathomas.co.uk/cards   These oracles of light are perfect for seeing into 2021 and time beyond. Two beautiful decks of meditation cards created by the artist to inspire inner journeying, and the raising of personal frequency. Thirty-three inner-vision cards each carry the image of a multi-layered mandala. Inlaid with powerful light codes, the mandala is a portal to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness, and reveal the wisdom of one’s inner being. 36 A6 quality laminated cards – includes 3 intro cards – in a gorgeous gift box $33 per deck includes shipping UK, +$4 Europe, +$7 international Payment: www.Paypal.com to thomas.judith@gmail.com     PEACE RIVER CBD Liposomal Formulation CBD This company is aligned with the highest quality CBD. We have recently upgraded to Liposomal Formulation CBD. The co-founder of this company is a dear friend of mine for over 30 years, Victor Knight and I trust his energy implicitly. I use Peace River CBD every day and find it to be a very high vibration of healing.   If you have tried CBD in the past but felt no effect, there may be a good reason why that happened. The cause was likely the CBD product you were using, not you. New research has shown that our bodies absorb only about 5% of a serving of CBD. As technology in CBD advances, Peace River is now introducing a new Liposomal Formulation that has almost immediate absorption for a remarkable 85% bioavailability! And they have peer-reviewed independent clinical research to back it up. CBD can’t help you if you can’t afford it!   Peace River sells their organically sourced Liposomal Formulation CBD for only $39.95. But it contains 60 servings in a bottle versus 30 with traditional tinctures! That’s double the value and 17x the bioavailability with any other CBD products you can find. CBD can’t help you if you can’t get it into your system! Come to Peace River CBD at http://peacerivercbd.com/ Use this coupon for 15% off your entire order: NEXTGENCBD     FOOD FOR THE SOUL (Book and booklets for self-realization, transformation, evolving and plain ol’ comfort food for the soul) An introduction to the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels co- authored by Ascended Master Lord Confucius Booklet $8.00   Author and Photographer- Maureen O’Connell S & H $6.00 for book and $3.00 for booklet in U.S. Paypal: moc5555@gmail.com Venmo: Maureen O’Connell@Maureen-OConnell-49 FOLLOW ME ON MY BLOG orderofthebluerose.blogspot.com/ YOU TUBE Pendantlady FACEBOOK Maureen O’Con email moc5555@gmail.com     ***************** This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniquenessJ   Support Where You Receive Your Spiritual Truths Gillian MacBeth-Louthan PO Box 217 Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 www.thequantumawakening.com thequantumawakening@gmail.com  
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Patricia Cota-Robles

Hi Precious Heart,

The Company of Heaven has affirmed that we are in uncharted waters. The intensity and the positive effects of the influx of Light we will experience during the 40-Day accelerated purging process we are now entering will depend on the cooperation of Lightworkers around the World. Beginning with the Opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th and building in momentum through the December 20-21 Solstice you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity have a unique opportunity to move Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth forward in the Light in NEW and previously unknown ways.

On November 11, 2021, the multidimensional 11:11 Portal of Light will be opened to full breadth. During that Cosmic Moment, Lightworkers around the World will have the opportunity to utilize that influx of Light to assist the masses of Humanity to reach ever higher into the frequencies of Unity Consciousness now present in every Heart Flame. Assisting Humanity to reach this level of Unity Consciousness is the Divine Mission we are ALL being Called to assist with during the critical remaining weeks of 2021. This is an essential facet of Humanity’s individual and collective Divine Plan that will pave the way for the life-transforming year 2022.

We are powerful beyond our knowing and when we focus our attention and our Divine Intentions on the Light and on Cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth miracles happen. As the Hopi prophecy states, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”

In order to take full advantage of the Opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th, we are Cocreating in unison with the Company of Heaven a virtual online FREE Activity of Light. The Divine Intent of this event is to unify the Hearts and Minds of Humanity and to accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place in our Earthly Bodies in the most positive way.

Please join me, Patricia Cota-Robles, an Anrita Melchizedek, Aeoliah, ADI Green Tara and thousands of Lightworkers around the World as we God Victoriously accomplish this essential facet of the Divine Plan.



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It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the solstice on December 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us one step closer to the liberation of the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the planetary liberation closer to us:



This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the positive timeline. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! We can even reach one million! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. 

There are many benevolent civilizations in this Galaxy. They are living in a high state of spiritual development and they have a strong direct connection to the Source. They would like humanity to join the Galactic family, but they need a clear, strong, coherent signal from the surface population that contact is desired:


If a critical mass of 144,000 people joins our meditation, we will send such a strong signal, and according to Galactic laws, this will initiate a process of acceptance of our planet into the Galactic family. The process itself will still take some time, but first and very important step will be taken, with far reaching exopolitical and geopolitical consequences.

We will be doing the Divine Intervention Activation at the best possible moment that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity, at the exact moment of the solstice on December 21st, 2021:

The exact moment will be at 8:00 am PST in Los Angeles. This equals 9:00 am MST in Denver, 10:00 am CST in Chicago, 11:00 am EST in New York, 4:00 pm GMT in London, 5:00 pm CET in Paris, 6:00 pm EET in Cairo, and then we cross into Wednesday December 22nd for the far eastern time zones: 00:00 am CST (midnight) on Wednesday December 22nd in Taipei and Beijing, 01:00 am JST in Tokyo and 03:00 am AEST in Sydney.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


We will be doing this activation as a two step process, the first step is signing the Planetary Liberation petition listed below, the second step is the meditation itself. This two-step trigger will have he maximum effect on the planetary situation possible. 

Instructions before the meditation:

Any moment after you read this article, sign the Planetary Liberation petition:


We need 144,000 signatures by December 21st to trigger the desired exopolitical effect.

Instructions for the meditation on December 21st:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the process of First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings and Divine Intervention.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on the planetary surface and all beings underground, and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. State your will and decision for First Contact and Divine Intervention by decreeing (aloud if possible) both decrees three times: I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now! I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now! I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now!

6. Visualize benevolent Galactic beings responding to these decrees and physically contacting you and all others who made the same decrees. Visualize the Source directly intervening into the situation on Earth, triggering an intense healing transformation of humanity. Visualize Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Divine Intervention Activation: