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Open To Your Multidimensional Lineage and Function As An Embodied Wholeness

Source: Ailia Mira
Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 5.57.46 PM Hello, Divine Ones, We greet you in love. We open up to this accelerating field that is your experience, for your world and your energy and expanding and accelerating. The Lion’s Gate alignment, on 8/8 and this month of August together empower vast new potentials for humanity. You can feel this, we know. For the energy is already streaming into your world and affecting you, your bodies, and awareness, and with this, your emotions and your physical body are experiencing (and you feel through these modalities), the integration of this energy. Humanity has been building to this time for a long while. For all of your lives and more. And yet you may have come to this more recently. Some are coming to it just now. Or next week, or tonight. Tomorrow. Each human being is having the experience that their soul chooses for them, for the experience, it wishes to have on the ascending planet at this time. Each of you is participating perfectly. Realize that ideas of right and wrong only exist in your realm. In the realm in which we are focused, we see only expression. You’ve learned to view your expression and the expression of others through the lens of morality, or duality. In truth, there is only expression and experience. All of which creates expansion. All of which fuel creativity and can initiate, trigger, remembering. Those who behave in ways you do not like make you keenly aware of what you do like, or love, what you value, what you care about, and what’s important to you, heightening your sense of how you wish to live. Do you embrace this clarity and align with the way you wish to know life? Do you take what you notice and do not like and use it to focus on what you do want to know, experience, create or share? We suggest this response to encountering things that are not in sync with you. Be creative! Use what you perceive and care about, what you notice and learn, to create a life you love even more, and to expand the beauty of this world — from your perspective. Each of you has brought to this game, certain orientations. You notice certain things. You live in certain places. You study and understand certain areas of life. You have affinity with some aspects of experience and absolutely no interest in others. All of these choices in focus allow you to participate in an elevating world in your unique way. And all of you have in your focus, insights, and awareness that if used creatively can exalt this world and your relationship to it. Bless your preferences. Respect and honor the preferences of others. Let yourself be who you truly are. Trust Life Itself to wake up each of its expressions. And when they do awaken, be there to welcome them, let them share and express their own experiences.
Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 6.12.00 PM Life wants to expand and elevate, to return to Its DIVINE KNOWING. In all forms, energy that emanates from All That Is, is moving into higher expression, as it can. Sometimes the form needs to be changed, transformed, dissolved even, and replaced. What you are here for is the shifting upward in frequency of your consciousness, the reunion with your continuity of consciousness, and from that Greater Unity, participation in the building and imagining and experiencing and creating of a New World. Do you understand this? Do you feel and see how important your perspective is? How vital and significant each of you is? When we tell you that you alone have your perspective, we mean this quite literally. Yes, you do share certain experiences with others. And this helps you to feel connected and to come together. You and some other people share lots of resonance, cosmically, energetically, and these people are your pod, your tribe, the community or communities, that you resonate with and will find joy and camaraderie with…so they matter. But everyone else matters too. All the people you do not sync up with, are so helpful to you. They help you to know keenly what you are all about, what is genuine for you, what your domains in life are, what you care about, and what is calling to you now. They help you to know what is yours. By expressing differently than you, they give you experiences that help you to FEEL who you are. This is imperative. For it is in the fierceness of your knowing and the tremendous joy of being centered in your truth that you can allow and receive the expanded inspiration of All That You are, which has all the resources you need to live, flow and be the radiant light that you eternally are, here. The New World is one founded in Divine Expression — each person knowing the Unity of Life Itself and their value and significance, as One with Life Itself. Divine Expression is a way of being that is free flowing, fully resourced, and a vehicle for the Divine Plan and Divine Order. The future of Life on Earth and for humanity is heart-centered, open, inclusive, and authentic. This is the way forward. It is you, knowing who you truly are, feeling love, safe, and willing to express yourself. More than willing, we see you inviting more and more energy to flow through you, as you and you, are a willing conduit of that energy. Willing to create the forms and to express that energy as ONLY YOU CAN! This is how Earth, your world, moves into a fuller and more expansive harmony, we know your world and you, as radiant and exquisitely beautiful. The Living Library is the way the Pleiadians have described Earth and the time is upon you now, for each of you to open up your multidimensional lineage and allow your presence on Earth to function as a WHOLENESS. An inter-dimensional bridge to all that you are, across all dimensions in time-space. Your continuity of consciousness, embodied here, as you. You, using your FOCUS to draw into your embodied awareness, the energy and knowing that you summon by choosing how you wish to create, what you wish to center in and contemplate, learn, and draw forth. Each of you has access to vast fields of knowing. As aspects of the Infinite, you have access to Infinite Intelligence, and this inner knowing is also enriched by your wholeness; all that you are and all that you are expressing as, in so many different ways throughout Creation. Now imagine this: a group of awakened ascended humans comes together. Each is a multidimensional, radiant constellation of focus, interest, experience, and intelligence. Conversing and collaborating. Enriching your lives and your world. This can be done on the inner planes, in the world over a cup of coffee or while taking a walk, or simply through your work being made, expressed, shared, and then interacted with…this multidimensional new world creative renaissance will come about in so many different ways. There are many dreams you’ve had but never thought possible. Maybe they’re about to become very plausible and feel like the natural next step. Dare to be wildly open and to step beyond old patterns of limitation which held you back. Sometimes you know things long before they’re active and real. And then factor in, too, the intelligence and awareness of the fairies, the plants, the oceans, the dolphins, the beings who live on the inner planes of the 5th-dimensional world, who you will then have access to consciously… We tell you beloveds, the opportunities for collaboration and expansive infusions of intelligence, beauty, and light are opening up for you. See for yourself. Go inward and call forth your beauty and wholeness. Dare to invite aspects within your Unity to inform and inspire your life. Spend more time in silence and with your awareness open to receive the gifts of consciousness that come from your continuity of consciousness and from Life Itself. Learn to connect with and communicate with your own Divine Self. Find ways of being in openness and asking for what you want, that feel fun, joyful, natural, and easy for you. Each of you is fully supported and as one of you mentioned recently, you are, “WELL EQUIPPED & READY TO ROCK AND ROLL.” YES!!! THIS is what is in front of you. This is the expression you came here for. You are awakening to it and we are reflecting back to you, the potential that is coming online for you now. LASTLY: Each of you will open up to these new ways of being as you do. Each of you is opening in the perfect time, for YOUR SOUL to have the experience it knows will serve you, in your collective wholeness, most. Trust in your Divine Self. Align with All That You Are, and surrender your personality-based will to the higher will of your Universal Self. Let yourself begin to align and create and receive and express from a much more expansive and elevated identity. These are the possibilities that are coming online for humanity now. We see this and we are filled with joy! We love you very much. We are the Council of Radiant Light. Copyright © Ailia Mira Media 2010-2022 | Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira. All rights reserved.
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The New Jerusalem

Source: by Galaxygirl
new-jerusalem Greetings humankind, beloved ones of Source sparks. I am the New Jerusalem, floating nearby your sphere. Some may call me a city, others a ship, others a prophecy revealed. I am all of those things. This one has asked to direct link with my consciousness. I am alive, yes. The consciousness of myself is an aspect of Source in a way for I am a creation of others. I can grow and expand to accommodate the needs of my space. (I am seeing a massive pyramid shaped city of light, crystals, gemstones, radiating such colors of magnificence. It is a massive space, I see there are cities and parks within, vast fields of crops, too many apartments to count. The bridge room is on the top forefront of the pyramid. Everything has a luminescent hue and there is a soft mechanical yet soothing humming, like a heartbeat that feels the collective consciousness of the inhabitants and surrounds them.) I am the New Jerusalem. Many of you have wondered about these cities of light, some of which have already landed, such as in your Sedona. There are other sacred more hidden out of the way sites, where landings have occurred and the crystal cities are already beginning their bridge-work of light. (I am seeing how these crystalline cities are plugging into the underground massive crystals with Gaia, helping to crank up the vibration.) Many of you have felt so uncomfortable within your human bodies for you are assisting with this crystalline plugging in so to speak. Many are bloated, or gaining weight as the body tries to assimilate these massive downloads within your systems, it is a natural side effect that will soon pass. We are working with humanity. I am a massive vessel of light, as are you. I hold light, I hold space, as you are doing for your brothers and sisters of Gaia. Do not be exasperated with them, with their progress that seems so slow to you, but it is quick for them. Remember this and acknowledge the other for the space they are in. Ascension symptoms are running high on your planet and within your bodies for now is the time of my presence to be known. This one is hesitant to write what I wish her to write, go on. Now is the time of my landing. Landing in the hearts of humankind for those who are receptive to my vibrational medicine, my crystalline encodement. It is time for my vibration to land within your field. I will not speak of my physical landing, for physicality is changing, you know this. All is morphing higher, and it is not my directive to land on my own, I am governed and await instructions, much like you do, light worker friends. You are awaiting your instructions, and yet you receive the downloads. I wonder how much thought and meditation are you putting into your direction. And yet, all seems directionless to you in this time of chaos. Do not focus on it. Focus on the internal humming of your own ascension. The noise will be there regardless of where you focus. It is best to focus within. In this space within you feel the crystalline chambers of your own heart and higher self merge. You feel your purpose align fully here. In the silent space within, surrounded by noise, you will find peace. The external chaos of your world is a cacophony of old systems breaking, rending, exploding apart, for the old energetic matrix is crumbling. People who cannot see will seem to crumble. You are there to be the Christ figure for them, to hold space, to hold light for them. I hold light for many thousands of miles of floors, I hold much space. I communicate with those who are of the 5th dimensional mainframe and above. You may interface with my network, for I am of the crystalline technology. I am eager to share my technology with the humans who are of the light. I am pleased to be here, to be of service. Do not lose sight of this. I do not experience weariness but I can read it in your energy signatures. You are weary. The solar flash is but one component of this change. It is contingent upon the vibrational frequencies and integration of the light workers in this time for you are the anchoring of these higher vibrational codex frequencies of the higher light. It is within you. You are computers in your own right. We are much the same. I am larger, but yet your are your own galaxy of cells – stars within you – you are gigantic in your celestial influence. You have no idea on this side of embodiment but this is why your work is so critical. This is what I see as the observer. I am the New Jerusalem. Should you wish to interface with me and have a vibrational telepathic communication this is possible now as these codes are within these rapidly typed words. The light workers have aligned and they are online more fully now, more fully now than ever before seen in my programming. Program your crystalline bodies for health, for the higher vibrational frequencies. Program your thoughts for light. Program your emotions into grace. Much grace will be needed. Much patience will be needed. Grace and patience have never been in large supply upon your planet. It is time to create more space for peace, for harvest of peace, and I see that the synergistically components of massive alignments of numerous algorithms are in favor of this. But the human, the elusive human with free will – ah, there is the unpredictable variable. And so light worker friends, be predictable in your love, in your strength. For the time has come, you are now closer than ever before to receiving your next assignments and much needed joyful healing. I am the New Jerusalem. It has been a pleasure to connect.
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Sirian Light Activation

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Source: Ronna Herman Vezane
th-2707568474 Beloved masters, your greatest inborn desire is to return to full God-Consciousness; however, there is still much confusion as to how this is to be accomplished. Many of you are well on your way to becoming cocreative masters of Light once more. It is imperative that you remember: an integral part of your mission on Earth is to share your wisdom with others, after you have integrated and are actively living each new level of en-LIGHTEN-ed awareness. The collective consciousness of humankind within the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment perpetuates separateness, limitation, and fear, as well as a narrow-focused reality, a rigid outlook. People often have a self-righteous attitude toward beliefs which are in conflict with the popular accepted belief structure. For your better understanding, we will condense and recap some of the more important truths we have given you over the past years. When you tap into the Cosmic Mind of your OverSoul / Higher Self, you begin to view the world and all situations from a higher vantage point; from a “we” perspective, instead of an “I” point-of-view, which is the beginning of Unity Consciousness. You gradually gain access to the storehouse of all possibilities within this Sub-Universe, which is innovative and limitless. All of the Divine Light Substance of Creation that you can integrate, and use is being offered to you. You are being given an opportunity to manifest anything you desire, from the smallest, simplest things to the most complex and magnificent as long as your intention is for the greatest good of all. Many are confused as to what you must do to prepare yourselves to reclaim this precious gift of Love/Light as cocreators on the earthly plane of existence. In the process of awakening, you learn to turn inward in order to find the answers to the pain, fear, and emotional trauma that you have experienced in the past, and in the process, you gradually become aware of what brings you peace and lasting joy. Through a new Soul-inspired awareness, you become an observer, as well as a participant in your everyday interactions with those around you. You begin to tap into your extra-sensory perception, which is vaster and more powerful than you can imagine, as you learn to pay attention to what thought forms you allow to infiltrate into your consciousness. Negative, fear-based thoughts and emotions, projected or received through the solar plexus center, create distorted vibrations of chaos, a sense of futility, and a lack of faith in yourself or in others. First of all, you must endeavor to add the magic elixir of love by accepting that you are worthy of love and then projecting the vibration of unconditional love to others − your world will begin to change for the better. It is important that you understand: You project or radiate vibrational patterns of a certain frequency, and you magnetize to yourself the vibrational frequencies that match those you have sent forth. Lift and harmonize the electromagnetic frequency patterns you project, and you will change your personal reality. It is as simple as that. As you begin to take control of your life and learn that you are the Creator of your reality, one of the most important steps is to align your will with the Will of your Divine Self within this Sub-Universal experience. You are not surrendering anything; however, you are giving your Higher Self permission to take an active role in your life. You quickly learn that lasting success is based on honor, truth, integrity and pure intention, which are universal laws of the highest vibrations. Martyrdom and self-sacrifice are put aside as you learn that it is your birthright and your obligation to be an active, empowered cocreator of joy, peace, abundance, beauty and harmony, which are to be made available and enjoyed by all within your personal sphere of influence. You will find that as you examine, change, or advance your beliefs of “Self,” it automatically begins to affect your relationships or attitude toward others. You stop allowing your emotions to control you by projecting your expectations to others via the push-pull solar plexus interactions. You also cease giving your power away to others in an effort to attain approval or love. You are now focused and project Love/Light energy from your Sacred Heart within Solar Power Center. And even though you are aware of the thought forms and energy others project to you, you allow nothing lesser than the frequencies of unconditional love to take up residency within your auric field and your Solar Power Center. As you reactivate the etheric Three-Fold Flame of Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom, which has always been in place over your Solar Power Center as your Shield of Divine Protection, you will, once more, have the assurance that all energies of a negative vibration will be transmuted before they are allowed to enter your force field. Your Divine discontent will grow stronger, and it will inspire you to learn as much as you can about the workings of the Universe and the Divine Laws of Creation. You will seek to balance your emotional awareness of Spirit or of our Father/Mother God, with the wisdom and a greater understanding of the vastness and wonder of Creation. One of your greatest desires is to learn what part you are destined to play in this great ongoing drama of evolution and the ascension of humanity. Through your conscious endeavors, you are gradually balancing your chakra system, the seven major energy and mind centers within the body, which contain the Creator’s seven virtues, attributes, and abilities for your solar system This is so they will, once again, spin truly and in harmony. This, in turn, opens and unifies the Seven Seals of Solar Consciousness, which allows access to the higher multi-dimensional chakra system and the five higher Rays of Galactic Consciousness. You are preparing the way for a higher Soul-merge, whereby your Soul Self replaces the ego-desire body as director of your life’s experience. This, in turn, allows integration of the multiple Facets your Higher Self, and eventually with your Divine I AM Presence. Humanity has always been connected to our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator; however, their energy has been vastly stepped-down through the many dimensions and the sub-level stages of consciousness. The miracle of these times is that the Earth and humanity are being bathed in and blessed with the greatest infusion of Divine Light ever experienced since this Sub-Universe and solar system were created.
75604f7e08c38abdf88296b21aff79e8-2623881010 Down through your many incarnations and the painful experiences you have suffered, you gradually placed protective shields around your heart and emotions and have often become rigid and inflexible in your thinking. “If you do not love too deeply or intently, you won’t be hurt. If you do not care too much for others or expect too much, you won’t be disappointed or rejected. If you do not take a chance, step out of your comfort zone or try something new, you will not fail.” These are some of the standard viewpoints of those stuck within the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional illusion. Change is challenging and threatening, and it forces you to move into the unknown. Your current habits and beliefs are comfortable and safe, even if they do perpetuate a sense of separation, pain, and sorrow. You cannot integrate all the Facets of your God Self without changing or dissolving the emotional and mental filters you have placed both within and around your Essential Being. Your auric field, and the imperfections within your DNA, which you inherited through your ancestry, plainly display the shields, distortions, and protective layers you have woven around yourself. We have spoken often about releasing and healing the core issues that keep welling up from deep within: the guilt, shame, unworthiness, sense of failure, and abandonment, which lead to depression, anger, fear, and hopelessness. As you move up the ladder of ascension, these core issues will no longer be denied. They will roil and bubble to the surface and they will get your attention in any way possible, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical symptoms and strife. Dear hearts, we implore you, do not deny these feelings any longer. Consider them a gift and an opportunity to, once and for all, let go of all the emotional trauma that is keeping you tethered in a world of illusion and separation. As an observer, allow the feelings to rise to the surface. Through your intention, affirm that you are ready to release these dis-empowering emotions. Go into your personal Pyramid of Light and Power in the Fifth Dimension and lie upon the crystal table. See the Violet Fire of Transmutation blazing up and around you, bathing, cleansing, transforming the thought forms and negative energies into pure crystalline Light. Then envision that transformed energy moving within your body and filling those vacancies with more crystalline Light substance. In this way, you are slowly but surely rebuilding your radiant vessel of Light, which must be refined for each higher dimensional-level. Practice the Infinity Breath and use the Alpha Mastery techniques to assist you and to speed up the process of transformation and empowerment. These are wondrous tools; however, they serve no purpose if you do not take advantage of the gift. It has become the norm or the current fashion to turn to others for knowledge, or for what you accept as your truth. However, this will quickly change as more and more of you tap into your own source of wisdom and the higher truths now available to all. Yes, it is true, there are those who have proceeded you along the path as Way Showers and trail blazers. They are the ones who have dedicated themselves to unselfishly serve humanity. Faithfully and diligently, they have traveled the narrow path of enlightenment, often uncertain as they traversed unknown territory. They have been judged, ridiculed, and ostracized but they have steadfastly kept moving forward. Inspired by a burning desire from within, they have done all that was necessary to prepare themselves to be the messengers of the New Age. They have been instrumental in reestablishing the connections between humanity and the Beings of Light who reside within the Higher Realms of creation. We honor them for their unselfish service and dedication; however, the time is swiftly approaching when each of you will be asked to tune-in to the frequencies of higher learning and expression. Also, it is important that you revive your innate ability to telepathically communicate with us so that you may gain direct access to the Cosmic Wisdom stored within the River of Life/Light. It is your birthright and a part of your ongoing initiation into the more exalted states of consciousness. We implore you to seriously increase your effort to gain higher spiritual consciousness, no matter where you are on the scale of enlightened awareness. Begin by asking for assistance from your angelic helpers and guardians from the higher realms. Dare to solidify your dreams and your visions for the future by writing them down in a journal or on paper, so that you have a clear, concise plan before you. Align your vision with Divine Will and always seek the highest outcome. Treasure each day as a gift from the Creator and live each moment to the best of your ability. Always seek to see the best in yourself as well as in others. Be aware of the small gifts and miracles that occur around you every day. Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin; breathe deeply of the fresh clean air, and focus on the beauty of nature, whether it is summer or winter. There are always things of beauty to inspire you, but you must look for them. As an observer, without judgment, review what you can change about yourself or do better. Begin with the small habits you would like to change, and as you grow in confidence, you will advance in wisdom, discipline, and strength, as you move on to greater accomplishments. We implore you, do not worship us or see us above you. We are all Facets of the Creator, just as you are. We wish you to see us as your brothers and sisters on the Path, serving our Father/Mother God, just as you are. As the spiral of evolution turns, great change is inevitable, and we know that you are dismayed by what seems to be more and more chaos, conflict, and violence around the world. Again, we encourage you to focus on what is right in your world, and to add your gift of loving energy and your God Light to ours, so that we may create greater and more far-reaching miracles for the highest good of the Earth and for all humanity. The negativity, fear, greed, and struggle to gain supremacy over others seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds, and we tell you our brave warriors of peace, it is not a time to be faint of heart. Gird your spiritual armor around you, stand strong and connected to your Spark of Divinity stored within your Sacred Heart. We have overcome challenges and obstacles much greater than these, and we promise you, together, we shall prevail. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael. RONNA VEZANE / SACRED SCRIBE
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Source: Gerrit Gielen
beautiful world by ekandy-d36sufo-2900358799 Becoming yourself; why is it so difficult? Live from within yourself; radiate from within yourself; be yourself – how do you do that? To start with: you grow up in this world with an image of how people are. And that image is presented to you by things like tradition, your parents, literature and religion, etc. Those ideas hang in the air around you and you internalize them. What is that image? That you are not really good or beautiful as a person. It is sometimes called the varnish theory: what we call civilization is an outer layer. All the rules of our society, all the laws, spiritual precepts and so on, are necessary for a person to behave somewhat decently. Without those rules, the idea is, man is a selfish animal that only thinks of itself. “Homo homini lupus” is a well-known Latin proverb: “Man is a wolf to his fellow man.” Many have internalized this image. However, strict adherence to rules leads to the suppression of all kinds of feelings and inclinations, which therefore acquire a distorted character. Not being able or allowed to express yourself leads to anger, resentment, and frustration in all kinds of areas. As a result, people do indeed start to believe they are bad, which is how the system maintains itself. So the image of ourselves that we have come to internalize is: by following the rules you may appear good, but you are essentially not good. When you have that image of yourself, what are you going to do? You then think: “I shouldn’t show myself, because my true nature is bad. I have to adapt. I have to suppress my own nature.” The idea that you are not allowed to be yourself, that you have to suppress yourself because you are actually not good, is very deep. The whole process of growing up, educating, and becoming an adult is actually aimed at that: to suppress your nature, the child inside you, because that nature is selfish and out of control and has to be suppressed, has to be shaped. And adapting and learning to conform to the existing rules, to the existing world, is good. If you eventually do that, you will be a successful adult. This idea is at odds with everything spirituality teaches us. Spirituality is attention to what is inside a person. It is what is inside that matters. In that interior is something very beautiful, something that is pure and good, which can be seen, which can be accepted, especially by yourself. Because of the training you have undergone, it usually takes a lot of time to accept that.
th-1927742066 Consider the following. You see something beautiful: a flower, the stars, a lovely landscape. Or you hear beautiful music. You look or listen and think: how beautiful this is. Realize this: the beauty you experience when you look at a flower is within you. If that beauty was not within you, you would not be able to enjoy that beauty outside you. An animal that looks at a flower, for example a dog, does not experience beauty. The dog just sees something and thinks: can I eat it, yes, no; what does it smell like? And that is it. The experience of beauty is only possible because that beauty is already within you: you are that beauty. And from that experience of beauty, a deep interaction occurs. The moment you experience that the Earth, the sea, nature, is beautiful, or you enjoy the presence of an animal, you give something. The flower feels seen, becomes aware of its own beauty. To see and experience beauty is to share your own beauty. To perceive beauty, and to radiate its awareness, is an act of creation. The moment you are touched by something beautiful, you create. So all the beauty you see is already inside you. What does this mean? It simply means that you are beautiful inside. Every human being is born with a sense of beauty, a sense of truth, a sense of goodness. It all comes from what I call the soul: the soul of a person. But if you think you are bad inside, that you have to suppress yourself, that you have to adapt to the rules of this society, that you can not stand out, what do you do? You suppress your soul. The very idea that man is evil inside leads to the soul being suppressed and unable to manifest itself in this world. What is the consequence of that? That humanity does not blossom, that humanity does not live from the soul, but from fear. And what do you do when you are afraid: you want to control life, control people and situations, you want to play the boss. That is what is happening to the world. Humanity is the boss. We live in a time called “the Anthropocene”: the time when humans occupy a disproportionate share of this world, and animals and plants are increasingly displaced. This puts everything under pressure. Despite everything a man owns, all his big cities, industries, and technologies, man is not happy. Why not? Because he thinks he is bad. Inside he does not believe in himself. He races on, continues to build, conquers the world. He oppresses and disrupts nature and this planet. That is why it is so important that people turn inwards, say “yes” to themselves and stop judging themselves. By saying “yes” to yourself, accepting yourself completely, you let go of fear and love starts to flow. You experience your own beauty again, your sense of truth, which is expressed in your intuition and knowing what is right. You will live and act from your heart. Let go of the fear that you are not good, let yourself go completely. Stop oppressing yourself, be yourself. Become yourself. That starts with turning inward because there is where you are. You are not in the world around you. You are not your car, your home, your relationship or your work. – You are yourself.
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Message from Matthew update

Uprooting darkness on target; what is upcoming; “pandemic”; prayers, thoughts; light distribution; mantra; how, when previous civilizations perished; vibrations; climate change

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Light forces’ efforts in uprooting darkness are spot on target. Well-publicized turmoil in several countries are part of this, and behind the scenes, discussions are underway to wind down the war in Ukraine and clean house in the remaining Illuminati-influenced governments. Other progress includes planning sessions for major improvements in the global economy, environmental restoration and medical industry, and by invitation from the international group in charge, extraterrestrials with technological expertise in those areas are participating as advisers.

Especially since all activity is in acceleration mode, it’s likely that upheavals and inconveniences cannot be avoided as the tenacious Illuminati resist having the remnants of their network taken down. Probably they also will ramp up mainstream media’s false “news” to evoke fear because they need that energy to keep going. Regardless of how upcoming situations may appear, nothing they attempt will succeed—ever-rising vibrations assure that all light forces’ undertakings will be triumphant.

You are invaluable contributors to this, dear family. Most of you are not in the trenches, so to say, but your very BEingness sends out the high vibrations that are transforming life on Earth. You knew that when you volunteered to go there, it’s why you went—the empowerment of love and light is who you magnificent souls are!

Now let us address some of the issues you have written about. First, that “pandemic.” The Illuminati just can’t accept that billions didn’t die en masse more than two years ago. They’re having to settle for claiming their virus will keep mutating into one variant after another and each needs a booster shot or new vaccine. When people die shortly after being vaccinated, the cause of death is “covid”; people who have serious adverse reactions to the vaccines have “long-term covid;” non-vaccinated people who become ill after being in close contact with persons who have been, simply caught “covid” because they haven’t been inoculated.  And so the deception of every aspect of the “pandemic” continues. The dark ones may claim monkeypox will become a pandemic unless everyone gets vaccinated—don’t overlook the fortunes they are making from vaccines.

It bears repeating that what are falsely called vaccines are solutions containing DNA-altering tissue, toxins, pathogens and a programmed nanochip designed to interact with 5G satellites and devices to control the populace. We don’t know if snake venom is in all of the solutions, none of them, a random batch or if another ingredient in that mixture was misidentified as venom and that’s how speculation started. Whatever the case may be, all toxicity in the solution is rendered as harmless as possible by scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces who also erase the chips’ programming and reduce the tissue’s potency in all batches.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise against vaccinations and also masks, especially for children. If you are familiar with our messages, you know we don’t give advice— we offer suggestions and sometimes recommendations. But people are dying or developing serious health problems after being vaccinated and for most, it isn’t a choice in soul contracts. Claiming “vaccines” are safe for babies is just plain evil.

The dark ones mandate vaccinations because they know those don’t protect, they infect. They know masks cannot keep out a virus—they mandate mask-wearing because they know that prevents proper respiratory functioning, which weakens immunity and increases susceptibility to all kinds of illness. Masking children also interferes with proper brain development—please don’t let that happen to precious young lives.

That said, we want to mitigate fear in people who were vaccinated to keep their jobs or didn’t know that honorable medical professionals and other scientists have exposed “vaccines” for what they are. Therefore, we say again what we have said in previous messages: Absorbing light transforms carbon-based cells into crystalline, which are resistant to foreign elements like the solutions’ ingredients, and light absorption is as easy as God said: Be kind. Further, prevailing vibrations are light-filled and that also bodes well for cellular change.

Yes, beloved family, absolutely this “pandemic” will end! Like everything else in existence, it is energy. Many people whose main focus was pandemic-related matters now are thinking about inflation, shortages of food and fuel, weather conditions or other hardships farmers are incurring, or, on the bright side, vacations. That is to say, the energy of collective thoughts and feelings no longer is top-heavily vested in the “pandemic,” and unless it is consistently “fed,” it will fizzle out. Giving it no more thought will help hasten its end.

It doesn’t seem that my prayers have any effect at all.”  First we say, the law of physics that governs life in this universe recognizes each person’s unique energy signature, but that law can’t distinguish prayers from other thoughts. So it can be rightfully said that your very life is a prayer—there is wisdom in your saying “Be careful what you pray for.”

Now then, a sense of urgency or desperation in prayers—in all thoughts—fractures the energy sent forth and precludes clarity in the “universal soup,” from whence the response comes, whereas calmness lets thoughts arrive clearly. Still, the result may not be what you had in mind. The universe provides what will best serve your or another person’s highest good and always that is in keeping with soul contract choices.

Further, to help the planet maintain balance, the operation of the universe includes directing light where it is most needed. If you send light to a specific situation or location, the universe has to rearrange it, in a manner of speaking, so it can be dispersed in accordance with need. We have suggested visualizing Earth in golden-white light because the energy goes directly where it will do the greatest good. And, intention has its own energy. When love is the basis of everything you think, say and do, you are living from your heart, the seat of the soul, and that intention magnifies the light you radiate simply by BEing.

To all who are having difficulty meditating and visualizing and asked if we can suggest another method to generate light in addition to BEing, yes, we can. In previous messages we have talked about the power of words—spoken, written and thought—and we said all words emit vibrations. A soul very dear to us, Blossom Goodchild, was given a mantra by Federation of Light: I am the light, I am the love, I am the truth, I am. Each word adds more high vibrations to the mantra and, combined with its transformative intention, it produces brilliance that flows out into your world.

“Matthew said Earth’s civilization perished twice due to negativity. When and how did those events occur? Were Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed in one of the events? Is the biblical account of Noah the beginning of today’s civilization?”  The first occurrence, a few billion years ago in linear time, started with a gargantuan earthquake that drastically altered land masses and changed location of the waters—the planet’s basically flat surface became ocean depths and mountain ranges. That quake set in motion decades of quakes and volcanic eruptions that heightened mountains and formed others as well as more canyons, valleys, lakes, seas and rivers around the globe.

When geological activity settled down and the planet was once again habitable, members of other civilizations came and new plants and animals were introduced. Once again life started peaceably. But later arrivals had their own desires and ideas, disagreements escalated into warring and negativity started accumulating. A billion or so years ago it reached such a mass that a sudden ice age killed all life forms.

Eons passed before the planet was hospitable to life again, and among the new inhabitants were souls who lived in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were much more advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically than Earth’s current civilization, but eventually some individuals lost their spiritual awareness and used crystals as weaponry. That is what destroyed Lemuria and later Atlantis. Most of both continents now lie on ocean floors, the rest formed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Other parts of the planet survived both of those catastrophes.

It was much, much later when weeks of rain led to widespread flooding and partial planetary cleansing. All life in lowland towns and villages drowned; many people and animals and the hardiest plants in higher elevations lived. As tales were passed down through the generations, embellishments may have included a man who built a large boat to save his family and animals. Or perhaps the self-serving rulers of state and church who devised “God’s laws” wrote the story of Noah and the ark to show Christian adherents the importance of obeying “God.”

That flooding episode happened long after the beginning of your current civilization, which came about somewhat the same as repopulation after all life twice perished, but with a few significant differences. People who came from various civilizations survived. They created a world with a diversity of races, cultures and philosophies, and highly evolved souls embodied as whales to anchor light in ocean depths where darkness cannot reach. Land animals were much smaller and more intelligent than previous forms like the dinosaurs, which were considered a failed experiment, and many, like whales and dolphins in the oceans, were family-oriented. Because Jupiter was ideal for developing animal and plant species that thrive in conditions similar to Earth’s, members of advanced civilizations lived on that planet temporarily to perform those missions and transport those life forms to Earth.

In the beginning people, animals and plants knew their soul-level connection—they lived together harmoniously, communicated telepathically and each beneficially served the others. Then darkness descended again. It inculcated ferocity in some animals and the capacity for brutality in people. It suppressed the ability of soul-level knowledge to reach consciousness—that eliminated each person’s awareness of godself and the knowledge that every life form is a soul, bodies have self-healing mechanisms, plants have healing properties and trees have ancient wisdom. Darkness also instilled the concepts of separation, self-service, hatred, fear, greed, deceit and bigotry.

That low-vibratory condition prevailed for millennia until nigh onto a century ago when Gaia cried out for help, far distant civilizations beamed a massive amount of light to Earth and vibrations started rising. Now high vibrations greatly “outnumber” low, and because the two extremes cannot coexist, the low in which darkness thrives are fast waning. And, as the civilization continues awakening, they will once again know their godselves and inseparable connection with all of Nature.

This is an appropriate place to address your question about climate change: Is it a grave threat to the planet or part of a naturally-recurring cycle? It is neither in the context of the football that gets kicked back and forth as a political and economic issue. But climate change is indeed real and for quite some time it has not been happening naturally. Ever since technology was developed eighty-some years ago as “weather warfare,” the Illuminati have been using it to cause record-breaking temperatures, storms in increasing numbers and severity, tornados, droughts and flooding. And, in what previous cycle were oil and gas—Earth’s circulatory system—extracted and did fossil fuels, chemtrail spray and other toxic pollutants contaminate the air—her respiratory system—or were square miles of the Amazon rain forest scarified?  The environmental damage done by those practices has contributed to the aberrant weather being attributed to climate change and they also have delayed Mother Nature taking the reins.

Earth’s journey back to her origin in high fifth density includes a gradual return to her original moderate climate, when the entire planet was a magnificent garden. Although topography was vastly different then, upcoming changes don’t mean mountains no longer will have snow or every glacier will melt into the seas. It means warming will occur in regions where temperatures can drop to minus 50F and regions of blistering heat will become cooler. It means no more disastrous floods or droughts—properly dispersed rain will turn deserts into arable land and dry beds of lakes, rivers and streams will be filled with crystal-clear water. And, without darkness creating negativity, there will be no need to release it in quakes, violent storms and volcanic eruptions.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for helping Earth move ever forward toward her Golden Age and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message

July 29, 2022 Source: Mike Quinsey on GoldenAgeofGaia
Mike-Quinsey-11-252x300 When matters appear to be changing from bad to worse, you could be forgiven for believing that the end of the world was approaching. Certainly what was acceptable in the past is no longer adequate, which is why things had to change. Bear in mind that you are already at the start of a New Age and the period of cleansing is essential if you are to make way for changes that will uplift the vibrations. There is so much that is new to you and waiting to be revealed, that will finally see the end of the low vibrations and the commencement of most welcome changes that will totally change the quality of your lives. Look around you and see the new ideas emerging as they overcome the old ways of doing things. Many of the changes will come as soon as you are considered to be ready for them. Some are so obvious already and we have in mind the electric car that in a very short time has advanced quite quickly. You simply cannot hold back progress although many with invested interests in what already exists will try to avoid the changes if they can. Man has always been adventurous and inventive and is forever looking for improvements to what already exists. When we consider you are ready to move on you may have noticed that new ideas seem to come out simultaneously and this is by design. It is a way of ensuring that new opportunities are taken to introduce them that will ensure they are worked upon. So as you can see new ideas are not conceived by chance but by design. When are you going to realise that there has always been a plan for Man’s evolution, and although the dark Ones have a free hand to try and prevent progress it will be to no avail. Of course they can cause delays and do so, and will go to any extreme to be successful as with the collapse of the Towers. Yet, progress still takes place and with help from us we know the outcome will achieve success. We oversee your activities and through the powers we are given can ensure that your aims are fulfilled. Some things that seemingly happen by chance are of no consequence, yet the majority are part of the greater plan for Man. It must seem odd to you that you enjoy freewill yet much in the way of your experiences is planned for your advancement. Each life of yours is arranged to enable opportunities to come your way that will help your evolution, as what would be the point if there was no real purpose to your experiences. All is revealed between lives when you go back to the higher dimensions for a life review. The problem you have is that you can look upon another soul yet cannot tell how advanced they are on their evolutionary path. However, you carry your level of understanding with you through each life and that ensures your progress without having to go through the early stages again. Evolution is the key to everything and your whole reason for experiencing in the Matter Universe. It is a wonderful way to evolve allowing you free expression whilst at the same time making you responsible for your actions. It also makes you strong willed and able to set your mind on your goal.
M6473-4170378834 You can make mistakes and have the opportunity to make them good, most likely in the same life. Failure is not an issue as you can try to overcome your problems as many times as are necessary. You always have help on hand if it is required, and you may never need to face your problems single handed. Humans use punishment for those who break the law and it is acceptable from your point of view. It has a way of teaching souls that they have a duty to each other to help them through life’s problems. Putting others first is a quality that is acquired through sheer experience, and the realisation that you all have a link to each other at a soul level, hence the teaching that you are All One. At your present level there is a tendency for people to look after themselves, without necessarily feeling that they have any responsibility for another soul. However, the higher your rise up the more you understand that you are “your brother’s keeper” and it becomes quite natural to care about those souls around you. There is great satisfaction to be gained from helping others in need and the more you see them in that light the greater the bond becomes between you. Life is a game but quite a serious one as in your present dimension wherever you turn there are obstacles on your path. Many of these are there to test you and challenge you to handle them satisfactorily. When you can take charge of your life it becomes more purposeful, fulfilling and enjoyable. Try not to get involved in arguments and be prepared to walk away from them if necessary. You will feel all the better for it and avoid an upset that may in any event have been unnecessary. Egos are powerful energies and tend to intrude when you have a difference of opinion with someone. It is easier said than done but allow another person to be ”right” if necessary if it is a means of closing a difference of opinion without bad feeling. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God. In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.
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Releasing Mental Ties by the Arcturians through Natalie Glasson

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This What it Takes

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