The 12 Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction is Just One

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The Group: Help is on the Way

Source: Steve Rother
The-Collective-At-Era-of-Light-Dot-Com Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer, and I join you this day with great pride. You have moved your planet already. You’ve moved the outcome of many things that were ready to take place, and more is happening every day. It’s fascinating to watch as we bring you ideas. Yes, we give you concepts. But all we’re really doing is bringing them to your attention, for you are the conscious creators. Take those ideas and bring them into your being. To be able to manifest and bring them into your life in some way, work with them to express that love. It’s truly a magical time. We know there are many difficulties on planet Earth. But these are also the times when the human heart rises, when you see more stories of heroism. You’ll see more and more stories of the heart take place, which bring out the true light of planet Earth. Yes, it’s a beautiful time to be there. So with that, dear ones, know that each and every one of you have a piece of this. There are many things that are going to take place in the next few years. There are critical moves that will affect all that is, not just planet Earth. Why? Because you’re all connected, everything is connected. When you are able to actually use and feel that connection, and working with it on a regular basis, there is nothing that you cannot do. And that time is here now. There are all these challenges on planet Earth, with more to come. The reality is that when you step up, you create something unique. You can create where you live; you can create the environment that you work with every day. And we invite you to do exactly that. These are the times for you to create your world around you. Often you create your own sacred space, perhaps a room in your house where you meditate. Or maybe you even have a very sacred space in your office, where you can just close the door and be by yourself for a few moments. Let us elaborate on your base belief systems, for you can actually see many of them in your environment. That’s true. Take a look around, noticing all the things that are on your desk and the pictures that are on your wall. Consider the words that you’ve said or written, saying “This is me, this is who I am.” And then dare to change. Dare to move other things into those spaces, and to bring in new thoughts. Dare to manifest from a higher position even than you have before. HELP IS ON THE WAY The time is now, dear ones, for the magic that you have created is starting to manifest over and over again. On top of that, you’re getting help. We’ve mentioned this before, but it is starting to happen more and more. You’re on a free choice planet, people cannot just come to planet Earth and say, “Oh, I’m going to help! I’m going to go in and fix things.” Well, that doesn’t work. It simply is not possible to do on a free choice planet. There were beings there in the beginning of planet Earth, six parental races that actually formed the physical bodies you use today. Of those six parental races, only four are left. The others are gone for the time being, although they will return. They will reincarnate in unison as you tend to do; you tend to reincarnate in groups. There are times when spirits incarnate together to accomplish things that you may not even be aware of consciously. Well, that’s happening now. There is an alignment taking place to offer more direct help, but they have to figure out how they can help without interfering. They are actually able to reach into your world sometimes. Not to change things or alter your path, to give you ideas, to open doors and let you feel the wind of the new energy. LIFE IS SELF-CORRECTING Those are the things that we do from this side of the veil, we bring you opportunities. And we tell you, you have had more opportunities in recent times than you ever had before. For that you can thank the difficult times, because the difficult times are when humans come alive. They see something and they move past it one heart at a time, yet also in unison. You’re about to reach such a level of awakening on planet Earth. And it’s interesting, because you may strongly be on one side of a political argument or social issue or another. Although now it may even be almost impossible to talk about, when you take the next step up none of that matters. None of that is even important when you look at the larger picture, because all of those things are self-correcting. Oh yes, sometimes it takes a few years or other times it takes a hundred years, but they always self-correct. That is humanity, for you balance you. You challenge and balance the energies. You have help, dear ones, be aware of it. Know that you’re safer than you think. And that these are the times for you to speak your heart. Not that you have all the answers, because hopefully you’re still searching and open to possibilities. But it’s time for your heart to be heard. You’ve carried in something from Home that only you could carry. It’s a beautiful time to be here. Soon we will bring you the next level of the game, that next part that you can all create together. Know that when you hold hands, dear ones, you create exponentially. It happens at an incredible pace and all it takes is a connection that you already have. To strengthen that connection you simply need to acknowledge it and grow it, and know that you’re never alone on this planet. Not ever. And quite honestly, we wish you’d stop trying so hard to be alone. We’re here around you all the time. We hold you when you can’t hold yourself. We help you re-member when you can’t. And yet we don’t actually direct you, for that’s your job. Our job is simply to be here to help you re-member who you really are and why you came to Earth. These are grand times, dear ones, and you are very grand beings. We sit before you with the greatest of honor, for your place has been reserved. Welcome Home. Know that you’re never that far from us. We’re right over your shoulders. It’s with the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you now step. Espavo
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Ismael Perez and Woo Live

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What is Happening in the Body

Source: Jessica Woods
lightbody-waves I figured I would share a brief summary on what I have noticed going on in the body during these intense energies. I definitely feel everyone is on their own timelines per their own bodies and each is subject to different physical sensations or moods. What I have noticed: We are upgrading the Light-body. Overall FLU like “symptoms”, Frequency Light Upgrades. The body is processing an immense amount of light and releasing on a cellular level The energy has to have somewhere to go and will show up as “symptoms” Crown expansions- This feels like movement or pressure, can feel out of body if that makes sense Minor/major headaches, rotational energy, dizziness, feelings of vertigo, which is the human acclimating to higher states of consciousness Feeling the recalibration or rewiring of the left & right hemispheres of the brain. These sensations are felt on the top of the skull to the sides/back Zeal chakra Mouth of God, coming online, a resonant energy, a warmth, achiness in the joint at the base of the skull to the neck Eye pain, itchiness or irritation Ear pains, hearing light frequencies sounds/tones, tuning in or being more aware of higher guidance. Hearing frequency bandwidths, this feels like a dispersal of energy Throat soreness, going hoarse or changes in the tone of the voice Heart brief moments of pain, tightness in the chest, palpitations, but also noticing awareness in your heart center, feeling your body in your heart if that makes sense, chest congestion, cough, Waves of nausea, feelings of being full or hungry, digestive issues, feeling the expansion and contraction of energy in the torso of the body, molecular structure is changing, rib soreness, Bones and Blood are upgrading
th-3930061054 Kidneys flaring up, this is collective fear Feeling bursts of energy, not uncomfortable, kundalini fire is active, potential kriyas Skin flare ups, itchiness, rashes Muscles feel weak and lethargic, dense or heavy. Joints are achy, I have noticed hips, and shoulders. Hips are the fear of moving forward, shoulders are trying to protect yourself. Knees aches in the joints or popping, ego structure transforming Feelings of receiving and transmitting energy, this feels like jolts or waves of energy coming in from the Soul Star Chakra, moving through the body, entering the Earth Star Chakra, and can also show up as nerve pain moving through the body, sensory upgrades Moods, fluctuation, extreme “highs/lows” (or you maybe somewhere in between), although the ability to notice is becoming easier, processing quicker, sleepy/groggy, connecting with your team in dreamstate, super Galactic & Angelic Vibes, Multi-sensory perceptions coming online If you feel called to rest, Rest, if you feel called to detach, disconnect, if you feel called to be in nature, Go outside, whatever the case maybe for you follow your inner guidance, drink lots of water, this helps the cells process energy quicker and easier. Always follow your own internal guidance system when it comes to anything that you are feeling, physically, mentally, emotionally. Love yourself through it.
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The 8/8 Lions Gate, the Sacred Year and the 8 Points of Light

Source: Celia Fenn
th-2309120929 Ever since we exited the 3rd Dimension and began the Ascension and Transformation process, there has been much talk about Time. We have recognised that Linear Time, the time form associated with the 3rd Dimension, is no longer adequate to describe 5th Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional experience on Earth. Many people point to the “end of time”, as though we will exist in a time free kind of void. However Archangel Michael teaches the concept of the Sacred Year or the Galactic year, in which Time is an aspect of the spiral creative journey of the Earth in relation to the Sun and the Stars. It is this spiralling movement through Space that creates SpaceTime and provides the platform for Creation and Manifestation and for Growth and Expansion of the Soul. So, Archangel Michael explains that there are 8 Points of Light that calibrate the Sacred Year’s Spiral, and that these are under the guardianship of the Star Lions or Royal Lions. These Lions are powerful Angelic Beings whose function is to be the guardians of the TimeSpace portals for the Earth on her journey through the Stars. The Sirian Star Teachers taught the ancient Egyptians that the Earth was like a boat or a ship that moved through space. The Neters (Gods) were the navigators of the “Boat of Millions of Years” as Earth was called. Now, with the Ascension and Transformation of Earth into the New Earth, we as New Earth Human Angels have become responsible for the “voyage” of the ship on its spiral journey through the stars. We have become Star Navigators for the Earth, and of course, for our own journey through TimeSpace. We do this by working with timelines/spirals and portals, and we create time as we create and manifest our lives, both collectively and as individuals. The Sacred Year Begins on the 26th of July with the Galactic New Year. This time was Sacred to both the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, who were connected to the Galactic Pulses of Light. At this time the “Lions Gate” portal in Leo begins to open, reaching its apogee at the 8/8 on the 8th of August. This is the major Time Gate of the Sacred Year, guarded by the Lions (Star Lions) of Yesterday and Tomorrow. These Lions ensure that those who pass through the portal are not attached to the past or the future, but are creating with a focus on the Now or present moment, or zero point. The Time spiral that is launched at that moment will carry the Earth collective forward for the next Sacred Year. The 8 Points of Light are the 8 Sacred “turning points” of the Spiral. These consist of the 4 Major Time Gates or Portals and the 4 Seasonal Portals or Gates. The Time Gates are the 8/8 in August, the 11/11 in November, the 2/2 in February and the 5/5 in May. Each of these Portals is under the guardianship of the Star Councils of the Royal Stars Regulus (8/8), Antares (11/11) Formalhaut (2/2) and Aldebaran (5/5). The 8/8 and 2/2 Leo/Aquarius axis is held by the Sirian Star Teachers and the 11/11 and 5/5 Axis is held by the Pleaidians as they work with the Earth and its evolution. The four Seasonal Portals are the 2 Solstices, when the Earth changes direction in relation to the Sun, and the two Equinoxes or Balance points.
th-1581149710 These 8 Points of Light create an 8 Pointed Star that is a symbol of the Earth’s relationship with the Sun and with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness, which is the Highest level of Consciousness that our Sun is radiating to the Earth at this time. So the 8 pointed star is associated with the Solar Avatars Mary Magdalene and Yeshua as embodiments of the Feminine and Masculine Christ Consciousness. Higher waves of Consciousness are also available from Stellar and Galactic Sources, such as the Platinum Ray and the Diamond Light. These also assist us on our journey of transformation on the Earth. So, as we move into the New Earth Reality and as we look for new ways of celebrating our journey through TimeSpace that are not distorted and linear and attached to forces that drain our energy, we will come to celebrate the 8 Points of Light of the Sacred Year. This is why the Lions Gate is so important. It is that moment when the Earth aligns with Sirius and Leo, and when a new cycle of TimeSpace unfurls for us to manifest and create together as Master Star Navigators. We need to choose to be in our highest consciousness and centered in our Heart in order to cross the threshold with grace and ease, and move to a higher octave of experience. Those who do not cross through the gate either continue to circle at the same level or “devolve” to lower timelines and almost appear to go backwards in time, replaying old dramas because they cannot move forward. That is why it is so important not to be distracted by the dramas of fear and anxiety that tend to play out when there is an important Portal. They are designed to keep people from moving forward and upwards onto new cycles of evolution and creation. As we approach Lions Gate it is essential that we remain focussed on what we want to create and experience in the coming cycle. Remain in a peaceful and loving and creative frame of being, and you will transit the Portal and navigate through there Stars on your Journey of Being and Becoming! If you would like to learn more about the Lions Gate, you are invited to join our 5 part webinar series and share with our Community of light.
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Fulfilling Your Affirmation by the Andromedans

Source: Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa
48961fa35a252f2d68399e5ac3e26e23-2200612504 Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We have brought forth many messages to you at this time, we are being guided to deliver inspiration and wisdom to support your inner connection and your evaluation as well as exploration of yourself and connections with all beings. Today we wish to explore the process of fulfilling your affirmations. When we speak of affirmations, we are speaking of your intentions, your beliefs, the way that you act and react, the thoughts that flow through your mind, whether you worry, or whether you are in constant bliss. Each of your aspects holds a vibration, and a focus which creates your entire affirmation. An affirmation or a confirmation of who you are. Take a moment to explore and remind yourself of all the different types of thoughts that you have during your day. The emotions, the memories, the actions, the way that you act to yourself and others. The judgment, the fears, the kindness, the love, the happiness, all of this is like an affirmation of who you are. Imagine, just for fun if we then took that affirmation of yourself, all those energies that are mixed up within your being, the happiness, the sadness, the joy, all that you focus on even just in one moment of your day. What words would come to create an affirmation of who you are? You might find that it seems to be more of a doubting affirmation or more of a positive affirmation. It doesn’t really matter the words that come, it’s more you are connecting with who you are being in certain moments of your reality. How you show up for your reality and the energies that you focus on, the thoughts that you bring when you recognise this, you can unravel who you are. You are fulfilling your affirmation, and what this means is that everything that you are, all that you are being, everything you focus upon is fulfilled. It’s energised, it’s empowered, it’s magnified into your reality, and it attracts to you the same. Your being has this ability, this skill to naturally fulfil you. Whatever you are focusing upon, your body, your being, wishes to create this experience for you, in your reality and attract the same to you. Your ability to fulfil you is amazing, it’s wondrous. It means that you have the ability to create whatever you wish, you have the ability to experience your reality as you would like to or as your soul would like. However, there is a need to fine-tune not so much the ability, but the material that your ability is using. The energy, the focus, the vibration that you are embodying, and this is what we call the affirmation. Who you are affirming you are in this moment because when you have a thought, whatever that thought maybe you are affirming in that moment who you are? For example, if you’re anxious and worried, you’re affirming, you are agreeing, creating the energy and empowering it. You are saying that you are a being who is anxious and worried at this moment therefore, your natural ability to fulfil you, to create your reality, and have you be fulfilled will create experiences where you can be fearful and worried and anxious. Almost like a confirmation of your affirmation.
Joy-Quotes-russel-nelson-583877826 When we are speaking about affirmations in this moment it is not only the word, but it is your vibration, your focus, how you are being, and how you are turning up to your reality. Therefore, there is a need to explore what energies and focus do you have most commonly? Do you like and agree with this focus? Can you change it so that it manifests something enjoyable and positive in your reality or does it require to be enhanced, developed? You can magnify that focus, that embodiment of being prosperous and see how much you can create for yourself, how much you can allow the ability you have for fulfilling yourself to provide for you. How much can you create? This is asking you to expand your mind, dreams, and your desires to think beyond anything you can focus upon about prosperity, think in a greater, larger, and more abundant way. What would manifest? What would you feel? How would you experience it? How would you show up to those experiences? It’s all about exploration and as you explore within your being, you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, areas of yourself that need empowering. When you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, you can ask yourself.
How can I develop this to serve me?
For example, if you are feeling confused, what can you create that allows you to be of service to yourself? So rather than confusion what do you need to resolve the confusion? What do you need to release the confusion? Do you need the support of another? Do you need to meditate? Do you need to gain guidance so you can shift into a more positive focus? If there are beautiful things like the love of a family within your reality, energise this make it bigger, make it more, experience it more? Empower it through your thoughts, through your actions, through how you are turning up. If you have a family that you love deeply when you turn up for them, turn up as the love that you have for them. Thus, you are affirming who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to be anxious, to be worried, to be fearful. However, there is a need to recognise how you can resolve that, how you can move forward from that. The more you explore within your being, the more you will be fine-tuning your affirmation, who you are, who you are showing up as, and therefore you will naturally be fulfilling your affirmation, your ability to fulfil will work as naturally as always, except the tools, the materials, the focus that it has will be beautiful, blissful and joyful and they will be created in your reality. It is not that you have to be joyful and blissful in every moment of your reality, it is more so the energy that you come back to often. Even if you go off balance, what’s the energy that you come back to? That is your affirmation, that is who you are, who you are confirming. You are confirming yourself, your ability, and are fulfilling your soul and the Universe of the Creator. We hope that our message will serve you. We are the Andromedan,
and we thank you.
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The Fourth Wave, Starseed Children

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Why I Don’t Side Judge or Attack Others In The UFO Community

iu-9 2 As soon as we judge we are coming from ego. If we wait, observe and look at things with a fresh mind, what they call the Buddha mind we can see a different picture other than what is presented to us. What is unfolding is like a multifaceted crystal, different experiences, different perceptions. I was told once that imagination is real on the level of imagination so who is right, who is wrong, just what is real? Most importantly, why does it matter to you? If I side with one how can I help the other? If we are being triggered there is something we need to look at. The whole planet is in process. Past life wounds and traumas, childhood traumas, ancient memories opening, things that may not be relevant today are still being acted out in a completely different time. What is the solution? Mastering judgment, being the observer, and taking personal responsibility for our attitudes and emotions especially when they pull us from our center. A strong belief in Karma, yes it is real, not some overlords invention. It also helps knowing everyone will have to face and feel everything they have done to others in their light review. The ego won’t be there to defend you and denial is fruitless. When you step back and sit with things a whole different picture unfolds. Many cannot see past their own projections affirmed by their egos, the stronger the need to be right the stronger the influence of the ego. Practicing loving detachment and being the observer opens up a whole new universe. Let’s use channeling as an example or implants. Channeling is only as clear as the mind receiving and transferring the information. All channeling has a percentage of accuracy as it runs through the filters of the one channeling. The clarity and usefulness of the information depends on several factors. One the clarity of the individual, their motives or come from, their training concerning creating sacred space shielding and clearing any unseen negative influences. The spiritual evolution of the one they are channeling also comes into play. There are many faker spirits, master manipulators in 4d that would love to have a human as a pet. Not everyone is who they say they are. Those receiving information from external sources need to be humble, practice brutal honesty with themselves and always be open to the fact that some of these other factors may be in play. Always remember only the ego needs defending, these very words are going to trigger the ego in some or the entities referenced if they are not coming from a place of spiritual advancement. Ignoring these safeguards opens one to being influenced by unseen negative entities, passing tainted information along with dividing up the spiritual and ufo community into factions. The ego, denial, and unseen negative influences can be very challenging. Some of the greatest challenges are coming from master manipulators like Royal Reptilians, Serpent Beings, Tall Greys, Fallen Annunaki etc. There are also mind to mind computers that can plant experiences and memories as well as low level implants. These are the reasons we are not so quick to judge. There is multidimensional war going on, very few can maintain clarity, not get caught up in the divisions and dramas the depth and scope of which is unfathomable for most to comprehend. Then there are the past life traumas, the Orion Wars, other scars left from some very traumatic events that have been unfolding throughout the galaxy and the 4th dimension. All this is surfacing. I asked a 7d Pleiadian once how they see us, we must look barbaric like monkeys. She said no we see you as evolving masters and in awe of the challenges you are undertaking. To a very spiritual and empathic race this would be unsurmountable. One tool is sticking to the basics. If you don’t like what you are feeling, do a healing, clear your space. Clear it often. Here is the method we use. A Clearing Technique
STEPS TO CLEAR THE ENERGY 1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.
2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones.
3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love.
5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place.
6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth.
7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their auras to all but spirit of the highest vibration. Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. Always use discernment if information does not feel right, put it on the shelf. It will come back to you as many as three times if it is necessary for your spiritual development. Do not worship anything other than the God/Creator/ Great Spirit within. There have been many warnings of idol worshiping, allowing external forces to control your destiny. Make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection internally this goes for spiritually and technologically advanced multidimensional beings. It is an internal connection. If they are not empowering you in this direction they are disempowering, distracting you. Many jump from one shiny new object, guru or person to another not taking the time to get their own information from within. Others divide into clicks, groups, separating themselves, some even take up the sword on other clicks or groups. Division is the tool of the dark hearts, unity is the tool of the masters. Personally, after years of attacks, character assassinations, people’s projections, the blame game I have become almost bullet proof. It is not that I do not care for others or value their opinions, the wisdom I have gained from these experiences is invaluable. The more you evolve the more you mirror and amplify everything people love and hate about themselves. That is why I made the T-shirt, “I am not your father, mother, or ex-lover. I am just sitting here. The more enlightened you become the fewer your friends and the more you want to hang out with children and animals. There is a part of me that wants everyone to be healed and happy. I have finally come to realize that is not my job. I can only create and hold the space for that to happen. Be the example. Baba Ji once said the best contribution you can make is to live a thoroughly loving, joyous, prosperous life as an example for others. That is a work in progress. It is really a simple path. Be kind to others and the planet. Be of service and know when you are enabling and when you are assisting or inhibiting a person’s evolution. There are times you have to remove yourself and allow the universe to deliver the messages. Quan Yin is known for expressing wrathful compassion. Humanity and the Earth is in need of loving detachment with brutal honesty. This is coming forward in the days to come. You don’t have to wait for the life review. All you have to do is observe, forgive, gain the wisdom from the experience and move on your merry way on your path to ascension. You have God/Creator/Great Spirits permission. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to just say no, it does not serve me or feel right to participate. Then your next lesson will be loving detachment. Sound easy or too simple? Try it. Getting back to basics and simplicity is one of the hardest challenges. The psychic turbulence, chaos and division is by design. The same as trapping you in the first three chakras, survival, sex and power. Let the heart and the higher chakras guide you. Let spirit take over your survival, sex is a sacred creational energy and true power never overpowers. The ultimate power is love and we have the ability to channel the love of Creator into every situation. Ignore the what about, what if, or one-up man/woman-ship. Ascension is not a competition. Be well, James Gilliland
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Ismael Perez Cosmic Consciousness

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Stargates and grid work for ascension timelines

I would like to point out that your level of awareness of false ascension timelines/ software automatically aligns your consciousness to the Kryst Kathara divine grid template created by the Christos Founders as long as you simultaneously embody the 12D energy of unconditional love through both your thoughts and actions. Remember, it’s not just about love and light. We need to embody love, light and science all in one to remember how to activate and navigate our light bodies to the correct timeline and higher self morphogenetic fields.

The knowledge of keylontic science will align your cellular frequencies to source and not of Metatron’s inorganic 7 rays of light. The Kryst 5D ascension will transport those making the frequency leap to the original Tara (5D Earth) which is in the harmonic universe level 2 band within Alcyone occupying dimensions 4,5 and 6 within the 15 dimensional template of the blue flame codex or flaming lotus.

The blue flame of Amenti is the planetary staff returning and holding the morphogenetic fields of the higher dimensional consciousness which is currently dismantling the distortions and light reversals held in the golden eagle, baphomet and graviton ley line fields (clustered together to form Silk Road).

There is a reset of grid distortions every 26,000 years in which matrixes divide. As we strengthen the planetary staff by embodying the consciousness of these blue flame morphogenetic fields, the Earth’s distorted axis tilt will reset the pole configuration from the 23.4 degrees which is aligning to the lower astral planes for malevolent entities to hijack our consciousness and the planet’s consciousness through nefarious portal openings (chronozon). The 23.4 condenses down to 9, which is the angel of the abyss and the void which is being used to transfer life forces through the eye (lens) of Metatron. Archangel Micheal resides in the dark universe of wesedek that is funnelling our potential energy through to this other bubble to feed the AI entities. This is the imposter Michael who carries the blue sword of truth.

Everyone must pass through the blue flame Amenti portal or organic arc of the covenant to enter into 5D Tara. The Aquaferian energies and Tribal shield coming from Andromeda is creating the bridge back to the original matrix template for those that seek it and can hold those frequencies with the higher state of awareness. The arc was held in Andromeda to protect it from the dark ones whilst humanity was beginning to awaken. Now that the awakening is triggering in strong numbers at present time, the arc can now be restored back to the planet.

You don’t have to physically be present to pass through this stargate in Giza. Your consciousness will align to this portal when the ascension stargate is activated (sphere of Amenti bridge). You will pass beyond the speed of light to enter into Tara. The movie Tron actually in some regards is showing the blue ascension portal out of Metatron’s software.

This is the same portal in which Yeshua left. The ‘Jesus’ that was actually crucified was a another human who was mind controlled to think he was Jesus by the Archons to implement the anti christ worship of the crucifix and death to continue the soul recycling of the Ouroboros.

The dark entities hit you hard at the start of your awakening. At this stage, you are extremely if not undeniably prone to archonic implants which are disruptive thought patterns to throw you off of the organic ascension path and to persuade others to do the same. They play on your vulnerabilities where you still have unconscious wounds needing to heal. You are their commodity and their life force fuel; without you and your energy, they die and go back to space dust as they themselves cannot return to source with their current consciousness in tact (only through soul recycling).

Most people are controlled by the ‘saviour’ archetype which includes the 144,000 light worker prophecy which plays on your narcissistic wounds of needing approval, thus you are put on Luciferian missions to convert people to embody the false light complex.

These people are given very little knowledge and yet proclaim they are enlightened ones that know better. This automatically creates duality through the vesica piscis lens of bipolar separation.

They wear ‘sacred geometry’ jewellery or attire and then point fingers at people who have the latest 5G smart phones when in reality, both are siphoning their life forces to the artificial/ negative grids on the bipolar spectrum.

They spend their savings on crystals and just let them sit there as decoration pieces not understanding that they are tools to amplify energy; they need to be programmed correctly. The list goes on.

False past lives and labels are channeled to you by false creator gods and entities including the Samjase Pleiadians who are a part of the ‘galactic federation of light’ and not the real galactic confederation of worlds to make you feel like you have a special purpose above the rest as ‘chosen ones’.

These ‘nordics’ only got their appearance by raiding the Procyon DNA who were the original nordics. The Samjase were originally greys and artificial sleeves before that resided on Rigel and Betelgeuse.

This by the way doesn’t mean that all Pleiadians are mischievous or deceptive. We need to learn to read energy and not cater for use by stereotype appearances.

The false ascension timeline keeps the veil covered through love and light programmes so you don’t learn how to detect energy; instead relying on spells through words alone.

Anyway, if you are aligned to source and the Krystal spiral timeline, here are the 12 main stargates and 12 Templar cue sites that you can direct your energy towards to help alchemise the distortions in the 12 tree of life dna plate. These are the areas in which the original angelic tribes lived who held the sacred codes for humanity including the Maji grail lines. The Elite attack these spots through satanic rituals to block/ manipulate the stargates.

The only one which I’m not sure about is the 1st gate which could possibly be Antarctica.

Planetary stargates

1) ????
2) Saratona Florida
3) Bermuda Triangle (Enoch’s territory)
4) Cairo, Giza
5) Machu Picchu Peru
6) Moscow Russia and surrounding radius
7) Lake Titicaca Peru

  1. Xian China
    9) Bam tso, Heicho Tibet
    10) Abadan Iraq (Abaddon in Bible)
    11) Vale of Pewsey England
    12) Monsegur France

Here are the Templar Cue sites which are connections to inner Earth and are the most sacred sites because they are the control sites for the planetary grids.

1) Cyprus Island, Cyprus
2) Easter Island, Chile
3) Johannesburg, South Africa
4)Aguascalientes, Mexico
5) Vatican, Italy
6) Thar desert, India
7) Paxoi Island, Greece

  1. Taklamakan Lop-Nor, Tibet
    9) Westbury, England
    10) Al Barash, Iraq
    11) Eye Island, Ireland
    12) Kauai, Hawaii

Now you know where to direct your healing energies. Thanks for reading

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