Wesak Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the May 2020 accelerations with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

Wesak Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the May 2020 accelerations with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We now arrive at the juncture of the Full Moon of Scorpio within the Sun of Taurus which occurs on May 7th, 2020 at 12:45 AM Pacific, 3:45 AM Eastern, and 7:45 AM GMT.

This is a very exciting time as all of humanity has the grand opportunity to become One with each of the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light. The full moon of Scorpio within Taurus brings to us the ability to allow for the essence of Self Love to become ever present within our consciousness. It is a time of transition as Scorpio brings the essence of breaking things apart – the parts of ourselves that no longer need to exist as the Taurus energy allows for the transformation to occur.

In a sense we are in the state of Transmutation into Transformation allowing for the foundation of our physical self to be recreated as nothing will never be the same again. The way that we lived our lives are being molded into a better sense of our spiritual self being the guiding energy instead of the physical consciousness ruling the way that we exist upon the earth.

This state of change can erupt and cause havoc if you, as a soul, fights the process. I believe that with the Coronavirus Pandemic, that each of us individually has had to change the way that we exist upon this earth. For the awakened ones, it is a time to allow the Rebirthing process to become a mantra to continue this process.

The energetics of this Full Moon brings forth Divine Change in a positive manner as what we have desired to create can now become our reality if we Believe in the process of Divine Intervention. This means that our Spiritual Self, Higher Self and I Am Presence, are guiding each of us into a better part of our soul’s reality.

As this soul, we have traveled many lifetimes to get to a point that life becomes more aligned with the essence of the Light and not the dark. It is a time of great restructuring and creating a new foundation based on the Divine Love that we have always been a part of within our creation. This moon is giving us the gift of love in the form of full accessibility to become the Divine Self. It is no longer a perceived thought, but a true manifestation that can be acknowledged by stepping out of our old ways of thinking and feeling into a world that is supported and loved.

The beauty of the this moment in time is that the challenges every person has had to endure upon the planet have brought us to this juncture to reflect within ourselves of what is really sacred within our Hearts as it is possible to re-create our lives on what we are learning through the trials of all that is existing presently.

It truly can be a time of complete renewal with the alluring magical qualities to be ever present within our current life situations if we allow ourselves to step into the beauty of transformation that we are all experiencing through our physical, emotional, mental, and etheric consciousness. There is a sense of synergy occurring to allow all parts of ourselves to come into the state of Oneness within our Hearts.

I don’t think there has been a Taurus/Scorpio Moon cycle that has given so much hope for quite a long time. The planet is experiencing darkness, but it is also allowing the essence of Light to filter within each Soul’s Heart Center with Divine Love.

This Wesak Moon will prove to be completely aligned with the Heart and Will of God into the consciousness of humanity. The main focus of Wesak is to celebrate the birth and acceleration of Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos as each Initiate and Ascended Being of Light arises to their new level of acceleration. In summary it represents the following energies:

  • Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration. It represents the “Forces of Enlightenment“. These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet. The power of these energies is so great that it can affect many levels of awareness that are within each soul to step into a great reality within themselves.
  • Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists initiates of all levels to move to another level of their initiation process so there can be times of great challenges that push each of us into a new aspect of our soul’s essence. It is a time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit.
  • All of the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light travel to Shamballa (located within the Inner Earth) to celebrate Lord Buddha and the entire God Force during this powerful time of light. It is important to fully take time to allow the energies to enfold within each person’s full body system, as it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

We cannot know within our own consciousness of how we will be affected by the energies of Wesak, the most important Ascension Festival of the year. But, what we can do is to surrender into the Divine Energies and allow the higher light emanations assist us to create the change that we desire by allowing our Feminine (Love) and Masculine (Will) to create the Wisdom of our own Power to become manifest within our reality.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote for Wesak 2020

I allow the blessing of Wesak and the Full Moon and Sun of Scorpio and Taurus to give unto me the Divine Love and Will to be acknowledged through my walk upon the earth as I am supported and loved by the Ascended Beings of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.

Greetings My Dearest Friends,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for Love and Wisdom, desiring to extend unto you my blessing of Love unto each of you.

Of all Ascension Festivals of the year, the Wesak Festival is one in which all sentient beings from the Cosmic and Multi-Universal structures brings forth their service unto humanity while allowing their own soul essence to go through a restructuring process.

This allows the capability for each of you, as Initiates, to open up your Hearts into a new sense of experience so that you are able to walk into the next level of your consciousness and allow for the Divine Intervention of your own I AM Presence with your 12 Light Bodies to become the focal point of your consciousness.

The excitement is building within Shamballa for the Wesak Festival. We have been preparing for this most magical ceremony for many months. As we draw nearer to the day of the full moon, there are many elements that we put into place. It has been occurring since the Festival of the Christ and will continue into the Festival of Humanity. The important part of the energies is to allow yourself to step into the pathway of renewal so that the reconstructive process can occur within your full body system.

This moon of Scorpio and the sun of Taurus are in complete alignment. There is a sense within the planetary system that the Earth has struggled long and hard, and you have come into a high vibratory phase which has allowed each of you to ponder who you are and what you are becoming.

As the Initiates that walk on the Earth it is your job to be loving and strong within yourselves. Allow yourself to go through the phases of resurrection by purging the elements that you no longer need to hold onto. Step into the role of the Initiate that allows for the transmutation to occur so that you will step out into the Light victorious of what you have been holding unto. This process can be physical or emotional or mental depending upon what you need to purge out of your system. Your Etheric Body is going through a process of reorganization which occurs within the electrons of your system. It is a vibratory energy that may hold issues within the other bodies that need to be remove out of your system. Be strong within yourself as you uphold the best you can be as your four-body system is going through a process of rewiring and readjusting so that  your foundation (within your Earth Star) can hold the vibratory rate that is in alignment of the balance occurring within each of your chakras. Every one of them is being infused with more light energies so it is imperative for you to acknowledge the change that is occurring within you.

It is a time to allow the essence of your Spiritual Truth to guide you and to not falter away from those elements.

This may mean that you will realize untruths arising out of your consciousness that you have held within yourself as the alignment process is continuing within your full body system.

This period of time with the Wesak Moon is more powerful than ever before. The changes that can result within you will be due to the process of you aligning with the higher truth and accepting the lower self to go through a healing process unmatched by anything else you have experienced.

Allow yourself to look into the mirror of your reflection, notice what is changing, accept that change, and embrace it as this process is important. What you don’t embrace cannot be grounded within you so you must allow the Divine Energies presently to help you with your untruths so that you, as the Soul, becomes more aligned with all that you are within yourself than you ever have before.

GAIA is awakened to all of your energies. The most important gift you can give to her is to hold this transference of light to become more illuminated within you so that she also can strive to make the necessary adjustments within her reality.

As you can see, each living creature within and upon the Earth is going through this process of transformation. It is a beautiful time; look to the horizon of the blessing being given to you and you will align with only the acceptance of the change, and not with the difficulty it takes to move the elements from your system.

I thank you, as an Initiate, to walk with each of us as you learn to master the elements within your world and hold the highest reflection of the Higher Hosts of Divine Light.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, at your service.

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ECETI NEWS Today’s newsletter is to address what is happening on the planet for people who want to free themselves from social engineering. What has happened is we have given our power away to external sources relieving ourselves of personal responsibility. We have given our power away to religions with external Gods when every master that walked the Earth told us God is within. We have given our power away to governments to relieve ourselves of the personal responsibility of taking care of ourselves only to find out the majority of them are integrity and morally challenged narcissists taking care of themselves lavishly at our expense. We have given our power away to the elite, mega corporations with one agenda, profit at any expense. Usually at the expense of humanity and nature. In so many cases we do what we know in our hearts to be wrong, against Universal Law for little green pieces of paper worthless on their own and the only value they have is what we be lie ve. Some have become socially engineered to the point where they have lost all critical thinking misplacing their trust with religions, governments and corporations. What is even sadder is so many depend on the main stream news to form their beliefs and opinions as well as emotional stimulus. It is like a drug. Concerning the majority of the leadership never forget, “Perfect power perfectly corrupts.” We need to look at the anatomy of a tyrant. This includes narcissistic behavior, eugenics, and a complete lack of empathy. Whenever you give your power away to an external source it leaves you empty. In most cases there will always be those that will snatch it up and use it against you. There are divine rights most of which are spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The divine rights supersedes the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Constitution and Bill of Rights supersedes lower governing bodies. Universal Laws basically are, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. This is your divine right. As long as you are not trespassing on another, and doing no harm you are golden. The Bill of Rights is your hall pass to freedom, knowledge of which will be extremely advantages concerning the usurping and trespassing on your Divine Rights, Constitutional and Bill of Rights. I would pay particular attention to the first two and the 10th.
Bill of Rights https://billofrightsinstitute.org/founding-documents/bill-of-rights/  
We have fallen into what is referred to as Draconian Law, the rule of tyranny. Why? Because we gave our power away to external forces who have betrayed that trust and are now using it against you. “Illegally”. If you are in ignorance and do not want to take personal responsibility your will be enslaved, living under manufactured lack, at the will and whim of the tyrants. The chaos Humanity and the Earth are going through is the fall of the tyrants, Draconian Law is giving way to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. An empire or castle based on the old ways has no foundation, it will fall taking down all who live within its walls. Those religious, political and corporate businesses that are not aligned with Unity Consciousness or Universal Law, “Truth”, will either restructure or fail. Anything that is not frequency specific to the awakening and healing process or incoming ascension energies again will either have to transform or fail. This includes the castle we call our bodies. This takes into account what so many are calling ascension symptoms. This is not Wu Wu, this is measurable, real science and fact. Are you aware of the Schuman Resonance?   The bursts of incoming energy from the Sun and the Galaxy are all increasing exponentially. We have been moving through a Galactic Wave, a highly energized place in space of which there is no known history. In other words, we are all winging it, there is no manual, yet we do have the basics to get us through. What are the basics? They have been passed down by every Master, Saint and Sage, even Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders throughout history. Although their messages have been twisted by the tyrants the majority of it is still there. One master said, “ Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor, on these two laws lie all the laws of the prophets”. Others have talked about the Sacred Circle of Life, honor and respecting the Creator in all Creation. Many ancient cultures talk about the one Mother that gave birth to all life in which we are family. I love the religion of being Kind to each other, yourself and nature. The Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good”. Keep the next 7 generations in mind in all that you do. In these trying times it is imperative that we know our rights, if you don’t stand in your divinity the tyrants will find another stance for you to take. Do not forget we are coming out of Draconian Law, ruled by tyrants. Many of our leaders have allowed the power to corrupt them, they have become drunk with power, narcistic, and will go to any expense to keep it. They are void of empathy and will demonstrate a total disconnect from the people. That is when it is up to the people to come together and remind them. We have been governed by the war and disease profiteers, narcistic eugenicists with an insatiable greed and lust for power. Many have sold their souls to unseen forces unimaginable. There greatest fear and threat is the awakening, healing and empowerment of the masses. Especially concerning the awakening and knowledge of their crimes and deeds. They have enslaved the masses and kept them ignorant for thousands of years. Their reign is ending. Their masks are coming down for all to see who they truly are and their agendas. Some agendas are total control and domination of the masses along with population control, a minimum of two thirds reduction. Personally, if they are a man/woman of their convictions I say you first. The real reason for population reduction is the awakening masses are a threat. This is a test to see if you’re are going to hide in your houses fearfully, obey and allow the tyranny to continue. The unseen forces they serve need the pain and suffering to continue. They feed off it. The censorship is also a test to see if people will allow the flow of information to be monitored and controlled in an Orwellian fashion. Now you are enlightened. Here is the real pandemic affecting social consciousness and some understandings to help identify the social engineering programs, the plans of the global elite, and how not to fall victim to them. The global elite want a 2/3ds + population reduction. They want total control and observation of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, the power and wealth in the hands of a few personal empowerment and sovereignty are in direct opposition to their plans. They want to take away any way of defending yourself. They will do it in the name of Green.   Definitions: Social Engineering, The use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society through deception and repeating false truths until they become the norm. See Lame Stream Media, CNN, MSMBC, DNC   Socialism. The centralization of power and wealth into the hands of a few narcistic people devolving into tyrants who will govern every aspect of your life easily entered with promises of utopia, hard to exit because they took away any ability to defend yourself. See Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, DNC   Democratic Socialism The centralization of power and wealth into the hands of a few narcistic people devolving into tyrants who will govern every aspect of your life easily entered with promises of utopia, hard to exit because they took away any ability to defend yourself. See Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Majority of Democratic Party, Snow Flake.   Cognitive Dissonance The inability to apply critical thinking when a mountain of evidence proves contrary to your beliefs. Inflexible, closed minded rigid, leading to arrogance. An antisocial disorder in extreme cases can lead to narcissistic behavior. A product of social engineering, see CNN, MSNBC, DNC   Integrity and morally challenged self-serving people seeking fame, power and wealth at any expense.
  1.     See, CNN, MSMBC, Majority of existing Democratic Party a few within the Republican Party, Deep/State, Unsealed Indictments, Hollywood.   Narcissistic Behavior. 1.     A person or persons who have and excessive interest in or admiration of themselves usually self-serving without empathy or acknowledgement of how their words and deeds affect others. See current leadership. CNN, MSMBC DNC, Hollywood. If you are offended read again the above categories and see where you fit in. Take it up with Creator. If it is not your coat don’t wear it.
  The Attorney General Bill Bar said a time of crises does not suspend your constitutional rights. The Constitution is your hall pass.     Preamble to the Bill of Rights *Congress of the United States begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution. RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz. ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Speaker of the House of Representatives John Adams, Vice-President of the United States and President of the Senate. Attest, John Beckley, Clerk of the House of Representatives. Sam. A. Otis Secretary of the Senate. *On September 25, 1789, Congress transmitted to the state legislatures twelve proposed amendments, two of which, having to do with Congressional representation and Congressional pay, were not adopted.  The remaining ten amendments became the Bill of Rights.
Amendment 1 
– Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redressof grievances. Amendment 2 
– The Right to Bear Arms A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. Amendment 3 
– The Housing of Soldiers No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war but in a mannerto be prescribed by law. Amendment 4 
– Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. Amendment 5 
– Protection of Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. Amendment 6 
– Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Cases In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory processfor obtaining witnesses in his favor; and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense. Amendment 7 
– Rights in Civil Cases In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of the common law. Amendment 8 
– Excessive Bail, Fines, and Punishments Forbidden Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Amendment 9 
– Other Rights Kept by the People The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Amendment 10 
– Undelegated Powers Kept by the States and the People The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.   And last we leave you with educated people standing up for their unalienable rights despite what deep state puppets would like you to be lie ve. This is not a health issue it is a political issue. CDC had to cut the death toll number to around 11, 000 after caught fudging the numbers. Most Flus kill up to 90,000. They have never closed down the country in the past with flus more severe. So what is the real agenda? Destroying a thriving economy to usher in sleepy feely Joe? Throw everyone into abject poverty? Sell untested tainted vaccines making billions? Maybe all the above.
  Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders
Click here for more

Look what happened after this brave patriotic Marine veteran grabbed the Megaphone. This is truly an incredible sight!
Click here for more
  American Revolution 2.0
Click here for more
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Spiritual Immune System

April 2020

Spiritual Immune System

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Humanity is in a critical time of choosing the way we will evolve forward on the timelines at a global level. This month is an especially concentrated phase of reclaiming monadic families and embodying the Mother’s staff codes in the Sophianic template. The accretion and absorption of more light and energy into the cellular matrix and tissues of the physical body, is a function of expanding consciousness that occurs through the embodiment of higher spiritual layers. If we are to stay on course in this current crisis of consciousness warfare, we will need to be aware of the existence of our biological and spiritual immune system, and take steps to nourish and keep both of these systems connected and in good health.

To be sovereign over one’s self is to be free of the control or coercion of others. To truly have the freedom to direct one’s own life requires an accurate assessment of conditions which affords the right to apply informed consent to our individual decision making. We extend that belief to include freedom of self-determination in the direction of one’s consciousness which connects with the Soul, Spirit and the higher Avatar intelligence, the spiritual bodies which form into the powerful forces of protection that form the Spiritual Immune System. Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through God Source and the Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One which describe these laws that direct the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness throughout time and space. Ascension is a simultaneous increase of expanded consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies, and thus when these higher consciousness bodies come online, they activate and amplify our Spiritual Immune System. Our Spiritual Immune System requires personal attention, discernment of forces and proper nourishment in order to function well. It is the same as our physical immune system that requires nutrients and sustenance to be effective at deflecting and neutralizing negative pathogenic forces.

During the current psychological operation used for spiritual warfare against the human population, the goal of the Controllers is to destroy access to spiritual knowledge or truthful information that pertains to the possibility of self-ownership that comes with activation of the higher spiritual bodies. This month is an especially concentrated phase of reclaiming monadic families, intergalactic transmissions of Universal monadic plane frequency waves and embodying the Mother’s staff codes in the Sophianic template. This is highly activating to those awakening now to see the mass deceptions we have been fed in the mainstream, as well as to those embodying the ascension template that are able to conduct and integrate these higher coded vertical lines and rod and staff frequencies. Essentially our consciousness bodies and Spiritual Immune System are under targeted attack, as when our spirit is weakened and we are dehumanized, the conditioned masses submit without resistance to the blind obedience of the Controller’s orchestrated plan, for installing a global government for enforcing fascist tyranny. Humanity is in a critical time of choosing the way we will evolve forward on the timelines at a global level.

The majority are unaware that all human beings have a Spiritual Immune System as well as a biological immune system, and that these are interdependent systems that function together to protect our living body and consciousness from foreign invaders and negative forces. Our sense of spirituality and how we perceive our relationship to our higher power is directly related to our immune system functioning and its effect upon our health and wellbeing. The development of our Spiritual Immune System enhances our ability to cope with stress, resulting in better health practices, with greater overall contentment with the quality of life we experience.  Our health and sanity are connected to educating ourselves about our biological and spiritual immune systems, not about the mass injection of mandated vaccines enforced by those ultimately serving the tyrannical forces of the NAA.

When we activate and connect with our heart presence and inner spirit, exploring what is truly meaningful in our lives, this conscious participation with divinity also greatly protects human beings from the harmful onslaught of dark forces.  Whether these forces are seen or unseen, known or unknown, the loving and pure heart that has the faith or direct experience that connects to divinity without intermediary is what protects us. This activates and powers up our inner Spiritual Immune System, repelling the darkest fears and anxieties that cloud our minds with deceptions and lies that are being spread by the Controllers to attempt to force submission and consent to their enslavement agendas. When we are spiritually stronger, we can sense the harmful intent and refuse to submit to immoral laws being put in place by tyrants. During this time of the dark night of the soul which is leading humanity to a global awakening, this is a great opportunity to deeply inquire within and reclaim our inherent divinity. Expanding our consciousness to reflect upon the interconnection of all of humanity undergoing this tribulation, being aware that we must overcome our fears of survival and perceptions of death to decide what kind of world we want to live in. What kind of quality of life and freedoms do we want for our children and grandchildren? We must clearly see the issues that humanity is facing as we move forward and then reflect upon our personal divine puzzle piece to unite with others and help this world become a better place.

To activate our Spiritual Immune System and to deflect rampant parasitic energies, knowledge that human beings are multidimensional electromagnetic spiritual beings with a lightbody that explicitly belongs to them, and is enforced in Natural Laws, is critical information at this time. Everything that is inside our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body belongs to us in Natural Law, and there is strong spiritual power activated in where we consciously place our consent or the lack thereof.

Spiritual Immunity Strengthens Physical Immunity

The human lightbody is comprised of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic fields of energy that extend all around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting all of the layers of the consciousness bodies. When we are meditating and practicing our 12D Shielding, we are placing our attention on our lightbody at the Avatar Christos level which helps strengthen, protect and grow our personal consciousness body, which further generates and energizes the Spiritual Immune System. The quality, color and size of the organic energy aura of a person is directly related to the level of energetic balance that relates to the overall health, bio-neurological functioning and spiritual connection that person has access to in the Natural Laws. A person with a bigger and brighter organic energy aura is more healthy, coherent and balanced, with a strong functioning Spiritual Immune System, that in turn nourishes the cells with vital forces that help to protect, strengthen and heal the physical body from states of dis-ease or dysfunction.

Thus, it is critical to understand that the biological immune system that defends our body from pathogenic invaders and toxins, is directly interrelated to the functions of the Spiritual Immune System which relies on the quality of our lightbody and consciousness development to draw upon for the energy healing resources to sustain optimum health.  

If we are to endure in this current crisis of consciousness warfare, we will need to be aware of the existence of our biological and spiritual immune system, and take steps to nourish and keep both of these systems connected and in good health. Every human cell is conscious and if the cells are exposed to toxins and they become infected with a virus, there is a spiritual component of the virus that has a level of intelligence, as well as possibly demonstrating itself in the external as a physical virus. The energetic signature component of the virus will attempt to spread and multiply itself in the body of a suitable host with a matching fundamental frequency, so it can attack and infect the other cells with its foreign energy signature and replicate itself.

The immune systems function is to fully eliminate the toxic exposure or foreign invasion of pathogenic material, along with its energetic components from continuing to infect the body by responding with an assortment of physical symptoms that are commonly known as the flu. Thus, viral flu symptoms reveal that our immune system is working as it should to destroy the pathogenic invasion or toxic exposure caused by many external or environmental factors, which includes the release of toxic waste or dead cellular material. Ascension flu is caused whenever the planetary body is rapidly increased into another global frequency pattern, and the human cells must drop the density pattern of toxic waste or miasmatic patterns to attune the cells to adjust into the higher frequency levels. This is one component that is actually happening now during the current crisis events. Flu like symptoms should not be feared but understood as the healthy response of a working immune system. Thus, it is wise to understand how our body functions to eliminate toxins and dead energies and then take steps to support our immune system in all ways to do its job, which is to clear and eliminate the toxins in the cells that are being released in the viral signature.

The key to restoring energetic balance and maintaining health for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is to understand that we must sustain an abundant amount of life force energy to circulate throughout our lightbody anatomy and physical structures in order to nurture our Spiritual Immune System. Both of our immune systems require the circulation of life force energy through the consumption of healthy and pure food, water, breathing fresh air, as well as a maintaining a healthy mental and emotional diet with adequate rest, self-care and time for prayer and meditation. Connecting with our inner spirit and God Source intentionally every day through prayer and meditation strengthens our life force and physical immunity, as well as increases the spiritual strength of our lightbody to withstand an array of challenging situations and pathogenic invaders.

In general terms, when we are chronically sick, we are stressed to exhaustion and have a loss of life force energy from an overload of toxins or parasites which have weakened the lightbody to such extent that it is unable to sustain the requirements of our physical immunity. When we are healthy, we have enough balanced life force energy to build and expand our lightbody system, which immensely strengthens our biological and spiritual immunity, and protects us from an assortment of parasites, pathogens or invaders. Thus, the most important question for each individual becomes, what activities and interactions with people, places or things in our lifestyle help us to increase the circulation of life force energy and raise overall environmental frequencies into loving and compassionate interactions that support a mutually strong Spiritual Immune System. Focusing upon loving kindness and compassionate interactions nourish and energize ourselves, heal others around us and all of natural life.

Discern Energetic Exposures

To begin to connect with and activate our innate Spiritual Immune System, the first step is comprehending everything is conscious energy and intelligent, and nothing that happens is random. As an example, the genetically labbed AI hybrid viral organism has been programmed with a dark intelligence signature that will be attracted to like vibrations of other soft kill methods used as silent weapons, such as AI signals, Silent Sound Technology, Smartdust and nanotech created with intent to harm. As a result, it can be used as a carrier wave for combining the effects of an assortment of seen and unseen poisons, even used as a carrier for demonic possession to lodge in the lung cavity and astral heart center of the human energy field. The organism was designed to interconnect with several layers of control infrastructures, for the greater purpose of harvesting astral soul energy for the parasites and vampires, as well as to serve the agenda for manifesting the One World Order timeline set into motion by the Black Suns. This cabal group completely owns and directs the anti-human agendas behind the genetic modifications used to destroy organic human DNA in the enforced policies of the World Health Organization, as well as in its tentacles extending into the bio-technology, pharmaceutical and vaccine industry. 

Consciousness is spiritual energy which is governed by a personal blueprint and energy signature. Our personal blueprint is our divine plan and will have unique preferences that will inform us through our personal resonances, when exposed to a variety of stimulating forces that influence the consequences we will have when interacting with any of these energetic forces. The energetic exposures will inform our body if its positive or negative for supporting our spiritual purpose at the point when we interact with them. Thus, the interaction may generate the rapid loss of life force energy or it can increase life force circulation that can be further multiplied into greater use of that energy yield, such as through expressed creativity or cellular knowing. To regain our health and sanity, we must discern these energetic exposures and the consequences to our personal energy and physical body, and make regular assessments to monitor our state of health and wellbeing. When we discern these differences and then make an effort to only commune with those things that help us to increase energy flow and harmony in our lifestyle, this fortifies our Spiritual Immune System.

Each individual on the path of spiritual development will need to discern between these forces of closed source parasitic entropy or open sourced negentropy, and make a committed decision to move towards spiritual purpose and those things that multiply and circulate an abundance of life force energy. The abundant life force energy can be followed through personal resonance of the loving heart-based messages of the spirit, that will guide us to increase our consciousness energy, which also reflects in the personal health, coherence and wellbeing of that individual.

Sometimes those advanced on the spiritual path or with certain skill sets will have specific planetary missions that process and transmute group consciousness miasma, or clear assorted negative forces and destructive timelines. This is a unique path designated for some Starseed people. As an example, currently there are many Starseed people and gridworkers that are clearing planetary miasma from the grids, transiting SRA’d children souls, processing energetic viral loads and this can be utterly physically exhausting to process in a human body. When it is your spiritual purpose and not forced by personal will, then it is not entropic. This purpose is a function of your higher DNA signature. It will manifest as the purpose you have come to the earth for in order to help clear miasma and to achieve spiritual freedom, as well as complete archetypal patterns during the ascension cycle. When a person is spiritually dedicated, they have developed strong spiritual bodies that when resonating in a group consciousness creating a unified field, these groups will synchronize together to help harmonize and support the elevation of the earth grid. When this happens naturally, such as the recent project to rescue souls in child bodies that were being caged underground for SRA, this will be deeply known inside of our heart that the project is our personal divine purpose manifesting, so that we can participate with it and fulfill our service mission and spiritual ascension.

Everything that we are being exposed to has an energetic signature and frequency that impacts our energetic balance and then effects our biological and spiritual immune systems. This means all humans have the ability to amplify, absorb, store and transmit a range of vibrational energies that have an overall effect that is either healthy or unhealthy for the entire body and its immunity. In order to discern the effects and impact of frequency exposures, we have to pay attention to our body and listen to the feelings and impressions it is giving us, which is a message to follow in support of the overall health and immunity of our body. A cleaned up subconscious mind along with a strong Spiritual Immune System helps us to more easily withstand and defend ourselves to overcome psychic attacks, as dark force manipulation and targeted weaponry used on the interdimensional planes can weaken our physical health on the earth plane. In all matters of personal health, wellbeing and spiritual development, first and foremost we should consult with our inner spirit and God source as our true healing physician and request that Gods perfect will be manifested in our lives and within all interactions.

When we apply this comprehension to the current crisis conditions that humanity is facing, we must understand this event is not about a mysterious virus, it is about the orchestration of spiritual warfare being committed on a global scale to target the human lightbody. The trauma-based mind control that is targeting the masses through gaslighting tactics and psychological warfare, is explicitly designed to target the subconscious mind to incite terror and panic through the perception of a random and invisible lethal enemy. It is designed by the Controllers to get people to automatically give up their human rights through the abuse of spiritual principles, in order to get the individual to reject their soul and divinity entirely. To intentionally shut down the transmission of loving interactions and heart-based soul messages between people and the benevolent God forces that are here to help humanity ascend. Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible through the spiritual warfare that is intentionally designed to attack all aspects of human freedom.

When we begin to perceive ourselves as expressions of consciousness, eternal spiritual beings that hold the potential of unlocking the unlimited reality of our true nature, we begin to reclaim our personal power and transform ourselves to express our real divine purpose, which changes our lives and the world.  

The Foundation of Healing is Ascension

True and authentic healing is a function of our consciousness body and it is through the realignment of our spiritual consciousness that effective healing of our body can take place. The functions of human spiritual ascension and evolution are directly entwined with the process of natural healing and personal wellbeing. Therefore, if we create the conditions in our lives that are organic to us and spiritually healthy for growing our lightbody and consciousness, we will naturally evolve and heal all of our multidimensional bodies. Thus, our biological and spiritual immune system will be much stronger and healthier in order to do its job. The organic human genetic code is based on the 12 Tree Grid manifestation body, thus when we align to the knowledge of our original genetic code imprinted on the human biology, we gain access to our consciousness that holds the intelligence of all of our stations of identity in time that can be accessed from our local incarnation. 

Our physical body is a remote controller for the Universal Time Matrix in which we can potentially access all levels of consciousness, knowing that our higher consciousness and spiritual identities are completely intertwined and interdependent with our physical body. When we are in alignment to the natural and organic structures in creation, we are simultaneously in alignment with our internal spirit and God, which will activate genuine spiritual healing in our body, mind and spirit. Traumatic conditions that we have been exposed to or interacting with that are harmful to the body, mind and spirit, are also detrimental to the process of human evolution and spiritual ascension. Thus, continual exposures to these harmful forces and violating the natural order will deteriorate the consciousness and generate karmic imbalances in the biological and spiritual immune system. When our personal consciousness is aligned in ways that are natural to the expression of our inner spirit and divine blueprint, it is also in alignment to the Natural Laws. As a result of the congruence of our consciousness aligning with our true spiritual purpose, healing is the result of our aligned consciousness and we experience health and wellbeing in the manifestation of our earthly experience. 

If we realize that the purpose of incarnation on the earth is to directly participate with human evolution and achieve ascension, and we are willing to master ourselves in order to achieve our self-actualization, we move forward in time and activate healing properties inside us and the earth grid, that current mainstream science does not understand.

Cellular Integrity

The concept that we are made of trillions of cells that are the living organisms of the fundamental units of life force which make up our entire body, is important to understand in order to achieve balanced health and strong immunity. Our cells are living sentient components that are constantly communicating with each other to help us maintain cellular integrity for optimum health.  Each of our cells are responding to the consciousness vibration that we hold in our body, along with the environmental forces and electromagnetic signals they receive as the result of what we are interacting with or are being exposed to. If our cells cannot get the life force energy to function efficiently, our health and immunity will become compromised, our tissues and organs will become compromised and this brings the onset of illness and disease. By holding higher consciousness and exploring ways to keep our cells nourished with spiritual energy and whole nutrients, cellular integrity is increased to support overall immunity, and thus your multidimensional body layers can sustain themselves and stay strong to protect your DNA. Your DNA holds the unique energetic signature of your lifestream evolving through time and space, it is your personal living light code and consciousness record.

It is also supportive in some stages of spiritual development to help activate energy transmission in the cells, in which radionics, plasma tubes, tesla stars or radiant energy frequency transmissions of zero-point can help the body regain strength in its immunity. Humans need access to free energy in order for the cells to function well and overcome disease patterns, and it is the main reason we have been deprived of free energy access. The war over access to free energy is the war over consciousness, to keep humans oppressed as well as physically and spiritually depleted.  

Our cells have a very important role in protecting the DNA that is stored within our cells to maintain genetic integrity.  When our cells become poisoned with chemicals or overloaded with toxic material, this causes our DNA to become damaged and mutated. The damage to the DNA impacts the cells ability to produce energy for proper management of bodily functions and the biological immune system, and this damages organs and tissues that further causes inflammation and rapid aging. Cells are designed to replace older cells that become damaged and to replicate new healthy cells, when they have the life force energy and nutrients available to do so. 

Intracellular communication is primarily supported by having an array of available proteins which act as the channels that can be opened or closed when the cell gets an electromagnetic signal to transport information to other cells. This is like the internet of the cell membrane which communicates information to all the other cells so they can work together to establish homeostasis. What could interfere with or damage the natural communication between the healthy cells? Injection, consumption or exposure to a range of poisons, radiation, chemicals and faulty proteins that interfere with or prevent communication between the cells by introducing foreign DNA material and genetically modified organisms that send erroneous messages to the cells in order to confuse them or damage their function.  RNA communicates to the DNA instruction sets needed to encode the proteins required for the cells to be able to communicate together, and thus supports overall immunity and DNA activation. If this interaction between RNA and DNA is disrupted or damaged, the cells cannot communicate properly and it collapses the functions of natural immunity.

Essentially, the introduction of harmful electromagnetic signals combined with GMO’s, chemicals, foreign RNA-DNA through bio-tech, pharmaceuticals or vaccinations, are all functioning as the mind control programming used for confounding human cells. When the intracellular communication is damaged or disconnected from these assorted toxic exposures along with not enough life force energy to sustain the immunity, the physical body is severely weakened, along with the consciousness being digressed. At the point of the vulnerability generated from the biological and spiritual immune weakness, parasites and demonic forces can more easily mind control and hijack that body and consciousness for their dark agendas. This can include the main purpose of destroying critical thinking and common-sense, and instead activating blind obedience to robotically enforce the controlled narrative in the masses for consciousness enslavement. Thus, it is vital to be aware of the importance of maintaining cellular integrity which in turn protects the genetic integrity of our DNA, which holds the genetic switches that turn on or turn off the light codes which activate higher consciousness abilities and higher brain function.

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a nucleotide that performs many essential roles in the cell, providing the energy requirements for sustaining cellular integrity and genetic integrity. It is the major energy currency of the cell, providing the energy needed for most of the energy-consuming activities of the cell. Mainstream science tells us that the main source of energy in the human body is from what we consume as nutrients that are converted in the mitochondria and then stored as ATP molecules in the cells. More accurately, the multidimensional consciousness bodies are the main source of energy current in the cells of human bodily tissues, and when a human being chooses to develop their spiritual bodies, they gain increasing access to higher potential forms of spiritual energy and consciousness intelligence inside their physical body. For example, the Soul, Monadic and Avatar consciousness bodies store accumulated light energy in the ATP molecules throughout the cells of the physical body, when these spiritual layers are embodied. When the spiritual body is not active in the physical body, this results in faster mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular death. This will be accelerated when exposed to an array of poisons and toxins that are both physical and metaphysical. The accretion and absorption of more light and energy into the cellular matrix and tissues of the physical body, is a function of expanding consciousness that occurs through the embodiment of higher spiritual layers.

Paliadorian Sophianic Staff Code Activation

During recent Paliadorian activations, the return of the Mother’s Sophianic template is reconfiguring the monadic body architecture available on the planet, which transmits another stage of the sound wave female staff codes. This activation of the verticals in the planetary body is impacting the vertical channels and hara line in the human lightbody, which is additional support for embodying the multidimensional internal monadic biocomputer that sparks the inner flame access points. The flame access points are a part of the organic human lightbody system that are designed to circulate life force energy within the axiatonal lines between the physical layers and the etheric body template. These are smaller energy centers that exist in the body on the vertical channels of the axiatonal lines and are also referred to as Lotus points.

The Lotus points and the internal flame access in the spherical energy domains was being blocked by the layers of dead energy miasmas and transposition filters generated by the checkerboard mutation, which was being primarily enforced by the damage incurred by the alien machinery embedded in the 11th Stargate, Stonehenge. The flame access points modulate the entire spectrum of ray frequencies running throughout the horizontal triad shields, these smaller energy centers are designed to circulate the staff currents for distribution throughout the formed density shields and into the radial body and individual permanent seed atom. This recent configuration is designed to correct distorted architecture in the lightbody system in regards to the life force energy and dimensional electromagnetic wave circulation, which includes the eternal Krystic flames that distribute energy sparks throughout the lightbody system. The Krystic energy sparks ignite within the lightbody circuitry and radiate the organic light source, dissolving false light and buildup of static fields of dead energy.  

This appears to be generating impacts in the way consciousness units enter the material realm, making vertical channel adjustments through the Sophianic body template that effect the subatomic, atomic and molecular levels of the physical body and matter realm. Thus, this recent activation appears to have another purpose in elemental re-encryption of carbon matter and correction of the corrupted raw materials that were forming miasmas throughout the planetary elementals. This shifting staff architecture is setting in a new Krystic template into the density shields of the Universal structure which is designed to reset positions into the correct planetary staff alignments, which includes reconfiguring the vertical channels of axiatonal lines into corrected tri-wave formats of the diamond sun body. This is definitely a stage revealing the return of the Mother principle, which is reclaiming her Sophianic body in the instruction sets of the morphogenetic layers of our planet, and this is rippling changes into the activated human lightbody that interfaces with the planetary architecture to receive the coding of the diamond sun template.

Armor of God’s Spirit

The use of the term Armor of God may incite internal triggers for those that have been traumatized as the result of being groomed in religious family overlays that were later revealed to be used by spiritual authorities for committing harmful power abuses. The point is to know with certainty that the Armor of God’s spirit is a true and accurate consciousness structure, and it is intrinsic to the protection of the lightbody of the individual that wears it. The Armor of God protects those that are heart based and spiritually devoted working for God’s divine plan and highest expression, seeking alignment with truth. Protecting them against the most heinous levels of spiritual warfare targeting being directed from the Anti-God forces.

To love God with all of your heart cannot be unnatural or forced, but when you discover that God lives inside your heart and you love God’s creation as God does, this is the highest physical emanation of the force field that makes up the Armor of God’s spirit. Expressing and feeling Love for creation protects our spirit and body much more than it is generally understood.

The NAA’s dark influence upon organized religions and current society have purposely been manipulated to reject the experience of spiritual revelation that is catalyzed by the direct inner spiritual relationship that each being intrinsically has with their higher self and God Source. The abuse of spiritual principles are forms of social control that isolate and disconnect that spiritual structure and its people from feeling their natural co-existence with unified spiritual consciousness. In a covert and sophisticated multi-pronged agenda to spiritually attack humanity, the Controllers intend to groom self-hatred and hatred for that which is most sacred in the spiritual principles of God.

The inversion and abuse of natural laws and sacred principles are manifested in the mainstreaming of satanism or the death culture, and is what erodes our spiritual connection and ultimately destroys the spiritual Armor of God around us. The Controller Pillars of Society are based on inverted systems that follow a Law of Structure that is based in propagating anti-human principles for mind control and consciousness enslavement as designed by the NAA.  If we are unable to see the truth of what is happening around us as a violation of nature and soul, if we abuse natural laws and believe the deceptions of these imposter spirits, our spiritual source cannot protect us from the choices we make and the consent we give to power up these dark forces and their enslavement structures.

This is an accurate and true spiritual principle in natural law that should be well understood and put into practical action, especially in the current terrain of aggressive spiritual warfare against humanity. It is important to equate the regular practice of the 12D shield or spiritual practices which build the sustained light source of the inner spirit, as direct reflections of the energetic protection of the Armor of God. To strengthen and build our spiritual armor to deflect multiple dimensions of spiritual attacks and to ward off those physically manifested things that would include such warfare tactics as targeting toxins to the masses through the spreading of fear and disease, electromagnetic harassment, vaccinations and 5G millimeter waves.

For our spiritual armor to be strong and effective, our spiritual dedication and commitment must be unwavering and our spiritual practice sincere and consistent. There are important factors to build the spiritual armor, as to be with God, we must know truth qualities and experience God within us. In order to develop that meaningful relationship, it is helpful to understand the qualities that mirror and align with the Mind of God.

Seek Alignment with Truth – We commit to seek alignment with truth in all ways, and be willing to seek that truth existing inside of us, and to live, speak and express in alignment to that truth to the best of our ability. Seeking spiritual truth is the path of Gnosis, by experiencing the Natural Laws inherent in the consciousness principles that govern our reality. Spiritual truth cannot generally be defined in exacting words, but must be directly experienced and lived by each individual. However, the basis of perceiving truth in the matter is simply understanding that it is what it is, as the accurate assessment of events that have occurred around us in the past or present time. To gain a greater understanding of truth, we must understand that truth is first accurately perceiving events that are presently occurring. Such as; is the planetary lockdown intended to support and protect humanity from a mysterious virus or is its design to incite fear and terror, psychologically preparing the masses to accept a quickly installed fascist tyranny. Seeking truth means we must be willing to know or see when we are being deceived or lied to, even if it’s painful, in order to see the mind control methods used to obfuscate the factual events in reality. Greater truths are acquired from the wisdom of perfect understanding which inspires inner knowing, that which just exists as it is.

Cultivate Virtue-Ethics – Cultivating Virtue Based Ethics emphasizes the focus upon developing virtues which strengthen the mind and character, and in our interpretation are the basis of building the strength of the spiritual foundation. This is critical for the Lightbody to hold higher consciousness and Universal knowledge and to build the Armor of God, which not only protects and expands our consciousness but leads to spiritual freedom and perfect peace. A strong moral character is the physical foundation required at the base of building a strong spiritual house. In order to hold the spirit of Christos, as in acquiring ethics of spiritual virtues, the first step is in making sure that the body, the physical self, is grounded in strong moral character.  Virtue ethics are actual spiritual powers that comprise our spiritual armor and will protect us from devious spiritual attacks, even when we are oblivious to those dark attacks, which are usually intended to make us sick or impair our functioning.

Guard and Protect your Mind – When one has control over the thoughts of one’s mind, one has control over the direction and actions of the physical body, all of its parts and reclaiming of the soul energies. Whoever controls the mind controls the Soul. Mind control is used to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape spiritually harmful value systems, which are used to control the masses to enslave themselves on planet earth. Many of us can see the current implementation of mind control used to incite terrorizing fear in the masses, which is happening now for the purpose of easily giving up our personal freedoms and sovereignty. The Controllers used problem, reaction and deceitful solution by inventing an invisible enemy that is used through propaganda tactics to control perception that this virus poses a threat to human survival. The antidote to mind control is connecting with your inner spirit, and developing your spiritual self every day with higher emotional qualities like empathy and compassion, genuinely caring about what happens to the people and the planet.

Choose Peace, Harmlessness and Defense – Learning to communicate with the inner spirit and act upon its guidance will lead you to live a life congruent with your spiritual plan, one which behaves with harmlessness to others. Harmlessness is another way to say karmic-less, as spirit avoids increasing karmic entanglements by choosing peace. The real spiritual self will not direct you to attack or intentionally harm another person, ever. The spiritual intelligence knows that all energy in the Universe is Love and is balanced at some point in time, that nothing justifies harm. Harm has an energetic consequence of grave karmic imbalance, and if intentional harm is directed to hurt others or the self, that energy will be returned to the being at some point in time to make amends in order to rebalance the harmful energy used. This means when directing intentional harm that person will get more loads of karmic lessons and destructive patterns redirected back to them, in order to rebalance their consciousness life experience and the influence they had in their relationships with others. During the Ascension cycle, this final accounting of the roles played and rebalancing for cosmic justice is happening on the earth, where those that have intentionally abused the natural laws for personal gain which has greatly harmed others, will be revealed and then forced to make amends. 

Prayer and Meditation – When struggling with difficult situations and experiencing high anxiety states, such as feeling discouraged or in deep despair, this is a standard form of spiritual attack. When we attune ourselves to the spiritual world through a still mind with a meditative attitude, making time for daily spiritual connection, we are much more equipped to handle an assortment of spiritual attacks, which usually manifest in a sensation of insurmountable fears, panic attacks, anxiety and doubts. Prayer and meditation connect us to higher intelligence and have positive impacts on calming our mind. Prayer focuses on positive emotions like love, gratitude and compassion, which allow goodness to flow into our lives and the lives of those we pray for. Meditation actively redirects our mental body from anxiety, stress, and depression, which helps us to find and connect to calm and peaceful states. Being mindful improves our mental flexibility, brain elasticity and keeps neurons active. Spiritually centering ourselves on peace, prayer and contemplation of God and our place in the Universe, helps us maintain our trust in life, faith and relaxes every part of the body.

The highest spiritual forces of loving benevolence are multiplied exponentially when the lesser and greater flames of the inner spirit intersect, when the unique soul-spirit and God source are again reunited within the sacred crystal heart. The example of stating one’s intent, consent and authority in alignment with the Natural Laws of God, are to begin to build the spiritual power of the Armor of God to surround your consciousness and physical body, as well as your home and personal effects required for actualizing your divine mission.

The Right Relationship  

When we cultivate the right relationship to ourselves in order to actualize our personal blueprint and maximize our creative human potentials, and we seek to know our true relationship to God or the Universe, we naturally build the Armor of God to fill, surround and protect us from the destructive forces that are Anti-God or Anti-Life. In order to build this spiritual armor that repels harm caused directly by demonic or satanic forces, we must be educated to know the difference of the energy signatures. Those forces that are organic God consciousness that hold loving reverence for all life, or its inverted aspects of Anti-God consciousness that hold disdain for life and promote the death cult. If we remain unaware of the difference between these forces, life and anti-life, are ignorant to the consequences of its interaction with our consciousness, then we do not have intent, we have no consent in that interaction. Thus, the default is given to the energetic signature of the frequency match held in the thoughts, behaviors or actions of the individual and their interactions with that structure and the parties involved.

When we learn to follow our heart, the center of our soul and spiritual expression, we achieve balance, harmony and integration with all aspects of ourselves, and live life in order to maximize human spiritual potential which includes more authenticity, love, connection and joy. When we are strongly rooted in higher purpose and spiritual meaning, we become fully spiritually embodied and actualized in our highest expression and aligned to our ultimate destiny in the ascension timeline. Therefore, contributing our creative genius to support higher expression for the human collective to manifest a better world together on our chaotic but ascending planet. In order to embody the true self and inner core essence, two relationships must be made a priority in order to be forged, developed and remembered into the eternal light source. The two most important relationships that every human being has the responsibility and right to create for themselves:

  #1   Right Relationship to Self

  #2   Right Relationship to God Source or Universe        

Many people will be removed from destructive situations or stagnant relationships in order to pursue these two most important relationships, especially in the current intense activation cycle. Once these two relationships are clarified and then embodied with devotion, new relationships that are vibrationally matched to your new ascending self will emerge.    


If we can feel and experience love, reverence and respect for the divinity that exists inside of ourselves, we will also transmit this same higher love frequency to others around us. We transmit the frequency of love to others in proportion to our ability to hold the frequency of love inside of ourselves. Love is the most essential component in all forms of healing and immunity, whether it is the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual layers that require healing. The highest and purest forms of Love generate the harmonious unification between multiple ranges of frequencies, bringing more energetic forces into the natural flow of experiencing the possibility of synchronization and co-resonance. The withdrawal of love is stemming from making judgmental perceptions, which generate an energetic reality of disconnection and separation that builds upon discordant or non-resonating frequencies.  When a person is being judgmental in their perception, they are unable to simultaneously transmit loving vibrations, thus these opposing frequencies cannot co-exist in the human body. 

If we cannot recognize a value system in which all human beings have intrinsic value in the creation of life, then people seek validation for their own existence through the external world and other people. If the external world does not validate our worth according to personal expectations and belief systems, then the next stage is falling into judgment of others around us. In the current condition of this world, we need to make accurate assessments and discern the forces around us, including the motivations of people in power to determine if they are promoting harmful or healthy actions. However, to maintain our loving transmission, it is critical to separate the action from the inherent value of the person, avoiding assigning value judgments to the individual these actions or ideas are connected to.

Developing the qualities of self-love are more important than ever, as it directly reflects how much of a loving force we can be in this world. A world that needs love so desperately in order to spiritually heal. Please consider that despite the mind control used to carry out harmful actions that are made in dark ignorance, that all beings have an intrinsic worth and value. The current conditions in which we find ourselves in global crisis will not be solved through the same consciousness levels that form judgmental perceptions in the state of negative ego. May we cultivate self-love so that we can increase our reverence for all living things which are a part of this creation to help heal this world and protect the innocent life, the children on this planet. Have compassion, love and honor to respect your inner spirit, the divinity which lives inside of you, and be true to your divine purpose on the path of awakening. As you increase self-love and self-respect, you will increase the capacity for sending a loving kindness transmission to all those who are suffering and need to experience and then remember the true love that is God.

May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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