Poverty Consciousness

Dear Ascending Family,

As many of us may be sensing, over this next year we will likely see the cracks in the old paradigms and systems grow wider.  We are in a unique position, during the bifurcation, to begin to lay the seeds for the new cycle in ourselves.  This is a time to ask ourselves what we truly value and examine anything the keeps us from living in alignment to those values.  In the coming years there will be opportunities for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems.  This newsletter will take a deeper look at the origins and manipulation of currency, how resources are stolen and re-directed toward anti-life and enslavement agendas, and why the poverty consciousness is one of the NAA’s preferred consciousness traps.

It is vital to have a basic understanding of how the monetary system has been designed on the earth to work as an enslavement tool that traps people in materialism, consumerism and Poverty Consciousness. The system of debt based currency used as the current global monetary system was originally brought to the earth by the Alpha Draconis Orion Group. These entities have organized themselves on the earth in what is called the Black Sun Agenda. The Draco Reptilians of the Orion Group view themselves as the most intelligent species in the Universe and believe that earth humans have descended from their biological seeding processes, from multiple planets they have conquered. Therefore they believe humans, as well as the earth, are their personal property and have instituted the global slavery system via the indoctrination of debt-based currency. One should be aware that on many other planets, monetary systems do not exist, and all inhabitants born onto the planet are considered free citizens with equal rights to flourish in the global society that is organized by that planet’s system of government. A planetary system ruled by debt currency in which one has to pay for their basic shelter, food and healthcare from birth is considered a prison planet.

Therefore, when a person does not have an accurate context for how money, currency and economies really work and why they were set up, they are not able to discern the many consciousness traps that are set for the common people. For the Orion Group to institute an effective human slavery system, in which they would remain hidden at the top of the pyramid scheme and have total control over the assets of earth, it required the majority of the masses be consumed by intense fears of survival, threats and poverty. They engineered Poverty Consciousness in such a way to victimize humans into class or cast systems, in order to make them more pliable and easy to manipulate in the consciousness pen they erected around the earth.

Poverty Consciousness is directly connected to the social engineering of a slave race. It is important to understand that poverty consciousness is unnatural to the human race and was specifically designed to conquer the minds of humanity, to accept world slavery and world war. People that accept poverty consciousness as a natural way of life become the puppets that carry out the enslavement program for the puppet masters. Poverty Consciousness is formed from the set of belief systems, feelings, attitudes and values that people have associated with their personal fears of safety, which they relate to a lack of money, or the lack of acquiring material objects that necessitate their sense of security and protection. When a person feels that they are defenseless, endangered or threatened by imaginary or physical forces, they can be led to do nearly anything. Many times willing to commit harm to others or engage in immoral actions to ensure that they regain the perception of personal safety or security. A person with a fragile sense of self that is totally dependent on validation from the material world, can feel mentally threatened at the slightest disruption of their reality bubble, thus they are easily mind controlled. Poverty Consciousness is the prime pressure point of vulnerability ingrained in all humans entrenched in the 3D mind control of materialism and thus, it is exploited in every way possible by the Controllers. It is easy to observe the depths of degeneracy some people are willing to submit to, for acquiring any amount of money or perceived security. This is why it is the primary consciousness trap being set for mass human exploitation.

Triggering Fears of Insecurity, Threat and Helplessness

It is essential to know that by exploiting poverty consciousness mind control in order to manipulate materialism in people, this triggers deep fear based belief systems around personal security, safety and self-esteem. Many people on the earth feel terrorized by obsessive thoughts of poverty and homelessness, even when it has not happened to them in their lifetime. This memory may connect to other lifetimes however, it directly connects to the collective unconscious memory of feeling defenseless to the full scale alien invasion that occurred in Sumeria and Egypt. As a result, many humans today have a pathological need to find some version of security and safety within materialism, so they can manage the feelings of unconscious personal terror that are a result of feeling completely helpless when in danger. As a result of the materialistic pathology towards feeling safe, when people become obsessed with materialistic validation for security, they also become increasingly narcissistic, spiritually disconnected and lose feelings of empathy. In the more materialistic societies such as the United States, people obsessively shop, buying excessive amount of goods in order to increase their feelings of self-worth, or to distract themselves from facing unpleasant or challenging issues. Materialists tend to ignore the fact that the global consumerist economy is structured to exploit humanity and drain planetary resources for massive profit for a select few, while directly increasing the slavery, poverty and suffering in the human race.

Debt System of Enslavement

The primary motivation of the Controller’s is to use threats and fears of personal safety in order to trigger insecurity in the people, which is used as a major mind control and manipulation mechanism to incite rampant materialism. In order to continually spread poverty consciousness on the earth, the Orion Group introduced a debt system of currency that would equate monetary enslavement with consciousness enslavement. This ensured that the promotion of wars and human suffering would be converted into massive profits for those in the ruling classes. They needed the ruling classes to carry out their enslavement agenda and by rewarding them with massive financial and corporate monopolies, as well as access to unlimited cash reserves, the sellout of the human race was easily accomplished through human greed.

Thus, the social engineering behind the death culture (Dec 2016 newsletter) specifically targets poverty consciousness in the unconscious minds of the masses in order to exploit them in ways that make them complicit with committing crimes against humanity. Through the mind control used to trigger poverty consciousness and addiction to materialism everywhere in the media, people are constantly sensing some level of fear, insecurity or threat, which motivates them to excessively consume and buy. These same poverty consciousness based belief systems continue to produce separative beliefs, perpetrating the cycles of violence, ignorance, hatred, victimization and enemy patterning between the people of the earth. Poverty consciousness is an effective form of promoting the divide and conquer strategies of the NAA groups to maintain their control over the earth’s resources by routing people into different slave class systems. As an example people that shop uncontrollably to buy excessive amounts of consumer goods or the latest trends, are the materialist slave classes they are slaves to material objects which keep them locked down in consciousness traps. During this time it is very important to discern the low quality of forces that are behind the push for materialistic consumerism. Being able to see the unethical and harmful motivations of the rampant Service to Self mind control broadcast, and being able to clear and neutralize poverty consciousness fears from taking control over your life, are especially important at this time.

Poverty fears are ingrained deeply in the subconscious mind and they surface into the conscious mind as fear based thoughts and feelings about personal safety, that in turn manifest and multiply into even more poverty consciousness fears. Material poverty fears have been mentally programmed repeatedly into the unconscious mind of people since the alien invasion, and are consistently reinforced from childhood to adulthood throughout the working slave classes entangled in the Controller Pillars of Society. It becomes the manifested reality for those people no matter what kind of material resources they actually have access to. Many people in western society are taught to think that without an excessive amount of material things, they are worthless people. It does not matter how much wealth or money a person has, these factors are not actually related to the state of poverty consciousness. Many people have an abundance of material things and yet they feel deep anxiety pushing them to accumulate even more material things. Poverty consciousness is a fear based state, it is a trauma based disease that exists inside the minds of the spiritually bankrupt, not the financially bankrupt. Many of the people with tremendous material wealth exist in states of poverty consciousness and chronic unhappiness, unable to cope with the pressure of maintaining their class position.

Forcing People to pay for their Genocide

A system of black magic money or controlled currency was established to monetize the death culture and is organized by the NAA in order to manipulate, exert control over and enslave the citizens of the earth. Systems of currency used as the medium of exchange are generated through an assortment of anti-human consciousness traps that are designed to manifest more poverty consciousness in those unable to discern what is really behind the total control of global currency. Once again, at the top levels, it is not human and much of the earthly resources still left are funneled off planet.  For thousands of years planet earth has been quarried and leached for every kind of resource, mineral substance and chemical element known and yet to be discovered, by both human and alien mining sources and their machinery. Some of the massive desert wastelands and canyons thought to be natural and declared as national monuments and protected reserves, are actually the result of ancient mining quarries digging up the earth, now deserted. Even today there are dark money groups lobbying to overturn the Antiquities Act to get back into the Grand Canyon to mine for uranium, just as the aliens did in the past.

Today the ability to multiply money and profits to steadily increase wealth is highest for those people in the financial sectors that run and rule the economy through the corporatocracy and who use whatever means necessary to maintain total control over liquidity and unlimited access to the global money supply. These small groups of people have access to unbelievably large amounts of cash, or liquid assets, and they are purposely programmed by the Orion Group control structure to monetize human suffering and pain, by forcing the majority of the world citizens to live in poverty and pay for their own genocidal holocaust. Deceptive propaganda, intimidation and terrorism are the important tools used to push the global debt slavery program, which requires the participation of broad sectors of the corporatocracy, banking and the world population in order to be successful. Perpetrators must hide their murderous intentions from the victims they intend to decimate.  They generally become involved with creating inhumane laws veiled from public scrutiny, that allow for their criminal behaviors without obvious detection.

In order to evolve beyond a fraudulent system of manipulated currency, while the Power Elite backed by the NAA groups profit from destroying the earth resources, we must understand how the current economic system was created for world domination and slavery that purposely monetizes and rewards that which produces global genocide. The current anti-human global economic structure has turned the earth into a toxic wasteland, which it is rapidly killing off many species. Citizens of earth must awaken and stop allowing these corporations and those behind them, to massively profit from perpetrating intentional genocide on the earth.

Poverty Consciousness produces Worthlessness

The perpetrators use poverty consciousness fears to trigger feelings of worthlessness in the human race in order to get people to acquiesce and be complicit in committing genocide against their own species and planet. If humans only find worth in money and materialism, they have no value placed on the human soul or life, thus genocide of certain groups is made acceptable. Poverty consciousness is a state of fear that is produced by belief systems and attitudes that form into value systems that promote materialism. It is the twisted association of value woven into thoughts and feelings one has toward money or material possessions. Poverty consciousness has nothing to do with the amount of money, physical comfort or material possessions a person has. Poverty consciousness is deeply rooted in fears of victimization, survival, insecurity, and limitation, as well as fears of death that include fears about our relationship to God and the Universe.

When a person lacks spiritual foundation or inner core strength the most common energetic imbalances of the personality, or lower three chakras, triggered by NAA mind control are survival fears and poverty consciousness.  Poverty consciousness is a mind control program shaped by the social engineering that is designed to get humanity to believe we are worthless and that we exist in a world where there is not enough for everybody. When the masses focus on the worthlessness of human life and the lack of resources needed to help all people thrive, it means someone else is stealing the resources and hoarding them for themselves. It is completely obvious for everyone to see the exorbitant excesses of wealth and resources that those in the Power Elite receive, by continuing to enforce the NAA infrastructure to monetize human suffering, maintain the slave classes and make the earth a toxic dump.

The mind control has been so effective throughout many generations that many of us were born into families who believed they had to accept poverty and abuse, or that wealth is not spiritual, or had taken poverty vows. Additionally poverty consciousness has a long history on the earth since the NAA invasion, and as such it also holds miasmatic imprints that have been passed down ancestrally. Poverty consciousness is a system of fear based belief that is seeded in low self-worth that has been inherited, conditioned, and reinforced by mind control into a learned brain pattern to accept anti-human agendas. The pattern of recurring thought forms and unconscious beliefs around fear of survival form into energy patterns that project poverty consciousness, which is used as a tool to trigger deep insecurity fears around survival and death. Thus, humans are easily led into the pen of controlled spiritual oppression. When one can see how poverty consciousness is used as a mass tool for spiritual oppression, slavery and generating irrational fears, it is easier to identify when it’s happening and consciously choose to reprogram fears into unconditionally loving behaviors towards the self and others. A person cannot effectively shift poverty consciousness and survival fears until they can see its mechanism clearly and understand how it is operating inside themselves.

Materialism and Consumerism

When we become more aware of how poverty consciousness is being engineered into the materialistic minds that power up and feed into the machine of the global consumerism economy, we can see one of the main goals is to keep individuals feeling a constant pressure and concern over gaining material possessions and assessing their access to resources that equate into personal status, security or power. By specifically targeting and spreading poverty consciousness fears designed to generate insecurity, doubt and desperation in the masses, they fuel the deification of materialistic values throughout the world. As a result of the social engineering used to deify excessive materialism as the antidote to poverty, consumerism becomes the main world religion, which capitalizes on the insecurity and survival fears in people in order to continually sell and market assembly lines of products.

Materialistic values powering up consumer cultures glorify and breed narcissistic personalities that have little to no empathy for other people. People that are materialistic tend to equate their value, worth and esteem on their accumulated wealth, status and possessions. Hence, they will also constantly measure others on a similar class scale in order to equate other people as lesser than or greater than themselves, dependent on how much external wealth or power that person has. Materialism is used to maintain class systems of control and the hierarchical structure of power that is based on who has all the money, power or perceived value. People that are materialistic tend to have highly ambitious, competitive, arrogant, and aggressive behaviors and are deeply concerned with issues of personal adequacy. Thus, they will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the wealth and possessions they want, in order to feel more powerful.  That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires wealth and external validation of self-worth, will have to play with the power brokers in the NAA game in order to get it. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really controlling the financial structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An addicted person is a weak minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their addictions. This is the main reason why so many materialistic people become incredibly insecure and desperate to maintain their wealth and power, they fall prey to their personal addictions and indulgences which lead to their rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical and criminal behaviors.

The entire current economic system is based on mass marketing the psychology of consumption and buying excess amounts of products by triggering poverty consciousness and materialism in people. It doesn’t matter what you buy or how you buy it, the corporations just want everyone to buy, even if you don’t have the money and have to beg, borrow or steal to keep buying their products.

Materialistic indoctrination comes in many shades of intensity that are revealed within a person’s belief system and unconscious behaviors. When a person has made materialistic goals their primary objective, it is easy to observe how that materialism evolves into thought obsessions that wholly dominate their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in the external world. Materialism is to place one’s primary values upon material possessions and physical comfort, making them much more important than anything else, therefore discounting the importance of focusing upon spiritual, ethical or humanitarian values. The Controllers continually shape the global society into the general worldview of purely materialistic assumptions, that what we can see in matter is all that exists, thus, there is nothing else beyond matter. If we believe materialism is the only true nature of reality, we are easily led to think that the pursuit of material things is more important than anything else. If a person believes that getting material things equates to their personal survival, they will do anything, say anything, and potentially hurt anything, in order to get what they believe they need to survive or to feel happy.

If the meaning of life is about materialism, why should I even try to live a moral or ethical life? It is very easy to corrupt and fragment the mind and soul of a materialistic individual that is obsessed with selfish greed and the pursuit of monetary wealth in an extremely corrupt system. Therefore this selfish thought form is targeted into the minds of humanity to spread corruption, greed and poverty consciousness in the human mind and heart, which is ultimately harmful to all people.

The Illusion of the Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is the legal principle that the law should govern a nation of people equally, rather than be governed by arbitrary decisions made by those with selfish interests to gain, such as individuals that influence society, are in public office or are government officials.  Rule of law implies that every citizen no matter what their position, rank or wealth is subject to the law including the lawmakers, bankers, intelligence agencies, and politicians themselves. If we consider an intelligent debate about how materialism and consumerism have become the primary world religion at a terrible cost to those less privileged, it is easy to see the conflict of interest that occurs when the pursuit of profit and materialistic consumerism is pitted against the Rule of Law. When a society is based upon promoting the materialistic consumer culture at any cost, without regard for the value of human life or life on earth, massive corruption, bribery and criminality is the immediate result. All one has to do is follow the trail of massive amounts of money, payoffs, criminal actions and excess toxic dumping to note the lack of accountability to the law. It is a common sense equation that is clearly evident by anyone who cares to actually look at what is happening in the world stage. There is no Rule of Law, yet the illusion is created by mass media deceptive propaganda, promoting the belief system that we are all subjected to the laws that are supposed to be designed to protect us and protect the earth resources.

As a race of people that are purposely hypnotized by survival and poverty consciousness, we look to those assigned with authority and with the supposed expertise to protect us, when in the larger scheme they are actually a part of the structure that want to kill us off. The medical system does not want us healthy and well, they profit when we’re sick. The educational system does not want us to know our real history, or how to think independently, as their grants come from maintaining the NAA rolled out version of the past. The banking system does not want us to be out of debt or interest obligation, as we can be easily controlled when we are drowning in debt. The media and press do not want to actually pursue journalistic truth, but instead report news as sponsored consumer advertisement spots. Religion doesn’t want us talking to God without an intermediary and provides a long list of dos and don’ts because we could shame ourselves and go to hell. The point is the masses are not told the truth in any way, shape or form. We endure complex webs of gaslighting to invalidate our inner guidance and interfere with what our heart based intuition tells us. The laws are designed for those at the highest echelons of power who run the black magic money system and rule the economy, by pushing through and manipulating the most cash flow, in both legal and illegal ways. The reality is that too many people are making money by destroying what we have by monetizing human suffering and supporting rampant criminal actions. The world economy has become based on processing the massive proceeds that are the result of criminal actions that increase human poverty, violence and slavery, rather than doing the ethical work necessary to provide a humanitarian based economy, that shares the return of equity by investing in the people.

Legalized Theft

Most people can feel that something is not right with the world economy and monetary system. It is clear that very few people receive massive profits and unimaginable wealth, while the majority of people endure increasing financial struggles and poverty. Every society on earth has created some form of currency for value exchange, but it is the everyday working people that make that currency actually have value. Through our time, energy, ideas and talent the expenditure of our energy is what converts into some form of value exchange that is represented by currency. However, what we work for is valued to pay off mounting ceilings of massive debt that were placed there by the Power Elite bankers to keep the average working person and their children, indentured servants.  The American base currency system is established on increasing deficit spending or growing massive debt, which at some point will reach its tipping point and collapse the current economic system. The strain of the economic collapse that is based on the fraudulent money system is not something to fear, as we realize it will be necessary for the shift in consciousness to occur. This time in 2017, can be an opportunity for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay the groundwork to co-create a global humanitarian based economic system that truly supports and invests in its citizens. We need more leaders that are not motivated by large amounts of cabal money or materialism, but sincerely understand that the creation of personal wealth starts with development of the inner sustaining self. We must invest in people first. From this important foundation a new global currency or monetary fund will need to be circulated, that is not in the hands of those that have been responsible for the legalized theft over the last hundred years.

The Power Elite own the world’s largest banks and are also the shareholders that own the Federal Reserve, which funnels wealth from the working population to the government and then back to the banking sector at a large profit. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency or related to the central government as it has corporate stockholders that receive dividends. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with owners.  This is a fraudulent system that causes great disparity between the rich and the working class, it is a form of currency enslavement used to steal the prosperity away from the people. The debt based currency system empowers and benefits those who created legalized theft in the guise of an economic system. A system designed to transfer all of the purchasing power to the banks and the government, while leaving the working people with the burdens of debt.  The purpose is to confiscate the accumulative wealth of the people and communities, and funnel it back to those in centralizing power, during cycles of controlled economic depression. This is when the bankers take their cut of the cash supply and take ownership control over many different companies and assets that are forced into short sale. It is the local communities that suffer when resources are sucked out of neighborhoods and back into the centralized power system of a few massive corporate conglomerates.

We are the greatest threat to the survival of this corrupt monetary system and an informed and aware public is what can dismantle this fraudulent system, when we know how it works. This system relies on the fact that most people do not understand how our monetary system works. However, we also must understand the people behind this fraudulent system are using black magic principles to keep the currency circulating in power. The black magic system driving the currency is backed up by the NAA who want to keep the human race bound as indentured servants and slaves by any means necessary.

Black Magic Money

Most people are not aware that the US dollar and the paper it’s printed on, is printed with hidden esoteric symbols that energetically connect into the 4D and 11D Stargate, and the ancient Egyptian timelines from the point of the alien invasion 5,500 years ago. This is to pay homage to the Luciferian Belial Suns, claiming them in the monetary system as the progenitors or owners of the human race. It signifies the prophecy or promise that at the end of the time cycle, they will return to earth to reclaim their subjects to take them to another planet. The 11D Stargate is in the United Kingdom and is where the centralized global financial control exists, hence its relevance connecting to the meaning coded into paper money.

Many of the symbols that are printed on several versions of currency are credited to be masonic symbols, and that is also correct. However, the Masonic Lodges combined many of these symbols and the magical formulas from the later Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) teachings of Aleister Crowley. The paper money printed for one dollar currency is a unit of magical energy that in effect is animated into a magical talisman. Among the world currencies the American dollar was set up to dominate the world market financially, by activating the units of magical energy that were set up and organized by those intending to dominate the global wealth via magical connections made with the Thothian grids, or Black Magic Grids. That information was collated into an organized black magic system at the turn of the century by Aleister Crowley. According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA, starting from Grey Alien contact with an entity called Aiwass made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904.

Thothian-Annunaki language that is based on Enochian language of the Original Creational God Code was given to Crowley at the turn of the century in order for him to be the human embodiment that was necessary to bring this black magic language into the physical earth realms, which continued the Atlantian brotherhood war and it’s Atlantian Conspiracy into this reality system. Crowley was manipulated through his own massive ego, patriarchal superiority, greed, egomaniacal selfishness and sexual deviance to install a vast circulatory system of Ley Lines of control for NAA interests. This is synonymous with the base structure used by satanic forces, which run the reversal energies into black magic grids. He was groomed in the United Kingdom (the location of the last of the lost Atlantian colonies from 11,500 years ago) with the government heads mentoring him to be in special operation for the Black Sun Program and the Sons of Belial forces, which were trained by the British Secret Service. He was a primary operative used for directing psychological-spiritual warfare for the purpose of mind controlling Hitler for the Black Sun Programs and received much earthly power for his cooperation, on multiple dimensions. He was one of the first intelligence operatives that set a precedence for black operations to develop psionic abilities mixed with black magic in order to kill targets remotely.

Thus, Crowley was used to install and help run a series of portals and grid networks that allowed the Draco to get access into the planetary field and this system of collective consciousness black magic grids, is what has been controlling the United States money supply since 1912. The members of the Federal Reserve Board and those running the black magic money system are essentially sorcerers. They have set up legal ways to conjure wealth out of nothing and decide how to distribute it at will, to control the global economy according to their desires. Over time the reversals in the money supply accumulated into increasing chaotic and negative patterns that activated Egyptian Money Curses. Many of us have seen what intense greed and love of money can do to a person, as they turn into a shadow creature. The manipulation of black magic in the money supply and conjuring the world of forces for Service to Self purposes without regard for the consent or consequence on others, was designed to increase world slavery and bring in the anti-Christ forces. Thus at the higher games of power and control required to accumulate massive wealth, it’s easy to get possessed by these dark forces and then perform a necessary role that helps the NAA serve their genocidal agendas.

Money Curses

Every time we touch money or exchange money we have been dealing with Egyptian Curses and anti-human Black Magic, that is designed as a consciousness trap in materialism. We have been born into a debt based structure that has been enslaved by something ancient that has been hidden from everybody, yet is everywhere, and we can’t get away from it, because it interwoven into all the pillars of society. Currently humans do not have many alternatives in fully detaching ourselves from the necessity of paying for our basic human needs, so the first step in empowering ourselves is to understand exactly what this debt based currency is designed for and refuse to be in consent with its origins.

The Egyptian overlays that represent the full scale alien invasion that began humanities false written history is encoded into the value of the debt currency. It is embedded in the stock market, running the banking system, and entangled in everything that we have to pay for, rent, bills, all of the obligation of debt that directs us energetically into the exact point of our enslavement that began with an Egyptian Curse. The primary energy force that is harvested from human beings to maintain power in these small groups of Power Elite behind the main governing financial structures, are drawing upon a regular source of magical power from the NAA invasion and Egyptian timelines. By doing that they circulate more karmic exhaust and more black magic curse, the more people feed into the monetary enslavement structure.

Thus, the global currency is designed to gather massive wealth toward those who use the Service to Self and Anti-Christ pattern, while repelling it away from those who are truly in Service to Others and Krystic. However, it is important to note that this control system is not nearly as powerful since 2012, and much of the black magic currency is not as strong in repelling, as they lose control over earth territory. Once we understand the money system and how it works, we can become freed from its black magic and negative effects, without being infiltrated by its design. First we have to give up all fear based motivations that serve materialism and money as our god, and put our full trust in our spiritual service and relationship with the natural laws of God. When we lead from our heart, we know that as a byproduct of our dedicated service in natural law, we are provided for and can build prosperity. We were not naturally born into poverty consciousness, we were programmed to be a slave and accept poverty consciousness. Our spiritual self comes first, and we must live true to ourselves in order to free ourselves from the fear of death and the slavery program in poverty consciousness.

The Importance of Fair Value Exchange

As we evolve into the new paradigm and begin to update the meaning behind currency exchange and payment systems, we are in a transition towards evolving a new economic model. We are going to need to begin to practice that model in our day to day lives in order to apply it effectively. It is unlikely that the concept of currency will cease to exist in our lifetime on the earth, so we need to think about a type of currency that honors and cares for humanity, adds incentives for personal merit, virtues, expertise and ethical qualities, while supporting the earth and placing the highest value upon life. Behind the scenes there are alternative currencies in play for ensuring global stabilization of the nations’ economies, yet the infighting within the cabals is raging over the perceived loss of territory and power.

Money or currency represents something of value, both at energetic levels and tangible levels. The paper or coin has no value outside of what it represents to that society. Money or currency translates into some tangible creation, service or achievement that the recipient of the money has generated in a value exchange through directing their own personal time and energy. Money represents the accumulated value of services and contributions that help to ensure the entire wellbeing of the community. We must spread that value and service to others, in order to keep circulating the money-energy to exchange with others that also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community in their own ways. When we value human beings and what they contribute, the value is embedded in the work, service or product that is exchanged. The money received should represent the fair value exchange of that work.  Money received represents the value of your work, time, energy, talents and contribution, when you spend that money you are letting go of the value created and honoring the value another person has created. We exchange our value for another person’s value and that circulates exchanges of energy between people and systems of energy.  In order to function fairness, ethical conduct and trustworthiness is critical in that there is a fair distribution of resources between all parties involved that is based upon the time and effort made. Equity in a system means that there is a direct link between the value associated with one person’s actions and the value associated with another person’s actions. All people are component parts of the entire system of energy that is equally valued for their contribution, and this is needed to function well. Communities or systems of energy in organizations rely on collaboration, cooperation, and fair value exchange, in order to thrive as a community resource and remain available to those who value and participate with it.

In the current debt based monetary system, most people do not have value for themselves. They have no value or appreciation for others or their hard work, or the time and effort it takes in directing energy and effort towards something being created. When people do not hold value for energy or for others time and efforts, through self-entitlement or lack of value in themselves they become energy vampires that siphon energy and stop the flow of circulation. Any system of energy, such as an organization that has too many people that are energy vampires or refuse to contribute, and that group does not hold value for the services or does not want to engage in a fair value exchange, the overall energy drain can kill the organization. The organization or service becomes unsupportable with too many people that refuse to circulate a fair value exchange.  This is why it’s critical to weed out energy vampires, and re-educate them beyond poverty consciousness to learn how to be competent enough to become a productive member of the community.

As humans learn to develop emotional competency, they develop self-worth and can then value other people’s time, energy and efforts in order to contribute. This energetic concept is crucial to understand in any organization. In the current 3D mind set, giving people free things that they have no value for is disastrous, it drains precious resources and is extremely wasteful and unproductive. The key component for humanity to learn in this economic shift is to appreciate human life and natural resources, while learning how to offer fair value exchanges that contribute to the whole community. To shift the economic model, we have to listen to what people need and not give them things they have no value or use for. Many of the politicians in power are totally out of touch with what people really need in order to have an increased quality of life. When we orientate ourselves to be of service to the whole and we cultivate our talents and act authentically, caring for others and applying effort to improve ourselves, it is a natural byproduct to manifest more prosperity and happiness.

Flourishing in the New Energy

As we may be dismantled from the old anti-life structures that have pervaded the economic system, to be successful going forward we have to transform our personal values in the ways we have exchanged our energy and our currency. We have the opportunity to realign currency with what we truly value, and to direct it in ways that support life force, peace and prosperity. Even if we have pennies to our name, we have to value our selves and others without resentment or bitterness. We have to learn the strength and discipline in maintaining fearlessness in the now moment, and not hoard things from fears of poverty consciousness. This experience of feeling financially insecure, although it can feel terrifying, teaches us to learn how to be inner directed and cultivate our spiritual connection to lead us forward, first and foremost. If we master this uncertain state by maintaining peace and calm, we can listen to guidance and be led in the right direction. Patience is required as delayed gratification teaches the ego that it is not in control anymore.

The creation of new currency formats will be explored and developed much more progressively during this phase of transition. The recent changes in the new energy architecture since the end of 2012, will finally support balanced energy exchange for those human beings that sincerely support goods and services with intentional humanitarian values. We have to better understand the corruption and satanic ritual used to control the world money supply and consciously override its control over us. Learning to bless our selves and bless money, while changing our values about money, is a potent way to begin to positively change the distribution of money supply that we have right now.

There are some common ground rules to understand going forward, in learning that you will be provided for when you commit to serve your spiritual values through a Service to Others orientation. Even when it may look dismal and impossible on the external.  Sometimes you may feel that you are in a dead end job so you can spend your free time developing your inner knowledge and clarity of self. Getting past poverty consciousness fears and clearing feelings of dependency on materialism may take some time. Becoming aware of where there are weak spots, where there is poverty consciousness, is the first step in learning to strengthen your self to face these fears and go beyond them. If you are in a forced hiatus in earning revenue, reflect on how you can create value exchange with humans that value life force. Refocus and revalue all poverty thought forms as not your own, but as reptilian mind control in order to engineer a slave race. Override those thoughts with feelings and inspirations of freedom, creativity and untapped human potentials as inner sustaining life force expressing through your mind, body and spirit.

Here are some guidelines to remember in creating value exchange currency in the new energy architecture:

  • Intend to establish a clear value exchange and purpose in all professional and personal relationships.
  • Honor all transactions you make as win-win scenarios, rather than winner-loser.
  • Be fearless with parting with currency or money in every transaction, even if it’s bills.
  • Develop better communication skill and open the dialogue for absolute clarity with exchanges and expectations that may be discussed beforehand, between parties involved.
  • Payment given is intentionally exchanged at full 100% value of currency transacted. Do not devalue who you are paying or the service and goods you are paying for.
  • Set the intention to receive currency from only those who truly value you and your service.
  • Bless and sanctify all resources that you have with an appreciation for Life. Be grateful.
  • If a payment is received with negative energy or devaluation, bless the transaction at 100% value and release the negativity cords between the parties exchanged.

The way exchanges based on poverty consciousness were commonly made in the past, such as vampirism deals, selling your soul for money, deceit or manipulation to suck something out of another is not tolerated. Dressing up a product you do not believe in or doing work that is not aligned to your personal or spiritual development will be felt as dead energy. If we do not address the dead energy, we may have energetic consequences to that decision. Achieving a healthy self-esteem and personal worth by aligning ourselves to soul worthy goals and inspirations is our daily practice of revaluing our personal priorities. The good news is that we do have every support in the Universe to help us make these profound shifts into a supportive and loving outcome. We must understand that we are being asked to raise the bar. This year is going to increase the intensity to transform the old order and this will target the economic structure and money supply. Do not let this scare you, stay awake as we walk through the Dark Night on the planet, knowing this is a necessary part of the transformation.  Revalue your priorities and revalue yourself.

When it gets Tough, Focus on the Four Pillars

2017 is going to be an intense year and it may get rougher in the worldscape. As a result, we may need to grow a thicker skin but retain our heart softness with practicing compassion and empathy. Given all the various challenges we face today as a part of the human race, it is clear we have no real control over the external, the larger environment or the outcome. This means we must change all of our priorities to value the internal and intrinsic parts of ourselves, as the most critical parts to preserve and to feel happiness. This means a lot of what we can control is how we think and what we move towards. Most of our happiness relies on our personal attitudes. No matter who we are and what level of spiritual development we have, all humans can relate to these pillars in order to remember how we each can find happiness, while seeing or experiencing personal or global turmoil.

The Four Pillars for being Happy:

EXPANSION: Focus on personal growth towards spiritual authenticity and having a variation of life experiences to create that expansion.

CONNECTION: Having meaningful human relationships and cultivating deep connections in our life.

GRATITUDE: Practice appreciation and gratitude for what you have every day.

SERVICE: Being of Service and making contributions to the larger whole, making a difference.

Happiness and gratitude is an attitude that we all can create more of every day. There are many things that we are facing in the world today and in our own lives that are challenging and painful. This fact does not have to change one’s ability to feel happy every day of our life, even while seeing the larger picture. As we become more expanded in our personal growth we begin to experience the feelings of connection with all of life, and we then can choose to be grateful that we can make a difference through our intentional service to the whole.

Slow and Steady and Easy

It will be up to each of us to use our wisdom and discernment and really feel where new levels of change can be made in our lives.  It feels like there will be more opportunities in this next year to make value exchanges that increase the quality and value of our life, even while it may feel like a tumultuous time in our life.  We have support and we have the ability to increase value in ways that we did not before.  Even though it may not look that way on the outside, we do have more life force available to use now.  Having gratitude for what we have helps to multiply the value that we bring to out lives, and is a part of exchanging and bringing more value to it.

We will have to discipline ourselves not to fall prey to the pundits that the world is crumbling.  There will be a lot of noise and distraction.  Do not fall prey to the service to self-hypnosis. Service to Others is becoming more anchored as the Law of Structure at the end of 2017.  Realize there is enough for everyone and integrate this understanding into how you look at things.  What ever we are doing to create income, knowing where the tentacles and consciousness traps are will help us avoid the pitfalls of drama and fear.  Following the Law of One and Service to Others allows the Universe to return those resources to us, where it cannot if we are caught in consciousness traps.  As we uphold personal value and spiritual integrity, and collaborate with spiritual forces in the coming year, try not to place any conditions on how any of it plays out.  It never looks like what we expect, and the most aligned options often come at the 11th hour.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. May we pray together for Peace on Earth in 2017. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa



This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.
The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
Lisa Renee


Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous “kundalini” event several years ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Krystal Star and Aurora Guardians. Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Consciousness Technologies was experienced by her own personal evolution and began her transition into an Multidimensional Guide and God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is an Emissary for the Guardian Groups and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”. Along with the Guardian Groups, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Ascension Guide, Planet Gridworker, Starseed Advocate, Humanitarian, Writer, and Etheric surgeon.


Energetic Synthesis Newsletters and Alerts are free and donation based. Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering information on the web site and through the latest newsletter.

Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright notice (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA) and include the ES website url. www.energeticsynthesis.com


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The Trinity Lords’ Seven Seals of Magnetic Resonance

Two hour tele/webinar conference session with Anrita Melchizedek
$33(Approximately €30.00/ £25.00/R420)

Saturday January 21st 2017
6pm GMT, 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST
London/Lisbon 6pm, Johannesburg 8pm, LA 10am, New York 1pm, Sydney 5am (January 22nd)

As we deepen into this Year of Wisdom and the pathway of Divine Love, the Trinity Lords’ come forward with their Shield of Light as a spinning disc to “open and activate” the Seals of Magnetic Resonance through the chakras and energy bodies. Once activated, the magnetic resonance of these seals act as Light waves of Crystalline Consciousness, as we transmit and receive as conduits of Divine Light through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, amplifying and increasing the field of magnetism for ourselves and all Life upon this sacred earth. Additionally entrainment of lower frequency vibrations occurs as we transmute all misaligned energies and imbalances back to Love, harmony and the perfect frequency for our own unique energy and the collective consciousness of Mother Earth.

These Seven Seals can be further understood as pre-destined awakening codes within the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint in the Creation of the I Am Avatar Body of Light. As each Seal is opened and activated through our chakras, energy bodies and Divine KA Body of Light, all aspects of are wounded Soul energy are aligned deeper into the embrace of the Divine Light of Mother/Father God.

Through the wisdom of our Higher Mind and the Divine Love of our Christed Hearts, we understanding that each perceived challenge we have experienced along the karmic timelines is an Initiation of Light, taken only by the most courageous, sacred Master Beings of Light, to affect and create change for all Life on this sacred earth.

And now, with the new geometric and numerically templates being experienced through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and the creative impulsings of our heart’s dreaming in Service to Mother Earth, we are deepening into the I Am Avatar Consciousness, while drawing upon the New Earth Templates in complete trust and surrender to Life. As we experience the I Am Avatar Consciousness, the collective Higher Light of all awakened Souls on this sacred earth, we draw to us in magnetic resonance all that we are needing for the next level of our Service work. Through our own gifts and the gifts of others, we come together in community and like-vibration as One Unified Cosmic Field of Divine Love, with a deepening sense of synchronicity and a new flow of grace and ease.

We start by activating the Trinity Lord’s Shield of Light through the chakras, bringing in our Diamond Sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter in around us, and the imprinting’s of the Fruit of Life, Metatron’s Cube and the Tree of Light.

From here, we activate our Light Body/Merkaba field as we enter into the Temple of Initiation of the Seven Seals Overlighted by Lord Michael, Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron and their Legions of Light.

As the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light in the form of a disc anchors through the chakras, we experience the opening and activation of the first seal, Divine Will, as it connects into the Physical Body. This seal, once activated, brings to us greater levels of empowerment, and the will-to-good. Simultaneously it clears and releases any addictions we might have at this time that prevents us from the full manifestation of our Highest Potentials as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Additionally the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, the Egg of Light, and into the Physical Body and I Am Avatar Body, the perfect Divine Human Body or Light Body.

The second seal is Omniscience, and connects into the Emotional Body. The essence of illumination and wisdom that activates through this seal takes us out of judgment of Self and others, into the Knowing that the highest outcome will always prevail. It also lifts/expands our Consciousness into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light and deeper into the mind of God, amplifying our unique ESP gifts and drawing us to us all those we will connect with along the Pathway of Divine Love. Additionally the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Emotional Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

The third seal is Universal Love and connects into the Mental Body. In the Knowing that there is only Love, we trust and surrender to Life, whilst embracing the wounded soul aspects and releasing the lower mind frequencies of doubt, fear and uncertainty. Additionally the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Mental Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

The fourth seal is Epiphany and connects into the Causal Body. This seal, once opened and activated, reveals to us the teachings of the Higher Mind and Service in Love. In remembrance, passion and joy we deepen into the next level of our leadership roles as these wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light, merging the Christed Timelines of our Highest Potential into this Now. Furthermore, we let go of aspects of the victim and persecutor consciousness of disillusionment as we remove the veils of illusion. The templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Causal Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

The fifth seal is Forgiveness and connects into the Buddhic Body. As this seal opens and activates, we are given the opportunity to release every remnant of misaligned energy that has created the reflection and play of the law of attraction along the karmic timelines; forgiving, loving and letting go of blame as we come into inner peace and a deeper sense of our Divinity. Furthermore, the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Buddhic Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

The sixth seal is Truth and connects into the Atmic Body. As the Trinity Lord’s of Light open and activate this seal with their Shield of Light and related energetic templating’s, the essence of Divine Equality and spiritual truth that ignites within us takes us deeper into Unity Consciousness, into the knowing that we are all One. We no longer need the dance of polarity but have merged all aspects of ourselves deeper into the energy of Love, detachment, observation and Divine Justice; no longer experiencing perceived separation or lesser than and better than consciousness. Additionally, the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Atmic Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

The seventh seal is Divine Grace, and connects into the Monadic Body. As this seal opens and activates, we experience a grace and ease and harmony within the body and energy field in the flow of Divine Love and the symphony of perfectly orchestrated events that takes us into the next level of our Soul’s forward evolution effortlessly and deeply inspired by the collective consciousness of all Life upon this sacred earth. Furthermore, the templating’s related to this seal re-connect through the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and into the Monadic Body and I Am Avatar Body of Light.

As we end this session, we are placed in a Geometric Divine Blueprint Holographic Light Grid particular to our vibrational frequency and the collective vibrational field of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, experiencing particular geometries of light activating through the chakras, in the creation and integration of our I Am Avatar Blueprint. As our chakras start to merge in one unified column of Light, we bring a focus to the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, the Egg of Life, within the perineum center. As the star tetrahedron activates within the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, we experience our Divine Blueprint re-activating into this new Templatings of geometries and Light within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Additionally, we experience the activation of the Starseed Crystal Gene. Our Starseed Crystal Gene brings with it the magnetizing energy through the Unity Grid of Divine Love that illuminates and propels a deep desire and enthusiasm to fulfill our heart’s dreaming and Soul purpose. We walk the path of Divine Love as these abundant, joyful, loving and manifesting Master Beings of Light, Divinely inspired by Life and all that it brings to us that the I Am Avatar Race. And so it is!

Come join us in this beautiful transmission of invocations, affirmations and Light frequencies Overlighted by the Trinity Lords of Light.


The telewebinar recording will be active so you may download or listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. A high quality Mp3 will also be sent to you within 24 hours of the telewebinar. A PDF transcribe will be provided within two weeks.

To make payment under the teleseminar link, via PayPal or credit card please
click here.

How does the Teleconference work?
If you would like to join this teleconference, click on the related link to make payment via credit card or PayPal (Tele/webinar with Anrita). Once we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the pre-events page where we will be hosting the conference. On the appointed day and time, go back to this page so you can listen in via the web, or call in via Skype, or your landline or mobile number from most countries.




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Ambassadors For Peace Energy Exchange Blueprint & The Gifts of 2017!

Mercury will be stationing direct tomorrow, the 8th of January, signalling the opening of one of the most powerful Gateways of Co-creation, Creativity and Manifestation we will see this year, and Goddess Venus has just slipped into her most favourite position in the heavens, in the sign of Pisces where she loves swimming in the majestic waters of her power and beauty this position brings out in her. As a result, she delivers the sweetest nectar when she delivers on her promises to us and in her position of exaltation she delivers well.


All the Almighty Benevolent Beings of the Supreme Living Light, every dimension of expression of our Supreme Living Creators, and ALL the Alpha and Omega Gods and Goddesses are gathering en masse to witness this ALMIGHTY opening of the Golden Gates to Oneness into the Golden Age of Peace’s Golden Template held within the Crystal Libraries in Shamballa whose interdimensional portals connect to the Ancient Techology and Crystal Libraries in the Middle East, and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.


Thus the download and upload of the New Earth Grids from Heaven and Inner Earth begin the final weave of Golden Consciousness into the Collective Planteray Grids as they currently stand with the amount of souls currently incarnated. What this also means is that now the final foundation that will ensure that the Light side of the Aquarian Age manifest on earth post 2022, be secured, and all souls who make up the old grids and old hologram of illusion make their departures too. This is nothing to fear. These souls have made that choice on a higher soul level and as they shift to a different dimension of experience, so are we. Some souls are leaving because their role of service now requires them to serve from a different dimension where their energy is better utilized in service. Some souls have also fought fearlessly and relentlessy for the Light to reclaim Mother Earth, and now need time to rest in the healing dimensions and Light Wolrds.


This is a totally new beginning and it’s time for all of us to let go and let the almighty Plan of Light manifest in accordance with the Highest and most Divine Plan of Mother Earth and all souls incarnated on Earth. The Promise of New Life is offically underway and now we must fully surrender to it’s flow without expectation, so that we don’t put a cap on what is being delivered.



This also signals the official activation of the 10th Dimensional Golden Monad Geometric Codes being absorbed into Mother Earth’s Grids and the Sacred Vortices spread across her body. (Her chakras) This is the onset of the 12 Planetary/Cosmic Star Gates opening this year, signalling the beginning of the Golden Gates to Shamballa opening to receive those whose vibration dances in perfect harmony with the collective Golden Blueprint of Aghartha, of which Shamballa is the Capital City.


See this as God/Spirit/Universe, which ever name you wish to give this Being, rewarding us for everything we have transcended over the past 9 years. If you have read this far, then see this as your confirmation that your vibration has ascended as a result of what you have transcended, and it’s time to trust like never before and give this window of creation EVERYTHING you’ve got. By this I mean, GO FOR IT WITHOUT LIMITS! Precious brothers and sisters, this is the biggest opportunity and blessing of Universal Light we will have access to this entire year! This window will ONLY open again in January 2018. How do I know this for sure? Because as of tomorrow until the 3rd of February, all planets are moving in direct motion, and will only happen again this time next year.


The Universe is showing us loud and clear that whatever we start now will bear more fruit than we can imagine in the future. Bear in mind that when a mother conceives, it takes, in general, 9 months to birth. Thus BELIEVE, have FAITH and TRUST that the seeds you plant now will deliver abundantly when they are ripe and ready. By doing this with as much positive energy as you can center yourself within daily, by January 2018 there is a very big possibility that your fruits are delivering on some great business growth and development opportunities. If not business, then some solid and lucrative opportunities in general. Or some totally fresh and new energies come to expand your creativity and energy, delivering a whole new way to transform and self-master.


We TRULY DO have soooooo much to embrace. It’s no longer a case of “so much to look forward to,” it has arrived and the Golden Gates open tomorrow!


This energy is delivering to us and our planet a new influx of Alchemy Rays of Transcendnce, as well as hyping up the current influx of Authentic Love Codes, whilst Goddess Gaia continues receiving the codes representing the eventual full return of her and our Golden Monad Rainbow Light Body. This process is already underway, and on the 18th of January, for 7 days and nights our entire planet will be receiving the complete download AND upload of codes from the Pleaides and Shamballa, representing the full Return and Emergence of our Golden Monad where Planetary Being, Human Being and Universal Beings establish the full integration of the Divine Code enabling use to understand this new Language of Love and Light we are now able to access and communicate interdimensionally through. The Activation Week is marking the completion of our current Golden and Emerald Ray Earth Guardian and Planetary Grids Project, before our next Project commencing in February.


During this week of activation, we will receive downloads and uploads of energy for our whole planet,  and I will be channelling every day’s event live via our webinar platform. Before each channelling I will take you through another process ensuring you receive your energies in the most perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways possible, and of course, in full and divine aligment with the Highest Will of your Soul. Please note this is a paid for event. If you have not been participating in this project to date, you can still catch up with the channellings already delivered and slip into the flow and join the activation week and serve as an Ambassador For Peace and Earth Guardian for the land you live upon and speading this awesome energy through your neighbourhood, community and country. This will also result in some powerful ancestral healing and clearing of your Family Grids, as well as clearing the way for your offspring and future genearions in general. Please click here for full details about this project.  I will publish all the details you need regarding the Activation Week, next week.



I trust that by now it is highly evident that this year is promising some extraordinary opporunties of growth and expansion which will also take on a whole new flavour this time next year. Thus I am very excited to begin sharing with you the many changes I have been working on over the past few months guided and inspired by Spirit in preparation for this time. My Spirit Light Team and I are presenting an 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme, as well as 3-4 month plans over and above the 12-month Golden Temple Teacher’s Accreditation Course presented by me, with Kuthumi-Agrippa and Goddess Akasha, marking the launch of my Palace of Peace Emerald Acadamy.


This newsletter will give you the opportunity to consider what option you’d like to take if going with the flow of our Golden and Emerald Ray Clan of Earth Guardian Golden Age of Peace Planetary Grid Projects appeal to you. Our Golden Age of Peace Earth Guardian Projects run for approximately 3 to 4 months at a time, enabling you to participate per project, or you can commit to our Extreme Lightwarrior Programme and commit to a full 18-month life transforming and transcendent experience. Please click here to find out more about what I offer, and click here to find out more about our Earth Guardian Clan and Planetary Grid Project currently underway.  Our next Project begins in February. This includes the beginning of the 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme. Please keep a look out for my detailed newsletter coming soon explaining the full programme. At the end of this newsletter I have added the details for my upcoming FREE events for this month.


The membership blueprint I outline here, however, doesn’t include all of my upcoming new courses which are paid for separately and published separately.


My Astro 101 Beginners and Advanced (Self) Master Class publication has already been released. Please click here if you missed it. My Advanced Class begins on Monday the 16th of January. This class is based on my channelled information, as well as channelling the planetary energies directly, receiving their upgraded and new signature sequence codes. These Codes are aligned with the dimension of the 8th Sphere which exists beyond time and space as we know it and is not bound by fate or karma; it is the realm of the Avatar. This is a once off live  webinar opportunity and includes one on one interaction. However, if you are unable to attend, no hassle, the course will be available to purchase from my website afterwards.


My Astro 101 Beginners Class begins on the 8th of February 2017. Please click here for full details.


My Relationship Revelations – “Creating a New Blueprint for Love” 8-week, weekly class begins on the 14th of Feb 2017. Please click here for full details.


The Emerald Planetary Grids Upgrade Project – “12 Golden Oracle Master Gateways into Shamballa” begins on Monday the 16th of January, and runs every Monday for 12 weeks. Click here for full details.



I have recently received my energetic activations to receive the Transmissions of Light from two magnificent groups of Beings who introduced themsleves to me as the Emerald and Sapphire Avatars of Arkadia. Arkadia is part of the massive Inner Earth World and has it’s Twin City within the Bootes Constellation, the 13th largest constellation in the night sky, and Arcturus is the brightest star in that constellation. These Avatar Beings function both off-planet and on/in-planet and are here to engage with us and help increase the rate at which we are raising our frequency and reaching self-mastery (Avatar Satus), as well as that of Mother Earth.


Because the next 4 – 6 years are so important, and because our transcendence and ascension flow is now in a much higher and calmer gear, we are ready to receive more of the advanced teachings Kuthumi-Agrippa and Goddess Akasha, Guardian of the Sacred Crystal Akashic Library of the Middle East are ready to share with you in channellings and through me when teaching the courses and classes I have put together under their guidance.


Kuthumi-Agrippa has given instruction that the new project beginning in early February 2017, is the beginning of the 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme I’m referring to in this blueprint, which is focusing on the full anchoring of the Divine Feminine/Supreme Alpha Goddess/Priestess, Shaman energy, which activates the full emergence of the Divine Masculine/Supreme Alpha Male/God/Priest/Shaman energy, with the energies being anchored by my Spirit Light Team through my husband Sean, and I, and our travelling team of Earth Guardians, in England, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden in June 2017, leading up to the full and final merger of the Sacred & Divine Masculine and Feminine, as well as the Alpha and Omega Gods and Goddesses, as we penetrate the 8th Sphere, and beyond, into the realms of no time in Peru and Bolivia in June 2018. This is when we take the Divine Mission Adventure to these powerful Stargates and Sacred Sites, with the powerful 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme energy grids completing on the 13th of August 2018, afterwhich our next big project begins, taking us to Mexico, Sedona, and Tibet during the next 18-month Programme. More on this in the next few months. Please note that I made a typo when writing the itinerary for England and Scotland. Thank you Mercury Retograde! Lol! We are travelling from 5 – 15 June 2017 with an extention to Denmark and Sweden. The itineraries for Denmark and Sweden will be available soon, as will Peru and Bolivia. Please also note that our Divine Mission Adventure to England & Scotland has provision for local residents to join us for daily events. Please check the itinerary to see where we will be and when, and register directly from there.


Within this 18-month cycle, every 3 months we will receive our Earth Guardian Upgrade Codes in accordance with Kuthumi-Agrippa’s recent announcement regarding these 3-monthly upgrades so as to be able to continue serving as a Golden Age of Peace Earth Guardian and not be affecetd by the trauma and suffering of the collective, and as we continue elevating our frequency and taking our lives and the frequencies of Mother Earth further into multi-dimensional living and thriving within the new world we’re now anchoring our energy blueprint within.


If at any stage you wish to put your membership on hold to take a breather you are free to do so, as long as it is after the completion of a 3 – 4 month cycle  “project” within the collective 18-month Project. And preferably not to take more than 2 breaks within the 18-month cycle. Working at this level ideally suits individuals who are able to manage such high energy work and integration thereof, and able to complete the full 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme without breaks in between. Time for integration during this period will be accommodated.


We have a number of options available to suit most people’s needs spiritually and financially. After all we are expanding and energizing prosperity conscoiusness, trasncendence consiousness and thriving-in-the-new-world conciousness.

Click here to see which option and package calls you.

If you are resident of South Africa, please e-mail michelle.palaceofpeace@gmail.com for our local membership blueprint.


As a result of the many opportunities now becoming available through my Palace of Peace Emerald Academy, Kuthumi-Agrippa advised me to create an entirely new blueprint pertaining to the structure of future energy exchange and options, as well as business opportunities for those of you wanting to teach my work as a Golden Temple Teacher under the Emerald Acadamy of Kuthumi-Agrippa’s banner. Thus, you can now choose a subscription/membership that suits your Spiritual Ascension and Pathway, and you can consider creating a business spreading these powerful teachings once you have completed the 12 month accreditation course, which comes with full certification.



I am so exited about the extraordinary developments currently underway for us and I look forward to inspiring you by sharing my energy, love, wisdom and work with you in the coming year and contributing to your journey of creating your positively abundant and prosperous new life within the Golden Age of Peace Template. Click here to take a look at all the current FREE and paid for events on my calendar. My next two free events both take place on auspicious Friday the 13th of January 2017. Look out for the newsletter with both webinar links coming to your in-box shortly. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter to get your free invite.


And last but not least, Palace of Peace Talk Radio is back on air for our weekly slot every Tueday at 14h00 – 15h00 GMT+2/CAT/SAST. Click here for our upcoming programme schedule, not to be missed! And please share our free and paid for events with those whom you feel will resonate.


May I remind you that because Mercury stations direct tomorrow events, experiences and communication can feel rather scratchy at the moment, and unexpected things and truths reveal themsleves to us over the next few days. IMPORTANT – DON”T over react or get caught up in the drama of Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, putting things in order for this new direct motion flow!


May we all positively benefit from each other’s light and love, and remember, the ONLY thing that is REAL is LOVE! and REAL LOVE DOESN’T HURT! It’s how we react to the reflections we face that hurts.


In love, peace and gratitude,





Michelle has been a Spiritual Entrepeneur, Earth Guardian, Planetary Grid Architect and Upgrader, channel and teacher since 1996. She is a qualified astrologer, numerologist, crystalologist and 2nd Level Inca Shaman, and is currently completing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Theocentric Psychology, and her Ph.D in Relationship Dynamics. For more info on Michelle, please visit www.michellemanders.com 

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1st New United Earth Star Alliance


1st New United Earth Star Alliance

In the Name of Humanity


 January 26, 2017

4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on Thursday

that coincides with the Rare Astrological Event: All Planets Are Moving Direct January 2017

Blue Rays you are being called, Starseed, Angelic, New Forerunner, All Rays to participate
with the 33 Blue Ray Anchors with the Whales/ Dolphins
through Sirius Star system

A conference call with the 33 Blue Ray Anchors will be held January 26, 2017 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time 

please participate worldwide to attuned and contribute your energies and receive divine Transmissions. Other conference calls will follow were we attune in with our different Star Galactic families of radiance
“Lightbody Upgrade” Language of Light, Divine transmissions activating the DNA Divine Original Blueprint. Each gathering and Conference Call will be serving and connecting to our Star Alliance of our star, galactic inner Earth and asecende races, where many are apart of the the human DNA.


13 – 33 – 333 Number Sequences – New Earth Codes


This happened very organically and quickly when i put on facebook and received the 33 Blue Ray anchors and was not able to get out email newsletter till now.  Next month will put this information out to you first. This has occurred by the new group of Star ascended Shamballa masters, i will call them, they did not want to give their names, that appeared and have shown me visions or other realities taken place or could take place. And since the Pleaidians of Peace arrival in their ships and in person in 2013, I have known about the Divine holy Matrix and our DNA electromagnetic field generator of us coming together in a certain way that is a divine technology and divine power. And this could not occur till now. The  Earth Star United Alliance has been in the works for some time that is in the Name of Humanity to activate and unite the Starseed, Light beares, Angelics and New Forerunners for ascension and the frequency shift, you need a voice, as so does humanity as this is why you are here, This is being over lighted by Sacred Divine Feminine Counsel of Inter planetary peace and through my lineage of the Blue Ray and Angelics.

Shekina Rose 


New Earth Star United Alliance in the Name of Humanity 33 Blue Ray Anchors

Heralding the 1st New Earth Star United Alliance


through the Blue Ray anchoring of New Earth Grids and Radiance “Lightbody Upgrade” Language of Light. These Divine transmissions activating the DNA Divine Original Blueprint will take place at 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

The Blue Ray anchoring of the Whales/Dolphin through the star Sirius will start this series of the New Earth Star United Alliance. You will receive upgrade transmissions for the new alliance of Light foundation and Radiance of your core essence light body activation to attune to the new grid alliance in the Divine Holy Matrix. We will make connections through your star lineages, Galactic and inter-dimensional realms. You will receive information on the ascension and as your lineage requires for this to come together.

The first conference call accepts only 33 Blue Ray Anchors online but all are invited worldwide to tune in and participate via the heart empathically through the divine holy matrix. More alliance gatherings will follow, connecting with the different star groups, races and light lineages to increase the support of the Universal flow to the Earth plane along with star connections and fellowships.


Your Divine essence is required and being called for by the Unity Earth Star Alliance in the name of Humanity. You have a sacred technology through your empathic telepathic nature that is a resonance frequency alliance. You will be the ones that reconfigure to the Divine Holy Matrix. Through Love, the light will realign each one, activating the radiance, the light bodies that will awaken other Starseeds: “The Teaching of the Star People.”

This light directed will generate a combination configuration into the Divine Holy Matrix, a divine grid of light, a system like the internet used by spirit technology that is not powered by electricity or computers but works within other dimensions out of time-space. In other ancient times, you used these networks.

You will turn on and tune into a gridwork of information where you will no longer need to be as reliant on systems that do not fully support the positive evolution of humanity and your sovereignty. This Unity Earth Star Alliance

All Rays, Wanderers, Starseeds, New Forerunners, Angelics and Light Bearers are being called and will feel the resonances in how they will play their active role. Each one of you has a specialty of divine alignment that will assist in the new grid unity alliance and ascension of humanity and is why you are here at this conjuncture.

The Starseeds, Blue Rays will be Wanderers no more, and will be called to anchor frequency through the Whales/Dolphin, star Sirius, the Pleiadian lineages for the Earth systems for peace, Arcturians’ new light grids, Ascended Masters Shamballa Inner Earth, DNA Radiance Divine Original Blueprint; 444 Angelics will overlight and hold the fields of Light in the heaven realms, celestial bodies with protection from the Guardians.

The Goddesses/Sophia/Shekinah/Shakra/Shakti-the sacred divine feminine essence-will bring balancing frequencies to Earth plane, twin flame and double helix through the Priestesses and Venus. Love will be anchored through all with the Elementals/Faerie/Tree kingdoms as witnesses and receivers.



Are You From the Blue Ray?

 For: 1st Unity Earth Star Alliance


Copyright ©  by Shekina Rose of www.shekinaspeaks.com 

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Ascension Tools for 2017 and Beyond by the Celestial White Beings


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th December 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

Transitions of any form require the embodiment and acceptance of love; the purest vibration of love from the Creator. The Creator’s love awakens your entire being, increasing the flow of the Creator’s universe through your being, releasing illusions and allowing true remembrance of the Creator to dawn. Love of the purest vibration and intention is a tool to assisting you in aligning your entire being to all that is the Creator. It is, therefore, valuable at this time of ascension to encourage yourself to recognise the wealth of unconditional Creator love that exists within your being, emanating from your soul through your higher heart chakra and heart chakra, in truth every aspect of your being. Recognising the love present within your being now will support you in realising that throughout 2016 you have been consciously or unconsciously absorbing love and aligning yoursel f with your inner love and Creator love. You will then be able to honour the love within your being and use it to aid the next stage of your ascension.

It is essential to take the time to consciously share your love energetically with your body, surroundings, loved ones, career and all you wish to manifest into your reality. In truth, everything within and around you. Consciously focus upon breathing love from your heart chakra into all aspects of your being and surroundings, let this love be so nourishing, illuminating and enlightening. Let it cleanse all illusions, pain, suffering, and anything that is no longer needed. This is a simple and yet empowering practice to achieve at least once a day as we enter 2017 as well as throughout the year. It is a method of self-recognition and alignment with your soul, encouraging your soul and new aspects of your soul to ground more fully into your being and reality.

This simple practice will assist you in three ways; firstly it will allow your entire being and reality to be aligned with your soul. Secondly, it will assist you in accepting the love of the Creator, and thirdly it will support you in creating the necessary shifts and experiences to aid your ascension throughout the year.

What Do You Choose to Align With?

At this stage of ascension, it is important to recognise what you are choosing to align with energetically, mentally and emotionally. Your alignment is your connection, what you choose to embody and what you believe in. Throughout 2017 it will be important to observe your thoughts, emotions, experiences and creations inviting yourself to examine what you are aligning with and how this alignment is of service to your spiritual evolution, wellbeing, and happiness. It is valuable to ensure that your thoughts, emotions, experiences and what you choose to create in your reality are aligned with the love, wisdom, and power of the Creator which exists within your being. If your thoughts are negative, your emotions are harmful, and your experiences are limiting you, this shows there is an aspect of your being which is aligned with unhelpful energies or habits which require to be cleansed and healed. Observing whether you choose to align yourself with the loving aspects of the Creator or the limiting aspects of your ego will allow you to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery. If your focus in 2016 was of absorbing love, then you may discover that this brings forth to you experiences of fulfilment because you have already aligned yourself with the love of the Creator and your being, so your experiences will manifest from these pure, abundant loving vibrations.

Tools to Aid Your Ascension

You may wish to meditate to ask your guides or your soul to share with you energies for you to consciously align with, to support and accelerate your ascension at this time.

In addition to your discoveries, we, the Celestial White Beings, wish to share with you energies we believe will be of service to you. You may wish to ask for your entire being to be aligned with:

  • Archangel Metatron, as he is anchoring and supporting the shifts or releasing of old energies, creations, and alignments which are no longer required within your being.
  • The Venus Beings, as they are bringing forth the second phase of their loving download of light and consciousness to the Earth and her humanity. The Venus love is supporting your acceptance of the power and presence of love, especially at a mental level as well as encouraging a greater majority of your actions in your reality to be born from the love within your being.
  • The golden Christ Consciousness continues to awaken more fully upon the Earth and within humanity, sharing its pure original consciousness; the consciousness intended for humanity to embody and experience upon the Earth. The energy of the Christ Consciousness is important to support your remembrance of the Creator and aid the integration of your soul with your entire being at a physical level.
  • Higher Aspects of your Soul, wishing to synthesise with your physical being, therefore you can align with the wisdom, pure consciousness, love, peace, happiness, expansion, power and truth of your soul, enjoying the energies brought forth into your being because of your alignment.
  • The sacred union, integration and balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you and within the Creator to assist this sacred balance and blend of the Creator’s energies in manifesting upon the Earth. With the purpose of recognising the sacred balance of love, wisdom and power within each person’s soul, as well as realising the presence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within all, (the power of intention and embodiment to manifest creation.)
  • Your Soul Group, (even if you do not understand anything about your Soul Group.) As your soul merges with your being so the wisdom and abilities of your Soul Group become available to you. With alignment, this opportunity can be enhanced and experienced more fully.

Take time to connect with these energies individually or together with a simple intention, following your inner guidance.

Ground Your Truth

Allow yourself to hold the intention of grounding in order to further assist and support the downloading of new aspects of your soul in merging with your personality. Grounding at this time of ascension can be a tool to aid your deeper connection, observation, welcoming and acceptance of your soul as well as allowing the new perspective of your soul to form fully within your being, especially your mental body. Grounding can be used to accelerate the integration and embodiment of your soul.

Imagine first your soul star chakra above your head as a beacon of your soul light, holding the perspectives, consciousness, and energy of your soul. Let the light of your soul star chakra beam down upon you. Then imagine your earth star chakra below your feet, it is like a magnet drawing the light of your soul through your being. Observe as your earth star chakra fills with the light of your soul becoming a beacon of light which equals your soul star chakra.

Observe Your Perspective and Relationships

You are entering into a stage of transformation as you merge more fully with your soul, this will encourage transitions within your relationships and perspectives. You will be invited to question what you believe in, what is the truth of the Creator and what is an illusion. This will enhance your connection with your intuition as well as inviting you to let go of habits, limitations and illusions which hinder the expansion of your soul. It is time to allow new perspectives, beliefs, opinions to form from the space of love and truth within you, which will mean that old perspectives, beliefs and opinions will need to fall away. Create intentions now that this will occur with ease and perfection for you and that you are able to make the transition into alignment with the perspectives of your soul joyfully.

Observe your relationships with yourself and others, recognise that each relationship allows you to enhance your relationship with the Creator. It is time to connect with those around you and yourself with greater truth, to ensure that all of your relationships are connections of unconditional Creator love. This process can begin by imagining that you send a beam of love from your heart to every person you meet or connect with. It also requires you to feel comfortable in your truth, self and to love yourself unconditionally, realising that your love ensures you are safe, protected and healed at all times. When you develop your connection with yourself and those around you from a space of love you instantly feel a deeper bond and embodiment of the Creator in every moment of your reality.

Manifest Your Love Through Your Actions

Recognise now and throughout 2017 that it is through your actions on the Earth that you can experience the wealth of love within you, create and anchor love into the Earth, as well as support the manifestation of the Era of Love. Create an intention to ensure that you create at least three actions daily which are born from the Creator’s unconditional love within you. They can be small and simple actions that support yourself and others in connecting with the ever-growing presence of love within.

Celestial Support

We, the Celestial White Beings, are present to be of service to you and to anchor our vibrations of bliss into your being, spiritual evolution, and reality. Please call upon us to support any healing transitions or processes you wish to take place within you. Our healing vibrations are always available to you, simply call upon our energies, and we will assist you in a deep inner transformation which will emanate into your entire being and reality. Our wisdom is always available to you as is our assistance for your soul integration. To connect with our energies simply repeat the affirmation, ‘I Am Bliss,’ while focusing on our pure white light surrounding you and melting into your being.

It is time to create, embody and experience the love within you in creative, blissful and soul inspired ways.

‘I am the Creation, Embodiment, and Experience of the Creator.’

With eternal bliss,

Celestial White Beings

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The Family of Light Holiday Message

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Winter Soulstice 2016

As we head into the Soulstice, realize it is big and will affect everyone. We are ending much duality and separation and preparing to fully embrace Unity and our sovereignty. Every year we have taken a step forward and are more than ready to fully step into our mastery. It is a sacred and powerful time. Step by step we have seen what does not serve us and have released it; thereby integrating more Light and Love into our being. We will continue to refine, continue to release and continue to evolve. We have an opportunity to ground our New Selves, leaving behind much disorientation, confusion and physical rearranging. So continue to keep your thoughts and feelings high and focused on being Love. We will also see a resurgence of creating anew our visions and purpose.

2016 has done a lot for us; even when it felt as if we were in such darkness and chaos. We now have an opportunity to bring to completion all that we have been working on. Still, it is important not to have wishes, expectations or attachments as to how it should look. Instead, stay in the Moment while you continue to take just one step at a time. In this way, you are guided. Do not project your desires onto the future, but allow it to unfold by itself. Besides, anything you project is based on past experiences or from your intellect and is always limited. Divine Order knows what it’s doing. This may feel so different from the past, where we controlled, made things happen and did not trust ourselves to be carried forward (as in advertising or marketing). As each of us commits and trusts Divine Order, we allow the miracles to occur. This is true Faith. This is Surrender to what is, which always heightens our consciousness and creates our life. Observe and take a step toward that which is joyful and easy. Continue to release the past, so the New can take its place in your life. Release your comfort zone and allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Discomfort is because we are trying to hold onto the past or project our past into our future instead of trusting the process. If you feel unmotivated, discouraged or tired, realize that this is preparing you for what’s ahead. What’s ahead is what you create.

Many of us cannot relate to who we used to be. This is an indication that we have stepped more securely into the New Now and have let go of much of the old. We may still have more to release and transform, so continue to be patient and observe. Observing helps us detach from the old and trust in the New as it unfolds uniquely for each of us. Release all judgment (and there is plenty to judge) and fill the empty space with Love. Know that within everyone and in every circumstance, there is Love.

So much is occurring in this month alone. There are continual downloads of Light pouring into us, activating dormant codes of Light, bringing forth new DNA and activating our New blueprints, which helps us to eventually see and experience new ways of being and new pathways for expressing our Soul. If we are willing, we can more fully release the old stories that have anchored us to the old. We can release old traumas and we can choose to only embrace possibilities, depending on if you desire that or not. What essence do you choose to feel? How we feel is what dictates how our new experiences are created. If you stay focused on how you choose to feel, you cannot create anything that is not aligned with that feeling/essence. You can review your beliefs; yet do not create new beliefs, for they will only create another stopping point. Instead, realize that all shifts. Perceptions shift as consciousness shifts. So it is best to choose how you want to feel. If you want to feel free, focus on Freedom. If you want to feel joyous, focus on Joy. If you want to experience more love, focus on Love. This is Soul/Source living as us. This is the purpose of ascension…to be fully immersed in Soul and Soul in us; as us. To receive these downloads, you need not do anything; simply intend to receive.

In this entire year much has unfolded very quickly. Much is coming to light, for Truth cannot be hidden in the New. Those fully anchored in the New see through others and circumstances. They do this dispassionately, often simply nodding their head. Much remains below the surface and yet, if you go beneath anyone or any circumstance you can see the Truth or un-truth of it. This helps to free you. One cannot be held in slavery if one sees the Truth.

There is a strong desire to change things in one’s life. Ignore nothing. As one stays in the Moment, they can clearly see what illusions there are and what choices they are guided to make. Some will see the truth of something and yet choose not to take any action, and this is, of course, just fine. They still see the Truth and remain strong in their own Truth, while honoring others who still play in the old game. An example of this could be how folks celebrate Christmas or other religious holidays. One may know the Truth and still stay in the game. The important thing is to see the Truth beneath the illusion. And some are choosing not to partake in these old traditions at all. It is all one’s choice. Just stay awake no matter what you choose. Whatever you choose, each has their own path as guided by Soul.

As we become more Love, we become more inclusive and compassionate. We see the duality of governments, religions, races and all those institutions that separate, rather than join as one voice and one Heart. We see the divisiveness of politics and choose not to take part in anything that perpetuates division and duality. In Oneness, there are no enemies; there is no-one to fear, for the Truth is Love and Love has no division. This is true also for the animals, plants and insects. Each one has a gift; nothing is better or less than the other. As we integrate Love into our every choice, we honor all of life. We honor the ant, the spider, the bee, the bird, the tree, the flower and the weed. We honor the rock, the dirt and the mountain. We honor the sea, the stream and the waters that run beneath the Earth. We are all One. We each are unique, yet connected through Love. As Souls, we honor all diversity and uniqueness. As Love, we give thanks for all of life.

Traditionally, the Winter Soulstice (for those of us living in the northern hemisphere) is the return of Light. I would say it is the further Empowerment of Light. As we open up to being more Light and therefore, more Love, we further anchor the New in our lives. As we end 2016 (in Truth, there is no beginning or end), we continue to evolve seamlessly. We continue to transform the old into the New and the only way to do this is to pay attention in each Moment. Then you can see clearly where you are sleeping and what step you can take to be more. Allow yourself to be simple and flow, rather than get caught up in the flurry of busy-ness that so many seem to be absorbed by. Remember that the New is about ease and flow. Gone is the old way of being swallowed up by expectations, “supposed-to’s” and going to sleep, allowing old ways to drag you along in your slumber. When awake, you choose. You choose by detaching from what others say you must do and be and from all the hype. By staying awake, you not only see things as they truly are, but you choose your pathway through the illusion.

The Soulstice is an Opportunity to further empower your Divine Masculine, whether you are male or female. The Divine Masculine is the creator and supporter of your dreams. It supports your Divine Feminine. When you meditate, place your right hand under your left hand with palms up. This is the physical expression of the support the Divine Masculine offers the Divine Feminine. As we awaken more to the Wonder of who we are and all the wondrous gifts of life, we recognize that there is much more than the sensate, physical world. We are the Divine Light and the prime creators of our lives. The Divine Masculine supports the manifestation of our dreams. The song, “The Impossible Dream…to dream the impossible dream, to go where the brave dare to go…to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far” is our quest. We are on our noble quest. Our Light ignites us toward our dreams and we embrace the higher meaning of why we are here on Earth. We shine for others and as we raise our own consciousness, we raise the consciousness of all beings and that of Earth.

We are anchoring the New; therefore, we must live who and what we say we are. This takes as long as we choose. The Light of the Soulstice supports us in our quest.

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Fulfilling Your Needs with the Intentions of Your Soul by the Andromedans


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 16th December 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

We, the Andromedans, come forth as a reflection of the truth that exists within your being. We honour your existence upon the Earth, wishing to add our energy and support to all that you create. Allow yourself to accept our light as it flows forth to you with love and blessings.

We, the Andromedans, wish to encourage you to recognise that you are a powerful being of creation. Your essence was created by the Creator forming an intention and then nurturing and embodying the intention until a manifestation took place. Your essence was born from the creation of the Creator, which means that you can manifest and create upon the Earth in a similar way. As a powerful being of creation, you have the ability to co-create with the vibrations of the Creator to manifest your needs and desires on the Earth. Fulfilling the needs and desires of yourself and soul is an essential aspect of your spiritual evolution. To co-create with the Creator and your soul, there is a need for you to form with your conscious mind or receive from the Creator or your soul an intention of what you wish to experience or manifest. Once an intention is accepted, then a process of embodiment takes place, where you become the energy of that which you wish to manifest. Through the process of your intention synthesising with your entire being, you manifest the energy of creation which holds all the codes, templates and in truth everything that is necessary to manifest your intention. It is the energy of creation formed that becomes your reality and experience, reprogramming your entire being to be in alignment with your intention.

‘I am a powerful being of creation, I embody and empower my intentions to form the energy of creation that aids all my intentions in manifesting now.’

Practice Forming the Energy of Creation Within You

We wish to invite you to practice creating an intention or receiving an intention from your intuition/soul. An intention is a desired experience or outcome for yourself or reality. Focus upon the intention, either create a symbol, affirmation or vision which represents your intention in your mind.

As you are focusing upon your intention encourage yourself to imagine, sense or feel that you are embodying the energy of the intention. Imagine that you become the intention, that the energy of the intention fills your entire being or that you awaken the energy of the intention from within your soul and heart. Let yourself become the intention in that moment so much so there is no longer a need to focus upon the intention; you experience a full synthesis with the intention.

Recognise the energy of creation which forms like a spark of light from within you, representing your physical experience of your intention.

Focus upon your earth star chakra imagining the same light you are embodying pouring into this chakra and into the Earth as a symbol of grounding your energy of creation into your physical reality.

This can be achieved as many times as you feel guided with the same intention or with numerous different intentions.

Allowing Your Soul to Provide

We, the Andromedans, are reminding you of your powerful ability to create and manifest because of the current ascension process of your soul merging with your personality. It is time to allow yourself to become attuned to the energies, experiences, situations, creations and qualities that your soul holds and wishes to manifest within your physical reality to support your needs. Your soul embodies everything that you need and require to experience a fulfilled, blissful and joyous life upon the Earth. Your soul also understands, due to being able to recognise the greater picture of your reality upon the Earth, all that you require to feel fulfilled, abundant and happy. Your soul is ready to provide for you, there is simply a need for you to attune yourself to recognise the energies and intentions your soul feels guided to share with you. Thus, you create a synchronicity, flow, and harmo ny between your incarnate self and your soul. This experience of harmony with your soul allows you to co-create with your soul, learning to accept the necessary intentions, energies and divine intervention from your soul into your being and reality. When you surrender to the intentions of your soul, you create from a space of love and expansion which is far more fulfilling and allows manifestation to take place in magical and unexpected ways.

Encouraging yourself to receive the intentions of your soul will ensure a fusion and synthesis between your personality and the new aspects of your soul currently downloading into your being at this time of ascension. With dedication and practice, you will discover that receiving the intentions of your soul for yourself and reality will become a natural habit which occurs eventually without you realising. When you recognise an intention from your soul for your reality, there is simply a need to accept the intention and focus upon embodying the intention within your physical being as we previously described in the practice above to further the manifestation and experience process. Working in this way allows you to open your channels to your soul allowing you to receive all your soul wishes to provide. You will also begin to harmonise your desires with your soul’s intentions or de sires. This will mean you let go of the desires of your ego, realising that whatever your ego desires will never result in fulfilment because of the limited and fearful nature of your ego. It is important to mention that the desires of the ego are not only material, and the desires of the soul are not only spiritual. The soul can wish for material or physical experiences, however, these will never be the end result, simply part of a journey to a goal of greater spiritual connection.

To work in harmony with the practice of recognising your soul’s intentions for your reality, it is beneficial to recognise your current desires, dreams and needs that are seemingly born from your personality or your physical incarnate self. You may wish to write these down so that as intentions flow forth from your soul, shared in meditations or moments of inspiration, you are able to recognise whether your personality and soul are already aligned in creating the same outcome. Sometimes a higher or more expansive perspective is required to a physical problem or need, which the soul can offer. If this is the case, then once the higher perspective is accepted energies of manifestation flow to create the desired outcome. Sometimes people upon the Earth have a need or outcome that they require to manifest, they feel as if they are doing everything they can to embody the desired outc ome, they will even say they are surrendering to their soul, and yet the outcome does not manifest. Although it may seem that the desires of the personality and soul are the same, in these cases they are not working in harmony. Otherwise, the desired outcome would manifest. It may be as simple as the soul is wishing to create on an expansive level while the personality is thinking on a limited level or that the personality is fixed on a certain outcome manifested in a certain way while the soul wishes to manifest the same outcome in a different way to bring forth a greater depth of growth or truth. Another reason may be that the personality is resisting what it believes is needed or that it does not wish to surrender the control it feels it holds to the soul. Maybe even a lack of trust in the soul could be the reason.

Encouraging the synchronicity and harmony of the intention of your soul and personality will allow for your reality to flow with greater ease, perfection, divine flow and fulfilment. Now and in 2017 your soul wishes to divinely guide and support you in experiencing a fulfilling reality upon the Earth. In doing so, you will further embody your soul and therefore exist as a fuller expression of the Creator upon the Earth. With higher aspects of your soul guiding you, anything will be possible; you will step into your power and realise the strength of love, bringing healing to yourself and all.

With patience, dedication and trust, invite your soul to share its desires and intentions with you, know your soul only wishes to create the love of the Creator more fully within your being. It is time to co-create with your soul on a greater level and with greater depth than ever before.

We, the Andromedans are present to support you in experiencing your natural unification with your soul and the Creator.


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The Final Completion December 04, 2016

Nama sika, Venia benya  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all who are here with me.  I embrace all of you who choose to come and be part of these gathering.

There is a great deal taking place upon the earth, as Shelly was explaining or talking about just prior to this conference.  There is a lot that is coming to completion, but often times when something is coming to completion what it is doing is opening the door to that next level of consciousness or that next level of vibration.

So while this year is coming to completion it is the completion of the year, it is the completion of the cycle, it is the completion of multitudes of different cycles that has to do with the energy of individuals that are in that place of persecution, that are in that place of abuse. That are in that place of being – whether they are abusers or being abused.

That whole energy and that whole vibration has really come up into the forefront for people to look at it and make decisions and choices of how this vibration or energy is going to be within their life.  So I recognize that as I say to you that cycle is coming to completion and most often people are saying ‘wait a second it seems like it has been escalating more and more during this year’.  It has been escalating.

The energies of control and manipulation are very much a part of the human experience.  There are those that like to speak about the way it was first brought into the human consciousness through the universe.  Not the universal Light Beings, but through the ETs, but the Extraterrestrials that were here Millions or hundreds of thousands of years ago or thousands of years ago that had come in with the intention of controlling and manipulating and building on people’s fears.

So this is the energy that has been in the process of releasing for the past probably 2000 years.  Those energies are not coming in, and it is not a new energy that is taking place in terms of society and what is prompting things to go on.  Anything that is happening that is in regards to this, the unrest that comes up with every decision that is made, the unrest that comes up because one side has lost and one side has won.  There has been so much of about that that is just a reflection of what society has been clearing out, releasing or in some cases integrating.

There is no right or wrong from my perspective as I look at it from that global or universal perspective of the earth. But I am working with you and I am a part of you, and I can see how that ingrained energy of duality, the right the wrong, the good the bad, the this the that; whatever it may be, has had a very deeply imbedded experience within the human consciousness.  This is why in the process of transitioning that out of the collective consciousness of the whole it has been a very long, you know, process of release and transformation.

Some people will say that even now it is not going to be complete, that there will be even more layers of it.  When you are living upon the earth there will always be layers of duality that are there in order to create the contrast for humanity.  The question is how much of that duality is going to be having an influence on the collective consciousness of the whole and this is the part that we speak of as transitioning.

I am gathering the energies.  I am bringing forth what I do wish to speak about and I do want to talk about what was discussed in the beginning.  When we speak of the indigenous people around the world and how they have all come together with Standing Rock, which is in North Dakota in the United States.  For those who might not know about this, in other countries, it is where the Native Americans are making a stand to say this was our land, this is our sacred land, this is our sacred water and we are standing here to protect it.

Not only is Standing Rock where they take a stand, but historically it has been a very important place for the indigenous people.  Multiple times over the years, throughout history, or for the last couple of hundred years, for 150 to 200 years there have been time after time after time after time in which treaties and agreements have been broken.  It has gotten to the point where this group of people has said; ‘this is it, the time has come.  We are standing here now in the support for what is our own, and we are standing in the support and the continuity for who we are.  We are protecting our resources and we are protecting our lives’.

This has tapped into an energy that surrounds the globe.  This is something that is playing out in many, many different cultures and many of these other indigenous people are coming to support these individuals.  Some in physicality going there physically, some through the internet, some through videos, some through many different resources that are available to people now.

So what is going to happen?  Where is this all going to go?  What is happening is that beginning a while back, this is not new, there began the unravelling of the support for those big businesses that have been steamrolling over so many situations.  You see it about your food.  You see it about the pipelines.  You see it about your resources.  You see it about the many different ways that you have had sustenance for your lifestyle upon the earth that is transitioning.

It is very interesting because as I look at this what is happening is you have gone from living from the land, being of the land, being nurtured by the land and supporting where you support the land and the land supports you; into the industrial age which gave everything the opportunity to be easier for human kind, to be quicker, to have things happen with greater ease, from your cars, from industry; you know on and on I could go.

To where now, as we are moving forward to this next millennium in which we are still in the doorway of the millennium, what is going to happen is that people are going to take that what they learned from the ease, what they learned from all these experiences.  But they are coming back full circle and going back into that simplicity.  They want food that really nurtures them not food that has been modified.  They want an alignment with the earth where the earth supports them and they support the earth.

We have spoken in the past; it may or not be remembered.  One of the reasons that the fossil fuels are dimensioning in the way that they are, and more and more people are speaking about the green environment and the green energy, is that the earth has given what it intended to give.  Now some people will say ‘well we will just drill differently, or we just have to find it differently, or we have to go deeper, or we have to go to this place or that place’.  You know there are many different reasons that people have for why they have to keep going on this pathway, but the time is complete.

The time is done and Gaia has said this is it.  The fossil fuels have been a surplus from the earth to support the humanity and the machines that you have upon the earth. But it was never intended to be an unlimited supply.  The fossil fuels that are within the earth have always been there as a means to supporting the earth.  It creates a pathway inside of the earth.  It nurtures the earth.  So the earth cannot continue if it were to bleed completely dry of this fossil fuel.  So this is one of the reasons why this is coming to an end. And there is no surprise that the synchronicity between people that are standing up saying we are here, we are taking a stand, versus those who are trying to perpetuate something that is not even going to last even another 10 or 15 years anyway.

Completion.  Now is the completion and I feel a great deal of emotion coming up within people as I tap into this.  There are alternatives; the wind, the sun, generating energy from crystals.  There are many, many sources that are not even comprehended at this time, but we believe in humanity.  We know that humanity has the answers. The Universal Light Beings work with humanity in terms of uncovering something that is available.  So at the end of the day, at the end of this time space reality, at the end of this now moment; it’s done.

We are moving into a new era that includes a foundation of love.  It includes that conscious awareness where each person knows that they are more than just this human being that they are.  We are moving into that time space reality of unlimited potential. Because when you have been in that space of fear, do you have unlimited potentials?  No.  When you have been in a space of trying control and manipulate are you looking at different potentials and opportunities?  No.

Therefore the time is now and I invite each one of you to open up in your own life to unconditional love from your own god source energy that that may introduce in your life the limitless potential that is available to you.

I feel such love for all of humanity.  I feel such great admiration for the lives that you have lived.  Be open.  Know that this is happening and know that these new potentials and opportunities are beginning to manifest right now.  They have already begun and they have been manifesting, but now is when you are going to begin to see it on a much more conscious level and one after another after another after another experience.  We are clearing out the collective consciousness.  We are sweeping away what no longer serves, which in turn is opening up everybody to their own potential.

I feel as if the Channel is done.  We are complete. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ahh.  There is so much emotion that Shelly is feeling. (Some tears in her voice and eyes.)

What so many people have been experiencing is that continuous experience of frustration, disappointment, that cycle of when is it going to happen.  When am I going to manifest what I want?  When is it really going to be here?  And I am saying it is here now.  It is happening now.  It is happening in the dimensions in which you reside.

For some people they are in slightly disconnected dimensions.  They are not yet in complete alignment with. But the key is that this energy is now becoming more easily available for you to step into it and it doesn’t mean that you have years after years after years where you are struggling through the 3rd dimensional density to try to get to something that seems to be unattainable.

It can happen in an instant.  You can find yourself in that vibration that you have been creating for a very long time and when you get there and it fits and it stays; everything will unfold.  I believe in you.  I believe that this time the clearing out and transformation is happening.

I am gathering the energies.  I am helping to kind of anchor Shelly once more as I am anchoring each one of you.  Oh there is a lot of emotion again.

Feel my love.  Feel my compassion. Feel my acknowledgement. This is going out to everyone who is consciously listening and watching with me, to every single person at Standing Rock, to every single person that might be homeless or in a struggling situation.  To every single person who is just living their life, but yet seeking something more.  This is a transformation that’s clearing out the collective consciousness and giving every single person upon the earth the opportunity to transition into something new.  There we go now I felt like things were just kind of balancing out.

Do you see all the people that are here?  Do you see all the Angels and Light Beings that are upon the earth?  Some are walking the earth as humans.  Some are walking the earth as energy.  Be open to feel.  Allow your senses to open up so that you may see more clearly.  Experience this.

You see here is another transition.  We did this all here in your everyday reality.  We will still move into the higher dimensions.  We will still shift into the All That Is, but it is important for you to understand that you can do this here, right now, in your everyday reality.

You have your Higher Self and the All That Is as a means of creating clarity, expanding your consciousness and for opening to your divinity.  You also can create in those spaces, in those dimensions, and let it trickle down into your everyday reality.  So too you can create in your everyday reality and seek your Higher Self and your Divinity to support what you have been creating.

Now if there is a disconnect in what you have been creating and your divinity things will be a little bit wonky and they won’t necessarily go smoothly, which is an indicator for you to shift and allow and release.

Okay now I feel we can transition.  There was so much energy holding us in this space, but now if you take one more breath into the earth and then you bring that breath up through you.  You feel it as it comes up through your energy bodies.  It comes up through the top of your head and you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self.

As you arrive within your Higher Self you can feel your energy expanding outwards.  Perhaps as you look around you may notice that there are old energies here; old projects that didn’t work, old potentials.  Let’s take a moment to clear it out.  ~whew~.  Just like you send a ball of energy rolling through, let it move through this space clearing out all that is here. And as you do so it finds its intrinsic balance.

You then continue to follow that stream of energy that is your alignment with your soul.  There is that thread of energy that aligns with you and ends with your divinity. So you follow that thread of light as it moves up and you find yourself aligning with your divinity.

Feel the warm loving embrace from your own God Source energy.  Some may have a sense of a door opening.  Some may see just a blur of energy.  Some may see what looks like a human and you are merging with the human.  Some may just feel a presence.  However you see how this is to be allow yourself to simply merge with these energies.

As you find your conscious awareness blending with your divinity you begin to find yourself just kind of stretching out as if you are stretching out your energy, stretching out your consciousness, so that you can feel more of the wave upon wave of unconditional love that is here for you.

This is you.  This is your source.  This is the energy that is available to be in support of you at all times.  It is never gone.  It is never disconnected.  If ever there is a perception of disconnection that comes from within the ego or your personality.  Feel this expansion.  Feel this awareness.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace all of who you are.  As we do so I invite you to open up feeling how my energy merges with yours and I amplify all of who you are.  Everyone shifts moving into the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is there are many different Angels and Light Beings who are here.

Even though this is not necessarily the end of your year the winter or summer solstice, or the calendar year; there is no time space reality within this dimension.  So all of these Angels and Light Beings that are here at this time are here because they have all participated on many different levels throughout the years, and we are talking the past hundred and thousands of years.

They are therefore part of this completion of this cycle.  Take time to walk amongst these people to look around at all who are here and know that you are a part of this energy.  It doesn’t matter when you read this, or you listen to this, or you watch this, if you are drawn to this experience then you are part of this energy.  Some of you are for lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime and these are where you can connect with the aspects of yourself in these other lifetimes.

As we walk through here I wish to facilitate for each one of you your own space of clearing out.  I weave together a pattern of light and vibration that it may surround you and as I do so I ask you to take a moment and consider not only this life, but every lifetime that you may have in which that control and manipulation may have had an impact upon you.

For some it has been cleared, it is complete, it is a non-issue.  You just shift into another higher light vibration that resonates with you.  But we will take this moment and as if you are indicating whatever it is we are just going through clearing out, drawing that energy in so that anything on any time space reality, bring it in bring it in, bring it in ~whew~ let’s clear it out.

Let’s take a moment since I spoke about it earlier and clear out the control and manipulation that is being played out in Standing Rock.  Anything that is being shown being it conscious or unconscious let’s just take that energy, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out.  If there are other spaces, pockets within society in which control and manipulation is being played out let’s tap into that energy bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~.

You can find the difference can’t you from when you are personally involved, it was a huge transition; to the more we tapped into things that may or may not directly relate to you.  The energy or vibration that is transitioned is not always felt as deeply or as distinctly.  But we are choosing to take this opportunity, meaning we as a group, you as your God source energy, you as the human in this lifetime are all coming together and you are saying I am willing to go through my lifetime, be it every lifetime, be it this lifetime so that I can clear out anything associated with that old energy of control, manipulation and abuse of power.

As you go back down inside of yourself.  As you look at your life I ask you are there opportunities that you have had, or have there been instances in your own life, where you have reacted to situations or you have reacted to others from that place of control, or that space of control, if so bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and clear it out.

You can feel the transition as it takes place.  You can feel that movement that is going through you.  You are this magnificent opportunity and now is the time to activate those energies.

So you breathe down inside of yourself again.  As you look inside can you open up to the next phase in your life in which the foundation is based in love.  Unconditional love first and foremost for yourself, but then unconditional love and compassion as you look out into the world and you breath down into yourself and you let it flow through every level for who you are.

As you look at your life if you still have those things that have disappointed you, perhaps people, perhaps situations, whatever it is, I invite you to bring up every bit of that; every bit of which you are conscious or unconscious in any time space reality.  You bring up whatever frustration, anger, whatever it may be and ~whew~ you clear it out.  You breathe in the love of your divinity.  You flow the love and light for who you are letting it come down within you again.

Open to this new potential.  I’m laughing because I have heard people say this is nothing new we have been doing this for years.  Okay.  Open to the potential that as we step in to a new year, a new year that is a new beginning energetically and cosmically that it may be a beginning in which you allow yourself to be the huge expansive person that you can be.

May this new year bring for you unconditional love within yourself.  Feeling the love, knowing the love, being the love.  You let that wash over you.

Look around at the Angels.  Look around at the people.  Look around at all the many, many energies that are here tonight.  Connect with whomever you would like to connect.  Feel the flow, feel the energy, and have the knowledge that you have access to limitless potential.  We can feel this flow as it is moving through everyone.

Okay, there are so many different symbols that representative love.  You’ve got the many people that use that symbol.  You’ve got the images of the Christmas tree and the Christmas experience, the nativity scenes.  You’ve got the images of the Menorah.  You’ve got the light that is represented by the Light of Islam, and there are many others that we see out there that we seek to send through Shelly’s brain, but light, love, compassion, whatever symbol that represents to you allow that symbol to come through you right now.

Open up and feel how this is the foundation within your heart and allow this symbol to be something you use in your everyday life so that you are constantly in the vibration.  It is not about doing good, bad, or in-between.  It is about the vibration that it emanates so that you entrain your own energies with that vibration of love.  Feel it as it moves through you.  Feel the power.  Feel the energy.  Feel the intrinsic balance that is taking place.

Now my beloved family I invite you all to come back together.  It’s almost like there are tiers, meaning layers and levels of people that come together forming a circle. And coming up within that circle is the hologram of the earth.  This time as you look at the hologram have the very specific intension that it is generating a greater clarity than ever before.  As you do so infuse into it love; love as a foundation, love as a way of life, love as an intention.

You see that as it moves through the waves and the energy of this hologram.  It is as if it spins in upon itself.  As it does so you step back and release it.  It is also infused with a great deal of energy from all the Angels and the Light Beings that are here for a part of this.  And as this hologram moves down into the earth there is a sense of an aspect, or a part of it, goes out into the universe and the rest of it goes down into the earth.

It moves through the collective consciousness of the earth, again ~whew~ clearing out the collective consciousness.  It goes down into the center of the earth.  As it anchors within the earth, there’s that alignment with the gasses, the rocks, the crystals, that energy that makes up the physical earth itself and then that hologram expands upwards.

It comes up through the many layers of the earth.  It comes up through the surface of the earth and as it does so it comes up within each one of you within your own life.  As you are anchoring within you everything that you did and evolved into within the All That Is. So too it is coming up within each human within each person.  It is coming up for those that are not here consciously choosing this as a potential for them that they may move into.  It’s moving through the grass, the animals, the trees, and the water.  It’s moving through all parts of the earth itself.  From this perspective it is also clearing out the collective consciousness.  There are still pockets of that energy that are stuck and then again we have that intention that it clears through all of those pockets.

You take a moment to allow your focus to come back within the All That Is.  You have already started streaming back your vibration and your energy, and your consciousness so you bring it back within you.  It comes back down through your divinity, through your I AM presence.  And then as you are bringing your expanded consciousness into your Higher Self it clears it out expanding things once more.  Then it comes down even further.  It comes down within you the person that you are and you become balanced with the energies of the earth and the energies of the universe.  It flows through you creating a greater balance for you and a greater opening that supports you.

Take a deep breath in and feel who you are.  If ever you think you’re only one person.  You can’t make a difference?  What good does it do?  It makes a difference.  You make a difference.  Be open to receive.

So much has happened tonight during this journey.  There has been a humongous transition that took place as a result of the journey, and then even with the questions and answers there has been a lot that has come up that almost like that teeter totter effect; as you clear out things and you bring certain information in.

So as you are making your choice, as you live day to day, again I remind you find what is going to be that symbol of your heart and that unconditional love energy so that you may have it as a part of your life.  So that it may be there as a vibration or as an energy that just radiates out from whatever that symbol may be for you.  Know that many powerful forces on many different dimensions are a support for all that is taking place and now is the time, now is the new beginning.  May it open with unconditional love and compassion.

Beloved family know that I am always in and within you.


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Nine Steps for Putting the Violet Flame into Action in Your Life

Source: The Summit Lighthouse

Set aside a time each day to give violet flame.

You can give violet-flame decrees anywhere, anytime—in your car, while doing chores or before going to bed. In fact, simply repeating a violet-flame mantra anytime you feel tense, tired or irritated can make the difference.

But you will get the greatest benefit from the violet flame if you set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to decree without interruption.

It’s best to decree in a place dedicated to spiritual work, such as a chapel or a well-lit, clean and aired room. Poor lighting, dust, untidiness and stale air impede the flow of spiritual energy.

On your altar you can put candles, crystals, flowers and photographs of saints, Ascended Masters and your loved ones.

Begin your violet-flame session with a prayer.

Before you begin your decrees, give a prayer, or invocation, asking the Ascended Masters, angels and elementals to come and help you.

The elementals are the nature spirits of fire, air, water and earth who are responsible for taking care of our planet. Elementals who represent the fire element are called salamanders; those who represent the air element, sylphs; those who represent the water element, undines; those who represent the earth element, gnomes.

They are only too happy to help us clean up both our auras and the planet with the violet flame.


Invoke protection before you start using the violet flame.

The Masters teach that when you bring forth more light, darkness is drawn to it, as if by a magnet. So you need to seal your aura with the white and blue protective energy. One of the best ways to do this is to invoke the tube of light and the protection of Archangel Michael.

Give your tube of light decree each morning and repeat it as necessary throughout the day. As you give it, visualize the dazzling white light from your I AM Presence, the Presence of God above you, forming an impenetrable wall of light around you.

Your prayer to Archangel Michael can be as simple as “Archangel Michael, Help me! help me! help me!” As the Archangel of the first ray, Archangel Michael embodies the qualities of faith, protection, perfection and the will of God. Archangel Michael has personally saved my life a dozen times that I know of and probably thousands of times that I am not aware of.

So give your decrees with joy and gusto and know that when you call to Archangel Michael and his legions of angels, they will immediately be at your side.

Begin your violet-flame decree with a preamble.

The preamble to a decree is like an invitation. In it we lovingly ask the violet-flame beings—ascended masters and angels—for help and guidance.

We generally begin our decrees by saying, “In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self…” and include our favorite masters and saints. Our connection to them is through our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

The I AM Presence is our permanent, perfect God Presence. The Holy Christ Self is our Higher Self and inner teacher who initiates and guides our soul on her path to union with God.

Here is a preamble that you can use and add to:

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray. I ask you to___________. I ask that my call be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God.

Give the decree slowly at first, then speed up as you give more repetitions of the decree.

The first time you give a decree, you will want to repeat it slowly and deliberately. Endow each word with intense love for God. There is great power in giving a decree slowly. But there is a different power that comes as you gradually increase the speed and raise the pitch of the decree.

Mark Prophet used to compare this acceleration to a train. It starts out “chug…chug” and pretty soon it’s going “chug-a-chug-a” and then “chug-chug-chug-chug!” The faster it goes, the greater the action.

As you increase the speed of your decrees, you will find that they are more effective in raising your vibration. The increase in speed should not be artificial. It should feel natural to you; the decree should almost speed itself up.

If you try any of the Save the World with Violet Flame! CDs, you will hear the correct way to increase your speed.

Use visualizations to assist your spiritual work.

Most people don’t see the violet flame in action with their physical eyes. But when you close your eyes and concentrate on the energy center between your eyebrows, you can sometimes “see” the violet flame at work with your inner eye.

To people who have developed their spiritual sight, the violet flame looks like fire, in colors ranging from dark indigo and brilliant amethyst to violet pink. You may see these flames burning through karmic debris.

Sometimes it helps to imagine this debris as chunks of wood or chunks of tarry substance breaking off from your electronic belt and crackling in the flame. They tumble and bounce and then disappear in a puff of white smoke.

Once you have memorized some of the violet-flame decrees, you can close your eyes and try this visualization.

A Violet-Flame Pillar

When you invoke the violet flame, you can visualize yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar about six feet in diameter and about nine feet high. It can extend from beneath your feet to well over the top of your head.

See the violet flame come to life as if you were looking at a movie. The flames rise and pulsate around you in different shades of purple, pink and violet.

Around this violet-flame pillar, you can see your tube of light, an even bigger pillar of white light that protects and seals the violet flame.

Keep this visualization in mind while you are decreeing and throughout the day. Every time you think of it, you are reinforcing this image.

Use violet flame every day.

One of the best times to give your decrees is in the early morning. You’ll find that if you decree first thing in the morning, your day will go much smoother. You can make a specific request for the transmutation of whatever mental, emotional or physical problems you are working on in your life. You can work on relationships with your friends and loved ones.


Use the violet flame to heal the records of past lives.

After you have been giving the violet flame for some time, you may find yourself recalling past lives. Recalling a past life is not something to be taken lightly. When you become aware of it, the karma (positive and negative) of that life comes to the surface.

The negative karma is like Pandora’s box. Once you open it, you will want to roll up your sleeves, spend your time serving life and make calls to the violet-flame angels each day to transmute the karmic debris. It can take as little as six months of concentrated violet-flame decrees to balance the karma of one past life. This is indeed a great gift that is given to us by Saint Germain.

As you give the violet flame, pictures of past lives may come before your mind. You may see yourself as you were in ages long past. Or you may just have the impression that you were in a particular time or place.

If the records are painful—and they usually are because your soul is crying out for resolution—you may feel sadness or regret. But you will also feel liberated because you know that as you give your violet-flame decrees, you are transmuting the records of your past karma.

When you become aware of these memories, do not attempt to suppress them. Instead, focus your attention on the light in your heart. Imagine the memory being saturated with the violet flame until the form disappears. Then let go of the memory and let a bright white sun replace it in your mind’s eye.

It’s important not to feel burdened by the negative record of a past life. We have all made mistakes in the past or we wouldn’t be here today. Forgive yourself and move on. Be grateful that you are here and that you have the opportunity to erase those records with the violet flame.

Once you start, keep on going. One step begins the trek of a thousand miles. Each time you transmute the records of a past life with the violet flame, you gain a new sense of your soul’s liberation. And by and by you will realize that you are taking command of your soul’s destiny.

Expand the scope of your invocations to include cleaning up karmic debris in your house, your neighborhood and the planet.

As you practice directing the violet flame to help others, you can begin to think of your aura as a violet-flame fountain where all whom you meet can come and drink. Remind yourself to always have that violet flame available for someone in need.

Not only does the violet flame dissolve your own karma, but it can also dissolve group or planetary karma that comes from such things as wars or accumulated injustices.

People have different experiences when they use violet-flame decrees. Some repeat them diligently for months before they have any confirmation that the decrees are working. Others get spectacular results the first time they open their mouths.

You can work out your violet-flame routine in communion with your Higher Self. You can add the violet flame to your daily prayers or meditations, whatever they are.

I hope you will know the joy of becoming one of the thousands of people all over the world who have transformed their lives with this miracle solvent—the highest gift of God to the universe.

This article was taken from the book “Violet Flame to Heal Body Mind and Soul” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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