Message from The Arcturians Source: Marilyn Raffaele

We are Here to awaken from the illusion of being separate
iu-3 Greetings, dear readers. Confusion and sadness continue to be a large part of daily living for many but it is important to not judge by appearances. The many current situations of violence and strife represent a surfacing of old and dense energies based in separation that have long lain buried and silent both personally and collectively. The presence of high resonating Light now streaming to earth is exposing and allowing these old pockets of dense energy to reactivate. Those with a state of consciousness in alignment with these energies then feel encouraged and empowered to act them out. Some of the violence now taking place is a result of the manipulation of information by those intent upon keeping mankind locked into the bondage and control that has allowed them to live rich and powerful lives. For many, problems and discord are necessary components of their awakening. Commonly accepted ideas, practices, and beliefs that result in fear and trepidation for others are beginning to be seen in a new way by increasingly more individuals. Previously closed minds are beginning to open to understand that there are better, higher ways of doing things and that many of the “old ways” are no longer acceptable. These insights represent a crack of Light in the dark that will eventually expand and become a part of the collective. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Stand back and bear witness to reality in all circumstances through holding the truth of One Power and knowing that this One Power does not and cannot express as fear, anger, violence, suffering, war, etc., regardless of how scary or powerful the appearances may be. Remember always that One cannot war against ITself. That One Power is who and what you are, not in your human hood, but in the reality, true essence, soul of you. It is the reason spiritual masters throughout time have guided seekers to look within rather than continuing to look outside of themselves for solutions on all levels. All answers lie within not because there is some sort of magic book inside, but because your oneness with Source automatically constitutes your oneness with all that Source is–harmony, wholeness, completeness, intelligence, abundance, ad infinitum. The true essence of every person is and always has been self sustaining, self maintaining Divine Consciousness. However, most are not yet aware of or even open to the idea of Oneness with God. The master Jesus was crucified for attempting to give this very truth to the people of his time. Once an individual has attained a consciousness of their oneness with Source, the inherit qualities of Divine Consciousness automatically begin to express simply because consciousness is the substance of form. Many know this intellectually, but choose to continue believing that living truth is an impossible goal, not practical, and “works” only for those more spiritually evolved. But… YOU ARE THEM.
iu For example; a consciousness of oneness with Divine harmony allows it to express as harmony in ways that are personal to each individual. Every person expresses their state of consciousnesses. Harmony for one person may mean something completely different than it does for someone else. Harmony for one may mean family issues resolving peacefully and without effort. For another, it may simply be their daily work schedule falling into place easily. Consciousness never ceases expressing ITself. Daily living for someone who has attained conscious oneness with Source, becomes easier because the harmony, peace, abundance etc. that flows from Source far outweighs any concepts of harmony, peace, abundance etc. formed through the three dimensional mind. Three dimensional mind creations are always and can only be limited, drawing information from the collective through filters of duality and separation.​ However, it is very important to know and accept the difference between needs and wants for self as well as for others. Everything humans seek is already fully embodied in consciousness by virtue of there being only One Consciousness–Divine Consciousness. However, most do not yet know this, as so continue seeking everything they believe they need from people, places, and conditions outside of themselves while believing that material issues and things are separate from the spiritual. Spiritual is and could never exist separate from the material because material is simply a concept, a three dimensional mind interpretation of the spiritual reality. Even the very simplest of needs are met when one attains a consciousness of ONEness. The completeness and wholeness of Divine Consciousness will express ITself as what is needed according to the understanding of the individual. A mechanic will not find that new ideas for performing surgery flow into his consciousness and the surgeon will not receive information about how to fix an engine unless that is the need of the moment, and then he will. Omnipresence–forms of transportation, Omniscience–getting right answers and solutions, Omnipotence–empowerment and strength to make decisions and live. An infinity of all good is the reality just waiting to be recognized. Ceremonies, mantras, practices, or anything meant to bring some desired outcome are in reality a form of idolatry. These practices are fine for beginners new to learning about energy, but if you understand these messages you are long past that point in your journey. Many hold themselves back by continuing to hold onto old religious teachings about what constitutes spirituality. No one person’s journey is exactly like another because everyone has had individual experiences throughout their many lifetimes which have resulted in the need for different lessons and goals. To believe that you must live or suffer exactly like some “saint” or famous “holy person” in order to be closer to God serves only to prevent you from finding your own spirituality. Energy was studied in the mystery schools of long ago, but some at that time were not of a high state of consciousness and discovered that they could manipulate and use what they learned selfishly. This is how the “black arts” began and continue for a few. Never fear these things for lower energy can never effect the higher unless it is given power to do so through fear and a belief in its reality. You may feel content with life, going along enjoying harmony and wholeness when suddenly you find that something very inharmonious has entered your life. This does not mean that you have somehow failed but rather that your realization of harmony as your own consciousness is automatically clearing everything not in alignment with it. Never claim a problem or difficulty as personally yours for this will make it yours. All error on all levels is and can only ever be impersonal belief.
iu The Higher Self of every individual directs their spiritual evolution but free will and human ego can temporarily block it. Because the human ego is rooted in beliefs of separation, it is often afraid, anxious, and unable to trust that there is order in a world that presents itself through experiences of duality and separation. Most humans feel separate from their good simply because it is what they believe, it is their state of consciousness. Remember, you are creators forming your outer from your inner. Many of you are fully prepared to move beyond duality and separation but any remaining pockets of low vibrational energy stored from lifetimes lived in low resonating energy must first clear in order to be replaced with frequencies of Light. This ascension process if different than it has ever been, because you are doing it while still utilizing a physical body. The mind does not always know what is actually happening with the clearing and integration process and translates it as pain or error. (ascension symptoms). Trust that all is proceeding according to plan even if it doesn’t feel or look how you expected it to feel or look. Once an individual consciously or unconsciously chooses to spiritually evolve, they cannot go back to their previous state of consciousness. Life experiences now become facets of their spiritual learning process. Making the free will choice to evolve shifts a person out of the level of “chance and accidents” that those living fully in the three dimensional belief system experience but if this choice was made on an unconscious level, the human mind will often attempt to block it, leaving the person wondering why they seem to experience so many “life lessons”. Making the free will choice to evolve shifts a person out of the level of “chance and accidents” that those living fully in the three dimensional belief system experience. Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need, and how to get you there. You have reached a spiritual point at which outgrown beliefs of the past must be allowed to fall away in order to live from a new and higher level. This facet of the journey is often difficult because you have become accustomed living life from the three dimensional principles that were taught you from childhood and have served you well. Let intuition guide you in all matters as some of the “old ways” are valid. Televisions, phones, advertisers, books, etc. shout out 24/7 “This is how to become successful, rich, beautiful, popular, strong, smart etc.” and in ignorance at one time or another, almost everyone believes it. Even after awakening to truth, these concepts have a way of working themselves into and remaining in consciousness because they dominate collective thinking. Stay alert to what you allow into your consciousness and do not feel guilty if you occasionally slip into old programming. Evolution is a process. You cannot fail even if it takes time for you to fully accept some truths. Simply keep yourself open and fluid. Love allows everyone to unfold at the pace that is highest and best for them. Some will grasp these principles and run with them while others may need time to ponder for a bit but the spiritual evolutionary journey of every soul toward the realization of ONEness never ceases. Limit news watching, seek quiet when you can. Meditate often but not in the old structured and rigid ways many of you were taught as beginners. Let meditation become a silent, sacred, and secret resting in truth while walking in nature, behind your desk at work, simply doing dishes, sitting in your favorite chair, or even in the midst of chaos. The whole reason you are on earth at this time is to remember who you are and then help others to do the same. It is a process that can be painful and scary at times but you have learned how to reinterpret appearances. The head of a flying arrow feels the heat. You the fully awakened ones, constitute the first wave, the head of an evolutionary arrow. You are loved. We are the Arcturian Group
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Ashtar: Update May 2, 2021 Source: Sharon Stewart on GoldenAgeofGaia

Ashtar-55 I am Ashtar Sheran with a message to those of the planet Earth. Reviewing your round table discussions, reviewing the news put forth by those in the know in your alternative communities, we must say to you that you are all doing a wonderful job in informing the public. News is being passed on despite large levels of censorship, and the message is getting through to many, not all, but many. Of course on the planet, you are not privy to all of the Light, and this is as I have stated before: because your collective can only carry so much Light as a collective. To provide information to those who cannot hold it is a futile effort. Some have access to more information than others, and that is because these pockets can hold that Light quotient. And this is the reason that the dark system has not yet been dissolved: because many are still upholding it. There are delays as we wait for more to wake up, as you say, and as has been noted, this is a slow process. However, focusing on and lamenting the time it takes only increases the delay. Focus on what you wish to see manifest instead and be grateful for every day that has gone by revealing to you the progress that has been made. With this month’s increasing frequencies on the 5th, more will join the Light and that is the case with each successive month. This is a process that you would describe as being “fragile”. It is something we are spearheading and being very careful about so that we achieve the correct reaction from the people of your planet. Obviously the evil ones are trying to create war. In doing so, this would distract the people who are still asleep, using your terminology, that there is no other war going on, and there is no reason to listen to the alternative news community as they are simply theorizing.
iu Yes, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Wars always draw energy, especially since they are displayed in vivid color on your television sets, the more energy that is drawn from the viewers, the more the viewers remain hypnotized and the more energy is put into the war. The DS knows that to start a war anywhere on earth can create a global war soon enough. They have started that way before. We are putting our efforts into calming these war zones and finding peace. We do not wish another physical world war for the people of Earth. The first milestone in the journey was the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which has already been implemented. Disruption and dissolution of the old Fiat monetary system is underway, and will progress as it is allowed to do so. The more people realize that their money is coming from this new source, the QFS, the more the old system will collapse. If one believes that it is what it always was and no change has been made, then the old system will prevail for them. Believe it. Change your thinking to align with this Truth. Which system do you wish to provide your income to you? You have a choice now. Implementation of the QFS program for the peoples will continue this year, and project monies will be dispensed on the provision that your frequency aligns with a fifth dimensional frequency. If you are not so aligned, you will not receive your project funding. Supplemental income is forthcoming for the people of earth. The exact date remains undeclared. Your world leaders are largely on board. Many of the evil rulers have been arrested and replaced with substitutes or they are cooperating with the Light forces. This has been well noted by your alternative news community. There is still a DS population at large, who are fighting to retain their power. They are still the culprits behind the sabotage, extortion and bribery, and these people must be brought to Light. They remain out of the mainstream but there are still others who know who they are and these others must come forward to declare them as enemies of the public. You still rely too much upon your mainstream news. Other sources must come forward to blow the whistle on those still working dark magic upon Earth. As for your vee’s, all is your choice. Unfortunately, some make the wrong choice. We are mobilizing med beds for public use however at this time they are being used for those doing service in the deep underground bases. We of the Light forces approach your planet ever more. Look up to see us in the skies at night. We are there. We are so close now. Your frequency brings us ever closer. It is the frequency of love for us and for all that journey upon earth now, that moves our ships to you. This is a journey of love and the wider your hearts open, the more you connect with us and with others upon the planet. Be at peace, all is progressing well. Remember we love you all. Adonai Ashtar
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From Your Hostess of Light: Sorry for the delay in this month’s newsletter, time was like slow motion and no matter how hard I tried I could not get the newsletter to form it was always just out of reach. My emotions and energies like most of us is at the top of the cosmic cup of coffee overflowing into deep canyons and emotional abysses. Empathically amplified like a speaker at a Kiss concert.

Feeling ones way around is not an easy feat, as one unrest is laid to bed and another comes to call before a deep breathe is taken. Everything comes to circumnavigate our soul and life, like debris from an angry tornado. This part of the journey is actually the hardest as we learn to walk thru the emotional lava fields and not get burned again. Everyone is awakening to a ‘living fact’ that did not seem to exist in their world before. Incorporating these new truths into one’s life, body mind and soul is a great feat. As we slide thru time more and more glitches in the matrix, so to speak, will show themselves, exposing a naked truth that needs to be addressed.

Each Dimension is like a chapter in a very long book, within that chapter is many pages that must be experienced and turned before one enters the next dimensional chapter. Belief systems in all of their forms flavors and energies are electrically charged and thus I become electromagnetic and magnetically charged two particles within the same spin. Like a magnet that seeks itself the holographic expression of these belief systems are found within the rooms and the Mansions of light.

All holographic bubbles of life are painted in accordance with our own strokes, thoughts and expectations. Matrix like in its theme these holographic bubbles of expression and energy are personalized and individualized by each human being. If one crash lands on a side of a Snowy Mountain during an avalanche in Alaska do they just give up or move through all obstacles to the other side of the white worm hole of awareness? As a human we actually do both, first me give up and then we get up and move thru it!

This past year plus we’ve all eaten a lot of dirt, a lot of worms, in a bowl full of Heartache, for the planet Earth and her people. We have ‘cried Uncle’ loudly pointing the finger at everything and everyone for the outside circumstances of our lives.  Like crystalline devices of remembrance within a quantum computer, we have the ability to hold many layers of information, truths and experiences simultaneously, creating a vortex of energy as all situations circumnavigate themselves, Becoming magnetic of nature and inviting same particle compositions to join them. In layman’s terms the Groundhog Day repetitiveness is personalized not universalized.

We feel Stripped Away of whom we once were and in that knowledge lives an emptiness that seeks to be filled. Whether by food or booze, sex or drugs and rock and roll, the spirit longs for a part of its self that it does not see in the schematics of the now. We long for what was,  like a free-floating astronaut that just lost his wrench, We reach out to no avail.

We don’t seem to fit the Energy or our clothes or our thoughts; just like Goldilocks everything feels a little alien. We all seek a landing pad, a place cemented in Hope, so that we can see in the fullness of time and understand as well as prepare for what is to come. The Hologram of our world shifts and changes slowly, like a merry-go-round out of sync and out of time. Do we actively seek our missing parts and call back them back to this shadow of our old self? Or do we just work on the sculpture in front of us? Just like a fairy tale full of breadcrumbs everyday we are given another clue that moves us forward into a place of knowing.

WESAK 2021

May 26, full moon

The first full Moon in the month of Taurus is celebrated as Wesak this year that is May 26, 2021. Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth/ enlightenment /& death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and left his Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders both human and hierarchy gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together to invoke ‘all the healing forces of the universe’. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of Living Light and the display of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity. The Wesak is like a holy pitcher pouring out a healing elixir to all that will receive. Wesak is the time these two magnificent energies blend together and become ‘One outpouring of Pure Love.’  

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks

I am she who breathes with you as you breathe in the hope of a new day.  I am she who gently closes your eyes at the end of a stress-filled day. I am the face in the Mirror and I am the face in the reflection of the future.  Look for my face in all life for it is there that I dwell. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I come to you as you sit in strength, in power, seeking serenity. For so long dear ones you have kept your true being captive.  You have kept her silent, and you have kept her in a state of expectation and weeping.  For so long, you have kept your true being in a dungeon in the very bottom  of your heart– afraid to let her out.

I ask you to stand fully in your divinity.  For You are all such beautiful beings – all different shapes and sizes, colors and personalities.  Dive into the pool of creation and blend with the liquid Mother.  Blend with all the faces of God that shine so brightly.  Blend with the cycles of the moon, of the earth and of your body. Blend with every part of you that you are ashamed of, all your secrets. Enjoy the fullness of your body or the slenderness of your body – for God touches and kisses every ounce of flesh that you are.  Do not be ashamed if you are too little or too large or just right. God lives in every ounce of flesh that you wear. 

Mother Earth knows what needs to be healed.  She will do this gently and with love. Be thankful that she is gentle and loving—for the earth would shatter and break apart – if she was otherwise.  Let down the hair of your soul and show the true beautiful being that you are.  Stand on a cliff of your life remembering those times when you called the wind and she came quickly. When you sang to the water and she quenched your thirst and when you whispered to life and she answered!

I come on this day to applaud the boldness of your spirit.  Do not let life and all of its shifts whip you into submission.  Do not let your very own creations make you barren of emotions, and barren of passion.  If what you have created does not honor you- let it go.  Resurrect what was once burned at the stake and drowned in the waters of fear.  I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

If I could put time in a bottle….

Time is like an old agitator washing machine from the fifties, keeping things stirred up compressed and moving forward in molecular confusion. The sense of being here and there is as real as anything else on planet earth. Stretched forward and backward can make one very dizzy and unbalanced. Missing objects are strewn about between dimensions, seeking a place to land. The plates of time will continue to rub against one another issuing Unexpected seasonal and personal changes. The playing rules of one dimension does not hold true in another.

Losing the past and disconnecting from the Now offers opportunities that could not exist otherwise. The new age, the old age, all age becomes unnecessary as humanity makes a U-turn into a place of reconnection.  The communication lines between humans are fragile and strained like a butterflies wings in a high emotional wind. Seeing oneself mirrored in others has become very apparent and most avert their eyes not wanting to see what is right in front of them.  The oneness seems minuscule as humanity huffs and puffs and blows the illusion down.

Time, stars and climate rewrite themselves in harmony with new laws. Like a change in speed limit from country town to town. Each door you open will take you down another highway of self into a multidimensional portal.  Fractured parts of human evolution now seek to be united trying to fit into oneness. This will keep everyone busy scooping up missing parts of self.  Each person is escorted into all faces of their atom. All Original blueprints are laced with future possibilities, outcomes and back doors of escape. To become your true presence you must walk in to the deep abyss of you.  Realities are challenged doing hand to hand combat. Time rushes by without a thought, as the whirlwind of dimensional change has us riding our bikes against the wind like the witch of the east.

Time cannot be forced into pigeon holes.  Time has grown wings and takes flight into unfamiliar patterns.  The sextants of humanity demand that time fly in a direction that makes sense.  All sensors of Earth – smell, taste, touch, feel – are changing values.  Do not take them for granted, and do not trust them fully.  As what once was written in stone as truth, has now shifted in agenda.  What you know to be truth is challenged non-stop.  The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting truths it is in overload and seems to be taking on a life of its own.  All of humanity is in overload.  All circuitries are burdened. Earth is at an intersection of new time and has become a clearing house of energy and information.

Nammu Oracle Crystals

Green Citrine Double-terminated crystals

The Oracle awakens deep within the heart of humanity stirring pools of remembrance that were birthed in the beginning of Time. The ability to Know…just know without a hint of doubt is birthed thru the Oracle.

Nammu was the “primeval mother who gave birth to the senior gods”. She was the Sumerian Goddess of Creation who rose from the sea and gave birth to heaven, earth, and the first gods. She represented the freshwater ocean which the Ancient Sumerians believed existed below the earth holding the secrets of timelessness. Nammu was the Goddess that gave birth to An (sky father) and Ki (earth mother).

The Code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest known recorded ‘law-code’ surviving today. It is from Mesopotamia and is written in Sumerian on various tablets.  One ancient Sumerian myth on these tablets begins by describing the way of life the little-g gods were leading prior to the creation of mankind. During that time it is recorded the gods had to physically work, “they were digging canals and piling up the silt in Ḫarali.” Whilst the senior gods (overlords) were managing the work, it was the minor gods who were doing the hard manual labor, most of this labor centered around finding precious earth elements especially gold which was going to be used to infuse their home star/planet with protection from stellar radiation. They would do this by releasing the gold element into their home stars atmosphere allowing the gold to adhere to the other spacial elements and create a radiation shield. 

Unhappy with their difficult life, the little-g gods began to complain and place the blame of their unhappiness on Enki, a major Sumerian god. It is told that Enki (apparently a slacker god) was fast asleep “in the subterranean waters, the place which no other god knows”, and was unaware of the displeasure of the little-g gods.  It was His grandmother the Goddess of Creation, Nammu, who gathered the tears of all the unhappy little-g gods and brought them to her grandson the God Enki. Like a good Creational Mother Goddess, she said to her grandson, “Are you really lying there asleep, in the world of the formless, are you really not awake? The little g-gods are destroying the world we wish to create.  My son, wake up from your bed! Please apply your wisdom and create a substitute for the little g-gods so that they can be freed from their toil!

Finally hearing his mother’s tears fall to the ground Enki woke and began to think about the matter at hand. Eventually, Enki decided that Nammu should create the beings she had proposed to him, he spoke and it is recorded “the creature you planned will come into existence. Impose on them the work and burden of building and carrying baskets. You should knead clay from atop the abzu; the birth place of the gods and goddesses.  You will nip off the clay and you shall bring the form into existence.” Thus, human beings were created.

These crystals allow us a gateway of seeing into ancient truths that still live in our DNA and the bloodline of humanity. They explain mankind’s obsessive connection to gold, always seeking it; Hypnotized in a biological fashion with the shiny mineral that is so precious to the cosmos. The life giving properties of gold that vary with the need of every star and planet. They align with the divine determination of Nammu the creational goddess and her empathy, her strength, her will, her love and her gentleness to persuade a sleeping God to awaken to a part of his heart and  the needs of others. As we go thru more and more uncertainty in the world, we feel that many times the God’s in all of the forms do not hear our prayers, cries and pleas for healing and a place of grace. The goddess Nammu comes as a reminder; ‘she who cares, will always intervene’ on the behalf of what is right and honorable. Do we have the balls to call out a sleeping god that has ghosted us in our time of planetary need? That is to be determined dear hearts.

These powerful Green Citrine double terminator crystals hold the gift of allowing your human heart to make a connection with all of Life. Green Citrine has a strong healing capacity and is especially helpful for deep cellular healing. Green Citrine encourages fresh new beginnings and quests. This stones energy is helpful in clearing and protecting the body mind and spirit allowing for a deep soul healing. This stone is believed to dissipate, transform and transmute negative energy. It has the ability to cleanse the body of toxins and regenerate body tissue. Citrine has the ability to stimulate the body’s own healing energies.   A good stone for clearing the aura it does not absorb any negative energy and thus never needs clearing. It is a stone of protection, removing and deflecting negative energies of all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream workGreen is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health just like the color blue, time moves faster in a green room. Green Energy has a strong influence on the heart and blood supply. Green is associated with abundance and giving. Its strong tie to nature is very important to healing. When using green allow love into your hearts and learn to give without expecting anything in return. Go to

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Council of Light: Becoming whole by Jenny Schiltz

Rff923ea82f6dc507ec049756d3d84fd0-980x980 The intensity of things have really sped up. The sun is very active and sending in lots of plasma to assist us with these deep changes. The Schumann Resonance is, the heartbeat of the earth is speeding up as well. I shared with my Aura Cleanse members that I was told and shown that Earth has been moved back on track. It seems we were going off in left field. They showed me an image of a lasso pulling the earth back into alignment with the universe and this is exciting good news! Even though the process of uncovering and working through all that was not in alignment in our inner and outer worlds is a challenge. It is still good news. I was recently in a meeting with the Council of Light. It was the largest meeting I have ever attended. It was as if all the smaller councils had gathered and there were many, many spectators.
In this meeting it was explained that the earth is getting ready to go through tremendous change. It was likened to a pregnant woman that moved from contractions like Braxton Hicks to full active labor. Here is what was said:
“With this labor is a mass exodus of energies that no longer will be able to sustain themselves in the increasing frequency. With each contraction the vibration on earth and within humans will rise. Each person at a soul level is being given the option to leave or continue forward. There are those that have reached their goal of moving from one vibrational frequency to the next or who have anchored in what was needed and this is enough. Contracts are ending. Some are being rewritten but those that are being rewritten often have end dates attached. This gives each person the opportunity to evaluate all in their lives and choose what is appropriate for them. No longer will one be caught in a never ending loop that keeps a person locked into a pattern of behavior and thoughts. This is very important as we would like you to understand that all taking place energetically on your planet is so that the unconscious is made light and in that moment there is a choice. The earth is heating up as is the human form. There will be changes made to the landscape of your world in the next 5 years. This change will be used to induce fear and manipulate free will. It does not have to be this way. If one feels the urge to move to a different location, we urge them to follow that push. Each person that follows their deepest urging must know that all will be fine, they will be provided for. However, we do not want people leaving a location because of fear of what may come. Rather, we want them moving towards something, somewhere, even someone with great excitement. Fear will overshadow, cloud, even corrupt the messages your heart gives. For this reason, we ask each one to examine their fears and do their best to not react from that space. What is happening in the human form is the braiding of polarity. Particularly the masculine and the feminine as this was the first split. As the masculine and feminine within braid together, no longer acting in opposition, an activation takes place and the polarity within will change. For some this braiding may aggravate mental health issues, depression and an overwhelming sense of the need to leave. We advise that each person look at their personality traits and think of what is the opposite. What is the polarity of what they are holding? Can they then make themselves whole by bringing in the opposite trait? If one is holding sadness can they then also hold joy? If they are holding rage can they also hold peace? It is the polarity, the either or, that causes much discord in the human form. It makes them susceptible to programming, to be pushed and pulled in whatever direction the world would like the person to go. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is not. It is through the duality, the polarities that one is vulnerable, one is susceptible to manipulation. As soon as one says I can hold love and I can hold hate and I CHOOSE which way to act, then at that moment there is immense healing.
iu-4 Healing will not take place by denying or pretending to not be the all. Rather healing takes place when one understands that You Are the All choosing to act in the light. There has been much damage done to the Divine Feminine and Masculine on your planet, yet the healing cannot begin until all the traits are seen, recognized, and understood. It is the shadow aspects within that are coming to light. For many this will be a time of challenge. To not get lost in the fear that is being drummed up on your planet. To not get caught up in the outer reality and miss the transformation that is happening within. The braiding of the Divine feminine and Divine masculine within the DNA will shift each person and could cause many symptoms as mentioned before particularly in the realm of mental health.” At this point, questions were able to be asked. Me: How do we assist ourselves and others through this next stage whether it is the braiding of the masculine and feminine, the first split into duality or the understanding of wholeness? Do you have any suggestions? _“You assist by really seeing yourself. For the good, for the bad. Can you then see that you also hold the opposite characteristics. For one who is not routine based, can they also hold discipline? For one who is lazy they can also hold motivation? That each moment is a choice. _ _When you have an emotion that could be considered undesirable, do not try to clear it, as it is part of the all, rather bring in the opposite characteristic. Each word has its own frequency, its own opening into your field. _ I ask you where do you hold war?” Me: I hold it between my solar plexus and my heart chakra, it feels as if it is clenching. But I also have pain in my lower back. “Very good. Now examine the meaning or archetype of that chakra and what the meaning of lower back pain” Me: Solar plexus is the place of the me, the human, heart is the place of the soul and lower back pain can be from feeling unsupported, taking on the world type energies. “Yes! Now bring in peace into your lower back and your chakras
Now if I say to you where do you hold joy? What area of your body activates? Which chakra?” _ Me: It is my higher heart and the area between my shoulders and around my head but it’s outside the body there._ “This is very good to see. For you see where you are holding joy outside of yourself not within, it must be called in. Not simply residing within the higher heart chakra of your soul. Invite it in.” Me: I invite Joy now to every cell of my being may it make a home within me. “Now look at the opposite of joy. We would call it sorrow or malaise. Where do you hold that?” Me: Immediately what comes up is my intestines. “Yes, now specifically invite joy into those spaces. Me: I invite Joy into my stomach, my large intestine, my small intestine, my duodenum, my colon, I invite joy into the way that I absorb life. I invite joy in now. “This is a very valuable teaching tool. Use it with yourself and those that you assist. Help them to see where they are holding one frequency but yet they can also hold the other. It is not about getting rid of one emotion It is about inviting in the opposite and then choosing. Me: Thank you for your help. “It is our deepest pleasure to assist humanity in this way.” I hope that this information and tool helps you to work with the intense emotions that we are all feeling. May we love ourselves completely as we come into a place of wholeness. Be easy on yourself and others. Thank you to all that share and support this work. You are very appreciated. If you have not already done so, please join my mailing list so you will receive this blog and other things via email. Social media has become quite unreliable for disseminating information. To join the mailing list, click Here
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Wesak 2021 ~ Become the Golden Beacon of God’s Reflection with the 12 Rays of Go Spiritual Meaning of the upcoming WESAK energies as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden. d

Spiritual Meaning of the upcoming WESAK energies as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden. As we prepare ourselves spiritually for the onset of the Wesak energies, it will take us on a journey within ourselves to experience all aspects of our physicality. It is a process to allow the dynamics of this Festival of Light to help us Emotionally, Mentally, through our Etheric Timelines, and in our Chakra System while learning to align within our physical vehicle with ease and grace. However, at times, it certainly may not seem that way. The three major Spiritual Festivals of each year take place during the full moon’s of Aires, Taurus, and Gemini. As ascension celebrations, they are called the festivals of the Christ, Wesak, and Humanity. They takes us internally into a tailspin of energies to help us realize that we have the potential to become more in this physical incarnation than we ever have done at any other lifetime. All of us that are on this awakening process will go through a journey of opening ourselves up to the Divine Consciousness learning to access the purity of our Soul’s Essence. It takes us through twists and turns so that we allow our Personality Self to realize that change awaits us, to become more aligned with our Higher Light Bodies known as the I Am Presence, and to walk with Love into a new reality. This does not mean that everyone in the world is feeling the same. We would like to think that all humans upon this earth can have this experience, yet, it is very personal to each of us individually in what we will feel and think as we become more aligned with our Divine Self. Wesak does just that for us, if we as an individual, are willing to open up to the possibilities, the beauty of taking the next step into spiritual awareness, and changing who we have been in the previous moments. The Festival of Wesak marks the spiritual beginning for the Year that truly pushes us forward, to look within, change what is not working, while the progression of our connection to our Higher Consciousness becomes the focus. But in turn, it helps to ground the new energies within our walk upon the earth. For all those seeking their highest spiritual truth as a Soul in this lifetime, this is our Spiritual Birthday each year. Such seekers are called “Initiates” even if they have not formally accepted such a title for themselves. This means that the Wesak Festival is an occasion of great benefit to partake upon even if one does not consider themself an “Initiate” of formal Ascension Mastery study. What comes with that transition is great transformation but not without its challenges. Wesak is a time for each of us as spiritual beings to prepare ourselves to walk into our next step as a Soul by letting go of the old thoughts that our Personality Self holds within our consciousness. It is a time when, The Three Minds, of the Conscious, Sub-Conscious, and Super-Conscious start to work in harmony with each other. It is a celebration of becoming One within the Buddha Essence ~ the Divine Consciousness of Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos who shows us the way into walking with the Masters, becoming that Master upon the Earth. The key to this journey is to always allow the issuance of the old traits within the lower personality known as the Lower Ego to relinquish control as an Initiate cannot aspire to the higher realms of Light without going through the process of Re-Birth. In order for us to become the butterfly and spread our wings, we must acknowledge that the process of the dying away of old habits is an inescapable component. If not adhered to in a receptive state of being, there will be a mixture of energies within our consciousness that is part of the old while trying to mingle with the new. This causes much Lower Ego Confusion, which is a true and valid concept in the when one desires to step into a reality that holds more than they have ever been, meaning that it is very much a part of the process of becoming more than your physical self’s Ego can understand. Wesak represents the State of Love to be embodied. It is a time in which we allow our Divine Feminine to helps us through the pain by accepting the Divine Love of Mother God and all she represents. It brings forth a softness and vulnerability to allow the pain to be released in order for it to be transmuted. Once we allow the Divine Feminine to flow within us, then we create true healing from the perspective of our Higher Self. It is empowering and beautiful to experience, but until an Initiate is ready to step into this role within themselves, then there will be the state of Confusion to be predominant within One’s Consciousness. It is at this stage that the Divine Masculine of our Higher Mental Body acts to hold this energy so deeply within the Heart Center. It is the role of our Abstract Mind or Higher Mind to blend within the Concrete Mind and feel the Divine Love of the Feminine to help with softening the Lower Ego. Hence, one then steps into becoming the Higher Ego. The Divine Love of Father God then brings forth the gift of the Will of God to become this essence within the Heart as the Feminine and Masculine learn to work together. The resulting energy of this inner connection then becomes our Power represented by the Gold Flame. It is the Christ Consciousness as the blending of our Heart becomes so intertwined with the essence of Love, that we become that unbinding Love in so many ways. This, then, becomes our Three-Fold Flame within the Heart Center. This is the process that each of us is going through for the Wesak energies. Many times this can be so powerful that it becomes overwhelming in many areas. But the key element is to concentrate on the blending of these three aspects within our Spiritual Divine Soul to help our physical walk upon the earth to be aligned within the Christ Consciousness of Wesak. The 2021 Wesak Festival Ceremony is being presented by the Spiritual Hierarchy as a “Circle Within A Circle” as each of us as Initiates become aligned with each of the Ascended Beings of Light who have always walked with us, sometimes guiding us into the next phase of our journey. For this Wesak Ceremony the Ascended Masters and Beings will be waiting for us at the entrance-way to the Eternal I Am Temple in Shamballa. We will walk together into the Temple as they honor us for the role we are playing upon the Earth. We are uniting in a way that has never been experienced upon the Earthplane before. The Circle of the Initiates stands with the Circle of Ascended Masters to raise the consciousness of the Initiate’s Octave. The Masters Light Rays become the Initiates Light. It is at this stage that we are becoming the Golden Beacon of God’s Reflection within the 12 Rays of God. The 12th Ray of God, the Gold Flame, represents the Christ Consciousness which reflects all of the previous 11 Rays of God. In order to achieve Christ Consciousness we have to walk through the challenges/benefits of each of the 11 Rays to become fully embodied within our full-body system. Utilizing the Gold Flame brings forth the blessings of whatever aspects each person has worked upon as a soul to become more realized within Who They Are regardless of the level attained. This is why the Wesak Festival is a formal spiritual recognition of our progress annually. The reflections of the Gold illuminate the frequency vibrations radiations of the  Blue, Golden Yellow, Pink, Crystalline, Green-Golden-White, Ruby Red-Gold, Violet-Purple, Seafoam Green, Blue-Green, Pearlescent, and Pink-Orange to merge together and become the Gold essence of the Christ Within. We must allow the aspects of each of the rays to be reflected within our four-body system, not just holding it within the respective chakra that represents that frequency. We become the attributes of each Flame to the extent that we have achieved so far of the Will, the Illumination and Wisdom, the Creative Magnetism of Love, the Purification, the Divine Truth, the Spiritual Inner Devotion, the Alchemist of Sacredness, Becoming Clear through our Higher Self, Attracting the Light of Joy Within, Accessing the Feminine/Masculine Traits to work as One Unit, Walking Across the Bridge to the New Self to receive the Christ Consciousness with Lord Buddha and the Office of the Christ as One Essence. For this Wesak we are being given the Divine Compensation to be able to access the spiritual ideals of mastery into our full consciousness, to learn how to walk and become the ideal essence of each of the 12 Rays of God so that our Three-Fold Flame of the Divine Feminine of Love with the Divine Masculine of Will  blends to create the Wisdom of God within us. Previous to the full moon of Taurus (which occurs this year on April 26th, it is suggested to take time within yourself to honor your journey thus far as an Initiate, and reflect upon what will be the awareness of your acceleration. This must come from a place of meditative introspection, not the Mental Mind. Preparing for this event is the key at the present time. Then the higher frequencies of the Wesak Festival itself can better act upon your energetic structures to help solidify those advancements. (Our Wesak Festival occurs on April 25th, see below in this article for a link to the details). The following Decree has been written for this Wesak by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee. Take time to read and ingest the energies before the Wesak Ceremony to help align your Higher Self within your four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental Selves). It will assist in your reflections. WESAK DECREE 2021 THE SHINING BEACON WITHIN MY HEART  The Wesak Festival of Light for 2021, Allows me to receive the Divine Guidance, Of the Masters of Shamballa, Representing the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light. I see there is a Beacon of Gold Light, Emanating from the 49th Dimensional Frequency; As I move towards it, As I feel an immense charge of the Christed Light, Flowing within Me. I am joined by the Office of the Christ, Represented by Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi, Joining them are Lady Pallas Athena, Archangel Mazuriel who is the Guardian of the Great Central Suns, I then feel the essence of Lord Buddha. As I now look around me, It seems as if I am standing in the middle of an energetic circle, I feel like I am in a color wheel, With each of the Eleven Rays of God, Represented by the Masters of Each Flame, Directing its spectrum of Light, Into the middle blending with the Gold Ray. I feel myself spinning ever so slightly, As I embrace the Blue Flame giving unto me Strength and the Will of God, With Master El Morya, Elohim Masters Hercules & Amazonia, With Archangels Michael and Faith; I then see the Golden Yellow Flame, Giving me the Love of the Wisdom within me, Illuminating my Higher Self to my Physical Consciousness, With Masters Djwhal Khul and Joshua Stone, Elohim Masters Masters Apollo and Lumina, with Archangels Jophiel and Christine; I feel the Pink Flame surging into my Heart Center, Giving unto me the Divine Love of Mother God, With Master Serapis Bey, Elohim Masters Heros and Amora, along with Archangels Chamuel and Charity; I then feel the Purity of the Crystalline Flame surging within me, Giving unto me Harmony and Balance removing the Conflict within me, With Master Paul the Venetian, Along with Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea, with Archangels Gabriel and Hope; As I continue feeling all the divine energies, I am then immersed with the Green Golden-White Flame, I feel a sense of understanding my Divine Truth, As the gift of Concentration and Consecration is given to me, With Master Hilarion, Elohim Masters Cyclopea and Virginia, Along with Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary; I then embrace the blessings of the Ruby Red-Golden Flame, Giving me a sense of Peace of what I have achieved, With Lady Master Nada, Elohim Masters Peace and Aloha, With Archangels Uriel and Aurora; The spinning of my wheel then gives unto me the Violet-Purple Flame, Igniting the Power of my Own Transformation to become grounded, While Creating a Sacred Foundation Within Me, With Lady Master Portia, Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria, With Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. I feel each of the Seven Rays of God assisting me to become aligned, With my Divine Self, As I then see the Sea Foam Green Flame, Giving me a sense of clarity of how far I have come, To truly receive a Divine Blessing of My Higher Self, From Lady Isis and Lord Osiris; As the energy continues around me, I see the Blue-Green Flame, Giving me the feeling of Joy as it emanates within my physical self, I realizing I am receiving more of my Light Body, With Lady Nada and Lady Mother Mary, I feel completely blessed and love; I then see the Pearlescent Flame, I feel the Divine Nurturing of the Feminine Divine, As I become more grounded with the help of the Masculine Divine, With Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia from Andromeda; I then continue spinning, feeling the beauty of the Pink-Orange Flame, Giving unto me a sense of Deep Compassion and Love, As I walk with Grace and Mercy, With Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel; As each of these flames are spinning within me, The Gold Flame I stand upon in this moment, Becomes aligned with each of the other flames I have experienced. I feel the presence of my Strength, My Illumination, My Creative Action, My Harmony and Balance, My Divine Truth, My Devotion to Myself, My Ceremonial Sacredness, My Higher Self, My Hope and Joy, My Balance of my Feminine and Masculine, My Ability to Walk with Grace of my New Self Defined within me, As I stand in the presence of the ability to know, That each of these flames, Come together as One, As I become the Gold Beacon Within Me. I Am that I Am that I Am! Wesak is a very important annual event: To READ ABOUT WESAK click here. If you desire to LISTEN TO or ATTEND the Annual Online Global 2021 WESAK FESTIVAL CEREMONY that occurs online on APRIL 25, 2021 at 9:00 AM Pacific time by Walking Terra Christa, CLICK HERE. Registration includes Audio Recording. Walking Terra Christa is the originating Ascension Mastery Teaching source of the 22 Rays of God to assist the spiritual advancement of Humanity and increase the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth. Using the free materials of the Ascend Earth Project (www.Ascend.Earth) is suggested for all to create a higher energetic grounding in service to the Spiritual Hierarchy especially when in meditation and in reflection upon your spiritual birthday of Wesak this year. (Please share this information). Original Material © Copyright 2003-2021 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS CONTENT FREELY IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL & UNALTERED FORM INCLUDING ALL IMAGES, LINKS WITH THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE. BLESSINGS AND THANK YOU! The post Wesak 2021 ~ Become the Golden Beacon of God’s Reflection with the 12 Rays of God appeared first on Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.
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Preparing for Wesak 2021: Becoming the Beacon of Receptivity
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iu-17 This article is about higher consciousness symptoms. We all know that all creation is the manifestation from the divine source; we are also aware that even the smallest element exists as pure energy. The object density governs how fast that energy can physically vibrate. Everything that is physically manifested vibrates at a certain range of frequency for our human senses to perceive it. There are limits to perceiving the higher dimensions or higher consciousness because the frequency rate and vibration are not in the range of human perception. We lack the faith and the ability to believe in something we can’t perceive through our normal senses. Just because you can’t perceive something, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. An example would be when you blow on a dog whistle, and you are not able to hear it, but the vibration and sound are real because the dog reacts to it. Some people can perceive beings from higher dimensions because they have learned to experience them through many different senses; for most people, I believe this may be beyond their range of perception. Many people are beginning to work with energies from different dimensions; they are consciously working to increase their vibrations. When you are raising your vibration, you receive more direct and clear guidance from your higher self because it vibrates at a much higher rate. When you have this direct connection, it allows for the information to be received easily. Raising your vibration can be very helpful; you can do this by doing specific energy work with your higher self and guides. Raising this energy level can be done by anyone. When you raise your vibration, it also opens doors to a different level of consciousness. The first level of change is the lunar consciousness. This is where your psychic and healing abilities heighten. I believe these higher consciousness symptoms last for about five years.
iu-17 Common Higher Consciousness Symptoms Out of Body Experience One of the higher consciousness symptoms is having an out of body experience. When you are separated from your physical consciousness, you can explore other dimensions – triggers can help you prepare for an energetic shift into other realities. Sounds If you hear buzzing, humming, or electrical sounds, but you can’t find the source of the sound – another example is when you are sleeping, and you can hear electrical noises which faintly sounds like communication. Hearing sounds with no physical source may suggest you have a heightened sense of consciousness. Tingling Sensation Another sign of higher consciousness is when you feel tingling sensation through your body – for example, hair standing on ends or goosebumps. Hearing Voices If you hear voices, singing, laughter, or your name gets called out, but no one is around. Sinking Feeling Another symptom of higher consciousness is when you feel you are sinking or expanding. Know that you are sensing it rather than having physical symptoms.
iu-17 Numbness or Paralysis You feel numb or paralysis in your body. Feeling Weightlessness Feeling weightlessness or you feel like you are levitating, sense of lightness spreading through your body. Vibrations You feel internal vibration out of the normal. Pulses You sense pulses of energy. Presence You hear footsteps, or you feel a presence. Internal Rocking You are feeling internal rocking, spinning, or movement. Arms lift Your arms or legs lift while you are asleep. Surge of Energy You feel a surge of energy flowing through your body. Hear Noises You hear noises that are out of the norm, music, bells, etc. Smells Pleasant smells, flowers, scent, etc. Psychic abilities Your psychic abilities start to flourish; your aura starts to change. Number Patterns You start seeing synchronic number patterns as you are in tune with the universal vibrations. How You Can Respond to The Symptoms There are many theories about the cause and nature of the vibrations linked with out of body experiences. This is usually the direct result of the higher frequency, non-physical body moving out of phase with the actual physical body. Most of the time, the intensity of the vibration lessens quickly after the separation. The basic sensations determine whether a separation from the body can be achieved. I believe the following is a good guideline on how one can respond to a vibrational state. It would help if you always remained calm. The vibrations, numbness, sound are all normal experiences. As the vibrations spread throughout your body, you should relax and enjoy them. It is always good to remember not to move or think about your physical body. Any movement can shut down the vibrational process. Allow everything to envelop you, the sounds, numbness, and everything to expand. You can allow it to spread through your being without any judgment. Tell the universe that you accept what is going in your body, allow it, and welcome it. Let it all in and stay grounded. A slight shift in your thought pattern can affect your body’s vibration, so take care of your thoughts.
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Note: I resonated with this message. I feel as though I am being reinvented without instructions. My body feels uncomfortable as I adjust and integrate higher frequencies. My usual “go to” methods to adjust aren’t working. New body, new ways to experience life. Evolving! Love it!
5909 647669571927440 1159203106 n Immensely powerful energies are pouring in and thus, as our new Light-bodies form for the New Earth, we indeed now have two spinal columns, one still in the physical form, and one in the etheric, or rather in the Light body as it gets activated in 7 stages. When the Light body gets activated all at once, we would not be able to still bridge form between the Old Earth and New Earth. We are in a time still of transition – although many are already operating in the New Earth and thus in that much higher dimensional state, the old physical form takes a bit longer to adjust, although it is there, already adjusting. I am noticing this constantly within my own body now, as all is being rejuvenated and being reinvented, and others do start to notice this too. When they do, I know this is not my imagination, but very real. I was called to a place this morning, where I first encountered the Crystal Pyramids (sunk offshore under the sea) and an immensely powerful vortex energy. I often am called there when immense changes are about to occur and then shown what these are. Indeed, I nearly took off, as the powerful energy of the New Earth surged through me, and I literally welcomed into the New Earth and indeed walked upon her, as she is very much present and accessible within Nature, especially the Waters. When I came back, I was still so energized that I needed to lie down, and then was shown what was happening. I now clearly saw my second spinal column, stretching way beyond my head, as the physical embodiment in the Light body of the New Earth is much taller. At the same moment I was shown how more chakras are now forming and opening – not just 12, but indeed 24 and these will expand when we fully incorporate the New Earth embodiment, to 36 etc. The Spinal column acts as a Lightning Rod, an energy conductor, and more than this a Tuning Fork and indeed acts like a Cosmic Antenna which tunes into the Cosmic Spinal column and that of the Earth. In this case, again two, the Old and the New, until the Old then complete dissolves. This is because we are still very much physically involved in the Old Earth, although transitioning. I have worked with the Spinal Column of the Earth since 2009, and indeed worked intensely with the full opening, as during the different epochs on earth, and the sinking of landmass and reforming of such, especially after the floods, a lot of these centers were shut down. (Read my book “Why I was born in Africa: – the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.”)
67620 496186203745997 595330551 n was therefore overjoyed, to see that the New Spinal Column of the New Earth was in place and indeed, vibrating at immense speed. It was of much higher frequency and vibration (Dimensional) than the old and it was indeed now activating dormant centers in the Giza Pyramids and all pyramids on earth (which still are visible) and the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystalline Pyramid Grids. During the time of Elysium all of the Crystal Pyramids were placed in strategic places and all were tuned in the Spinal Column of the Earth and indeed, these are all power points within a massive power grid, which is literally plugged in, through the spinal column to the Solar Core, the Galactic Core and the Universal Core Spinal Columns. (As above – so below). I was shown how the whole is tuned into the Orion and Sirius and Cygnus (Horus) and indeed how energy is pouring in the Intergalactic and Universal Cores through these into the spinal column of the New Earth. In turn, all of you are going to find that there is great movement now within your spinal column. This is because of the second spine becoming more activated in some, and indeed expanding in those whose light bodies are activated in the first stages. (Note there are 7 stages. We are but in the first stages now, as by 2032, the full activations will be active as the Old Earth totally disintegrates). What this means is that our sacred heart centers are then fully activated, as well as our higher minds (psychic, channeling and transmitting and tuning abilities) and we will be able to access Cosmic Information and Knowledge and Wisdom, which will assist us to co-create the New Golden Age. We will be going through intense changes in the next few months, as the Old Earth disintegrates more and the old systems and old ways, and transition into the New. Indeed, the more some cling onto the old, the more they will find that it all dissolves. The Old cannot hold form any longer.
1459907 658097600888189 2135337579 n Image Credit: VinaArt Yet, understand that the greatest transition, will come INSIDE of you. You will be stretched into the New You. Within a year from now you will hardly recognize yourself anymore and that is how it should be. Seek not validation outside yourself – seek this within. Walk in the company of the Divine and your highest guidance and you will find yourself navigating the immense changes easily and rise ever higher into the True You, the new you, the expanded you, the truthful you and the New Earth. You will be assisted through it all. The New Spinal Column will indeed reveal so much within ourselves which we need now to remember so that we can walk the New Earth. As it gets activated more and more, we will start to reassume our full Universal Mastery and reconnect with the all the parts of our soul and resume our Galactic and Universal citizenship in the highest degrees. We will now be able to manifest into form and being in much higher ways and degrees and within the Divine Laws. More than this, from the Sacred Heart AS ONE with the Divine and the highest truth within. We will be able to communicate heart to heart, soul to soul, and telepathically and lies and deceit will exist no more. The Spinal Columns are tuning us into our Cosmic Self and indeed Mother Earth back into the Cosmic Fray where she truly belongs. Judith Kusel
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The Three Fold Flame of God ~ Saint Germain by Sharon Stewart

iu-3 The Three Fold Flame of God I am St Germain and wish to memorandum this reminder to you, the people of Earth. You are in a part of the process now, the wonderful process of awakening of the souls and minds of the people of planet earth. Yet you do not understand the significance of this process. Some do, and others do not. And some are lost within it. Allow me please to give you guidance. At this time in the history of earth, timelines are being created that will enable again, the ascension of the soul through the earth school. For many years, these timelines were not available to many on account of manipulation of your minds; only those seeing beyond the manipulation were able to escape the trap that had been set for you. Now, this is changing. You, again, can begin an organic ascension process. Rather than remaining stymied in the mire of negativity set before you by yourselves and by your extraterrestrial controllers, yes, extraterrestrial because none of them originate from earth, be they of spirit or of matter it does not matter. These beings have controlled your world, and your minds, to reduce the flame that is innate to your hearts to a minimal level. That flame is the flame of God which is placed within each of you. That flame is threefold and is pivotal to your successful ascension process. The flame is comprised of power, the power of God and how you use or misuse it; love, the love of God for you and you for God and His creations; and wisdom – the wisdom to use the love and the power within you for the greater good of all. Do you not see how this is being tested in you already? Do you not see it?! Indeed, your world leaders are allowing you to wake up – they are releasing their domination and control over you and so many of you are lost. All you need do is look to yourselves to see the flame within you. If you cannot sense the flame, then sense your level of power, your level of love and your level of wisdom. Admit your shortcomings with humility; there is no shame for not being the best you feel you can be. How could you be the best you can be in a system that was constructed to destroy you? Please forgive yourselves your shame and your guilt, and please move on fearlessly to work with the divine powers to empower yourselves again. Wisdom: Are you assessing the information provided to you and making wise choices or deductions with this information? Or are you allowing yourself to be led by new gods who seek to empower themselves at your expense? Both exist within your community. Both exist in this alternative scenario. Oh, indeed!
iu-6 Do you believe what the news casts tell you about what is going on in your country? Or do you find alternative sources that tell you another story? Can you listen to both these narratives and decide for yourself what you wish to believe? Are you using what you see before you to raise your consciousness or to assume a new set of limiting beliefs? Love: Are you using all that is put before you, and all who come before you to learn how to love them, or to continue to fear them? Why do you hate others, and why do you love others? Is it simply because they agree or do not agree with you? Do you not realize that now is the time that your beliefs will change because that is the reason all is being conducted as it is. You are to change. How do you use who you meet to learn how to love others more? Do you forgive yourself for making mistakes, or having your “bad days” and try again, or do you condemn yourself indefinitely for being unloving once? Are you being forgiving or are you simply condemning all around you? And do you forgive yourself as well? Do you not recognize that the way you interact with a stranger wearing a mask in the grocery store is as pertinent to your spiritual growth as the way you interact with any other person? You are all part of God. Do you respect others their choices or do you put them down? Do you correct others or allow them their fair say? Are you out to destroy another person or do you truly love your brother? Are only those of like mind your friends or can you love anyone? Do you expect all others to make this world a better place or do you do your own part? Power: Are you not seeing that there is a process in place to re-empower the people? Because there is. The St Germain funds are going to be released to the people in order that they stop their lack mentality and realize there is more than enough to feed them indefinitely. The companies that restrict shipment of foods will be replaced with companies who ship all and feed as many as possible. New standards will be set for these companies and promoting lack will become illegal. Yes. High prices will become a thing of the past. The world will become affordable to all. There will be no preferential treatment based upon greed. The process will follow a three pronged approach: Each prong will correspond to a chakra in the hopes of your rebalancing it. When enough money and food is provided to you, your fear of not having enough will dissipate. When you see the children have been rescued and their abuse has stopped, the sacral chakra will be able to be balanced again. When gender issues are resolved with the rise of divine feminine and the proper empowerment of the divine masculine within you, rebalancing the sacral chakra will be possible. When you have enough food, money and major divisional issues in your society are healed, you will begin to step more into your power, and the solar plexus chakra will seek rebalancing. This all leads to the opening of the heart. Some have undergone this process already and their hearts are open. Not all upon earth are so, and there is still much learning to be done. However, once this program has finished playing out in front of you, you will understand that you will be living in a society that supports your ascension rather than discourages it. You will feel more like a human, not the humanoid that you are now. Your DNA will change and re-engage to bring you to greater power. It is willed that this be so and so it is. I remain always at your avail, St Germain Me: We love you, Saint! Kiss kiss from all of us! St Germain
I AM God Incarnate
March 10, 2021 I AM GOD INCARNATE
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My dear friends,

it is more helpful to face truth rather than loose oneself in illusions. Truth makes us strong, the latter weak.

Therefore I decided to publish my insights, visions and higher understanding about the things to come.

I always have found: only truth sets us free! Because of its strong, spotless and radiant frequency that allows all energy currents to freely flow.

There will be no perfect peace on earth anytime soon. Too many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, still support the old world and its crimes because they lack the capability to think independently, spiritual awareness and discernment. 

Basically, this chaotic world, supported by a huge lie,  is a result or product of those who believe in it and are addicted to the hocus-pocus of the media. They are the ones who create what the mainstream media dictate.  The dark ones take advantage of this. And they don’t intend to ever give up their plans to destroy humanity. They will continue to fight. But the foundation of their own energy and information in this realm has already crumbled before 2012. 

To many it is becoming more and more obvious that the whole process is about evolving consciousness.

It is claimed by various sources that we are on the verge of a positive change, but this is nice, wishful thinking. We will have to wait a bit longer for its true fulfillment. Everything depends on those who would still awaken to the true situation in this realm.

 In other words, it depends on how many will continue supporting the old prison matrix.  But the awakening on a grand scale seems to be rather unlikely, because the supporters of this ailing world are justifying it by all means. They seem to lack – what I call – the “truth-gene”. It is easy to observe that a majority of people prefers to be lied to and to be deceived, rather than claiming their own sovereignty and independence from outer authorities.

The quality of Unconditional Love will touch only those who are ready for it. Love does not simply overcome those who have resisted it until now. It requires an inner developmental process and human growth.  The diamond does not appear in a few days. Therefore, the time of collective Love has not yet come. Unless those who resist it would leave earth. Love is something that everyone must choose for themselves. The Power of Love does not just suddenly manifest without those who can receive it.
One must understand the law of cosmic and also of karmic processes.

At present there are many spiritual trends, and all of them appear as true from their personal point of view, because they create and attract into their lives phenomena that correspond to their ideas. Everyone lives in their personal universe that seems to prove its truth by itself. But beyond that, there is a collective reality in which everyone on this planet participates. 

The wishful ideas that are approved at most, will determine perhaps the energy of the day or of a certain sequence of time. Therefore, the personal experience can be far different from the determination of earth. 

But this does not mean that it prevents inevitable collective karma, which is nothing else but the present state of consciousness and belief-patterns of the majority that have become manifest and are the results of mankind’s dark activities in the last centuries and milleniums that repeat themselves in these times.

All of this belongs to the old timeline. Who is on the new timeline, which is free of deceit and darkness, is being carried by it and must see to it to hold on to it with heart and mind in the midst of the increasing madness and chaos of the old world. They are the ones who are manifesting islands of light, love and truth. It is not possible to enter these islands with mere wishful thinking. It must be truly earned by renouncing the old world in the way of living in it, but not being of it. 

Some esoterics say that karma  is only an invention of the dark forces. However, these esoterics have become victims of the suggestions of these powers for their part. There is no arbitrary cosmos. Without Divine order nothing can grow and prosper. Mind creates matter. And we grow the more we understand this.

Decisive learning steps are possible for the vast majority only by overcoming obstacles and the realization that comes with it. That is the nature of life in this earth-realm.

Many follow those who offer convenient and comforting prophecies that create a false hope of not having to be responsible for one’s own actions. Humanity has become lax and has lost its power and straightness. Remember the tests in ancient civilizations a young person had to pass to become an adult. We don’t have these tests anymore. Children and young people are left to arbitrariness. Or parents overload their children by treating them as adults.

In this godless time, everyone is riding on the track of their own separate, personal, and thus limited, imagination, with no need for Dharma, for Divine Alignment and Divine Law. Even those people who call themselves spiritual. But Divine Law or Dharma is always supra-personal and requires the surrender of the limited personal will to the Divine Will and Law, i.e. the Divine Impulse in the Higher Heart of man, which lives the Unity of all life. And what is Dharma? The Dharma of fire is to burn. The Dharma of air is to blow. It speaks of the inherent rightness of all Divine Creation.

This realm serves the growth of consciousness and is a touchstone to see if man wants to turn to the Divine, to develop and fulfill his/her Divine potential. And this will not change. The die is cast so far, in regard to a person’s choice: For Love, Evolution, Joy, Living Life and the Divine, – or the opposite.

However for this dark place applies: Whoever decides for the Divine, must expect great obstacles. That is, only strong people are capable of moving towards and living in a New World. Only they are able to integrate the higher frequencies that are flowing into this realm. Higher frequency always comes with higher consciousness. And thus, once again, it becomes clear that this challenging time is for the development of human consciousness.

Therefore, everything will not suddenly become “good”, as some esoterics proclaim. This is wishful thinking and is based on illusion, since the cosmic processes, which serve the development of consciousness, are disregarded. Moreover, this would deprive many of the opportunity for true growth.

Will the dark Ones now be allowed to rage on to fully eliminate the yet immature part of humanity? Will it be allowed that human souls will be destroyed against their will, perhaps e.g. by forced genetic vaccinations?

It will not happen that way. The destruction will happen through purifying earth cataclysms. These are to be considered as mercy. They did already slowly begun. There are more and more reports about waters disappearing in some places and appearing somewhere else.

Not by human or superhuman efforts, but only by the power of earth changes the evil forces can be removed from this earth completely, as they are so profoundly ingrained in this realm’s existence. Death through these earth changes will people allow to keep their souls and continue a blessed evolutionary process on other planets. See also the message „My Conversation with Gaia on 21.12.2011“

In this respect, all is well when we consider the Great Divine Cycles and their Wisdom.

But there is also still a greater intuitive vision to which we can connect in every moment: The Absolute Divine Consciousness, which Remains Always The Same, and in which all beings and all worlds and all evolutionary and involutionary processes arise and pass away. It Is our True primordial Divine Nature of Love-Bliss and Exists always as our True and strongest Force of Life.

May you choose wisely!

With love and blessings,

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Rising Light

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